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Libra tattoo
A sign that stays with a person forever from birth is the sign of the Zodiac. Harmony, the beauty of the body does not interfere with the picture. The most interesting and multifaceted representative is Libra, because it is the only inanimate sign. But tattoos do not only those born under this sign, but also people with a keen sense of justice, yearning for harmony in life and mental balance.

Tattoo in the form of a scale carries and magical protection and becomes a talisman that can not be lost. It also protects the wearer from illness, negative opinions, conflicts and quarrels.

Libra in mythology

The scales were in the hands of the Egyptian God Anubis, who used them to determine where to send someone - to hell or heaven. In Greek mythology, the scales are an essential attribute of the goddess Themis, who helped Zeus to administer justice. The beautiful legend of the ...the zodiacal constellation of scales... tells of the goddess of truth Dica, daughter of Zeus and Themis, who used scales to oversee order and harmony. If Themis looked at people's sins from the perspective of the law, Dicke was guided by the norms of morality and justice. The preponderance of good and evil deeds on the scales influenced Zeus' decision to punish.

As a side note.

The tattoo of the constellation of scales reminds mortal earthlings that for all transgressions will have to bear the responsibility.

Tattoo Meaning of Scales

Sketches of tattoos of scales Are interpreted depending on the subject line:

  • Heart and money, angels and demons, moon and sun on the bowls, depending on the preponderance, the symbol reflects a person's priorities. When both bowls are balanced, it indicates objectivity and an unbiased attitude toward such things. Such tattoo on the body conveys an inner peace of confidence in its rightness.
  • Empty scales, one of which is outweighed, indicate an imbalance of inner energy. A person seeks to get rid of old views and look at the world from a different angle.
  • When the photo tattoo drawing, where the bowls of the device are held on the edge of the knife, it means rigidity, the protection of his life principles. A person with such a tattoo does not change his beliefs.

If the body is applied to tattoo sign of the zodiacTo attract good luck should perform it in blue, blue or green colors.

A word of caution

Despite the details, tattoo of the sign of Libra in any case represent the ratio of good and evil, justice, discipline.

Symbol of the sign

The written symbol of the zodiacal sign Libra is a glyph, which is two parallel lines. The upper line in this case has a curved semicircle, reminiscent of the sun setting over the horizon. Such a tattoo, like the previous examples, can be made out with or without the use of additional details. If you like the latter option, then pay attention to the glyph, originally combined with the wings of an angel, the inscription, flowers and weaves, the glyph decorating Libra and other ideas.

Who chooses a Libra tattoo

Tattoo of scales on the shoulder or arm Are a guide on the road of life for their wearers. They are adherents of honesty in relationships, despise hypocrisy. A person who chooses to tattoo with scales, tend to analyze what is happening around and to delve into introspection. Such people do not depend on the opinions of others, to turn them off the track is difficult. They will not believe other people's words until they have personally verified their truthfulness. This quality helps to show individuality in different spheres of life.

Tattoo of the zodiac sign Libra Apply people who were born under this constellation. The horoscope says that they have a subtle sense of the world, seek order, beauty and know how to harmonize the space around them. Among the Libra there are many musicians, architects, designers and stylists. The sketch of the zodiac sign of Libra can be made in the form of a star outline or symbol.

As a side note

For people who are indecisive tattoo with scales can also act as a talisman, helping them to determine the choice of life's path.


The goddess is often depicted with different attributes for a reason, each of them has a certain meaning. The meanings of these attributes are as follows:

Scales - it has long been believed that they symbolize justice, measure. They were used to accurately assess people's actions, weighing, for comparison, the number of good deeds and bad deeds that harmed others. The goddess weighed guilt and innocence, thereby inferring the righteousness of one's life.The mantle was the traditional garment worn to perform the ritual of justice. A stern but non-threatening image with its appearance faithfully guided the thoughts of the priests in their role as jurists.

The eye patch shows the degree of impartiality of justice, making it clear that Themis can not be misled by the appearance of the person. Beautiful or ugly, pretty or repulsive, it will not affect the decision of the court, nor will any merit to society. The goddess's blindfold allows her to evaluate only the pure facts and make her decision based on the truth.

Sword. If it has a point pointing upward, it means justice from above, "the will of heaven. The symbol sharpened on both sides, in a state of readiness, does not mean that the law can only punish, it also serves as a warning, a warning against violations of generally accepted rules. Previously, in depictions of Themis, she leaned on her sword, making it clear that she could use force at any time. Today, the goddess is depicted with a sword in her right hand, embodying the right cause. Sometimes in depictions, the weapon is replaced by a horn of plenty.

Places to apply and styles

Where best to place the tattoo, everyone determines independently. Themis or Anubis with scales Look better in a large version. It can be Tattoo on the back or on the chest in the style of watercolor, realism, trash polka dot. Astrological sign, made in the technique of graphics or minimalism, can be made small and placed on the wrist or neck.

A tattoo on the lower back or right side can affect a person's energy and help achieve harmony

For your information

Tattoo in the form of a scale Not hide under clothing, but rather try to use it to demonstrate their principles and character.


Tattoo with scales Simply obliges its owner to look at situations from different angles. If you seek harmony, wish to balance their inner energies, ttattoo scales - Just what you need.

Pictures of tattoos depicting scales

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Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

To address for consultation concerning tattoo and direct performance of work it is necessary only in the tattoo salon that has the license and the sanction to activity. Tattoos in unproven places and at unreliable masters threaten:

  • injuries;
  • infections;
  • overpayment;
  • poor quality results;
  • allergies.

The found master must have a catalog with previous works and reviews, which will be a true proof of his qualifications.


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