Tattoo biomechanics: meaning for men and women, style features, sketches

The end of the last century is characterized by the fact that technology harmoniously entered human life, and now serve as their integral part. Various mechanisms and devices allow people to save time, because they simplify life by performing and automating human work. With the advent of technology everything became somehow faster and more interesting, so it is not surprising that these trends are reflected in the art world, in particular became one of the independent styles in the tattoo. Biomechanics style is a modern representation of the importance of mechanisms in human life, symbolizing a new era in development.

Biomechanics are original body drawings, attracting not only beauty and realism, but also the professionalism of the master who created the picture. It is believed that the progenitor of biomechanics was an extravagant and unusual artist, whose name is Hans Rudolf Giger from Switzerland. It is known that he was very impressed after reading horror books by the American writer Lovecraft Howard. Trying to depict horror and nightmares, the artist created a new human face. The canvas depicted women and men composed of various mechanisms, pipes and plates.

Particularly popular was the painting "Hell's Angels" in which demons chased a motorcyclist - the emblem of modern bikers. The style of biomechanics gained particular popularity after the film "Alien" (1979), made on the basis of paintings by the Swiss artist. The new wave of biomechanics in tattooing got when the movie "Terminator" appeared. Many men wanted to make their look more brutal and masculine, using sketches of steel muscle and metal pipes instead of bones.

It is worth noting that the first tattoos did not impress with their beauty and realism, as they were created with the help of black color, the play of light and shades. Gradually the art of tattooing improved, drawings became more voluminous and detailed, and modern technology and a wide color palette allowed a higher quality of treatment of skin facets and tattooing.

Thanks to the gradual development modern tattoos made in the style of biomechanics have not just a beautiful, but also a realistic look, because the impression is created that a part of the mechanism attached to the bones and veins was really placed in the human flesh. Biomechanics is characterized by its complexity and attractiveness, it takes up to several dozens of sessions to fill in a high-quality image. When creating a tattoo it is important to carefully and correctly draw all the shadows and penumbra, highlights and contrasts, which requires qualitative selection of the color scheme and carry out as much detail as possible.

Men's tattoo biomechanics

As is known, the tattoos in the style of biomechanics have no hidden meaning or special significance, and are used as a symbol of the supernatural metal force and invincibility. Men with such tattoos look more brutal and manly, their image becomes bold and attention is accentuated on the greater physical capabilities of the owner of the tattoo. Choosing the right design can visually increase the amount of muscle and accentuate them.

Biomechanics is a special style that requires a large size in order to achieve the desired effect and to draw all the details qualitatively. Often men use their legs, particularly their calves, as a canvas. An important element of the painting will be the appearance of the skin, it may be absent, or the effect is created as if the body had been cut or burned to fit the steel mechanisms. The skin may hang down, bend, have bleeding wounds, or be pulled down by a steel bar. Spokes or other sharp objects that tear through the skin and stick out of it look just as beautiful.

Also a beautiful option would be a tattoo biomechanics on the forearm or shoulder, where the muscles are replaced by metal plates or complex mechanisms, among which can be levers, springs, springs, etc.

Women's biomechanics tattoos

As for girls, among them, this style of tattoos is not in particular demand and only 1-2% of women use brutal sketches on their bodies. When creating a sketch, girls make the technique more cute and romantic, filling it with color and additional details. The original version of the female biomechanics tattoo sketch is a corset lacing pulling down the torn skin. Microcircuits and bolts girls replace with angel wings, whose feathers are metallic. Also, women's tattoos in the style of biomechanics do not do without hearts, stars, butterflies and other, familiar to girls attributes.

Religious motifs

Not so long ago, images of saints on the skin became fashionable. The younger generation is exposed to this trend, because the Old Believers still consider it blasphemy to draw holy icons, angels, even wings on their mortal bodies, as they are considered part of the divine beginning. Think about it, can a sinful person wear the wings of an angel on his back? But for many the image of saints on the body is a tribute of respect and gratitude. Such tattoos are believed to protect and safeguard their wearers.

One of the most common choices is the design of the Virgin Mary, a symbol of purity, hope and love. For some people, this is a very relevant figure in their lives, as it is the one they turn to when problems arise throughout their lives. For this reason, the Virgin Mary is considered the most powerful amulet against all adversity. It is she who can comfort those who seek help.

Some of these religious drawings are accompanied by various elements that can give more effective power and meaning. These include a heart, a dove, a rosary, a cross, and flowers.

Biomechanics tattoo on the arm, leg and other parts of the body

Tattoo in the style of biomechanics should be applied on a narrow and long canvas, so under the nail need to allocate a large area of the body. As for men, they give preference to tattoos on the arms or calves of the legs. The mechanicals can be located from the wrist to the elbow or from the elbow to the shoulder. An equally popular option is a large mechanism placed on a man's back and replacing his spine with metal plates. Another original option is a heart replaced by gears.

Girls are more delicate and romantic individuals, so they place a tattoo in the style of biomechanics on the ribs, abdomen or on the back in the form of a corset lacing. In some cases, representatives of the fair sex place the tattoo on the hands or feet, supplementing the sketch with feminine elements (flowers, butterflies, etc.).

Crossed fingers: meaning

In different countries, this gesture has a different interpretation. In Greece, this sign meant gratitude for a pleasant conversation and farewell to the interlocutor. In Vietnam, the gesture is offensive, as it symbolizes the sexual organs of women. The Irish cross their fingers when they need to remember something. In Denmark, the gesture is used when swearing. This position of the fingers seems to tie into a knot the promise made. In Russia, such a gesture means that the person is telling the truth. This is how he communicates the honesty of his words.

In Western culture, the most common meaning of crossed fingers is to attract good luck. People use this movement when they need a situation to take the right turn. At this point, a person's energy is at a standstill in order not to give off unnecessary vibrations.

In order for the tattoo to really bring good luck, it is necessary to portray it correctly. In the famous painting "The Last Supper" Jesus Christ held his fingers in such a way that the index finger was above the middle finger. Although this position is not entirely comfortable, it is believed that such a sign is able to become a talisman for good luck.

In times of persecution, the Romans used this gesture to recognize each other. The movement meant "don't be afraid, I'm one of your own. A tattoo with such a symbol can be tattooed by people as a sign of friendliness towards others. The owners of this tattoo are able to become his own in any company. They have a peaceful nature and do not like conflicts, so it is pleasant to deal with such people.

One of the main meanings of crossed fingers is protection. With such a gesture, a person closes his energy and does not allow ill-wishers to influence him. Nowadays, the gesture is not directly associated with religion. However, the symbolism of the cross continues to be firmly held in people's minds. A mother crosses her child as she is sending him on his journey, thus blessing him. And the man himself may cross his fingers if he feels threatened. Tattoo with such a symbol printed in order to create a permanent protection for themselves, as it is impossible to keep their fingers crossed around the clock.

A completely different meaning has a tattoo depicted on the back. Children have been known to cross their fingers behind their backs when they tell an untruth. This is how they want to prevent the person they are talking to from exposing their lies and God from punishing them for their wickedness.

It is believed that placing the cross behind the back, distorts the image of man, and the spirit is not able to recognize him. At this point, a person gets the right to do whatever he wants with impunity, because no one will notice it. The tattoo of crossed fingers on the back can depict people who often have to commit dishonorable acts against their will. In this case, they are aware of the wrongness of their actions, but can not correct the situation. Such a gesture is a way of asking forgiveness from a higher power. On the other hand, a person can purposely deceive other people, for example, in order to get money from them. In this case, the tattoo is used to avoid punishment.

British scientists have concluded that by crossing their fingers, a person can significantly alleviate physical pain. This fact was revealed in the course of numerous studies. Therefore, another meaning of the tattoo with such a gesture is to get rid of suffering. The tattoo is suitable for people who are going through a difficult period in life. This can be the death of a loved one, separation from a loved one or a serious illness. With such a symbol, a person gets an opportunity to reduce the acuteness of perception and rehabilitate faster.

Sketches, photos of finished works and style varieties

Biomechanics style tattoos have several subcategories, namely:

  • Biomechanics - mechanisms replace human organs and are inside a person.
  • Cyberpunk - buttons, plugs and wires replacing veins. The main difference from the classic biomechanics - the tattoo is not a part of the human body, but contains images of some objects or creatures, such as a cat with wires.
  • Hi-tech - a technical style in which the body part consists of microchips, chips and other details of "smart equipment".
  • Steampunk - is not a part of biomechanics, but rather serves as its closest cousin. Tattoos in this style resemble outdated mechanisms. A popular choice is a clockwork mechanism.

When choosing a sketch the main thing to do is to find a good and highly qualified master, because the elegance and attractiveness of the tattoo depends only on him. As for the sketch, then the main thing is to determine the part of the body that will replace the mechanism and choose the type of mechanism. For example, is in demand tattoo on the calf, where the muscles replace the springs or shock absorbers. No less popular options are the mechanism that replaces the heart or the metal arms.

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