Tattoo Space - Meaning, Styles, Tattoo Scope, Sketches

The vastness of the cosmos has intrigued people with its unexplored and mysteries since ancient times. Fashionable in the middle of the last century tattoo Cosmonaut with a portrait of a particular explorer looked on the hand not particularly bright drawing, mostly in blue.

Progress in the exploration of the vastness of the universe and the improvement of tattooing techniques turned an unusual composition into a colorful picture. Today, the space emblem is printed in different variations and on different parts of the body, and the symbolism of the central image has become more multifaceted.

Meaning for girls and men

Thanks to Yuri Gagarin, the first man to have been in space, the theme of its conquest has firmly entered the life of mankind. A new profession called "cosmonaut" appeared, and fans of body painting began to decorate themselves with images of heroes of a dangerous profession. The symbolism of the word is related to the ancient Greek analogue, which denoted a sailor, as well as the system of the universe. Therefore, the general meaning of the image can be interpreted as a craving for travel of purposeful and courageous people with a calm character.

Tattoo astronaut on his arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

For the era of Soviet tattoo art, the tattoo was a symbol of an unfulfilled dream - to be in the squad of conquerors of the universe. The meaning of the portrait of a real cosmonaut in a helmet was associated with respect for the homeland, because the helmet was decorated with large letters of the country's name - the USSR.

Over time, the sketches for the space theme became more intense, portrait options replaced the unusual images without a face or muzzle of the animal in the helmet, which eventually expanded the semantic load. However, the main implication of the tattoo with the astronaut remained - the ability of the owner of the illustration to overcome obstacles (by analogy with technical progress).

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photos
Tattoo Astronaut

Especially mesmerizing space subjects, made in color and complemented by the image of celestial bodies. In this case, to the general meaning of the colorful tattoo is added a hidden meaning - the romanticism of the soul, for which fantasy is higher than reality. Therefore, space-themed sketches are chosen by creative natures to tell others about their hobbies. For example, an astronaut without a specific face, but with a guitar in his hands, can be seen on the body of a musician.

For girls.

On a woman's arm or other parts of the body, a tattoo with an astronaut turns into a romantic symbol. The main meaning of the girl's drawing is associated with the desire to comprehend the mystery of the space of her soul, to move upwards, without stopping its own development.

The Cosmonaut tattoo on a girl's hand symbolizes:

  • a dreamy nature, believing in miracles, true values;
  • a person who seeks self-improvement;
  • an individual who has decided to realize her fantasies.

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

Tattoos with an astronaut on a girl's body call for rejection of vanity, and women's originality is manifested by abstract versions of the plot. For example, the hero may be flying on balloons, in the window of the spacesuit you can see the face of a dog or cat, a plume of pink smoke stretches behind the astronaut, and the starter pack is replaced by the wings of a butterfly.

For men

Men's drawings are characterized by a clear brutality and severity of grim shades, which symbolizes the ability to conquer incredible heights, to overcome the impossible.

For men, the tattoo becomes an emblem of constant struggle, and the astronaut - a warrior who can:

  • conquer worlds and overcome boundaries;
  • to achieve perfection at any cost;
  • to eradicate his own shortcomings.

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

There are no abstract details in the astronaut's outfit, the hero looks strong and confident, and the healthy aggression of the image does not deprive him of optimism. The ability for self-sacrifice is shown by the impenetrable dome of the spacesuit against the background of the surrounding dark space. The image of a skull in an astronaut costume is associated with the loss of dreams or the collapse of ideas.


An astronaut is a difficult and dangerous profession, but one of the most romantic.

A man who is the closest person ever to touch the mysteries of the universe. Once in space, human consciousness changes forever. This word is derived from two words of the ancient Greek language, they can be translated as cosmos and sailor. An astronaut is someone who sails on the current of the sea of the universe.

The owners of such a tattoo have an inner enduring desire for the unknown. Their desire to know the world around them and its boundaries can sometimes border on obsession.

Subconsciously, such a drawing will help to develop the qualities inherent in people of this profession. We are talking about a whole set of certain internal attitudes: purposefulness, incredible courage, awareness of the ultimate goal, an open view of the world.

Space is immense and boundless, the astronaut in it only a temporary guest, investing something of his own in the picture of the universe. An astronaut can also symbolize leadership, the desire to be the first in some area of life.

Tattooed as a portrait, as well as full-length. Often the astronaut is combined with cosmic bodies, you can combine even with mystical symbols from ancient cults or religions. For example, symbols that somehow represent the universe, the Spirit of the Universe, etc.

Places for application: the shoulder, the inner part of the forearm, the back, the outer part of the thigh.

Who is suitable for the tattoo

Dreamy girls who are disinclined to provoke conflicts are suitable for small tattoos, where the role of the astronaut is not people, but animals. By analogy with Belka and Strelka, who were the first animals sent into space, the fair sex put not only cute dogs, but also cats or pandas in a spacesuit. The choice of a funny character is identified with an inquisitive nature, a desire to assert their own uniqueness.

For the male audience is characterized by a larger size tattoo. However, such sketches do not evoke emotion. An imprint of Gagarin's portrait, supported by his famous phrase "Let's go!", can be seen on the body of ardent patriots of Russia. In this case, the brief iconic signature is interpreted as a motto encouraging the bearer to move forward on the chosen road.

Tattoo Astronaut on the arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

Even in the absence of strength and help from outside, loss of faith in victory. A short but succinct word of the legendary hero the owner of the tattoo aims at a heroic deed, showing the example to others.

Tattoo with deep meaning, where the Cosmonaut is depicted on the background of a cosmic landscape, as well as on subjects in the spirit of the techniques of biomechanics, stop admirers of scientific progress and space exploration. Then the more precise meaning of the miniature on the hand will have to unravel the meaning of additional symbolism. For example, the astronaut's backpack on the back shows the force of nature of the confident owner of the tattoo.

Fans of science fiction and mystical mysteries of the universe fit sketches with unusual effects. The mirror reflection in the spacecraft screen creates an unexpectedly ambivalent impression of the stuffed plot. The drawings with the dead astronaut inside the protective suit stop people who have lost hope of realizing their dreams.

What happens

Today, fans of body art rarely choose sketches with portraits of prominent cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin or Valentina Tereshkova, Herman Titov, because the squad of space conquerors is already quite extensive.

However, the plot of the space tattoo in a laconic style or the image of an astronaut on the background of the starry sky and planets has not lost its popularity to this day.

By style and color

Sketches with an astronaut look equally good in monochrome performance, as well as in a bright color palette. The choice of interesting color solutions allows displaying bright pictures of the unknown world on the glass of the protective spacesuit. Color preferences are determined by the requirements of the chosen style, the techniques of which the tattooist owns most professionally.

Applying techniqueFeatures of a popular style
WatercolorSuitable for fans of bright phantasmagoria. A professional will create a unique drawing on the body, looking quite realistic.
GeometryThe style is characterized by accurate reproduction of the figure of the astronaut along with all the details, but can look abstract.
MinimalismTechniques of the technique allow you to create a simple but elegant composition, which is more suitable for girls.
DotworkThe monochrome image is stuffed with dots. Therefore, the direction is more suitable for creating large masterpieces on the hand.
BiomechanicsVolumetric sketches with unique detailing of torn flesh, through which you can see space and a man in a spacesuit.

Original looks tattoo, created by thrash polka techniques. Despite a certain gloominess of style, the picture has a deep meaning, indicating the organic intertwining of the triumph of life with deep sorrow.

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photo

This is evident in the colors that pierce through the fabric of the astronaut's protective suit. The emphasis on the play of somber tones with the depiction of a naked skull in a spacesuit is characteristic of fatalists who believe in doom and the inevitability of a fatal outcome.

According to the story

Tattoo Cosmonaut on the hand of a person who has the same profession will turn into a reliable protective sign against all kinds of troubles. Any tattoo plot is closely related to the space theme, and this is mainly the planets.

At the same time, the images of the planets themselves have a coded semantic meaning:

  • The Earth is a sign of thoroughness or fertility;
  • The Moon is a symbol of mystery, magic and dark forces;
  • Sun is the mark of a bright personality with good and bright thoughts;
  • Mars - aimed at winning, associated with militancy;
  • Mercury - shows the cunning bearer of the tattoo with business acumen;
  • Jupiter - emblem of a leader seeking power;
  • Venus - symbolizes love, dreams and creative energy;
  • Saturn - a sign of destiny, the inexorability of time, rebirth.

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

The list of the most popular sketches includes not only the traditional illustration with Yuri Gagarin. Advanced fans of space subjects stop at the portraits of American astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin), girls are impressed with the image of Belka and Strelka, who look out of their helmets.

Warm smile cause cosmonaut tattoo cat, dreamily looking at the space, look interesting prints of an artificial satellite or a rocket, the Mir station or the Vostok spaceship. However, on the man's arm the image of the astronaut is often a fragment of a mesmerizing composition within the tattooed sleeve.


Photo gallery of interesting works of tattoos with astronauts, looking at them you can be inspired and even come up with your own tattoo.

No matter how much we gaze into space, it still remains a mystery to us. This is probably what attracts tattoo lovers who cover their bodies with stellar subjects. These people are often called romantics, irrational dreamers. However, this is not always true. Let's take a closer look at the trendy type of body art.

The meaning of the cosmos tattoo

A refutation of the fact that the space is stuffed himself only irrational people, is the symbolism of the universe itself. Contrary to the small study of boundless space, it is often associated with order, something holistic, complete. And the famous philosopher Plato once even equated it with man. The complicated structure of the galaxy seemed to him similar in its structure to human consciousness. From this we can conclude that the owners of cosmic tattoos first of all seek harmony with the world in themselves. They want to feel and see their inner "I" in the mirror. And only after that are the dreams.

Others use the well-known symbolism of the planets of the solar system to form their personal brand. To emphasize their "beginning", to make its main features visible. In addition, each planet has a connection to the Zodiac sign. This interpretation has the right to life, because the Space tattoo in its modern form is a fairly young trend. In the past, graphic outlines of constellations, astronauts, rockets, etc. were depicted. Now in fashion colored stretch marks, large images of the planets. Consider their possible interpretation in more detail.

The meaning of the tattoo of the planets.

Each of the planets known to mankind has a certain set of symbolic representations. The most universal are the following theses:

  • The Sun refers to the male images, symbolizing strength and indestructible energy. The widespread application of sun tattoos is also due to the former status of the sun. It used to be revered as a deity. Therefore, the owners of such a tattoo can count on the divine protection.
  • The moon is also a feminine image. It is often associated with the deep mystery and cosmic riddle. Moonlight brings tranquility and the fulfillment of secret desires
  • Mars is often associated with boldness and aggressive masculinity. The character of a person with this planet on his body may have an explosive force
  • Mercury is the patron saint of travelers, businessmen, in general, all those who do not sit in one place. This messenger of the gods bodes well for its bearers.
  • Venus is far too obvious a symbol to decipher. Let us just say that she has a love interest which manifests itself in every person from time to time.
  • Saturn is considered a symbol of wisdom and a high spiritual level. So the owner of a tattoo with this planet often becomes a man in his 30s or even 40s.
  • Earth is too universal an image to judge it unequivocally. In any case, the tattoo has a positive energy, and attracts good luck. It is usually popular with the female half of humanity. This is easily explained by the existence of a stable Earth-mother bond.
  • However, not only famous planets can be found on the bodies of space lovers. Distant stars and zodiacal constellations are also meant to say something about the owner of the tattoo. This can be as a link to good luck, as well as a more "narrow" meaning. For example, a star on the wrist can indicate unusual sexual preferences. And there are, in fact, many such subtleties. Therefore, you should carefully study the information about the celestial luminaries, before blindly stuffing them on the body.

In our article we are going to uncover this topic, telling at the same time, at what parts of the human body will look best such an image.

Let's analyze the meanings of cosmos tattoos existing in our time. To begin with, it should be clarified that the term itself is multifaceted. It is not only all the space that is outside of our planet, but also a philosophical concept used in various currents. For some, it is about airless space, which contains stars and planets, asteroids and comets, pulsars, quasars, black holes, and other incredible objects, which even outstanding scientists cannot describe.

For others, it is a combination of material and immaterial objects, powerful forces controlling processes on a universal scale, huge volumes of information and incredible energy.

The cosmos is a balance of chaos and order, peace and war, life and death. In it, destructive processes are always replaced by the creation of something new. While a supernova explodes somewhere, a new system with a star and planets may be born at the other end of the universe.

Often the owners of such tattoos are people of creative professions. However, you should be careful when choosing. For example, for men, the "dangerous" will be a tattoo of the sun on the wrist. In certain circles, this symbolism means the homosexuality of the person. At the same time, in any other area on your body it is a sign of masculine power. This is such an interesting twist.

Positive men's space style tattoos are stars. And, exactly as they are depicted in the pictures, not geometric shapes, which are so fond of girls. It is believed that the star track attracts good luck to the guy. For a girl, a similar picture will be a real love magnet.

Planetary signs and the planets themselves also have attachments:

  • Mars is a male sign. Power, aggression, war. These are people with powerful energy.
  • Venus is the female planet. It was the name of the Roman goddess, the analogue of the Greek Aphrodite.
  • Mercury is the planet that patronizes merchants, entrepreneurs. This Roman god is analogous to Hermes in the Greeks.
  • Jupiter is analogous to Zeus. Strength, power, confidence, control of the situation.
  • Earth is a female sign. Fertility, domesticity, peace.
  • Moon is also a symbol used by women. It is also a cult of several goddesses in different pantheons. The most famous of these are the three Greek maidens - the mysterious Selene, the huntress Diana, and the "sternest" of them all, Hecate, surrounded by a halo of darkness, commanding black dogs, and patronizing magic.
  • Pluto is death and rebirth;
  • Neptune, analogue of Poseidon, god of the seas. Water, the original element, intuition, mysticism, altruism, search;
  • Uranus - life changes, revolutionary unexpected occurrences;
  • Saturn - destiny, the inexorability of time, discipline, stability the image of a strict father. It is also often the image of illusions lost by the man, the suffering experienced. It is like a reminder that expectations often produce disappointments. As, in fact, do desires. The Buddhists come to mind.

Constellations also have interesting meanings. Especially if they are zodiacal. Astrologers have long ago determined the characteristic features of each of these cosmic objects and their influence on a person.

  • If you were born under the sign of Libra, we can say that you are lucky. You strive for order, you are moderate in everything, you want to achieve harmony between the bodily, the spiritual and the mental.
  • Gemini is a contradictory constellation. It is a sign of duality, like a two-faced Janus.
  • Cancer is a constellation with feminine qualities. A motherly sign. Also gives fruitfulness and is characteristic of people who value conservatism and tradition.
  • The constellation Sagittarius patronizes philosophers, sages, and officials associated with legislative power.
  • Leo is the element of fire, toughness, and courage.

Of the non zodiacal constellations, the Pleiades, whose symbolism corresponds to the number "7", are popular. It is a sign of luck.

Often male and female cosmos tattoos are depicted in the form of ancient, including alchemical signs. For example, the "mirror of Venus" - a circle, to the bottom of which is attached a cross, or the sign of Mars - a circle with an arrow pointing upward at an angle.

Also, the cosmos tattoo is often identified with . It is depicted in the form of the number "8" lying on its side, or the serpent Ouroboros.

The inscriptions "just space" or "soon space will be ours" are also not out of fashion. Often they are accompanied by images with stars, planets, spaceships and .

Tattooing Locations

Choosing a sketch for a particular part of the body, it is better to hear the advice of the master, because for large sketches will need the space of the body canvas. Space is placed on the shoulder, densely filled with a variety of shades of color, mostly dark.

For a volumetric tattoo in the style of realism will need the entire arm cover to detail the fragments of the canvas. Fantastic landscape on the space theme can be extended to the shoulder blade area with a smooth transition to the chest area. In this case, the borders of the arm contour are enhanced with color.

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

The lightness of transparent illustrations made in the technique of watercolor, as well as works in the style of geometry look most successful on the chest. If the figure of the astronaut is chosen for the forearm, the hero is placed inside a circle or triangle. The plot of the male tattoo can develop further - on the arm, collarbone, reaching the abdomen.

The leg, the outer side of the thigh is scored with large paintings, which manages to give a rounded shape - the spirals of the galaxy, the helmet of an astronaut. Large-scale canvases of the back and sides are ideal for large paintings, and prints of smaller space-themed paintings look successful on the calf.

Unearthly painting on the body: tattoo Space: meaning, styles, sketches

Recently, tattoos are increasingly popular among the fair sex and men. The whole thing is that with the help of tattoo people are trying to express their originality and individuality, to decorate their body and make themselves more sexy for the opposite sex. It is known that since ancient times people are fond of space, because the unknown and extraterrestrial life always attracts. Many people like to look at the stars, admire the moon or the sun, and many people try to display a piece of the galaxy on their bodies, choosing tattoo designs depicting the cosmos.

The most popular sketches

Tattoo Astronaut on the arm or other parts of the body sometimes become real masterpieces of tattooing thanks to the correct choice of the sketch, punched by an experienced tattooist.

An extensive group of popular space subjects can be divided into two types:

  • Portrait illustrations of legendary astronauts, which became the history of the conquest of space;
  • Tattooed drawings of abstract character without representation of concrete human faces.

Unusually looks tattoo on the body without a background, where the astronaut holds in his hand a bouquet of balls on strings, and the balls themselves are drawn by analogy with the planets. The work can be done both in color and monochrome.

Men mostly hit multidimensional compositions with a spacesuit, behind the shield of which you can see a skull against the background of a bleak cosmic landscape with a rocket flying by. Some sci-fi enthusiasts put a robot or monster inside the suit. Methods blackwork hero of space is depicted on a black background, but with a white window helmet pioneer, and the picture framed a clear outline. An interesting solution will be the reflection on the glass of the helmet of an unusual landscape of a distant planet.

Tattoo Astronaut on your arm. Sketches, meaning, photos

Small tattoos in the style of minimalism with a clearly visible face in a girl's spacesuit placed in a circle. Such a picture on the chest or forearm looks like a badge or a brooch. On the ankle or wrist pick up a small, but monochrome image.

If laconic subjects with an astronaut against the background of the explored planet are printed on the arm or leg, multidimensional compositions are placed on the back or chest. Adding a variety of sci-fi fragments turns the tattoo into an abstract painting with a complex meaning or no meaning at all.

Where can I get a space tattoo?

Images of this type are quite common and in demand in our time, so this tattoo can put on in any tattoo-salon, which are in your city. However, it is worth noting that not all salons are working professionals. Therefore, it is carefully selected workshop tattoo, in which you will do tattoo. It is necessary to note that in good tattoo salons that have a lot of positive recommendations and reviews from satisfied customers, there are specialists with high qualification and the proper experience. Such masters will make you tattoos in accordance with your wishes and requirements. To do this, they will use quality consumables, as well as good equipment.

Tips for sketches

Experienced tattoo artists do not recommend stopping at sketches that have already been in the works. Each person who has decided to make a tattoo, endows its subject with its own meaning in addition to the traditional semantic load inherent in the images of the figure. Therefore, to create a unique picture, it is worth asking the master to develop a new sketch.

Traditionally, the spacesuit of the space conqueror is traditionally drawn in a single-color light color. This allows you to make the background of the drawing bright, even contrasting, so that the tattoo becomes a decoration of the body.

The choice of color for the astronaut's helmet also depends on the style of the tattoo. If the composition will be stuffed in the technique of neo-tradition or new cheekbones, the iconic detail of the protective suit is allowed to draw in any color scheme. The warm shades of gold and ochre are the most eye-catching, against which the sketches of the planets will look like a real masterpiece, thanks to their multicolored palette.

To realize a black and white sketch with the Cosmonaut on the body, it is better to turn to the techniques of dotting. Thanks to the unique dot technology, the original tattoo acquires the effect of soft scattering, and the image itself on the hand or other part of the body resembles the process of light flux propagation in a vacuum. However, you can't do without the advice of a master in any choice of sketch and style.


For women

For men