Tattoos with animals: for girls and men, black and white, colored, skull, geometry, on the arm, shoulder, hip, realism. Meanings and designs + 200 PHOTO

Tattoo sketches animals - popular body decoration and mutual magic. The unity of man and animals is sometimes manifested in the application of a tattoo depicting some animal. Tattoo sketches of animals - most often on a similar picture are solved by those who want to adopt a part of the skill and strength of the animal. The history of the origin of such tattoos has its roots in the distant past, because the first began to put the totem animals on the body even primitive people. They believed that this is the way the power passes from the beast to the man.

In many ways, even today, mankind has not strayed far from this opinion. In the past, it was believed that in addition to strength, such a drawing would be an excellent way of protection. The animal was chosen according to the qualities that were present in the person. For example, the faithful husbands put on his body tattoos of wolves, strong - bears, lynxes, tigers. Today
animal tattoo sketches are even more diverse than before, and you can choose anything.

What the images of animals in the tattoo mean

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There is no definite answer to this question, but, let's try to understand the basic concepts.

Tattoos with animals

Tattoos with animals

Tattoo with animals

Tattoo with animals

Tattoo with animals

Tattoo with animals

Here everything depends on a source of interpretation. We can rely on various textbooks as well as on ancient legends and tales. Next, let's give the notion of what the difference can be.


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Take elephants, for example. These mighty animals, according to history, were used in the Ancient East as "executioners." Their role was to crush the head of the criminal, previously crucified on the ground. Based on which we conclude that, at first glance, just a beautiful image of an elephant with a raised leg can be interpreted as a symbol of punishment.

The elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo

Elephant tattoo

Tattoo with an elephant.

A scientific view of the elephants can regard their image as a symbol of the matriarchy. The starting point for this is that in nature Management of the entire herd lies with the females.

An interesting fact, elephants, regardless of gender are pretty friendly. When animals meet, their trunks intertwine, which can be seen as a kind of hug. By the way, not many animals can boast the ability to smile.


Snake image

Snake tattoo
Snake in the old skool style on the leg

This type of tattoo is very common in India. Here the snake is worshipped as it is considered a symbol of divination and fertility. The most popular variant of application is a snake wrapped around a bowl. This symbol originated in ancient Greece and has been associated with medicine ever since. The snake sheds its skin very quickly, so it is symbolized with immortality. In addition, it is associated with power, wisdom, abundance, rebirth.

Important! Do not necessarily apply on your body snake, obvivayuschuyu bowl. Very beautiful look cobras, snakes moving under the sound of a pipe, snakes in the form of a sign of infinity.

Mythological images

Unfortunately, in interpreting the images of not all animals can be based on scientific data. The reason for this is that they do not exist in reality and exist only in tales.

For example, what can you say about the phoenix or the unicorn? In the investigation of the essence of their symbolism, we can only rely on various myths.

The Gorgon Medusa or hydra

This is not just an image of a woman with snakes on her head and a magical look, but, nowadays, also a fashion symbol. This is the emblem chosen by the creators of the Versace brand. But, in its majority, the hydra remains the image of the primary evil.

Tattoo with the Gorgon Medusa

The complete opposite is the next character of the myths.


The next mythological animal is the most popular for execution in tattoos. This legendary horse, according to the legends, the child of Poseidon and Hydra. His role on Olympus was to offer lightning to the thunderer - Zeus. Pegasus on earth is marked by the fact that, according to legend, he knocked out with his hoof the Hippocrene, the sacred source of the Muses.

Pegasus images, for the most part, are used in women's tattoos. In the conventional wisdom. This winged horse symbolizes creativity and inspiration. This interpretation, of course, does not exclude his images in men. But they have it more often portrayed with lightning. Which represents. energy, power, supremacy.

Tattoo with a Pegasus

Having understood the general understanding of the most common animals in tattoos, we should separately consider images for men and women.

The elephant image

Indian elephant tattoo
Indian elephant in color on the hip

This type of tattoo is very common in African and Asian countries because the locals have been in contact with elephants for centuries. Here, the elephant is associated with stability, wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and victory. In medieval Europe the elephant was a symbol of love and chastity because females abstained from sexual intercourse throughout their pregnancy. In Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand, the white elephant is revered. It is considered a symbol of spirituality and happiness.


I was born in the year of the Tiger, so I have long wanted to portray him on my body. I had a very long time to consult with a master tattoo parlor. In the end I decided on a little tiger, which I nailed on the neck. It looks very cool!

Irina, Volgograd.

Tattoos for girls

Among the animals in the tattoo, which refers mainly to women, include the frog. The first thing that comes to mind is "the fairy tale of the Princess Frog". The image of witchcraft. The connection with a woman is reinforced by the capacity for transformation. By the way, associated with the animal element of water, its mystery, fluidity also inherent in women.

1Rabbit . - Another image, which is found mainly on women's tattoos. According to various legends, he is the guardian of the night gate and the henchman of witches. Although in legends there are also much more positive images of this animal. From a scientific point of view, rabbits can be seen as a personification of fertility.

Tattoo with a rabbit.

2And also to exclusively female symbolism include Mantis ..

In the images, as a rule, there are females of this representative of the natural kingdom. From the specific lifestyle of these insects, tattoos with their participation can be interpreted as a sign of guile, dominance and consumer attitude towards men.

Some animals get into tattoo images due to their beauty and grace. To reflect the gracefulness of the female body, the lightness of character is applied symbolism with images of swans. In addition to the obvious external merits, they also have internal virtues.

3Swan as a symbol of fidelity is based on the fact that, unlike many animals and birds, they are not prone to change partners.

4Cats - A time-honored symbol of sexuality and inner dangerous grace.

Tattoo with a cat

5Not all women think about how they express their sexuality, and give preference to the symbolism of the joy of life and freedom of movement. To this end, often applied hummingbird.

6Owls - Since ancient times, they are attributed qualities such as wisdom and thoughtfulness. They are applied to different parts of the body - forearm, back and so on. For their nocturnal lifestyle, they are counted among the forces of darkness.

The image of bears

Bear barnacle on his shoulder
A bear and its grin on the shoulder

The meaning of this tattoo is no less diverse than the previous ones. Indians consider this animal a symbol of world energy, ritual rites and freedom. In Japan, the bear is associated with patience, strength, charity and wisdom. The Celts considered the bear a symbol of the power of the moon. And because the moon was associated with motherhood and childbearing, the bear was considered an exclusively feminine symbol. To summarize, today the bear tattoo symbolizes power, courage, boldness, and confidence.


I've been into magic for a long time. I am very fond of black cats. I have a whole family of cats living in my house. I decided to get a tattoo of a black cat on my arm to highlight my love for cats and magic at the same time.

Ivan, Nizhny Novgorod

Tattoo for men

Representatives of the stronger sex, in the images of birds tattoo most often give preference to eagles, hawks, swallows, etc. The symbolism associated with them can be interpreted as an aspiration to achieve goals.

1Swallow - At first glance is not the most masculine image in tattoos. But the reason for the recognition is in the interpretation. Since ancient times, swallows have been a maritime symbol. Sailors who saw these birds understood that the land was near. The reason is that swallows do not fly far out to sea. Based on this, they are associated with the attraction to home, and the understanding of its value in life.

2One of the distinguishing characteristics of male and female tattoos is that they can often depict "skulls". The head is a source of thoughts, and the male part of the population likes to do exactly on erudition. In addition, the image of a grin, symbolizing aggression and readiness for difficulties, is actively used here.

3The claim to royal dignity and natural nobility, often expressed with the help of tattoos with dragons. These mythological creatures are inextricably linked by tales to wealth. Spiritually, the dragon is a guide.

Tattoo with a dragon

4WolverineIn the various depictions of this animal, most often conclude the ferocity and wild fury that is inherent in them. In the wild, they tend to attack weakened and sick animals. In their own way, they play a sanitary role in the forests, preventing the spread of epidemics and maintaining a healthy gene pool.

Based on this feature, the wolverine as a tattoo was popular with medical professionals - as an emblem of a true fighter in support of the nation's health. Interestingly, based on the same characteristics of the animal, its images in tattoos are used by ideological members of nationalist movements.

The inhabitants of the seas are no less popular with men.

6Shark . - hunter. Can be interpreted as the pursuit of the goal, and achieving it by any means.

7The stingrayA skate, on the other hand, is a symbol of friendliness, relaxation, rest from worldly problems. Their images are often used as emblems of travelers.

Geometric Animals

In contrast to realistic images, tattoos of this nature are abstract and reflect not only the basic message of the symbolism of this or that animal, but also creativity.

In the style of "geometry"

In the style of "geometry"

The geometric style

Geometric straight


Geometric in style

Images in geometry are often applied by aboriginal techniques. No, this does not mean using questionable imaging devices. It is a special technique of drawing, which, in the end, consists of their various curls and dots, strict lines, merging into the image of the animal.

Related to geometric, is the style of watercolorwhich has gained great popularity among girls. Its implementation of images of animals is a mass of color strokes, merging into a single composition.

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Unusual tattoos. By getting a tattoo, people sometimes do not even know what a particular body art means. Needless to say, the thoughtless application of a tattoo to the body in some circumstances can provoke an unwanted reaction from society, both social and criminal, and sometimes - and cost freedom or life.

Types of tattoos

Today there are many species and subspecies of animals, images of which can often be found in body art. In order not to list all the long list, we will conditionally divide them into two categories: mythical and real, because in addition to the representatives of the animal world that existed in reality, our ancestors also worshipped fictional creatures that we know about from legends. The group of mythical animals includes phoenixes, centaurs, unicorns, dragons, mermaids, griffins and many other heroes of folk tales to which magical abilities were attributed. Animal tattoo designs can be of different sizes and techniques. We will tell you about some of the more common tattoos and their meanings below.


For women

For men