Tattoo of a wolf - the meaning for men and girls, the best designs and photo ideas on the arm, chest, forearm, back, leg

Tattoo - it's not just art or a way of self-expression, it's a way of life and image of a man. If a man has a strong willed character, inner core, brutal and always goes to his goals, the perfect sketch for a tattoo - a wolf. But first we need to understand what is a wolf tattoo, what is the meaning for men.

The wolf suggests that the owner of such a tattoo is independent of anyone, has its own principles. Different variations of the wolf image, small details, background, as well as the place on the body where such a picture will be applied, all this is important in determining the meaning of the tattoo. Learn more about what a wolf tattoo for men means in the article below.

The choice of location for a wolf tattoo: what factors need to be taken into account

It is worth immediately noting that depending on the place of application, the meaning of the wolf tattoo does not change. But, before deciding on a place on the body, it is worth taking into account some factors:

  • What is the size of the tattoo - will it fit on the chosen place;
  • The scale of the tattoo and the number of details - the more the tattoo, the more painful it will be.

For large drawings, a man should choose the back and shoulders. Smaller wolf tattoos are printed on the forearm and leg. Men like to do wolf tattoos and on the chest, associating themselves with this predator and wanting to demonstrate their strength as well.

General Characteristics

The choice of a tattoo should be treated with caution and caution. Now they are in fashion, but not many people know that the tattoo is always and mystical sign, which can dramatically affect the fate and character.

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Wolf tattoo meanings from various sources:

  1. The wolf is a symbol of courage, self-confidence and incredible endurance. Therefore, if a person has these qualities, the tattoo will make them appear even stronger. And if they are lacking, it will help to develop them.
  2. It is also a symbol of independence, strength and loyalty. In spite of the fact that the man often "walks by himself", he always returns home to family and friends. He never cheats or betrays, appreciates the relationships he has. Always ready to stand up for himself and take revenge on offenders ruthlessly.

According to other sources, the gray beast is a symbol of man's focus on the family. He always needs to "live in a pack", he highly values family ties. If he chose a partner, he will live with him until his old age. Adores their children and no one will allow them to hurt.

Tattoo a wolf on his chest - if you want to feel braver.

Men like to do the wolf tattoo on the chest. Of particular importance is the tattoo in this place does not have. The advantage - a large area, you can transfer a part of the figure on the shoulder and forearm. Thus the whole plot can unfold on your body as a captured drawing.

The most popular tattoos on the chest are when the wolf's eyes look at you right out of the chest. Such a tattoo is intimidating, suggestive in its size and beauty. It is worth a man to take off his shirt, as such a tattoo will give him a special attention of girls.

Do not forget that the furious mouth of a wolf on the sagging male chest will look funny and cause not the most flattering comments. Therefore, a man should ponder whether his character and appearance really correspond to the qualities inherent in the wolf?

The most common meanings

The image of a running wolf symbolizes the tendency to risk, the desire to move quickly, excitement. A wolf in a jump - the ability to overcome any obstacles. Another meaning of the tattoo with a running wolf - the desire to guard and protect. It used to be believed that these animals help the destitute and exhausted people.

The loyalty and faithfulness of wolves is known everywhere. In the case of the death of the male, the female remains faithful to him throughout her life. Therefore, a girl should be more careful in choosing such a tattoo. Some of the fair sex, disappointed in a man, get a tattoo as a symbol of loneliness.

Fashionable wolf tattoos on men's shoulders

A large area makes shoulders a favorite place for a wolf tattoo. It can be simply a wolf's mouth, a grin, a crouching wolf or a wolf cub howling at the moon.

Currently fashionable are the wolf tattoo, which are mixed two styles - geometry and realistic tattoo. Such a wolf head looks very impressive, and looks fresh and original.

For the especially bold suit tattoo in the form of angry and bloody wolf's mouth. Meaning such a tattoo can be anything, including the willingness of men to protect themselves and their loved ones, as well as a willingness to attack the offenders.

Styles and colors

Wolf grin (photos usually show images in color) as a tattoo is peculiar to middle-aged people.

After determining the sketch and the place of its application, it is necessary to think over the color solution of the figure. Tattoos with the image of a wolf can be made in color, monochrome or black and white.

The most common color inclusions when making a wolf tattoo:

  • black and gray;
  • green and red;
  • blue and blue.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

Wolf performed mainly in red color indicates a set of character traits inherent in the animals, simultaneously wolf, jackal and fox. The general impression of the demonstration of traits - strength of spirit, cunning and boldness in behavior.

The wolf made in blue color personified in ancient times the ancestor of the Turkic people and had the status of a sacred animal.

Currently, the art of tattooing is gaining momentum and thanks to this there are many different styles, the choice of which should make the customer.

The sketch of a wolf with a grin is usually applied in styles:

RealismA certain amount of color, paint, and shading is used. This creates a 3D effect and makes the drawing look as realistic as possible.
OldschoolLess realistic sketch with a touch of fantasy. This style is most popular with young people or men in Western countries.
DotworkA black and white sketch done in a rather understated way. It provides a point application, thanks to which the original result is obtained.
MinimalismThe application of the image by means of simple lines, implying the absolute absence of small details. These patterns are usually placed on small parts of the body.

Also, the method of application is used:

  • Celtic;
  • Slavic;
  • Greco-Roman;
  • graphic.

Tattoo of a wolf on men's hands - so everyone can see who they're dealing with

Very beautiful looks wolf tattoo on men's hands. This drawing is always in plain sight, so you should think carefully before getting it on. It should not be done if a man is going through a difficult period in life, and the desire to do such a tattoo - impulsive.

Over the years, we change, and you may change your mind. But to remove the tattoo - it is problematic, costly and painful. If you really wanted to do a tattoo of an animal of prey, it's better to start with a small size. Such a pattern can always be hidden.

The forearm - a favorite place for men in order to score a tattoo. Well, the wolf's mouth will look like a statement - on courage, determination and strength, which not everyone can handle.

If you want to stand out: a wolf tattoo on the calf

You can make a wolf tattoo on the caviar with a she-wolf. Such drawings are often preferred by couples to demonstrate their loyalty to each other. On this part of the body in general any drawing will look beautiful - a wolf's mouth, a pack, a predator on the background of a forest landscape, etc.

Why do people decorate their bodies with tattoos?

Beautiful, enchanting, sometimes creepy and frightening, but undeniably beautiful drawings on the body in most cases people do in order to:

  • Immortalize an event;
  • to remember a life lesson;
  • To depict their loved ones, so that they are always there, even those who have already gone to heaven;
  • to capture the name of one's spouse or a child;
  • to "instill" certain qualities in oneself;
  • hide scars;
  • to draw good luck to yourself;
  • stand out from the crowd.

Of course, there are also those who doodle on their bodies in an effort to draw attention to themselves, or just out of stupidity. Such people will (almost certainly) dislike the tattoo, especially when the euphoria wears off. And they are likely to want to get rid of it.

Cool wolf tattoo sketches for men

In order for a tattoo artist to make you an unusual, beautiful and high quality drawing, provide him with sketches. Well we have collected for you the coolest wolf tattoo sketches for men.

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