Tom Hardy finally fulfilled the condition of the dispute with DiCaprio. So say fans who saw a new tattoo on his arm

At the age of fifteen appeared first tattoo on the body of actor Tom Hardy. Over time, their number only increased. If you look at his tattoos, initially it seems that they are just pretty pictures on the body of the famous actor. However, by understanding their meaning, you may be able to better understand this man.

tom hardy tattoo

Each Tom Hardy tattoo has its own story. None of the drawings he put on his skin just for fun. The actor calls his tattoos the story of his life.

List of tattoos

Tom Hardy's list of tattoos consists of more than twenty drawings. Here are the most famous ones:

  • Leprechaun.
  • Scorpion.
  • Abstract ornament on the shoulder.
  • Dragon.
  • Lindy King" inscription.
  • The inscription "Till die SW".
  • Theatrical masks, complete with the caption "Smile now, cry later".
  • Virgin Mary.
  • Number 1338046.
  • Inscription "Figlio Mio Bellissimo".
  • "Padre Fiero".
  • Child of the Virgin Mary.
  • Feather on right hand with caption "The Long Red Road".
  • Ferris Wheel in London.
  • Charlotte.
  • Flag.
  • S-shaped pintograph.
  • Raven.
  • The letter W.
  • A cross on the right biceps.


Trench is the thing that is unlikely to ever cease to be relevant. Tom Hardy prefers models just above the knee. Such trench coats are perfectly combined with suits, and with simple jeans.

Classic trench coats are usually beige in color, but in the actor's closet there are dark blue and black capes
Classic trench coats are usually of beige color, but in the actor's closet there are dark blue and black raincoats

Tattoos and the actor's profession

Each person has his own attitude to the drawings on the body. At one time, the actor listened to people who told him that he would never get anything and that he would never be called for a normal role. Tom Hardy did not break down in front of other people's opinions and did not stop writing his story on his body. The actor looks harmonious with the tattoos on his skin. They do not spoil him in the slightest.

tom hardy tattoo

For some of his roles tattoos are corrected, somewhere plastered completely. Tom Hardy hides a tattoo under a thick layer of makeup, if his character does not provide them. Although for some of the characters he plays, his tattoos are not enough, so makeup artists complete the actor's body extra.

Tattoos do not prevent him from acting not only in films, but also to play in the theater.


We can not say that fame came to Tom Hardy after Christopher Nolan's "The Beginning": at this point in the filmography of the actor had more than one role in the sensational films. He appeared in Guy Ritchie's "Rock 'n' Roll," and in 2009 he played the main character in the film "Bronson." Early in his career, Hardy was mostly offered the roles of gangsters, "bad guys" and heroes who had lost their way in life. In some ways, this resonated with his biography: in his youth, the actor had problems with the law, alcohol and drugs.

Leather, an abundance of black, ruffled hair or a Kurt Cobain-style hairstyle. With the lifestyle the actor led back then, it's a miracle he didn't end up in Club 27.
Skin, an abundance of black, disheveled hair or a Kurt Cobain-esque hairstyle. With the lifestyle the actor led in those days, it's a miracle he didn't end up in "Club 27."

"My adolescent experiments, different kinds of rebellion, ways of unconscious self-destruction... It's an unnecessary experience," Hardy admitted in an interview with Psychologies. But perhaps that is why the actor could get used to the role. He himself called his best work the role of homeless Stuart Shorter in the film "Stuart: The Past Life", which came out in 2007.

Hardy didn't stick to a single style back then. He could be seen wearing both colorful shirts and track suits, with long hair or with his hair down to zero.
Then Hardy did not stick to a single style. He could be seen wearing both colorful shirts and track suits, with long hair or with a haircut "zero".

At 15, Hardy got his first tattoo - a leprechaun on his shoulder. There are now more than 20 of them. Many drawings are easy to hide under clothing, and, although they can be safely called partaks, it is impossible to imagine the actor without a tattoo.

The meaning of the Tom Hardy tattoo

The first tattoo that appeared at the age of fifteen on the skin of the future famous actor is a leprechaun. He is a hero of Irish folklore. This tattoo symbolizes good luck. Also a leprechaun connects Hardy to his Irish roots on his mother's side.

The phrase "Till die SW" is dedicated to Tom's first wife. "Till die SW" is an inscription that remains truly forever, unlike his first marriage of five years.

Sarah is dedicated to a dragon by Tom Hardy. The tattoo on her shoulder symbolizes her year of birth according to the Eastern calendar. In addition, the dragon speaks of the strength and aggressiveness of the owner of this drawing on the skin.

The letter W - about the true meaning of the tattoo the actor is silent. Most likely, it is also dedicated to his wife, whose last name begins with this letter.

The ornament around the leprechaun was made to overlap the past tattoo and decorate the mythical creature. The pattern is made in a green color, symbolizing Ireland.

King is the name of Tom Hardy's first agent. While still unknown, he promised to immortalize her name on her skin on the condition that she make it into Hollywood. And they both kept their promises.

What exactly connects the actor and the image of the scorpion is not known for certain. After all, this animal has both positive and negative qualities. Scorpio symbolizes passion, courage, death, duality, loyalty, and also patronizes souls who have passed away.

Chest masks with different facial expressions are quite common among people in the creative professions. Hardy's tattoo is complete with the phrase "Laugh now - cry later."

The number 1338046 is the serial number of the badge, which was worn by a comrade of Tom's father - Patrick Monroe. He was also, by the way, the coach and a good friend of the actor.

The Virgin Mary and the star were made after Hardy found out about the pregnancy of his lover Rachel Speed. These tattoos also symbolize the renewal of the actor himself.

Several tattoos on the actor's body are dedicated to the child. The inscriptions are "Father's Pride", "My most beautiful son", the Virgin Mary with a child (the baby has the face of his son Louis).

The patriotic images on Hardy's body look like the flag of Britain and a panoramic view of London.

The feather on the actor's hand is dedicated to his good friend and acting in The Long Red Road.

Charlotte, her portrait and name are dedicated to his lover.

Tom Hardy tattoo designs

The raven with the bat inside is tattooed after the two films that brought him success and fame ("Mad Max" and "The Dark Knight: Legend Reborn").

Hardy dedicated the pit bull muzzle to his dog, who died about three years ago.


Tom Hardy often changes haircuts. It's easier with the beard -- he's been wearing a classic brett for a long time. "I would never shave off my beard for someone," the actor declared. And if he's without a beard or with non-uniform stubble, he probably had to shave for a new role.

The bristles and trim lines should look neat even while growing a beard
The stubble and trim lines should look neat even while growing a beard

For the role of England's most dangerous criminal, Charles Bronson in the film of the same name, the actor grew a mustache. This could have been avoided: it is said that Bronson himself shaved off his mustache and sent it to Hardy to use the "gift" in his makeup.

In fact, Bronson's name is Michael Peterson. He took the name of a Hollywood actor who starred in Westerns. And Bronson has not seen any of his movies.
In fact, Bronson's name is Michael Peterson. He took the name of a Hollywood actor who starred in Westerns. And Bronson hasn't seen any of his movies.

When it comes to Hardy's most spectacular hairstyles, we'll give first place to the undercut. He appeared with this haircut at the premiere of "Dunkirk". Short, almost shaved hair at the temples and long strands in the parietal zone - this combination always looks spectacular, but due to its popularity it has become somewhat bored.

Hardy haircut from "Taboo" is another option that is popular among men. Shaved "under the unit," the back of the head with a high fade and a short crown. It seems like nothing complicated, but after the release of the series, barbershops were often asked to repeat this haircut.

1 photo - Tom Hardy at the premiere of Dunkirk, 2 photo - a shot from Taboo
1 photo - Tom Hardy at the premiere of "Dunkirk", 2 photo - a shot from "Taboo"


Speaking of celebrity tattoos, it is impossible to ignore his fans. Very many are so devoted to their idol that they find sketches of Tom Hardy tattoos and apply the same drawings to their bodies. Frankly speaking, such copies look ugly. First, highly qualified masters refuse to perform tattoos based on other people's designs. And after all it is possible to understand them.

tom hardy shoulder tattoo

After all, the tattooist is a kind of artist, and you come and demand to go against his inspiration and desires. And secondly, by covering your skin with tattoos copied from celebrities, you are not approaching them, but simply lose your individuality. Let now you do not care about the tattoo, made by non-unique sketch, but in a couple of years you are likely to regret such a hasty decision. Remember that Hardy's tattoos are his experiences and pieces of his life, not yours.


Now we can move on to the actor's clothes. Three-piece suits came back into fashion after Guy Ritchie's "Gentlemen," but Tom Hardy started wearing them much earlier. The good old classics are always appropriate. Nevertheless, you will need the right accessories to ensure that the image does not turn out to be boring. It is especially important to choose good shoes, but in the actor's image everything is thought out, even such a little thing as a handkerchief in the pocket in the color of the tie. And don't forget about the styling.

Classic doesn't always look boring. Add one extra clip, and the usual back comb will look less austere if you're wearing an undercut
The classics don't always look boring. Add one "extra" clip, and the usual back comb will look less severe if you're wearing an undercut

What do Tom Hardy's body tattoos mean?

Tom Hardy is an actor who starred in Legend, Dunkirk, Mad Max. And very soon you can see a movie called Venom. In this movie, Tom Hardy will play journalist Eddie Brock, who merges with an alien parasite to become a vicious and cruel copy of Spider-Man. He does have a lot of tattoos on his body and here's what they mean:

  • The Leprechaun tattoo, which stands for Wealth. The first tattoo of little Tom, who wanted to become great.
  • Tom Hardy has a dragon tattoo around his armpit. The tattoo is made specifically for a woman, and also symbolizes strength
  • The Celtic pattern, symbolizing Ireland, is directly around the Leprechaun
  • The tattoo text, the name of his agent with whom Hardy worked very closely. The agent's name was Lindy King.
  • There is a tattoo of a raven on his chest. And inside the raven is a tattoo of a bat. This is a symbol of the films that brought Tom Hardy real recognition. Namely The Dark Knight of Batman and Mad Max (two very good and high quality movies)
  • Many tattoos, which he dedicated to his beloved women and his children.


There is nothing more banal than the combination "jeans + t-shirt." But as we remember, the best is the enemy of the good. Sometimes, in order to look stylish, it is enough to wear a white or black T-shirt and classic blue jeans. You don't have to buy branded items. The main thing is that they should be of high quality.

If it's cold, you can always throw on a sweatshirt or leather jacket.
If it's cold, you can always throw on a sweatshirt or leather jacket


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