Stylish Tattoo of the Signs of the Zodiac: photos, sketches, meanings

Tattoos have long ceased to be something unusual. After all, every year there are more and more fans of the body art. This is a great way to emphasize your individuality, or to get an interesting amulet. In fact, there is a great variety of patterns, each of which has its own meaning. For example, the sign of the zodiac is perceived by many as one of the main symbols and amulets in life. Therefore, it is increasingly possible to see such tattoos. About what meaning each sign of the zodiac has, we will talk right now.


The very first sign of the zodiac is, of course, Aries. He symbolizes straightforwardness, honesty, active life stance and openness. In addition, the owners of this sign always achieve their goals, but at the same time do not accept monotony and boredom.

As for the tattoo with the sign of the ram, the men often choose for themselves aggressive and voluminous designs. Sometimes the sign of the zodiac is added as one of the elements on a large tattoo on the back or arm. Therefore, we can safely say that this option will suit exclusively self-confident people, real leaders. In turn, women choose a more simple, laconic design of their zodiac sign. Most often, tattoos with the sign of the rams are applied to the chest, forearm or back.

Tattoo Signs of the Zodiac

There are twelve signs in the zodiacal circle. Each of them is very symbolic, has its own history and meaning.

  • Tattoo Gemini - people born under this sign are difficult to achieve inner harmony, they are contradictory and multifaceted;
  • Tattoo scales - represent balance and harmony. Such people are able to easily cope with their emotions, to sweep away unnecessary things and see the essence of things. They are calm and calculating;
  • Aquarius tattoo - a symbol of freedom and rebellion, harmony of mind and feelings. People born under this sign are direct, original, they have creative potential. Aquarius often become innovators in different areas of life;
  • Tattoo fish - it is believed that these people like comfort and prefer to go with the flow. Tattoo with the zodiac sign of fish characterizes kind, responsive and compliant people;
  • Tattoo Sagittarius - describes active, impulsive people, which can be called a mood. Many astrologers notice for Sagittarians such a trait as greed. Therefore, it is not recommended to depict a tattoo on the body in the form of the zodiac sign, because it could accentuate the negative traits that are characteristic of these emotional and impressionable people;
  • Tattoo Virgo - people born under this sign are intelligent and logical, sometimes it may seem cold and calculating. They have their own opinion and can easily impose it on their opponents;
  • Taurus tattoo - the inner strength and serenity, kindness and constancy - such qualities are characteristic of the people of this sign. Such people are no stranger to romance and sentimentality;
  • Tattoo Capricorn - proud and independent owners of the zodiac sign Capricorn tattoo patient and seek order in all things. They are selfish, seek power by any means, although often do not have leadership qualities;
  • Aries tattoo - representatives of this sign are endowed with a special charisma and temperament.Activity and determination of Aries help achieve the goal in any endeavor.
  • Leo tattoo - strong and ambitious people were born under this sign. Lions are leaders, they are successful and fortunate. Tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign in this case is worth doing only if your character meets this symbol. This is one of the brightest examples when a tattoo can be chosen by a representative of any zodiac sign;
  • Tattoo Cancer - for these people the support of loved ones is important, they are very emotional and their mood is quickly transmitted to others. Crayfish are ambitious and love to be the center of attention;
  • tattoo scorpio - willpower and desire for power distinguish representatives of this sign. They confidently pursue their goal and are always ready to strike.

Since ancient times people have seen the relationship between the fate and character of the person and his date of birth. The science of this relationship - astrology - had its origins in Sumeria, but it was developed by ancient Greek philosophers, so this science is associated with Greece.

Tattoo constellations of the zodiac signs are closely intertwined with Greek mythology. Each symbol has its own history.

People free of prejudice can get a tattoo of another's sign, if it suits them in character. This is especially true for "animal" signs - lion, cancer, scorpion, etc. Images of these animals have not only astrological significance.


Tattoo in the form of a calf most often looks like an image of a bull. But there are also other variants of execution of such a picture. For example, the symbol of the zodiac sign itself is often made in a minimalist style. It looks quite interesting and unusual.

Representatives of the sign are quite difficult to bring out of equilibrium. In addition, they have such qualities as calmness, composure and even measuredness. Therefore, the tattoo in the form of a calf gives them vitality and energy.

More tips from astrologers

However, as the same astrologers say, any talisman can be significantly strengthened by complementing it with other powerful energetic elements and using the right colors and shades. So, when applying a tattoo of the sign of the zodiac Pisces, you should choose the following colors and their any tones and shades:

  • blue;
  • purple;
  • steel.

tattoo fish zodiac sketch

An excellent addition to the composition will be flowers. For example, flowers are great for this purpose:

  • violets;
  • crocuses;
  • and even daffodils.

There are also a number of jewels that are perfectly combined with fish and enhance their properties. Among these are amethysts and emeralds. By the way, as astrologers say, it is better to apply a tattoo on the days that, according to zodiacal teachings, favor to people born under the constellation Pisces. Those days are Thursday and Friday. After applying the tattoo, the person will be more confident in his/her goal, will become a better, clearer in expressing own feelings and will feel the power of good luck accompanying him/her!


Unlike the previous two signs, the Gemini is always especially fickle, sociable and intellectual. Representatives of the sign are often the opponents of routine and have time to do many things at once. Therefore, tattoos depicting the sign are often not too voluminous. It can be a concise symbol, a picture of people and other similar options.


Incredibly sensual, emotional and soulful representatives of the sign often make such tattoos. This is especially true for representatives of the fair sex. The fact is that tattoos in the form of Cancer men do quite rarely. But nevertheless, the picture looks very beautiful, regardless of the chosen style. Most often it is applied to the back, the base of the neck or the hand.

The choice of the sketch and the master

Drawing with a figure under the power of any master, even a novice. To a greater extent, it depends on you what your digital tattoo will be. There are a lot of photos and information about digital tattoos on the Internet, but when you develop a sketch you have to choose the type of numbers, font and place of application.

The master, of course, will prompt and give you the necessary recommendations. In addition, there are many different ready-made sketches on the expanses of the Internet, with which you can come to the master.

When choosing a certain number, based on numerology, you should not do the calculations by yourself. If you want to have a drawing on your body in the form of a number that will represent a certain value for you, it is worth to turn to a professional numerologist, who will be able to correctly calculate and determine the number that is suitable for you. Otherwise, who knows, you may affect your destiny in a bad way.

Digital tattoos do not decrease in popularity, numbers and various combinations of numbers are still actively used and in the most various variations. The relevance of such a tattoo speaks for itself. The numbers can be used in conjunction with a barcode tattoo, a rather popular tattoo right now.

Choosing "your" number or a number, the main thing is to invest in it an optimistic mood, and any number is sure to bring you good luck, always and everywhere!


Such a zodiac sign as lion represents the strong leadership qualities, energy, generosity and generosity of its owner. Therefore, tattoos with his image can look quite aggressive, especially in men. The tattoo is applied on the forearm, back or chest. As for women, they choose more laconic options. For example, a constellation or just a symbol of the zodiac sign. If desired, it can be complemented by other elements, such as the sun or even a crown. It looks really very beautiful.

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The Virgo sign tattoo is associated with a particular purity and good attitude towards the world around us. Therefore, its owners are those who honor traditional values and strive for harmony. It is chosen by girls who put their families in the first place. Also, this option is suitable for parents and those who only seek to become them.


Tattoo of the sign of the Libra has a meaning such as justice, harmony, creative approach to life and purposefulness, ease. Therefore, the owners of the drawing of this particular sign can easily cope with conflicts and avoid quarrels with close people. What is important, at the same time will be able to defend their interests and point of view.

The most common tattoo is in the form of a bowl of scales, which are in imbalance or equilibrium. But there are also other variants that look very original. Do they mainly on the lower back, shoulder, neck, or on the hand.

The meaning of the number 69

The number 69 is a symbol of spiritual perfection of the person in him. Let's see how this perfection happens, 6+9=15, or 3x5. Three waves flowing through the body form subtle bodies of feelings. There is a constant contraction and expansion, which speaks of life processes.

If we look closely we will see in number 69 a symbol of an egg. Yes, a person having number 69, as if in the cocoon, perceives the reality badly and he is not adapted to life outside the cocoon. Life in the cocoon is more interesting and diverse, but in the cocoon he re-experiences what he has already experienced once. Due to such secondary experiences and perceptions, he gradually builds a new body with a new program and like an egg rushes into a reservoir, where he can realize his possibilities.

Number 69=60x9=540, the number where the external wave of feelings and perceptions crystallizes within the space in the body of consciousness. The number symbolizes the passage of internal processes, which is the psyche. External processes at the same time reflect unworked Karma. That is why the process of life becomes so important to refine the processes and continue the evolution of the human spirit and body.

In the number 69, there is a mystery, which each person discovers in his or her own way. The process of discovery is very significant, constantly transforming the information received, it forms the body of consciousness of a new individual. So in the subsequent one a beautiful bird hatches, the other a ravenous hawk that eats its own kind.

But worse is when creeping vipers, full of poison, hatch from their eggs. Therefore, in life one must watch his development of consciousness and detach himself from the Earth. If our material thinking is a lie and all the information is laid on a two-dimensional surface, like frames of a film on a tape of events. If you add to that the negativity that we manifest in life, that's the bastard that grows. Aspiration to heaven allows a person to grow wings and master three-dimensional consciousness.

It is true that there are different types of birds that fly a little, or domestic hens and ducks, or Eagles that master the air currents and the freedom of the spirit.So the number 69 means that everything is in your hands and you have reached the responsible moment when it is time to realize the meaning of existence and your Karma needs to be purified. You are capable of cleaning your Karma by yourself, don't let wizards and sorcerers interfere in this process. Because for this you have to pay with the life of your children and diseases of your relatives.


A tattoo in the form of a scorpion is not suitable for every person. It is best to do it to strong, strong-willed and determined people who know exactly what they seek. In this case, the symbol becomes a kind of talisman that brings good luck, awakens energy and increases wealth.


Tattoo Sagittarius most often choose a strong of spirit, sociable, open and decisive people. They love to learn new things, travel and all the obstacles in life for them are just an excuse to move on. In itself, such a tattoo helps to strengthen the positive traits of the sign, as well as bringing good luck.

Very often the Sagittarius is depicted on the body as a centaur with a bow in his hands. It can also be just a bow with an arrow or even the constellation of this zodiac sign.

Capricorn .

Owners of the sign quite often get a tattoo with the image of Capricorn. It is believed to be a kind of symbol and amulet that brings tranquility to the soul, as well as good luck. In addition, it has such meaning as the desire for success, perseverance and intuition in financial matters.

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Of course, such a tattoo is mainly made by those who were born under this constellation. For men, the volumetric compositions with sharp angles are best suited. Also a great option would be a tattoo with the image of a muscular Aquarius. In turn, women should take a closer look at sketches with elements of the air element. In general, such a drawing means strength, as well as perseverance and creativity.


Tattoo with the image of fish choose for themselves people who lack self-confidence in life. But the representatives of the sign themselves are not conflictual and have a developed intuition.

To have the strength of a tattoo, we recommend drawing on the wrist, shoulder or lower leg.

In any case, the application of a tattoo on the body is an important decision that must be taken consciously. Study in detail the information about this or that sign, take into account every detail on the sketch and then the result will be really beautiful.

The main meanings of all the signs of the zodiac in a tattoo

Each sign depicted in tattoos has its own semantic meaning. Addressing to the tattoo salons St. Petersburg you should be aware of this and determine in advance whether you need such a sign on your body.

Tattoo any sign of the zodiac can consist of several elements. However, it is better to depict the symbols individually, although their meanings are combined.


For women

For Men