Top 20 Best Football Fan Tattoos (PHOTO)

Soccer themes in tattoos

CSKA is a legend of Soviet soccer.

  1. After the collapse of the USSR, the club continues to attract talented players and collect awards.
  2. Their symbolism becomes the stencil for tattoos.

CSKA fans - symbolic tattoos

Wearing a CSKA tattoo gives strength in themselves, adds fighting spirit and strengthens the belief in the victory of the club.

  1. The symbol of the club in 1960 was the army star on a red and blue background.
  2. Later, an element - a laurel wreath - was added as a sign of numerous victories.
  3. As a tattoo emblem began to be used in 1998 after the technical victory over Spartak with a score of 4:1.

CSKA club symbol - the army star

Meaning of tattoos of CSKA clubs

For soccer fans, the team's tattoo emblems are equated with official paraphernalia:

  • Scarf;
  • T-shirt;
  • Headwear.

If the CSKA symbols appear on the body, it means that the person has joined the club or its fans.

Tattoo CSKA Fans at the stadium

To show a deep affection for the team, one fan had a torn skin imitation with the CSKA club inscription on it.

A variation of the CSKA club fans tattoo

Been there and always will be: the most original tattoos by a player

A tattoo of Roma legend Daniele De Rossi.


By the tattoos of soccer players can be studied their entire life and career. Players have their birthdates, weddings, children's names and even replays of goals inscribed on their bodies. Sometimes, looking at half-naked athletes, you want to cross your eyes - there are so many tattoos of Jesus Christ and crucifixes on them. So where did the fashion in the world of soccer to paint their bodies completely come from? And what could the Russian stars have stuffed themselves with?

Is it all Beckham's fault?

You remember David Beckham, don't you? The guy who won nothing with the English national team, and of the international trophies he only had one Champions League victory? But it was Beckham - the man who forever changed the players, turned them into true pop stars of our time. Old David is now 45 years old, he hasn't been on the field for ten years. But to this day, any player 16 and older unwittingly tries to emulate him. And in how to present himself to people, and the manner of stylish dress, and, of course, the habit of decorating themselves with tattoos. It is after Beckham that the entire soccer world has been scoring itself with tattoos with different meanings for more than twenty years.

David himself has 55 tattoos on his body: the names of his wife Victoria and four children - Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, Jesus with three cherubs (cherubs are Beckham's sons), profound sayings... Entire guides are created by the tattoos of this soccer star. And repeating after Beckham, all the players unscramble their skin three basic subjects:

- Family.

- Religion

- Soccer.

A total of 55 tattoos on David Beckham's body.



The names of wives, children and parents, their portraits, dates of birth... You can find it all on the skin of soccer players - their bodies sometimes look like their own Wikipedia page. One of the most famous examples is Lionel Messi. On his back there is a portrait of his grandmother (she brought him to soccer), on his leg - the palm print of his firstborn, on his fingers - the date of his wedding, and just above his groin - the lip print of his wife Antonella. By the way, another story about Messi: he was afraid to get a tattoo, and at first he sent his girlfriend to a master. And only after making sure it was not so painful, he laid himself under the needle of a tattoo machine.

Tattoo of Lionel Messi.


But there are more original reminders of family on players' bodies. Sergio Ramos, for example, tattooed a stuffed rabbit, his son's favorite toy.

Sergio Ramos



The artistically decorated set of crucifixes, images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and other holy faces on the players' bodies could be the envy of another church. The explanation is simple. Footballers are very superstitious people, they understand that most of their career depends on luck, and secretly try to attract the forces of light in this way to their side.

But there are also original examples of demonstrating religiosity. Fyodor Smolov is one of the most striking Russian players, both during and after matches, when it comes time to switch jerseys. On his chest is a picture of a brick wall with the inscription Faith - "faith" in English. During the 2018 World Cup, this tattoo was recognized by many foreign publications as almost the most original at the tournament. But Fedor also has plenty of other tattoos, including the Lord's Prayer and the words "We're Russians - God is with us. I wonder if it was translated in Spain, where Smolov now defends the colors of Celta from Vigo.

Fedor Smolov after the game "Russia - Uruguay" World Cup 2018. Photo: Sergey Fadeichev/TASS


There's plenty of room for creativity here, too. There are cups and players' commemorative dates and the numbers they play under. And sometimes there are entire canvases of art. Have you seen the back of Leroy Sane? There's a huge picture of him scoring his first Champions League goal for Manchester City. Brazilian Neymar of the French PSG has an autobiographical tattoo of a little boy sitting with a ball and looking at the poor Brazilian favelas, dreaming of how he will escape from this world.

Leroy Sane's painted back.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

But one of the most original soccer tattoos - at Daniele de Rossi. The Italian on his leg nailed himself a "road sign" - a warning triangle, in which one man goes into a hard slip and injures the other.

What kind of tattoos could Russian footballers have given themselves

Alexander Kokorin is the chair from "Coffeemania."

The rebellious forward, unlike his friend Mamaev, is not a fan of tattoos. In one of his interviews, Kokorin said that he takes his example from Cristiano Ronaldo. "I heard that Ronaldo doesn't get tattoos because otherwise you can't be a blood donor. When I heard that, I thought, 'How can that be? What if my family needs your blood? That's not right." That's why I don't have tattoos," Kokorin said.

But if suddenly Alexander wants to stuff something with meaning, he may well take the same chair that he waved at Coffeemania and almost broke his career. It would be nice if the ill-fated furniture was bound with the inscription "Dura lex, sed lex" - "The law is harsh, but it is the law" (Latin).

Artem Dzyuba is the main gesture of the 2018 World Cup

Dzyuba is another ardent opponent of tattoos. "God created us the way we are. Maybe someone will judge me, but for me it's a mark of the devil," says Artem. But tattoos featuring an image from the 2018 World Cup, with Dzyuba saluting coach Cherchesov in his trademark gesture after scoring a goal, have already gone viral on fans' bodies.

Alexander Golovin - Kaltan

The midfielder of the Russian national team and Monaco now plays in the most pompous city of Europe - Monte Carlo. But all the time he does not forget about his native Kaltan - a town in the Kemerovo region. Even on self-isolation Alexander came to his childhood town and here for the first time in the last 6 years he celebrated his birthday. So if Golovin wants a commemorative tattoo of his roots, Kaltan would do just fine.


"When I met him, he was "clean."

Pavel Mamaev is the biggest fan of tattoos in Russian soccer. Many were worried about how the player's hobby would be perceived in the zone. But all was well. And then it turned out that Pavel was accustomed to tattoos by his wife Alana.

Pavel Mamaev in December 2021 Photo: Vitaly Timkiv/TASS

- When Pavel and I met, he didn't have a single tattoo, tells Alana Mamaeva. - I once drew a tattoo on his back with a felt-tip pen, and he liked it so much that he decided to go to a master. And so it began. Now my whole body is covered in tattoos. Pasha and I have a lot of doubles. With meaning. It's like when people wear wedding rings... You have to think ahead about what a tattoo carries. Some people follow fashion, but you can't do that. Sometimes if you don't say a prayer when you put it on, it loses its meaning. In Thailand, there are entire rituals. But that's never been the case with us. We don't need to.

Paul himself said that the first tattoo was a cross on his back made of inscriptions. Later, dragons appeared, arranged symmetrically on both sides. The pattern resembled wings. They are made in black and white in the Celtic style.

The drawings cover his arms so densely that they create the effect of a warrior's chain mail. On Mamaev's neck, one can see a number and an ornament in Latin calculus. What they mean neither Paul nor Alana say. But one thing is clear, that all the drawings are made in a super-aggressive style, which the midfielder once demonstrated off the soccer field...

Tattoos of the fans

Officially, fan tattoos fall into three categories:

  • Fan tattoos that are not tied to the club and do not violate the law;
  • Symbolism of fans and club members;
  • Tattoos of soccer hooligans.

Hooligans have battles and arguments at matches, keeping the fans' morale up.

In their drawings the aggression and symbolism of the regular army. The essence of the movement is conveyed through the chicano style.

tattoo of the csce on his arm

  • Tattoos of CSKA club fans are performed in the style of realism.
  • Team symbols, pennants and slogans are printed.

Diluting elements is strictly prohibited and equates to insulting the symbol.

Realism tattoo of FC CSKA

Fans who are not part of the official ranks of the club's fans dilute the tattoos with shades and elements. But there are restrictions for stencils:

  1. The predominant hue is the official color of the team;
  2. There is a recognizable detail in the drawing: slogan, emblem name.

Diluted FC CSKA tattoo


In 2010, he moved to Moscow. He rode the electric trains and saw an advertisement for a fight club. He signed up at the club, began attending mixed martial arts training, and made new friends there among the newcomers from Ukraine. Many of them were fans of Spartak Moscow. Eduard joined them.

Edward German near-football
Eduard German near-football

Eduard became interested in near-football. Before moving to Moscow, the guy had never even heard of it. At one of the games Eduard was approached by some near-football players from "Triumph" and invited him to a shootout in the woods. It was the first fight in the team, in which he got a good one, but was satisfied with the outcome.

For several years Eduard was a member of Triumph, and in parallel he attended martial arts classes at the club and participated in street fights. Besides that he also worked. But now he is no longer a member of this fan subculture, because near-football is "dead. In an interview on Anton Dorofeev's "On the Move" program, he details how his life was divided into two parts - before and after near-football

edward german near-football

How to choose a master

To assess the quality of a master's work, you look at his portfolio.

  1. There are competitions among masters of tattooing.
  2. By voting their best works are chosen and awards are given out.

Look for the master, who received one or two such diplomas. This is professionalism and popularity of the artist.

Big CSKA tattoo on his back

Masters have a profile on social networks, which often serves as their portfolio.

CSKA fan colored tattoo

It is allowed to approach the tattoo salon and ask to show the workplace of the chosen master.

CSKA logo tattoo

MMA fights.

In 2014, he became involved in powerlifting. When Hermansky was laid off at his main job, he seriously thought about a professional sports career. As a result, he started working as a trainer, and then he became a POP MMA fighter.

Battle for the hype

One day he was invited to participate in the "Battle of the Hype" project. Eduard needed money, so he accepted the offer. So he met Amiran Sardarov and got into the project.

His debut fight was held in 2021. He was up against a very tough opponent, the Chechen Khizir Dozhimkantov. He already had 1 victory under his belt. In spite of that, German won the fight.

Edward German and Amiran Sardarov Battle for the Hype
Eduard German and Amiran Sardarov Battle of the Hype

Hermansky's second fight was against Max Topor. This was the opponent's debut performance. Eduard won the fight in round 1 with a choke hold. Although before the fight, Eduard didn't want to fight against him.

Eduard's third fight was against Nikita Vorozhbitov in 2021 after a break. The unanimous decision of the judges awarded victory to Vorozhbitov at the end of the entire fight. Eduard did not want to admit his defeat. Rumors began to circulate about a rematch, which Hermanski didn't know about until the last one. But when he found out, Vorozhbitov was at first in favor of a rematch, but then he explained that he didn't need it.

Eduard Germansky and Nikita Vorozhbitov
Edward German and Nikita Vorozhbitov

How to get a tattoo cheaper

Ways to get a tattoo cheaper:

  • Signing up for a promotional session;
  • Using a gift certificate;
  • Master from a small town;
  • Tattoo at home.

A promotional session is doing drawings in a certain style.

This means that the master is starting out in the tattoo field or wants to learn a new technique.

CSKA fans tattoo

  • In small towns, tattooing is cheaper, which is used by clients.
  • There is no opportunity to get acquainted with the artist and assess his workplace.

Specialists are trying to save on renting a salon or a place in it, and go to clients at home.

For the client this is cheaper, but there is risk of getting a low-quality drawing.

CSKA club tat

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

tattoo of soccer players photo

The Swede is famous not only for his amazing technique, but also for his many tattoos. There are quite a lot of soccer players who have their own name on their hands. Zlatan wrote his own in Arabic. On his wrists he placed the dates of birth of his parents, brothers and sisters. On his shoulders are the names of his sons. A red dragon and two aces adorn the right side of the striker. Ibrahimovic believes that tattoos can tell his entire biography.

Getting ready for the procedure

Before the procedure, moisturize the skin from the inside, so that it better absorbs the ink.

  1. The day before visiting the salon drink at least eight glasses of water to prevent dehydration.
  1. Do not drink alcohol or dilute blood products.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing.

Dizziness often appears during the drawing. To avoid this, eat well before the session.

Color tattoo of CSKA Moscow

Personal life

In 2010, Eduard moved to Moscow for personal reasons - because of his girlfriend. A year later, the couple broke up. He decided to stay to live in the capital.

Edward German with his wife
Eduard Hermansky with his wife

Currently, Eduard is married to 30-year-old Irina Hermansky. Both work as fitness trainers at the Spirit. Fitness".

Eduard and his wife read books about the Slavic and Pagan way of life.

Eduard Hermansky trainer.

Hermansky loves music. In his free time he listens and reads rap music and records compositions.

How does the tattooing take place

After selecting a sketch, the master prints a stencil and transfers it to transfer paper.

  • The picture should be cut to the contour and slightly notched.

CSKA tattoo

  • The master prepares the skin.
  • He gets rid of hair and wipes it with antiseptic.
  • Applies a means for the transfer of the image.

Application of the tattoo begins with tracing the contour.

  1. The needle of the machine is dipped in paint.
  2. If there is a lot of it, the master wipes the paint with a cotton disc.
  3. After drawing the outline, the figure is filled with black, then - with color.

The finished drawing is tightened with a film and fixed with a plaster.

Tattoo wrapping

David Beckham

The famous soccer player has a number of tattoos scattered all over his body. On his left arm he has his wife Victoria's name in the Hindi language. The tattoo has attracted a lot of attention from linguists and has been criticized. There is no word for "Victoria" in the Hindi language, so it had to be broken up into several syllables.

On his lower back, his son Brooklyn's name is tattooed. On his right arm is the Roman numeral VII, under which David spoke. Between his shoulder blades is a picture of a guardian angel with his head down.

Healing and recovery after the session

Healing takes up to two weeks, all depending on skin type.

  1. Two to three days after removing the bandage, the tattoo is covered with crust,
  2. After another 3 days, peeling appears.
  3. Moisten the skin with oils, so the drawing does not rub off.

Tattoo care

During the recovery period it is forbidden to steam the skin or expose it to ultraviolet light.


Eduard was born on 19.01.1990 in the city of Pervomaisk, located in the Lugansk region in Ukraine. When he was 3 years old, his parents moved to the country. There he lived and studied until ninth grade.

Eduard Hermansky in his youth

Hermansky had nothing to do in the village. Therefore, as a teenager, he began smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. But, soon realized that he wanted to change his life.

Eduard decided that after 9th grade he would enroll in a military school in Pervomaisk. He quit drinking and smoking, and began devoting a lot of time to physical training in order to pass the entrance standards. But he could not enter, because he did not pass the medical commission because of problems with his eyesight.

Edward Herman skinny
Eduard Hermansky is thin.

The boy did not get into the college, but did not want to go back to the village and study until the 11th grade. So he stayed in Pervomaisk and enrolled at a technical college. There he studied to be a cook.

At a young age he got interested in parkour and breakdancing. Together with his friends, he tried to lead an active and interesting lifestyle, practicing on the street and practicing moves from movies.


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