26 Best Ideas for Biomechanical Tattoos and Their Meaning

Biomechanical tattoo (biomechanical tattoo) is one of the most popular tattoo styles. Having originated in America at the end of the last century, the design is becoming more and more preferred by men and women of different age categories every year. This phenomenon is due to the high popularity of robotics and mechanics in the modern world.

Biomechanics on the forearm

The meaning of biomechanics tattoo

Biomechanical tattoos have the meaning of people's hidden potential, and sometimes show their true nature.

Biomechanics tattoo on arm

The motto of the biomechanics tattoo is, "Look what's inside me!"

You could say biomechanics are tattoos designed for tech fanatics who want to demonstrate their passion for innovation and technology.

Color schemes

The main color schemes for women's tattoos are:

  • black;
  • white;;
  • black and white;
  • colored.

In other words, women's tattoos on the arm can be done in one, two or more colors. If with black and white everything is clear, the colored ones surprise with their variety. Modern technology allows the use and bright, and blurry shades. In addition, the skillful master works with the gradient. Therefore, 3D tattoos look amazingly realistic. They acquire shadows and volume, looking like a natural addition to the hand.

If you want to achieve a similar effect, be sure to choose the master carefully. Remember that tattooing is creative. A lot depends on the talent and skill of the artist.

A colored drawing can be densely painted or just outlined with an outline. In this way, you can achieve a variety of effects. First, the color scheme will be in harmony with the color of your skin. Secondly, the tattoo will be combined with the character of its owner.

The best places for the application of tattoo biomechanics

For the application, you can choose as a multicolored tattoo, as well as a classic black and gray design. The drawing looks equally good in either design. Black and gray emphasizes the 3D effect, while the colored versions are great for depicting flesh and blood.

Tattoo style biomechanics involves drawing on exposed areas of the body: neck, shoulder, forearm, shin.

Mechanics applied to the arm, in the form of a sleeve, is the most popular design of men's tattoos. In this design, the mechanisms visible through the lesions and skin tears resemble robot parts like the Terminator. Basically, the sleeves are tattooed by people who are independent of the opinions of others and have a strong-willed character.

Biomechanics arm
Tattoo sleeve in the style of biomechanics

Biomechanics on the forearm is embossed on its inner part, starting from the wrist and ending near the elbow bend. At the same time, the dynamism of the tattoo is noted due to the constant movement of the hands. Tattoo on this part of the body looks spectacular for both guys and girls.

Mechanisms on the arm

Also, the cyber mechanics tattoo can be placed on the shoulder. The most successful picture will look in the case if the shoulder is pumped up. The relief of the muscles will give the tattoo an even more voluminous look.

Biomechanics on the shoulder

Stylishly looks biomechanics on the leg. However, here there are some differences by gender. Girls, for the most part, get tattoos in the mechanic style on their thighs, and guys - on their shins. For men, a rougher version of biomechanics is preferable: more microchips and detailed muscle drawing.

Color biomechanics

Biomechanics tattoos on the chest are preferred by men who want to hide the drawing from prying eyes. Most often, this desire can be associated with the professional sphere. Basically, guys depict on the chest a heart working on the mechanisms. Another popular design is a heart muscle under a lock and surrounded by elements of metal. The meaning of this tattoo symbolizes a sad parting and loss of faith in love.

Biomechanics heart

Tattoo on the chest in girls is printed very rarely, because this area is very sensitive: the drawing can cause severe pain.

The location on the back is considered successful. On a large area of the skin you can implement the most daring solutions, applying a variety of mechanical details, giving even greater effect to the drawing.

Biomechanics style on the back

Tattoo cats: the meaning of different designs

These playful creatures can look very cute or mysterious depending on the meaning invested in the tattoo. Thus, the silhouette of a black cat will suit those who want to portray the mysterious and dark meaning of these creatures. For those who are looking for cute drawings with good meaning, a white cat with an innocent look or a small kitten can be drawn on the body.

Let's take a closer look at what a cat tattoo means for women and men, depending on the chosen design.

Cat eye tattoos mean protection: in ancient times, it was believed that cats look out for people. If you've been through hard times and feel like you need protection from the past, a cat is a tattoo that's perfect for you.

The Egyptian cat tattoo is a black graceful silhouette, which, when applied to the body, speaks of the independence, beauty and mystery of the owner. They are preferred to be put on their body by people who associate themselves with beauty, uniqueness and power.

Cat skull tattoos symbolize understanding and acceptance of the inevitable. In a way, it is a symbol of courage, which shows that you are not afraid to face death.

A tattoo of a cat with a crown has the following meanings: power, striving for the best, superiority, control. These are perfect cat tattoos for girls and guys who have a firm and strong-willed character.

Cat paw tattoo. Paw print drawings are especially common in Asian culture because they signify prosperity and good luck. If the paw is depicted with claws, it is a sign of physical strength.

The black cat tattoo has the meaning of femininity, mystery and restrained power because of the close connection of the animal with obscurity and paganism. In ancient times, the black cat was considered a companion to witches with supernatural powers, so they were both feared and respected. Other cultures sacrificed black cats to ward off bad luck.

The tattoo of a cat with wings goes back to ancient civilization, when these animals were worshiped and believed that they were the link between humans and the spirit world. Hence, the meaning of a winged cat is a connection to spirits and the unknown.

Cute Cat Tattoo. People who choose this tattoo are usually good-hearted, friendly and positive. And cute tattoo designs are a reflection of their personality. Mostly, such images are applied in bright colors and small sizes.

Cat face tattoo. As a rule, the cat face tattoo symbolizes the main qualities of this animal: intelligence, cunning, gracefulness, vision. The main element emphasized in this design is the innocent or mysterious eyes. How exactly to depict them decides the person himself, depending on what meaning he wants to put into the tattoo.

Tattoos depicting cartoon cats are also very common among young people: they denote humor and playfulness. The most popular cat tattoos that have found their way into modern design are Tom, Sylvester and Garfield.

Tattoo biomechanics for men

As mentioned above, men prefer to use more complex images that include more mechanisms. In this section, you can see photos of finished works, which have decided to make a reality of men from all over the world.

Peculiarities of application

In technical terms, it is possible to make a tattoo on the hands. But they have a minimal thin layer of subcutaneous fat. And the number of nerve endings on them is quite high. Therefore, the process of tattooing the hand is moderately or fairly painful.

It all depends on the individual pain threshold. Of medical, physiological problems, this is probably the only one. But the question of the attitude of society to the fact of the tattoo on the hand, to its semantic content is very sensitive. But first, let's describe the main pros and cons of the brush tattoo. The pluses, of course, include the opportunity to:

  • Express your individuality, uniqueness
  • demonstration of their outlook
  • Show the openness of yourself, your actions
  • To observe the drawing oneself in any environment and at any time.

If a person wants to assert himself, to demonstrate his chosen path in life, the brush is the best place to apply a tattoo. Difficulties can arise with a sudden, age or other reason for a change of outlook. Yes and remove the tattoo is also difficult, not cheap and will take time.

Tattoo biomechanics for girls

Not many girls dare to put on the body mechanical tattoos. Basically, they are chosen by fans of robotics and all kinds of gadgets. The image in this style can talk about the originality of its owner. Below are photos that will help you when choosing a future tattoo.

History of the origin of the style

Biomechanical tattoo first emerged in America in the late XX century. During this period, robotics and mechanics were actively developing, which gave rise to a new trend among fans of tattoos.

The first wave of popularity of such body drawings began after the release of the film epic "Alien" and "The Terminator". Initially, its adherents were only young people, but every year realistic patterns in the style of cyberpunk can be found more and more often among men and women of different ages.

Sketches and photos of biomechanics tattoos

The most famous sketches of tattoos in biomechanical style look as follows: a variety of gears, levers, pipes, rods and other mechanical objects can be seen through the torn skin.

To achieve the desired beauty of the biomechanical tattoo, 3D technology is used. Thanks to this technology, the image looks more real and attractive.

Biomechanics sketch

If you pay attention to the photos with images of tattoos in the style of biomechanics, you can see the evolutionary development of this style. The early style of biomechanical tattoos was dark and performed mostly in black and gray. But soon, the way the biomechanical style was created underwent a number of changes: the tattoos began to contain voluminous elements created in bright and saturated colors with the use of halftones.

Biomechanics on hand
Tattoo biomechanics on the hand

In general, the picture has taken on a more complex look. Human flesh began to be portrayed more clearly: torn skin, arteries, ligaments, muscles, bones, combined with mechanical objects, took on a very realistic appearance.

Organics or biomechanics, how to choose?

Based on all of the above, biomechanics is more suitable for men, and organics for women, but these are rather general trends. Tattooing is art. And the main thing in art is the ability to experiment and imagination. The optimal option for people who like both styles is their intertwining. The combination of dark tones and moods of biomechanics with the possibility of using bright and acid shades in organics gives an excellent base for creating a really unique, interesting and maximally suitable for a particular person tattoo. This is what all tattoo lovers want.

The choice of design

Yes, modern society is growing up spiritually. Less and less often, a tattoo is perceived as a marker of criminality or detachment from the world. But there is another unspoken rule forbidding the tattoo of a brush. It is related only to a person's occupation or profession.

Again, the rule is unspoken. And here the choice of a theme of drawing, color composition of a tattoo on a brush has no prohibition. You can apply any image, their division into male and female is present, but not always observed.


  • flowers, leaves
  • bracelets, bows
  • geometrical signs
  • Hearts, sacred symbols, zodiac signs.


  • geometry, ornaments
  • Celtic, ancient Slavic symbols
  • amulets, Tibetan or Indian mandalas
  • wind rose, clock, compass.

Themes abound. They are often equally popular with men, women and girls. For example, the skull. Everyone puts into it their own meaning and significance. But they are all inherent in a common style - minimalism. Although modern ways to apply the tattoo and allow you to convey the finest detail pattern.

Often it is not only the drawing that is important, but also the place where it is applied. For example, the tiger's predatory mouth looks spectacular on a clenched man's fist. In fact, the fist and becomes the head of the tiger.

New Paw, the trace of the tattoo.

Everything depends on the level of tattoo-master, the complexity of the original drawing, photo, sketch, from the desire of the customer, the ability to go to improvisation, compromise. Often the tattoo on the brush is not a separate image. It complements the figure or is included in the overall composition, applied from the neck to the brush. Such volumetric tattoos are popular on the outer side of the palm and forearm at the same time.

The choice of color of the drawing for men is diverse. But women, probably, should be combined with their favorite color of nail polish.

If with the subject of the figure, color, place of the brush to deal pretty easy, then there is in such a tattoo one big difficulty. It is exclusively physical. The applied tattoo is not healed in one moment. The drawing has to settle down in its place. This can take anywhere from a few days to two to three weeks. That's why it's better to get a brush tattoo while on vacation.

Sacrifice your ego if you have to choose between service, work, family opinion and a brush tattoo. Ideally, it's a compromise. After all, the hand is not the only part of the body suitable for tattoos. In all other cases, only follow the recommendations of professional body art masters.


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