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Prison concepts of the swastika

As for the prison tattoo, everything is subject to quite different rules than in freedom, for the violation of which at other times and in other countries could easily deprive the life. The rules were especially applicable to "tattoos" referring to the status or "achievements" of their owner - the appearance of each of them must be strictly justified.

Less pretentious tattoos that do not raise any particular questions in the criminal world tend to be illustrations of biography or to express the life stance of the tattoo owner. To such tattoos can be attributed and swastika, which in the criminal world means protest and, despite the rooted in our mentality negative attitude, has a very old spiritual history.

Tattoo executioner: meaning, photo tattoos, sketches

The executioner tattoo symbolizes struggle, determination, hatred of the laws, a hired killer, following the thieves' code, crime, remorse, execution, punishment, as well as loyalty to his gangs.

Tattoo of a simple executioner

The meaning of the hangman tattoo

Tattoos with the image of an executioner belong to the prison category. They have been popular for a long time, and are commonly worn by criminals to show allegiance to their groups, to show or symbolize their crimes, remorse, and to reveal some information about their lives.

A small executioner on the foot

Nakolki are almost always close to their "plot" to the convict: by some kind of criminal offense, in spirit or by the place he occupies in accordance with the criminal hierarchy.

More often than not, prison tattoos have been associated with certain biographical information. Over time, they have become a kind of confidential language of communication between criminals.

The historical roots and meaning of the swastika

The swastika is depicted as a cross with its ends curved to the right or left, and in ancient teachings it symbolized the Sun, its orbit around the Earth (as it was thought in ancient times), as well as a reminder of the four cardinal points and the four seasons.

Swastika was widely used in the culture of most Eurasian nations, including the Slavs, who put this amulet on housewares, military weapons, embroidery patterns, etc.

In Russia, the swastika was widely used until 1922 to apply the signs on bank bills and even stripes for the Red Army soldiers.

When the swastika took fancy to their tattoos of the criminal world, is unknown, but this symbol does not mean belonging to the Nazi or fascist ideology, but a protest against the current authorities and the foundations of the system.

Places and varieties

Swastikas are applied on various parts of the body - from the neck to the knees and fingers. Sometimes the swastika is supplemented with other images or symbols, such as the lightning-shaped letters SS, meaning "kept conscience".

The swastika decorated knees indicate that the wearer would never kneel before the prison authorities and their orders.

The swastika in a white circle on a dark background, made in the form of a ring on the finger, also has nothing to do with Nazism, it symbolizes:

  • anarchism;
  • the rejection of the regime;
  • cruelty;
  • aggression in the zone.

However, in foreign prisons (particularly in the U.S.), the swastika tattoo can speak of the wearer's affiliation with one of the largest white racist

Aryan Brotherhood gang, notorious for a not inconsiderable number of custodial murders (up to 20% of all prison murders in America).

The meaning of the hangman tattoo

To the prison tattoo can be attributed the image of the executioner, as such a tattoo is applied to the body of prisoners who have committed serious crimes. Quite often on such a tattoo you can see an executioner with an axe and a place for cutting off the head, this image means that the person committed murder.

The symbolism of the hangman tattoo

It is safe to say that the hangman tattoo represents determination, a hired killer, hatred, remorse, crime, and loyalty to his factions. As mentioned above, this tattoo refers to the prison tattoo. Such tattoos are popular for a long time. Criminals make them on purpose to demonstrate to others their hatred for the laws and to reveal some data about their personal life.

The meaning of the executioner tattoo in the zone

Such a tattoo is close in its subject to the convict, very often the tattoo can mean specific data of the biography of its owner. Over time, such images have become a special language for criminals to communicate with each other. The executioner tattoo is a symbol of a hired killer, and the tattoo can also signify revenge, hatred, determination, and more.

An executioner tattoo with other elements can require a large scale, so it is often placed on the back or chest. Sometimes the tattoo with the executioner can be on the shoulder, it means that the owner of the tattoo is vengeful and fair. Today, this image can be a sign of originality, as well as individuality. The master always depicts the executioner with an axe as this is his main attribute, and next to it there may be other elements:

  • A naked girl;
  • an inscription in Latin;
  • an abbreviation of Russian letters;
  • an open book;
  • Plaque - the place of execution.

The meaning of the tattoo world map

The world map is a tattoo for real dreamers and travelers. It reveals the inner potential of a person, helping him to create the ideal conditions for development. It contains the potential of travel. It can be both physical and metaphysical.

  • The search for the self;
  • expanded boundaries;
  • the ability to make choices;
  • an open mind;
  • journey;
  • direction in life;
  • happiness, good fortune, prosperity, etc.

The card is a symbol of peace and prosperity. It encodes the meanings of "freedom" and spiritual growth. Originally, the tattoo map was used by sailors to never go astray. They believed that this image would help turn the inner direction to their native shores.

For those who have decided to decorate the card on the skin opens all of life's paths. The choice of direction depends on the personal values of the owner. Such an image will serve as a kind of amulet against misfortune and wrong decisions.

Meaning for women

Tattoo with a sketch of the map is ideal for women in search of themselves. The design of the image looks attractive and elegant. The advantage of the drawing is considered the fact that you can place any objects on the map. You encrypt the message that will lead you to the real treasures.

Deciphering the tattoo for women:

  • emotional freedom;
  • emancipation;
  • life line;
  • the search for the ideal;
  • finding her home;
  • romantic soul;
  • winds of travel and adventure;
  • wealth, prosperity;
  • happy life.

An image made in color looks more attractive. However, for those who want to emphasize individuality, black and white schematic works are more suitable. The final result can be chosen taking into account the color and silhouette of the figure.

Tattoo options, styles, compositions

Tattoo of the traveler is always filled with an abundance of details. The drawing can be made on the example of ancient maps. On the surface of the canvas are depicted continents, seas, monsters and traditional decorations with monograms.

For connoisseurs of game worlds and movie universes a successful solution will be a geographical map tattoo from a favorite work. This will enhance the positive associations of the owner, reinforcing his spirit of determination.

In terms of styles, cards in graphic techniques of realism, graphics, sketch style, new skool and 3D look good. Geometry or lineworks give the image a lightness. Abstraction will help to enhance the effect of unconventionality. The black and white technique is chosen for deep and strong works full of symbolism.

The color scheme emphasizes the features of the skin. That is why the choice of color remains the priority for working on the sketch. Taking into account the peculiarities of the chosen place and the condition of the figure, the master can recommend a certain artistic solution that suits you.

Where to place a tattoo with a map?

For a tattoo with a map, large free areas of the back, abdomen, chest are ideal. The sketch is easy to place on the forearm, shoulder, calf and thigh. Sometimes the drawing touches 2 or more areas.

So, for example, some masters derive a drawing from the shoulder to the chest area. The map does not have to be enclosed in the frame of the canvas. The contours of the continents fit perfectly in the minimalist spaces of the ankle, wrist, neck or between the shoulder blades.

Video - drawing a map of the world on the back

Many criminal male tattoos feature women. At the same time, the drawing does not necessarily symbolize love or lyrical feelings.

The meaning of the hangman tattoo: the meaning, history, facts, photo examples, sketches, interesting variants of the figure

In the material we will be with you to understand the meaning, history and meaning of the executioner tattoo, consider popular options for tattoos and their attributes. Those who were determined with a theme of drawing and working on a unique idea before referring to the master of tattoo, we advise to get acquainted with examples from our catalog:

  • Photo of the hangman tattoo
  • Sketches tattoo executioner

Tattoo executioner meaning in the examples of successful tattoos on the photo

Interesting about the meaning of the hangman tattoo

Hangman on the leg and its meaning

The executioner is an odious figure - necessarily accompanying the execution of the law. It is not only an impartial executor, but also quite useful medieval "puller" of teeth. One has always had to live somehow. You can't forbid the side income.

In modern tattooing, great importance is given to the "symbolic" meaning of the tattoo. If a person wants to have an executioner on his leg - a tattoo - the meaning of which for himself is a tattoo symbolizing his own severity, the expert tattooist knows that this symbol carries a wider range of meanings.

Traditionally, professional tattooing on the legs (on the hips or ankles) depicts long objects. Swords, single-shot Pushkin pistols, vineyard branches, mountain climbers' equipment. Tattoos on the legs are usually tattoos that are longitudinally elongated and occupy its entire length. It should be noted that the image of the executioner fills a large area on the surface of the leg. It is not a small bracelet or a butterfly on the leg of a graceful girl, but a rather distinctive, global motif. The skin on the leg has a low pain threshold, which should be taken into account when choosing a surface for its originality.


The image of the executioner with his sacred attributes requires more scope and is placed on the chest or back of the tattooed person. Sometimes the image of the executioner is placed on the shoulder, it carries the surrounding meaning that the bearer of his person is vengeful, but fair. However, nowadays the tattoo is a sign of individuality and originality.

The executioner is always depicted with an axe. This is his main attribute, but not only with one axe the executioner is depicted in the tattoo composition. Near the executioner can be present:

  • a scaffold,
  • a naked or half-naked girl,
  • An open book under the executioner's axe,
  • An explanatory inscription in Latin - "Woe to the vanquished" - or an abbreviation from Russian letters.

The plague is the place of execution. An attribute that enhances the symbolic significance of the execution.

The girl near the executioner denotes that the bearer of the tattoo is tried for the murder of his wife or close relatives.

The axe on the codex - indicated this person's contempt for the criminal law. The person who wore this tattoo was prone to insubordination to the prison administration. Violations of the colony regime were also part of the meaning of this tattoo.

The executioner tattoo refers to the prison tattoo. It was tattooed by inmates who acted as executioners or by prisoners from the martial caste. On behalf of the camp authorities they carried out the massacre of the guilty "convicts".


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