Tattoo Leo: meaning, designs, performance styles and 75 photos

When choosing a tattoo, everyone has their own preferences. For some, the body sketch is just a way to decorate the body. Well, someone puts a special meaning in their tattoo. One of the popular drawings is the image of a lion. The zodiac sign lion belongs to people born between 23 July and 22 August. Let's learn more about the popular tattoo and its meanings.


The lion tattoo carries the meaning of nobility, altruism and incredible generosity. By performing such a symbol on the body, a person accentuates these qualities and is proud of them. As a tattoo very often choose the very head of the animal or depict it in full. Tattoos with the inscription "lion" in different languages are quite relevant. When doing a tattoo in the style of minimalism, apply the letter L or a symbol of the zodiac sign.

Ancient legend

Tattoo with the zodiac sign of a lion

The most important star in our solar system named the Sun patronizes the fifth fiery zodiac sign Leo. One legend says that it all began with the exploits of Hercules. First in the list of the legendary warrior was the Nemean lion. Beast of unprecedented strength, the offspring of Echidna and Typhon.

Having slayed the invincible beast, Heracles accomplished a great feat that mere mortals were not capable of. But the gods of Olympus took pity on the Nemean lion and made him the patron saint of victors. The lion received an incredible energy of the sun, which can be used, provided there are no evil thoughts. Otherwise, the power, turned into evil, will turn against him a hundredfold.

Tattoo of a lion for men

The owners of this sign of the zodiac very often perform tattoos with the image of an animal. This option denotes the craving for leadership and greatness. Many men believe that this particular drawing on the body will give them self-confidence, an energy boost and additional strength. Some take the lion tattoo as a totem of family relationships. When performing the tattoo, it is worth paying special attention to additional elements. This can be the number and year of birth, fire, motivational inscriptions and more.

Women's lion tattoos

Tattoo in the form of a lion is much less common on the female body. Basically, lion girls perform calm and gentle tattoos. Sometimes there are sketches with the constellation or small drawings in the style of minimalism on the neck, rib, hip or wrist. Such a drawing will symbolize the care for loved ones, determination and perseverance of its owner. For women's tattoos the most suitable sketch with the Latin sign of the constellation lion or a realistic format of the animal.

Tattoo in the form of a constellation

Wrist drawing in the form of a constellation has been popular for quite a long time. But only in the modern world it is applied in a realistic style. Thanks to that tattoo looks really attractive and often causes interest in people around. In general, it is believed that this picture symbolizes the energy of the universe, its infinite power and harmony. But despite this, the meaning may vary depending on the chosen constellation. The zodiacal constellations are also represented, as well as planets and other star clusters. Such solutions always look fresher and reveal the creative potential of their owners.

It should be noted that in ancient times, it was the stars that helped people to navigate in space and travel around the world. Therefore, now it is believed that the owner of such a tattoo will always find the right path in life, regardless of external circumstances. After all, the constellation will always light the way, give hope even in the most difficult situation and help overcome all obstacles.

Tattoo of the constellation lion

This sketch is peculiar to choose exclusively creative, responsive, open to new acquaintances and good-natured people. The constellation of a lion is quite complex and large-scale, so this picture is best applied on the back, rib or chest. Very often as an addition to the constellation perform galactic base, which looks more original and unusual. Quite beautiful looks the head of a lion with the constellation itself. Women tend to decorate such a tattoo with small flowers or inscriptions. Men prefer to apply patterns, geometric drawing of a lion or peculiar symbols.

Color lion tattoo

Tattoo in color format is used quite often, because such an image looks quite neat, attractive and interesting. Many believe that it is a realistic image of the king of beasts that will fill their life with success, health, wisdom and courage. Such a sketch is very often supplemented with a royal crown, paw prints or important dates. Most often, the drawing is performed in watercolor technique. Do not exclude variants of constellation lion tattoos with the use of a rich range of colors. When performing the animal itself, yellow, orange or brown is very often used. Sometimes there are red and even blue colors. Here it all depends on the desire of the owner. To perform the constellation, you can apply blue, purple and pink tone. Such drawings attract a lot of attention, look very beautiful and original.

Mythology and culture

The image of the lion traditionally connotes with solar deities, for example, with Mitra. Buddhists believe that the lion represents constancy in all things, perfect wisdom and nobility. As an integral part, it is included in the images of griffins and chimeras. In the ancient world, from Egypt to India, the lion was considered a guardian, this motif can also be seen in medieval culture.

What does it mean in other places? Christian culture perceives lions as contradictory creatures: simultaneously bearing divine and infernal beginnings. Of course, this beast has become a constant character in myths and legends of the peoples of Africa, in which it combines the traits of a creator and destroyer.

Tattoo Styles

The most significant and important role in the performance of the picture has exactly the style of its execution. After all, in one version tattoo can carry in itself a funny and positive meaning, and in the other format accentuates the evil, aggressive and purposeful notes of the character of its owner. Therefore it is advised to approach responsibly and seriously to a choice of style of a tattoo of the lion. For this sign, the most appropriate options are considered:

  • Realism - the most accurate and clear images that look realistic and unusual.
  • Traditionshinal - this is the style most suitable for people who exalt classic standards.
  • Handpoke - quite unconventional and a bit strange way to perform a drawing, as the owner throws a kind of challenge to others and shows his individuality.
  • Watercolor is a very beautiful, positive and kind style, in which several bright colors are applied at once, which gives the drawing a catchiness. Very often the lion tattoo in the style of watercolor is chosen by girls.
  • Graphics is an unusual and original way of sketching for those who appreciate clarity and brevity in images.

Tattoos with a picture from the cartoon "The Lion King"

For the master of tattoo the image of the king of beasts is not an easy and rather painstaking work. As in the creation of drawings of other animals, there is a mass of specific pictorial elements and details. The undoubted attribute is, of course, mane. It alone can be drawn in many ways. Some people think that the most harmonious and beautiful looks lion tattoo, depicted as realistically as possible, and abstract techniques in the style of blackwork absolutely do not pass that grace and majesty of this beast.

But what do you think?

Places to apply

Having decided on the style and size of the tattoo, you can safely proceed to the selection of the area on the body. Large tattoos are best placed on a flat surface so as not to distort the design, such as the back, chest or rib. Medium-sized tattoos will look great on the shin, forearm, shoulder or calf. Small minimalist designs can be safely applied to the neck, ankle, wrist or finger.

The tattoo with a lion carries a very rich meaning, which is why this picture is often found on the body of people. Sometimes, as a talisman such a symbol is performed by the owners of other zodiac signs, in order to adopt all the best qualities of this tattoo. We have brought to the attention of tattoo lovers the most stylish and popular options for tattooing with the king of all animals, so feel free to choose the sketch and realize your dream.

Location of the zodiac sign lion tattoo

Before creating a drawing, it is also important to think about its location, because the place of application gives the tattoo a certain meaning.

Arm: shoulder, forearm, wrist

Tattoo of the zodiac sign lion, depicted on the shoulder, speaks of strength of spirit and strength of character. A man with a lion on his shoulder demonstrates his independence. This can depict an aggressive beast with an open mouth, or a calm beast in combination with other animals.

The forearm is also considered a classic version of the tattoo, and on the wrist of girls looks neatly astrological symbol of a small size.


A person who stuffed the zodiac sign lion tattoo on the chest, demonstrates nobility, desire to help, kindness and generosity.


The lion on the back or shoulder blades symbolizes leadership. At the same time, the person who chooses this arrangement must have a desire to lead and even subordinate other people. Tattoo on the back is sometimes conceived large-scale, multicolored, with additional elements.

Tattoo of the zodiac sign lion may not be suitable for all people. It is necessary to be prepared for the possible influence of this symbol in a person's life. He can not only bring good luck and become a real talisman, but also give new character traits to its bearer.


For women

For men