Tattoo sign of the zodiac Leo (51 photos): tattoo meanings for men and women, styles, locations, designs

Lion head
Leo - sign of the zodiac: date, characteristics, compatibility: Pixabay Leo is a zodiac sign, endowed with strength and charisma. Usually representatives of the horoscope can be easily recognized among others, as they like to draw attention to themselves. What is remarkable about the zodiac sign Leo? Characteristics, dates and compatibility with other signs - in the article.

The meaning of the tattoo for men

Most often it is men who depict a lion on their body, as this animal represents strength, power and leadership. It is believed that the zodiac sign lion tattoo endows a man with courage, majesty and physical strength. In addition, the solar energy of the sign is paramount to the masculine.

A male representative who chose the zodiac tattoo of a lion usually possesses these qualities of character:

  • Possesses high self-esteem.
  • Impulsive
  • Does not tolerate negative statements to his address
  • Strives to get attention from others
  • Feels superior

Nevertheless, men who choose a lion tattoo, are caring to their relatives and kind people, ready to come to the aid of the weak.

The mythology of the image of the lion

As the lion is the king of beasts, by its size and strength, protecting its territory and its flock (Pride), then in mythology and religion, this aspect was used in the first place.

Therefore, the lion, is a a symbol of power, wealth and dignity of rulers. Not for nothing, in the Russian language, which has preserved the essence and the true meaning of the names, in the word korolevsky - there is this beast. As you know, there were no kings in Russia, so we were talking about foreigners.

These animals lived at different times in the palaces of the rulers, tamed or isolated in special zoos.

The lion is a zoomorphic image of several Egyptian goddesses. Sekhmet - daughter of the god Ra, was depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness. And with a solar disk above her head - her influence was identified with solar energy. Sekhmet was thought to have a character - uncontrollable (of course, no one can control the Sun!).

The Egyptians also declared her the guardian of peace and protector of people, which gave them a reason to turn to Sekhmet in moments of danger.

Goddess Sekhmet (photo from

Another daughter of the god Ra. Tefnut (another of her names is Nubian Cat), also a goddess with a lion's head and a solar disk above her head, had the opposite function - she was the goddess of moisture, rain and natural fertility. This was the highest grace of heaven for people living in agriculture.

The lioness was the companion of the Babylonian goddess of war, fertility and carnal love - Ishtarand the goddess herself was known as "the fierce lioness. In the hymn Ishtar, she is sung as "the grantress of vitality, health, and good fortune.

The Buddhist Lion - is a zoomorphic image of many divine beings (Avalokiteshvara, Maitreya, Vairochana, Manjushri, Buddha) who according to legends either embodied in this form or were associated with it.

Leo was also sometimes associated with Christas the solar archetype conquering evil and darkness. In Christianity, the lion was cemented as as a symbol of the evangelist Mark....but in the Old Believer tradition it is considered... a symbol of John. It seems that these are simply different interpretations of the so-called tetramorphic faces (lion, eagle, bull, and angel). After all, the Christian prophets received their information through revelations, now called meditation and channeling. And all practitioners know that the results of this method are very subjective.

For example, in the vision of the prophet Ezekiel, the tetramorph appeared as a four-faced man, and one of those faces was the face of a Lion. These images are enshrined in the Tarot cards. In other revelations, the divine geometry of the square was described and interpreted differently.

The 21st arcane of the Tarot - the card World

Also in the Kabbalah, the lion is one of the four sacred animals, as one of the four pillars of our world, the cosmic guardians.

An important archetype of the Lion is the mystery of the victory of the human being over the beast...the beast of the fierce. If, for example, in a similar mystery the Dragon had to be killed or saddled, the Lion had to be tamed, subdued.

Although the meaning of "taming the predator" for man in ancient times meant victory over one's animal nature.over his animal nature, over his passions. But the fresher the history, the more literally this mystery was taken.

In Atlantis, for the women of the ruling dynasties there was the ritual of taming the lion.which formed the basis of the image of the Tarot card "Power".

A girl was left in the same space as the predator, she had to stay alive by taming the lion with her love and mind. It was believed that if she was pure and had no low vibrations - fear, lust, evil - then the lion would not harm her.

В Babylon The demonic forces of chaos were hidden in the images of lions, and the names of these demons have come down to us - Ugallu and Uridimmu, evil and cruel spirits. In Mesopotamia, the legendary Gilgamesh wrestled with the Lion, which is preserved on the seals of those times. And one of the feats of the irrepressible Hercules - the victory over the Nemean lion.

Much later, in Ancient Rome, characterized by its wild mores, lions were brought in for gladiatorial fights and slaughtered by the hundreds. And in the 19th century, the heroic the heroic image of the lion hunter.and lions were seen as cannibals, symbols of the wilderness that man was conquering:

We were chopping wood, we were digging ditches,

In the evenings the lions came up to us.

But there were no cowardly souls among us,

We shot them, aiming between the eyes.

N. Gumilev "By the Fireplace"

Another interesting aspect is the legendary creatures with lion-like characteristics, which would now be called the result of genetic experiments:


From the lion genes in these creatures is strength, some unique abilities and the danger emanating from them.

The meaning of the tattoo for girls

Many girls decorate their bodies with a drawing of a lion for the sake of aesthetic expression. Also, the lion sign tattoo for girls demonstrates belonging to the astrological sign of the zodiac. However, a more feminine tattoo is the image of a lioness.

If you choose the right drawing, the zodiac sign lion tattoo for girls can bring a coveted motherhood. After all, the main meaning of the lioness tattoo is protection and care for children, devotion to family, loyalty and wisdom.

Other meanings

The symbolism of the lion tattoo is most often used by the peoples of Africa. The locals believe that this animal is the lord of animals and the elements. Buddhists compare this sign to nobility and fortitude. In tattoo culture, the lion is associated with self-control and endurance, as well as openness and generosity.

Bad Compatibility

With representatives of other signs, Lionesses have very few prospects. And here's why:

  • Taurus. With this stubborn, tyrannical man, the Leo girl will not be happy. There will never be mutual understanding in their union. And they also have completely different views on life and material values.
  • Cancer. The exact opposite of Leo. Gentle, sensitive, homely Cancer just can not pull such a powerful in terms of energy girl. He will not withstand such a whirlpool of impressions and emotions, which she will provide him.
  • Virgo. A very problematic union. Temperaments, characters, rhythms of life - they have different everything. The Lioness will not tolerate Virgo's pedantry and his merciless criticism, and he will be horrified by her excessive activity and what seems to him carelessness and flightiness.
  • Sagittarius. Unhealthy rivalries, endless conflicts, and feelings of wounded ego - this is what awaits this couple. After all, she expects admiration and love, and he "feeds" her with teasing and ironic remarks. And Sagittarius, in turn, also wants praise, but receives from the offended Lioness only ignoring - it manifests itself in excessive preoccupation with his own person.
  • Aquarius. The one who is different from Leo is enormously different. He does not strive to be the center of attention, does not want to build a career, not particularly emotional in terms of showing his feelings, he ignores insults and criticism, and also hates responsibility and obligations. The lioness just does not understand him. And that is why they have no future.

Leo female zodiac sign

Colors and options for tattooing

There are several options for the image on the body of the zodiac sign lion:

Zodiac sign.

Represents a curved symbol with the head of a lion in a jump. Often stuffed this version of the tattoo in black, sometimes with the addition of a crown.

The head or the whole body of the lion.

For this image it is recommended to use natural colors for this animal: orange, yellow, brown. Choosing a drawing can emphasize the main character trait, for example, a lion's grin indicates a heavy temperament of the person, and a calm expression of muzzle denotes judiciously essence and inner peace.

The constellation lion tattoo.

This option also symbolizes tranquility and the ability to control the subconscious, as it has a relationship with the night and the cosmos.

In Marriage.

The family for the Leo woman is a very serious concept, she treasures it. For certain zodiac signs, the Leo woman can become the ideal other half: calm, friendly, soft, accommodating and even ready to compromise. If a man will find an approach to this woman, they will be provided with love and happiness in family life. If the spouse will constantly hurt the dignity of the Leo woman, then he will not notice himself, as next to him will be an angry, arrogant, irritable woman who will try to poison his life.

Being married, the Leo woman, even in the home environment, still continues to look stunning at all times. She remains a queen in all situations of life. This woman will not live with her sweetheart in a shack. She needs luxury, wealth, on the arrangement of the home this lady is ready to spend a lot of money. The lioness will always be a hospitable hostess. Moreover, her generosity is always noted in her surroundings. Becoming a mother, a woman under the Leo horoscope learns to look at the world through the eyes of her own child, so she understands it perfectly. In her upbringing, she emphasizes the development of human qualities, natural abilities.

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The location of the zodiac sign lion tattoo

Before creating a drawing, it is also important to think about its location, because the place of application gives the tattoo a certain meaning.

Arm: shoulder, forearm, wrist

Tattoo of the zodiac sign lion, depicted on the shoulder, speaks of strength of spirit and firmness of character. A man with a lion on his shoulder demonstrates his independence. This can depict an aggressive beast with an open mouth or a calm beast in combination with other animals.

The forearm is also considered a classic version of the tattoo, and on the wrist of girls looks neatly astrological symbol of a small size.


A person who nailed the zodiac sign lion tattoo on the chest, demonstrates nobility, desire to help, kindness and generosity.


A lion on the back or shoulder blades symbolizes leadership. At the same time, the person who chose this arrangement must have a desire to lead and even subdue other people. Tattoo on the back is sometimes conceived large-scale, multicolored, with additional elements.

Tattoo sign of the zodiac lion may not suit all people. It is necessary to be prepared for the possible influence of this symbol on a person's life. It can not only bring good luck and become a real talisman, but also give new traits of character to its bearer.

Totem Leo

A very ambiguous totem, it has many excellent qualities that allow a person to behave powerfully and brightly in dangerous and extreme situations, to become a natural leaderaround which other people rally.

But this same totem can mean a clear egoistic mood when, except for myself and my own desires and problems, people do not notice anything.

If your animal of power is a lion, you can discover the power that fuels your creativity. You are capable of great love and devotion, but the flip side of this will be jealousy and pride.

In intimacy, tactile sensations, touching, stroking are most important to you. All lions need a long rest, so allow yourself a lot of sleep, lounging, relaxing. That's how you accumulate strength for the next glorious hunt.

It is important for you not to squander on small things, and strive for high and important goals in life, things that only you can do.

People who have a lion as their animal of strength, it is best to still to leave their parental family when they're young and make their own life the way they want it and like it. They can be in search for a long time, or they can quickly find their place and form their own "pride" - the company of friends and colleagues, their own family.

Man with the totem Leo - Likes to play the big game, always goes for the most trump role in society and in other people's lives. Confident in himself, his masculine attractiveness and their own sexual abilities. He craves glory and honor, demands recognition.

As a partner can be faithful and loyal, but at the same time and quite selfish, allowing a woman to love him and caress him, and do everything for himself. After all, even animal Lions grant their females the right to hunt, while they themselves prefer to rest or to protect their territory from other Lions.. Their motto is "lions don't hunt mice", that is, they let others do all the things that don't require their power. They activate themselves when something important and challenging comes up.

The Man-Lion quickly switches on, solves everything, organizes, arranges, and then relaxes again, accumulating strength. This is the cycle in which he works best. After all, the animals of their totem - lions can not run for long, they are powerful sprinters: sneak up, rush, catch up with the victim and grab (successfully or not). And they wait for the next opportunity, another rush, another hunt.

As a fatherLeo man likes girls more, with them he is gentle and caring, from his daughters melts. Boys are rivals for attention for him from the very beginning. He is unlikely to want to raise other people's children and will try to get rid of them quickly.

A woman who has the Lioness totem - Very able-bodied and talented, with a strong and sustained energy. Plenty of time for the family and relatives, loves his company and friends, it gives her a sense of security and practicality. Usually generous and knows how to sacrifice her time, money.

Needs a strong partner, but allows herself to be treated not always fairly. Can long "carry the whole family" if she feels that this is her function.

But at work on the contrary - tries to take a special position where she will feel independent, that no one imposed anything on her and did not indicate. She will choose when and what to do, whom to meet. She can be affectionate and purr while communicating but can growl and show her teeth when necessary.

Symbols that can be combined with a tattoo of a lion

Symbolism both enhances the sacred meaning of the tattoo and redirects it in another direction. The following elements and details are often used for the zodiacal sign Leo:

  • lavender - will attract good luck;
  • a crown - The lavender will attract luck and the crown will help to achieve your goals;
  • scepter - will bring more self-confidence and courage to the character;
  • floral ornament - Symbol of peacemaking, nobility, kindness;
  • flame - a sign of aggression, fierceness, power.

Styles of tattooing

The most significant and important role in the performance of the figure has exactly the style of its performance. After all, in one version tattoo can carry in itself a funny and positive meaning, and in the other format focuses attention on the angry, aggressive and purposeful notes of character of its owner. Therefore it is advised to approach responsibly and seriously to a choice of style of a tattoo of the lion. For this sign, the most appropriate options are considered:

  • Realism - the most accurate and clear images that look realistic and unusual.
  • Tradischinal - this is the style most suitable for people who exalt classic standards.
  • Handpoke - quite unconventional and a bit strange way to perform a drawing, as the owner throws a kind of challenge to others and shows his individuality.
  • Watercolor is a very beautiful, positive and kind style, in which several bright colors are applied at once, which gives the drawing a catchiness. Very often the lion tattoo in the style of watercolor choose girls.
  • Graphics is an unusual and original way to perform a sketch for those who appreciate clarity and conciseness in images.

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to a place on the body?

Knowing what idea you want to convey with a tattoo, it will be easier to decide on its location and appearance. The basic principle of choosing a place on the body for the desired sketch is proportionality, namely:

lion's head - it can be applied to areas such as the shoulders, shoulder blades, thighs of the legs;

whole lion - large composition to be seen only on the back, chest, legs, arms, forearms and sides;

the symbol of the zodiac sign - it is best placed on the wrist, hand, palm of the hand or on the neck;

the inscription - the inscription will look original on the fingers, palms and various hidden areas on the body.

Your level of tolerance may also help in the choice of location. If you don't tolerate pain well, you can sketch on less sensitive areas. Consider whether it will be important for you in certain places to hide the tattoo under clothing, it will also narrow the choice.


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