"I won't forget my mother." Funny and stupid celebrity tattoos

"I WILL NOT FORGET MY MOTHER!" - Russia - the underworld


If anyone thinks that this famous tattoo denotes affection for relatives, they are deeply mistaken. We are talking about the gang, the group of thieves, in attachment to which the bearer of this inscription on the skin of the hand.

Knowing the language of tattoos, you can guess the "profession" and "social status" of the criminal, all information about which is often (but not always, of course) encrypted on his body. If on the left side of the chest of an elderly person there is an arrow pierced heart - it means that he is a thief in the law and has spent most of his life in prisons. A spider crawling from the forearm to the shoulder is the same, and if the spider is also in a web, it means that the bearer of the tattoo will never give up a life of crime. The image of the rose in the bud means that the person met his seventeenth birthday in an educational labor colony. And if the symbol of youth - a rose - is behind barbed wire or behind bars, the tattoo speaks of a blighted youth. The image of the Bible refers to some kind of law that the bearer of the tattoo pledges to uphold.

In recent years, as society's interest in criminology has sharply increased, a huge number of popular books and scholarly works have appeared on the subject of blatant symbolism. Specialists argue that knowledge of the meanings of "tattoos" helps to get on the trail of the criminal in seemingly hopeless situations. In early 1997, the newspaper "Trud" published an article about two scientists-criminologists Olga and Yuri Dubyagin, one of whose works is devoted to the deciphering of thieves' tattoos. The author of the article A. Malakhova leads an interesting fact:

"In the archives of Yuri Dubyagin stored photos of the murderer Starkevich, who could not be taken by any means in one terrible case, in which this sadist was suspected. Yuri Dubyagin learned that Starkevich has several tattoos on his body. He was interested in two of them: a cross with a crucifix and a head in profile resembling the image of some ancient Greek hero. But Starkevich himself, despite having been previously convicted twice, has been at large for the past two years and has not come under the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies.

"Just in case," says Yuri Petrovich, "I called my good friend, the professor of philosophy Tyukhin. He told me that a book was published in Kiev, "In the World of Wise Thoughts," where there were drawings, in particular the profile of Plautus, with whom the aphorism "Man is a Wolf to Man" is associated. I searched the book in the library and realized that the image was copied by Starkevich (he also lived in Kiev) from that book. Previously, I had already encountered the phrase "Man to man the wolf" (in Latin "Homo homini lupus est") among those convicted, usually for committing daring violent crimes."

Dubyagin trumped up his knowledge of tattoo symbolism in his conversation with Starkevich. In particular, he slipped Starkevich this variant of the decipherment of his crucifix cross: saying, "I was crucified by the Soviets."

"How do you know? - the criminal marveled. - I'm really the great-grandson of a member of the State Duma, and I was born in places not so remote...

When it came to the Roman profile and Dubyagin said the phrase encrypted in it in Latin, Starkevich confessed that this is his credo in life. And then ... confessed to murder.

Very often, the tattoo is an abbreviation of several letters that can be put together into a word. There's a whole list of tattoos of incarcerated female criminals in The Rulers of the Underworld. Most often they tell a story of love, loyalty, hope and loneliness. For example, the abbreviation "ray" means "loved one gone." And "Yalta" means "I love you, angel." "Lord" is "love once given." The abracadabra "DMNTP" should be understood as, "For me there is no one more beautiful than you."

But among these abbreviations there are also those that express a criminal idea or narrate the life of the wearer. "Elephant" means that the wearer was "haunted by misfortune since childhood"; "ace" means "prison is familiar"; "morning" means "she left on her father's trail"; and "boss" means "she was convicted by the Soviet court.

However, in recent years, when the fashion for "artistic body painting" began to take hold, the meaning of the thieves' symbols slowly began to lose its meaning. The numerous tattoos on the young man's body are more a sign of how much he will put up with to be stylish than of his criminal past, which most likely never existed. On the other hand, the authorities, even if they have a tattoo, are not eager to make it public, but, on the contrary, also agree to tolerate, just to remove the compromising information. But it's still too early to say that the informal symbols are a thing of the past: the thieves' traditions in the zone (where most of the tattoos appear) are very strong, and who knows, perhaps the fashions will bring us new kinds of inscriptions and their new meaning?

Prison tattoos in other countries

The meaning of prison tattoos is not unequivocal, with different countries treating tattoos differently. For example, in the U.S., prisoners get tattoos depending on their race.

  • Vivid representatives of such caste are the "Aryan Brotherhood", the Ku Klux Klan, the "Nazi Rebels" from Southern California. All of them are characterized by drawing swastikas, four-leaf clovers, three sixes and similar militaristic paraphernalia on their skin.
  • In contrast to them operates a group of African-Americans - the "Black Power. They apply tattoos in the form of inscriptions on the back of the hand, knuckles, and African signs as a symbol of respect for ancestors.
  • Between them stand a separate island of Hispanics. These prisoners have religious tattoos - Jesus, his mother, crosses, rosaries, sometimes biblical scenes or portraits of loved ones.
  • And finally, not the largest, but no less important group - Asians. They get tattoos depending on their origin: the Japanese get Japanese demons and geishas, the Chinese get dragons.

The Japanese, for example, have a negative attitude toward tattoos. In their opinion, a decent person should not have tattoos. Such philistine thinking may be related to the fact that the local mafia (Yakuza) could keep entire cities under its hood for decades.

I won't forget my mother | GET UP. Saratov News, a magazine about life and work in Saratov

If you do not have a tattoo, then you can safely leave this earth, and come quick. Because a tattoo is classy, cool, and yes, this blob is for life.

Had you lived in the Soviet Union and flaunted the patterned streets, people around you would have thought you'd been behind a high barbed-wire fence more than once. "With a tattoo, it means you were incarcerated" - I think you've noticed such remarks from your grandparents more than once.

But today's younger generation is happily running to tattoo studios or salons to get themselves this beautiful painting. For them, it's a way to stand out from the crowd, express their "self" or become popular, like Rick Genest (you know him as the zombie-boy).

Warning. I'm not urging you to get a tattoo right now. This is not the Malabar and Hooba Bubba gum translations you got into as a kid in the early noughties. A real one will be inked on you for 80 years, no less.

Tattoos can be beautiful and cool, and they can be embarrassing. They can get incredibly bad. You'll probably hate it, or get fired from your job (I haven't been fired yet, I'm hanging in there).

Here are a few reasons to get a tattoo (again, I'm not forcing you to do this body manipulation):

  1. A tattoo is a kind of amulet;
  2. A step into adulthood;
  3. For Russia with tattoos;
  4. You're lonely? Get a tattoo - there will be something to look after;
  5. It is a memory of a certain point in life;
  6. Trend.

And if you do dare, then learn something interesting, and more precisely, what styles are now considered chicardos (there are many, I will highlight only 8).

Put the hashtag "on_the_life" and let's start getting your body dirty.


This trend appeared in the 19th century, and originated by a professor who had a collection of copies of tattoos of famous personalities, such as: Bismarck, Napoleon, etc. To do such a tattoo, will have to splurge a pretty penny, and have the patience for several sessions.

True, and a master of this level is not so easy to dig out. It is very important that his brushwork conveys all the depth of the image. I warn you that you can only paint such monstrous pictures on a more or less flat surface, like your shoulder, back or chest. And the picture itself is, of course, up to you to choose. Most often like to prick owls (it's too much they have fascinating eyes), pets, and there are those who are desperate, who dares to the whole picture. All tattoos are unusual and distinguished by their originality, and that is their main feature.

Most interesting in this direction look 3D drawings, their artistic execution looks even more realistic.


One of the youngest styles is linework. This style of tattoo differs in that it is performed in a linear technique. Straight lines, at first glance, create uncomplicated shapes, and only when you finish the work do you realize how masterful it is! If your favorite subject at uni is drawing, then go. You can type anything from animals to characters from your favorite cartoons.


Nowadays the word conciseness is shoved wherever you can think of it. And for good reason, because in English this term means a short transfer of information. Tattoos in the style of minimalism are just of this type, they are able to convey something very personal to the person and thus stay in the trend.


If your soul is submissive to the color black, then blackwork will definitely be to your liking. It's a variation of the pattern where black fills 80 percent of the pattern. It is important to note that if your tattoo is just in black, then get out of the pack of blackwork lovers - here you have to allow yourself to dip into the black paint, drawing, for example, a black square on your body.


For creative souls who want to emphasize their originality, there is an opportunity to paint their body part in watercolor technique. This direction is distinguished by a special transparency and airiness in the transfer of color. If the client wants the sakura on the body to look as fragile as possible, this direction is just right. Usually, people do something fantastic for aesthetic pleasure, no one observes strict laws during the performance - everything depends on the fantasy of the master and the courage of the client.


If you're not looking for easy ways, and you need something exclusive, then I suggest you pay attention to the tattoo in the performance, known more as Dotwork. The drawing is done dotwork and folded later in unimaginable shapes and figures. Tattoos in this style have a special magnetism, from them it is unreal difficult to take your eyes off. It remains only to applaud the masters - they perform a truly masterful work.


If you are defiant and always go against the system, then the Thresh Polka tattoo is a total go-go. What the gray crowd will never acknowledge will be truly appealing to you. Thresh translates as trash, but fans of postmodernism are not embarrassed by this. Adherents of this style enthusiastically place things on their bodies, which other people consider a complete tastelessness, not worth their attention. If your mind goes beyond patterns, then you should definitely zabatatsatsatsya such a tattoo. Just do not show your mother - do not drive parents to a heart attack. In the style of thrash-polka you'll never see cute butterflies and delicate flowers, rather it will be melting brains, death in all its attractiveness, vulgarity in the last degree. The most interesting thing is that the colors of black and red hues are used to perform the pattern, which reveals her more vividly. The usual person at the sight of this tattoo constantly experiences dissonance - there is either a burning desire to rip it off the body of the daredevil, or to consider, without tearing off.


The mehendi fashion is still going strong, and if I were to decide on a special touch on my body, I would definitely make it white. A light tattoo is distinguished by its sophistication and allows you to declare to the world your innermost inner world. In addition, it is a win-win option when getting a job, because its color is more likely to be admired than discouraged.

In general, I told you all about the latest trends in tattoos and regret to find exactly yours, just remember that you apply a tattoo forever, so put a special meaning to it. And if you have not yet found a master, write phone, there are real professionals of their business:

TATTOO STUDIO KELT. Sign up by phone.

Text: Inna Mikheeva.

1%. Rebellion in the biker tattoo.

It's all very simple here. The very presence of the tattoo still in the mass understanding represents a rebellion against society, although recently the tattoo has become a bit glamorous.

In the biker environment they consider the inscriptions of the 1%, the image of the Maltese cross, swastikas and the Confederate flag (Naval Jack) as symbols of rebellion. Skulls of all kinds, death with a scythe, horned images of the devil are there too, but they are typical for ANY subculture, so we won't consider them here. Although there is an opinion on Wikipedia that skulls are actually such a defense against death.

I couldn't find any swastika tattoos. This article was lying in drafts for several months, and I finally found one picture of a biker with a swastika! It is a picture from the book "Under and Alone" by William Quinn, which I am currently working on translating.

Biker with swastika tattoo

This is Red Dog, once a gunsmith (also called "gunnery sergeant" in the Runet)) of the Mongols MC motorcycle club. The swastika is there, on his shoulder!

Biker Tattoo of the Maltese Cross

Here's another one of our old pictures of a biker. A one-percenter. We see a Maltese cross, we see a swastika sewn on his vest. I didn't get a swastika tattoo for myself, there's too much risk of getting it on my neck, since the associations are not too friendly...

Biker tattoo with Confederate flag

One of the options for the Confederate flag tattoo.

I won't forget my mother... Mastes and passions of Ukrainian women in media.

10:30 21.05.2014 2

Female beauty has two extremes: graceful dystrophy and sexy body puffiness. The majority is satisfied with the banal golden mean. And those who can't get enough - use their own bodies as an artistic canvas and even a notebook.

As I promised, here is the second tranche of Ukrainian female media tattoos. Citizen girls, take off your underwear and get into the art inventory!

The presence of tattoos and candid photo shoots in TV host Dasha Malakhova's luggage once surprised many. But Dasha, in her usual direct manner, explained the real reason for publishing the pictures: "It's not porn. There's a new tattoo on my neck. Vitaly Chaba Matyas Oliver - the names of her father, husband and sons".

Another owner of a fresh body drawing is singer and TV host Natasha Gordienko. Aivazovsky modestly goes to work as a poster designer in a rural movie theater

Petrikovsky painting on the leg ...

...and a Ukrainian barcode on his neck. That's what it means to experience patriotism on your own skin.

Only the TV host herself can probably say how many tattoos Dasha Shea has on her body and which ones are fresh. So I will just state.

They say that on Dasha's body about 15 drawings, and the first tattoo she made at age 15

Dasha's sister, producer and head of the BeloeSuhoe production Natasha Shilova is also a tattooed lady

If you put the sisters together, there are enough paintings for a small gallery

Another one who likes colored tattoos is the head of "X-Factor" Oksana Bolkun.

On her shoulder - a mermaid's tail,

On the arm - ladybug

Few people know - there is a tattoo and leading Vassilisa Frolova. Like many things, the drawing appeared in her life spontaneously. A gift from England

Looking at the heart in a crown of thorns on her tailbone and spikes on the leg of the singer and TV presenter Nadezhda Meyher, you might think that her tattoo appeared when she was young.

In fact, according to Nadya, the tattoos were done at a difficult time in her life and symbolize her power over men

First there was a breeding ground of insects on the back of the chief editor of the channel "112 Ukraine" Tatiana Goncharova

But all of them disappeared without a trace in the web.

It is decided: tomorrow I will go to the tattoo artist. True, I have not yet chosen, what exactly to decorate myself. Well, for example, Cossacks writing a letter to the Sultan. Or maybe give oneself as advertising space to one of the presidential candidates...?

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