Tattoo arrow: meaning, location, photos of the best works

The meaning of the arrow tattoo

The arrow symbol has many decipherments. The main ones are protection and belligerence. With the bow and arrow men have long obtained subsistence and defended their homes. Today these meanings are used more in a figurative sense. Not as a symbol of war and hunting, but as a struggle for their interests, ideals, and justice. Cupid's arrows have a very different meaning. In crossed form, the arrow of love and the arrow of discord mean a strong union between two people. The arrow tattoo can be in the form of a lightning bolt. The place where the lightning struck was considered sacred and various magical phenomena were attributed to it. A bundle of arrows tattoo means unity. An ancient proverb says that one arrow is easy to break, but several arrows become stronger and resist the onslaught.

Why the heart is a symbol of love

The word "heart" is incomprehensible and mysterious. Only its end, "tse," is extracted from it. To this day it serves as a pointer in Slavic languages - "it". So it's "heart". Does that make any sense to you? Commissioner Katar offers his version: it's probably "cherdce. Then everything becomes clear - cheddar - tribute of blood - center of tribute of blood. A place of collection and dispensing of blood."

He believes that the heart pierced with an arrow, as a sign of sensual love, is rooted in the crucifixion of Jesus. "The crucifixion is the five wounds inflicted on Jesus: hands, feet, and a spear to the heart. Stop! There it is! The spear-pierced heart, the symbol of love."

Is it so? Who loved more and more sincerely than Jesus? Who was punished by having his heart pierced through with a spear? Let everyone answer these questions for himself. And set aside in his soul the truth that love is not so much roses, tulips, daisies, or white graceful birds, it is not only blinding light. It is also the darkness of a heart pierced by a spear. And it doesn't matter whose heart it is--Jesus' or yours. It hurts. And sweet. That's what love is.

The arrow tattoo for guys.

Historically, all attributes associated with war and hunting are considered masculine. A tattoo with this image is a symbol of masculinity and militancy. For guys picture arrow means restraint, the ability to maintain self-control, cold mind. The tattoo is mostly applied on the back, forearms, arms and legs. The tattoo is performed in a simple form, usually in black and white tones.

Where to score a tattoo?

With the emergence of such a desire, many are faced with the question of where you can score a tattoo and to which master can be addressed. This question is most often asked by those who have never had a tattoo done in their life. In this case, it is recommended to apply only to the time-tested tattoo salons, which have received good feedback from their clients. It is in such salons work high-class masters, who have extensive experience in this area and know about all the nuances of the procedure. Do not trust such a responsible matter to beginners, to the choice of the master should be approached consciously, so that in the future you do not have problems. We are aware of how difficult it is to choose a tattoo parlor, so our main task is to provide all the necessary information on how to look for the right masters. Apply only to those masters who develop along with how the art of tattooing develops.

Tattoo arrow for girls

It is believed that the arrow is a weapon that is associated with war and blood, and therefore its image is more suitable in the male version. What about the ancient warlike and strong Amazons, who often surpassed men in dexterity and marksmanship? Girls, being more romantic natures, depict arrow tattoos with a slightly different meaning. Often, bright boho-style designs are favored. Arrows crossed to each other indicate devotion and loyalty to the owner of the tattoo. Arrows depicting hearts, curly flowers are also popular. To fulfill their desires, ladies prefer colored versions of the solution. Arrow tattoos in the style of minimalism are popular with girls. They do not attract special attention. But they emphasize individuality.

Tattoo arrow on various parts of the body

Tattoo arrow on the arm

The hand is considered one of the widespread places for drawing the arrow tattoo. The sketch basically settle down on a shoulder and a forearm. The small drawing will successfully locate on a wrist.

Tattoo arrows on the leg

The male part of the fans of expressing their life principles in the image of tattoos on their bodies prefer to draw pictures of arrows as a rule on their lower legs. For the fairer sex, the favorite part of the body remains the thigh or ankle.

Tattoo of an arrow on the neck

On the neck will look original a small neat drawing of an arrow in any color scheme. Arrows with flowers and images of the sides of the world remain popular.

Tattoo arrows on the finger

Such an original solution is preferred by girls. Thin lines decorate the finger and do not attract special attention. Minimalism in performance in this variant only plays into the hands and the master and the owner of this tattoo.

Tattoo on the wrist

On this part of the hand mainly place a small tattoo with the image of an arrowhead down to the palm. The choice of sketches and embodiment of your fantasy is limitless. The variety of meanings of the arrow tattoo allows each sketch to be applied in a unique technique and stylistics chosen individually.

Places of application and style directions

With thin lines, the pictures are applied in fragments to minimal areas, and some masterpieces occupy, for example, the entire side or spine. Tattoos usually occupy areas:

  • forearms;
  • wrists;
  • neck;
  • back;
  • calves;
  • between the shoulder blades.

What does the arrow neck tattoo mean?

Unobtrusively looks the image on the fingers of the hand. Equipped with additional details complicates the picture. Minimalism with dark shades is popular, but also bright watercolor looks stylish and attractive. Girls love the Boho style, where objects symbolize not war, but the divine rays of the sun, a way out of the ordinary frames. The design looks Greek canvases or Renaissance creations.

Heart and arrow tattoo

The heart tattoo is always associated with love, loyalty and vitality. A tattoo with an arrow pierced through the heart is popular with young people. In one version, the sketch denotes that the owner had a sad experience in the past in romantic relationships and now with caution to representatives of the opposite sex. In another version, a heart tattoo with an arrow can communicate a successful choice of one's soulmate. An arrow depicted with prickly rose or blackthorn thorns can symbolize relationship difficulties and heartaches.

Tattoo of a bow and arrow

The bow and arrow tattoo has a certain meaning just like any other tattoo. This image is often chosen for themselves by people born under the sign of Sagittarius. Such a performance symbolizes their zodiac sign, which is characterized by strength. In combination with fire - passionate nature and power. Taking into account the main meaning of the tattoo, the image of the bow and arrow mainly symbolize clarity, sangfroid, purposefulness.

Onward to your goal

Increasingly, another concept is also being used to refer to a design called "Arrow". The meaning of the tattoo now implies human character traits such as purposefulness and straightforwardness. This is also one of the reasons why girls are so fond of this tattoo in this age of feminists. It is also a symbol of overcoming obstacles. After all, in order to shoot a bow, you need to pull back the bowstring, overcome its tension, determine the target and let the arrow go forward.

Perhaps it is this meaning today that determines the popularity of this tattoo option. In order for the arrow to become symbolic for the person, he adds to it the elements that define his essence. The variants of such components of the drawing depend only on the imagination of the author himself. The unusual plumage, the amazing tip, the refractions and curves of the shaft, as well as the number of arrows can also tell a lot about the person who chose such a tattoo.

bow and arrow tattoo meaning

Mini - arrow tattoo

The mini - arrow tattoo is popular in any combination of designs and color palette. You can apply it on different parts of the body. Especially like to adorn themselves mini - tattoo girls. Tiny images on the neck, fingers, wrists, chest, shoulders, and ankles add a touch of sexuality and emphasize the inner strength of the character.

The symbolism of the arrow tattoo is rich in variety, and you should spend a little time to stop your choice on a particular sketch that suits only you.


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