Skinny Homer: 10 best tattoo ideas that only Simpsons fans will understand

The Simpsons tattoo Lisa and Marge, forearm
Tattoo Lisa and Marge Simpson photos from:
The animated Simpsons family has earned hot love among tattoo lovers. Each character in the cartoon series reflects character traits: humor, recklessness, contradiction, love of life and enjoyment. The simple graphics of the images allow you to portray the characters as accurately as possible. What is the popularity of these humorous families?

Stunning Marge.

This is a fantastic tattoo depicting loving mother and wife Marge Simpson. Unless you are a true Simpsons fan, you may not understand why this tattoo says "Moth" and not "Mom."

Let's get this straight. This is a reference to the time when Bart went to get his "Mother" tattoo. However, his session was interrupted. So the word "Moth" came out instead. Marge wasn't too thrilled with the gesture of her loving son. But it's the idea that counts.

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This year, the iconic animated series The Simpsons celebrates its 25th anniversary. For a quarter of a century, The Simpsons have won love and fame all over the world, ratings are off the charts and each new series is an event!

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie - these names have become household names. We quote Homer, wear a sweater with a picture of Bart on it, and deep down we want to be like Lisa. On his birthday it is customary to sum up the results - we decided to remember the most striking "records" of the cartoon series:

1. 556 episodes, 26 seasons.

The Simpsons is officially the longest series. 556 episodes in 26 seasons is an absolute record for American television. And that's not the limit! It's hard to imagine that the first episode of The Simpsons lasted only 2 minutes.

2. the best television series of the 20th century.

In 1998, the authoritative American edition of Time voted The Simpsons the best TV series of the century. No comment)

3. 10 James Brooks Emmy Awards.

Producer James Brooks was awarded the honorary Emmy Award ten times for his work on The Simpsons, thus setting a world record for the number of these awards.

4. Homer Simpson is the philosopher of the decade.

In 2005, Men's Health, a popular men's magazine, named Homer Simpson the philosopher of the decade. His list of wikitations was nearing 250 - "I'll do anything for you...if it's not too much trouble."

5. 41 Homer Simpson tattoos.

In July 2014, New Zealand resident Lee Weir set a record, which was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.41 tattoos with the image of Homer - the absolute record for the number of drawings on the skin of one cartoon character. Whether Weir will stop there, remains to be seen)

6. 86 hours of uninterrupted viewing.

Americans Jeremiah Franco and Karin Shreve watched 500 episodes of their favorite show continuously for almost four days. The award was impressive - $ 10,5 thousand for each and an honorable place in the Guinness Book of Records.

7. 436 guest celebrities.

Another Guinness Book record for The Simpsons is the number of guest celebrities who have voiced fictional characters or themselves on the show. These include, for example, Elton John, Stephen King, Pierce Brosnan and Tom Hanks.

8. Bart Simpson is on Time's list.

Bart Simpson, on a par with Charlie Chaplin and the Beatrls, is included in the Time 100 list of the "100 most influential heroes of the 20th century.

One can only wonder what other records await the Simpson family. One thing is clear, The Simpsons today is not just an animated series, it is a significant part of modern culture, and the Bart Simpson sweater has become a legend.

What kind of The Simpsons sweater would you choose?

The Bart Simpson sweater?

A sweater with Homer on it?

Or a sweater with Lisa Simpson?

Choose from the catalog or create your own sweater The Simpsons in our sweater calculator.

"A friend is not food."

Lisa Simpson is the "wise beyond her years" daughter, sister and friend. The phrase you don't see in this photo is, "A friend is not food." This is a typical statement from Lisa, who is a vegetarian. She stands up for animals because they can't stand up for themselves. She has been known to participate in rallies and protest against everything that involves eating meat.

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Simpsons Tattoo Meaning

The Simpsons tattoo is beloved by people with a sense of humor. Each character in the cartoon series is an exaggerated version of a person's character. The essence of the character is transferred as a semantic load. Thus, the Bart Simpson tattoo denotes a mean-spirited anarchism.

The bearers of this drawing are rather trying to test the world with childlike curiosity than with malicious intent. Marge Simpson has many admirers among women and men who appreciate family life. She reflects tolerance, love of children, and adaptation of the essence of hippies in the world of capitalism.

The rich array of Homer Simpson tattoo images speaks volumes about his popularity. The hero himself embodies the stupidity of the philistine. He loves life, completely immersed in the routine of everyday life. He is satisfied with his position in life, has no pretensions. At the same time, he knows how to surprise with his unconventional solutions.

Tattoo for girls Homer Simpson represents an easy attitude to life. They do not seek to conquer or create revolutions. They are rather outsiders who know how to enjoy any event. Men see him as an icon of the modern father of the family. He is moderately caring, able to create a safe and impoverished existence for his loved ones.

The animated series is dedicated to more than 1,000 versions of songs. Most are created for men, as girls are less likely to stuff these characters. Meaning bearers make up individually, based on personal associations.

Variants, styles, compositions

Simpsons tattoos are humorous in nature. The meaning of the tattoo is dedicated to a harsh satire on the everyday life of the average citizen. For the image they use styles and techniques that will replicate the image as closely as possible to the original.

The Simpsons tattoo Homer on his arm
Tattoo Homer on the arm, photo by:

The simplicity of the graphics allows the author of the drawing to create a unique image at the expense of the plot. In the cartoon series itself, popular phenomena of mass media culture are often played around. Accordingly, the characters themselves are used as a basis, repeatedly multiplying their semantic load at the expense of design. The root of originality lies in the characters.

Composition options:

  • Homer Simpson - ungrown man, can be depicted wearing a T-shirt that says "Rock", Buddha on a doughnut, etc.;
  • Marge Simpson - sexy housewife, drawn in a Marilyn Monroe dress or any similar actress;
  • Bart Simpson - anarchism, often depicted with a canister, a bat, wearing a leather jacket;
  • Lisa Simpson is a genius among mediocrity, she is a caricature of social freedom fighters, can be portrayed in rainbow clothing with hippie symbols;
  • Maggie Simpson is the puritanical spirit of America, and may be portrayed with guns, pitchforks, etc.

The universe of the Simpson series has many characters reflecting one of the phenomena of society. The power of the oligarchs is represented by Charles Montgomery. Fat Tony is portrayed as the face of the Mafia, etc. Working with their essence can create funny and hilarious compositions.

"Eat My Shorts."

This is a great tattoo of Bart Simpson's classic phrase "Eat my shorts!" that he says in every episode. It looks like it could even be Bart's own handwriting (if you remember what it looks like on Mrs. Krabappel's endless board). He is pictured in his T-shirt and blue pants.

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The enlightened Mr. Burns.

This is probably one of the best moods you'll see Mr. Burns in. He just positively glows in this tattoo from an episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer thinks Mr. Burns is an alien.

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The animated Simpsons family has long earned the attention of many experienced tattoo artists, who offer a wide list of beautiful humorous sketches for fans of this animated series. Among the wide variety of drawings, you can choose the most appropriate, based not only on the external quality, but also on the symbolism it carries in itself.

"Oh, I'm not a doctor."

The following Simpsons-style tattoo shows the infamous "doctor" inside a giant heart. The tattoo reads, "Oh, I'm not a doctor." This is something that only true fans will understand, since the "doctor" wasn't in many episodes at all. He's from the episode in which Selma and Patty took the Simpson kids to Duff Gardens and little Lisa was swimming in contaminated water. "The Doctor" gave Selma a handful of pills. When Selma thanked him, he simply said: "Oh, I'm not a doctor!" What a catchphrase!

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Places to apply

Places to apply depend on the purpose of the drawing. So for Homer Simpson, the belly was a popular spot. He is a frequent guest on the shoulder, forearm, lower back, shin. For complete laconic drawings, the neck, the back of the hand, and the calf are used.

Small linework designs are applied to the forearm, chest, waist, and rib area. Women apply various funny drawings on the thigh. Paired tattoos are printed on the forearm or calves of the legs.

A fan of the animated series "The Simpsons" covered his body with the image of more than 203 characters from the work. The drawings are on the back, sleeves and chest. Michael Baxter covered more than half of his body with drawings.

This could be an idea for future work. To customize the location and sketch, talk to your tattoo artist. For a unique image, you will need humor and some meaning.

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Best styles for men's tattoos

If you have chosen a drawing for a sketch, now you need to decide on the style as well. We advise you to choose more masculine styles so that you don't regret the tattoo later.

Biomechanics .

Quite an old tattoo trend, but still relevant. When human organs are depicted as mechanisms, it looks cool and spectacular.


Even more spectacular and more intimidating looks blackwork. No one will pass by a guy with a blackened hand.

Interest from others is guaranteed for the rest of his life.

Old skool

Old-school tattoos were beaten up by brutal sailors a hundred years ago. It used to be a purely nautical theme, but now you can stuff anything in this style.

Polynesian Tattoos

Chances are, you've been paying attention to Dwayne Johnson's tattoo. This is the Polynesian style. Very suits guys and carries a meaningful message.


This includes lettering, letters, numbers and names. The direction itself is not particularly masculine, unless you choose a certain font. Try writing your name in a black gothic font - I'm sure it will turn out quite severe.

Tattoo on the torso

In an effort to look cool, many men get tattoos on their bodies. And it's very sad when the body looks far from athletic. They think that male tattoos will fix the situation, and they won't have to plow around in the gym to get into good shape.

And for nothing! After all, all the awesomeness of the sketches will disappear in the folds of fat.

So before you stuff a tiger on your chest, make sure it's at least not hanging down.


Here's where you can go full throttle. Men's back tattoos look amazing if done well. All of the biggest drawings hit right here. Fans of the Japanese style look out for dragon designs or hieroglyphics on the spine. Religious people depict wings or an entire angel. If you don't want a single drawing of the entire back, no problem. You can stuff a stern wolf, scorpion, or other brutal animal on your shoulder blade.

Separately do a tattoo on the lower back is still not worth it. This area is considered a woman's and for men is not particularly suitable.


Small wreaths are often painted on the collarbones. Sailors, soldiers and old-school fans stuff swallows and other birds. But most often you can find inscriptions. In general, lettering is appropriate almost everywhere.

The main thing is not to miss the translation and not to become a hero of memes on the Internet.


The owners of pumped up bodies love to make male tattoos on the chest. You can understand them, there is an opportunity to show off his cool body, taking off a T-shirt on the beach or posting a photo with a naked torso in Instagram.

Often there are pictures of animals or birds on the chest:

  • A proud eagle;
  • a bear, like Illich's;
  • A gorilla, like McGregor.

Some macho men stuff their year of birth.

Compositions of several objects are also popular, such as: a raven sitting on a skull, with a candle burning beside it against a compass. In such pictures, people lay down a personal meaning describing their life or part of it.

There is also such a type of tattoo as a tattoo under the chest. But these are strictly female tattoos, which look chic with beautiful underwear. Guys do them not recommend.


The big area of the body disposes to big sketches. Here everything is a matter of taste. Any particular local traditions are not observed. Everything from a thrash polka to engravings with elements of Dotvorok will do. Or chicano in bb with its gangsters, guns, skulls and Santa Muerto girls. Who likes what.

Often men cover their abdominal scars from surgeries with tattoos.


On the sides and ribs either continue the drawings from the abdomen and chest, or are printed with small individual tattoos. This is also where inscriptions, dates, and people's names look interesting.

Those men who have had their appendix out can cover their scar on the oblique muscle with a tattoo.

Intimate places

The bravest men score their pubes and get a tattoo on their penis. It's not easy to find a master willing to do such explicit tattoos in the intimate area. Usually they ask for a tribal pattern or a dirty and funny picture, like an elephant or a pinocchio.

To see examples of such tattoos without censorship you can under a spoiler.

Rare daredevils score themselves "nogav" - the so-called sleeve, only on the leg.


There are those big sketches that don't fit the whole back and their continuation goes down to the hip. Such large-scale drawings always draw attention.

And if we take the thigh separately, then everything is the same. Except that more often in men it is possible to meet heroes of ancient Egypt: pharaohs, anubis, a mummy. It is not particularly clear why they are beaten on the legs.


The best sketches for calves are purely male symbols: skull, cross, various tools (wrench, chainsaw, hammer). Fans of robots and cyborgs can put a shock absorber on the foot.

The meaning of such a tattoo is in the unity of the machine and the man.


The shin, like elbows and knees, is very painful to score. Rarely do any of the guys have tattoos on them. And certainly those who paint over them in their entirety are few and far between. Small old-school and hand poke style designs are more common.

The foot

We are used to seeing tattoos on the feet of girls, but men are increasingly daring to take such a step. These are small sketches in the style of minimalism on the ankle or clever words in other languages on the ankle.

Here I would like to say that no matter how cool was the sketch of the male tattoo - it is very important to find a good master. Tattoos for men are a part of the image, so it is better not to save money and score a beautiful quality drawing, than to regret for a long time afterwards.


Tattoo "The Simpsons" were especially in demand in the period from 2007 to 2010.At which time came the peak of popularity of the show. The choice in favor of sketches based on the animated series, as a rule, was made by true fans who were not devoid of a sense of humor and were well aware that symbolism was an important part of the Simpsons family world.

The series has been on television for more than 30 years and in that time has won a huge army of admirers. Some see this cartoon as an exceptionally successful entertainment show with funny, sometimes absurd dialogues and clichéd situations that "fall" on the head of the American family. Others see the show as something more - a dialogue with the viewer about the problems of politics, religion, tolerance and feminism not only in the United States, but also in the world.

"The Simpsons" is a black life comedy. This is how it is perceived by fans who dare to have a tattoo of the cartoon characters on their bodies. Depending on the chosen character, the drawing may have deep meaning, but be perceived as a light humorous tattoo.


For women

For men