Tattoos on the collarbone for men: the best collections

Any psychologist will tell you that the owner of the tattoo in a prominent place wants to be the center of attention, seeks to be noticed and heard. In the category of such experiments include and tattoo on the collarbone for men, it can be the wings of an angel, all kinds of inscriptions, spiders in a web and predators, as well as complex pictures in the style of biomechanics.

When choosing a sketch, a man should first of all understand the meaning of the desired picture, as well as clearly understand the goals he is pursuing. Next, attention is paid to the composition, the selection of the appropriate style of execution and color solution. The best examples with photos and tips on the application can be found in the article below.

Tattoos on the collarbone in men. The most fashionable variants

So, the very first step in the quest to become the owner of a tattoo on the clavicle is the selection and drawing up a sketch. To do this, you need to find out what pictures and ideas are possible, what of these are in fashion, and most importantly, what the ideas you like signify. In the top unambiguously fall into the following options:

Wings - A symbol of sincerity and mental purity, the desire for spirituality, new knowledge, easy perception of the world, travel, independence.

Spider in a web - Search for friends and like-minded people, the value of true friends and loved ones.

Inscriptions - the desire to be understood and heard, a way to convey their truth, life credo, religious bias or desires.

Predator - Identification of oneself with the creature, desire to adopt strength, courage, invincibility, lack of fears, etc. from it. Also a warning to others to be ready to defend themselves.

Biomechanics - is the original trend in body art, which implies imitation of mechanisms embedded in the flesh. Nothing but a decorative function, the drawings do not imply anything.

Sketches of inscriptions in world languages with translation for girls

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls is recommended to score with the use of foreign words. So the owner of the picture on the chest will be able to hide the main idea of the picture from strangers.

In English

English, thanks to the melodiousness of its pronunciation and ease of perception, is often used by girls in the development of the design of their tattoo:

English tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneDescriptive translation variant
My angel always with me."My Guardian keeps me safe every minute.
While I'm breathing - I love and believe."As long as I can breathe, I will keep love and faith in my heart.
Destroy what destroys you."Destroy what destroys you.
I shall not live in vain."I want to leave a trace behind me.

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin with translation, Russian. Photos, sketches

In French

French inscriptions on the collarbones of girls can look like this:

French tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneDescriptive translation variant
Un amour, une vie."There is only room for one love in my life."
Si la fleur poussait chaque fois que je pense à toi alors le monde serait un immense jardin."And if with every mention of you in my thoughts, there were one more flower on the planet, the earth would have looked like a fragrant garden long ago.
Que femme veut - Dieu le veut."What a girl wants, the Higher Powers want.
Pour découvrir le monde tourne autour de toi."Before you push your boundaries in the world, start by knowing yourself."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin for translation, the Russian language. Photos, sketches

In German

German, despite its crude pronunciation, is also often chosen by girls when composing a phrase for a natal image:

German tattoos on his collarbone.A variant descriptive translation
Herzlich willkommen in meine verrückte Welt."I welcome you into my crazy world."
Keine Frau ist ein Genie. Frauen sind ein hübsches Geschlecht."It is foolish to look for geniuses among girls, if their main purpose is to decorate.
Les grands embrasements naissent de petites étincelles."The strongest fires of feeling were provoked by fleeting emotions.
Tous mes rêves se réalisent."Everything I want will come true."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin translations. Photos, sketches

In Italian

The most popular tattoo inscriptions in Italian, inscribed by girls on the collarbones:

Italian tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneDescriptive translation variant
Dio ci ha dato due orecchie, ma soltanto una bocca, proprio per ascoltare il doppio e parlare la meta."From birth we are given two organs of hearing and only one to speak. This explains the need to listen to your opponent twice as long as to try to parry him.
Mai guardarsi indietro."Never remember the past.
Sono nata per la felicità."I came into this world only to be happy."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin translations. Photos, sketches
Tattoo inscription on a girl's collarbone in Italian

In Greek

Tattoo inscriptions in Greek in the vast majority of cases have deep meaning for their owner, and to outsiders they look mysterious and intriguing:

Greek tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneA variant descriptive translation
Ελεύθερη σαν άνεμος."I am like a whirlwind - I see no barriers or limitations in life."
Η καρδιά ανήκει μόνο στη μόνη μου αγάπη."My soul belongs to only one person."
ακολούθα τα όνειρά σου"In life, always go only after your desires and dreams."
ην ψάχνεις την ευτυχία: είναι πάντοτε μέσα σου."Leave the search for life's happiness. It's with you every second, inside you.

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin translations. Photos, sketches

In Spanish

Expressive Spanish phrases are usually chosen by emotional girls who want to always be in the center of attention:

Spanish collarbone tattoosDescriptive translation option
Los milagros están donde creen en ellos."Magic happens only in the lives of those people who believe in it wholeheartedly every minute."
A palabras necias, oídos sordos."The nonsense uttered by those around you is not worthy of your attention.
No lamento nada. No tengo miedo de nada."I have no regrets about anything in my life. It is not my policy to be afraid of the future."
Quesiera tenerte a mi lado."I only want you and as close as possible."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin with translation, Russian. Photos, sketches

In Arabic

Arabic phrases for tattoo inscriptions differ from similar texts written in other foreign languages in the reverse way they are read:

Arabic tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneDescriptive translation variant
مكتوب"Everything happens the way it's meant to happen from above."
ابنتي هي فخرتي"My child is my main reason for pride."
ولا يمكن العيش من دون مشاكل، ولكن هل يمكن أن يبسم عليهم"Even though we cannot live without sorrows, we can learn to accept them with a smile."
عِش اليوم وإنس الغد"Enjoy today's moment as if there would be no next days."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin for translation, the Russian language. Photos, sketches

In Chinese.

Chinese characters Chinese characters should be printed only by masters who understand the peculiarities of transferring such characters to the skin and who have experience with body art of this type:

Chinese tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneA variant of the descriptive translation
美 畐 吉"Beauty, abundance and good fortune accompany me all my life."
空海"My soul is a sea of emptiness."
永恆之旅"All my life I have been in perpetual wandering and searching for myself."
羯磨"Remember karma."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin translations. Photos, sketches

In Japanese

Tattoo inscriptions in Japanese can be an isolated word or be a coherent phrase. In order for a wax drawing to look harmonious at the collarbone area, it is recommended for girls to choose a short text made up with Japanese symbols. Otherwise, a large part of the "working surface" of the skin will remain empty, which will create a feeling of incompleteness of the drawing.

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin translations. Photos, sketches

Here are just a few examples:

Japanese tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneDescriptive translation variant
平衡天使の心"The spiritual balance of the divine creature."
全ては元に戻る"Sooner or later everything will return to its original origins."
この世の中偶然な事が無い"Nothing happens by chance in our lives."
私を判断するのは神"If you are not God, then don't judge my actions and thoughts."

In Latin

Expressions in dead Latin are still popular among girls who decorate their collarbones with tattoo inscriptions:

Latin tattoo inscriptions on the collarboneDescriptive translation option
Faciam ut mei memineris."I will do my best to remain in your memory forever.
Oderint, dum metuant."You may hate me, if in so doing you will fear me.
Victoria NULLa est, Quam quae confessos animo quoque subjugat hostes."Only the battle in which the defeated openly admit their defeat can be considered a complete victory."
Fortunam suam quisque parat."It is our own responsibility to seek our own joy."

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls in Latin translations. Photos, sketches

In Hebrew

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone for girls, composed in Hebrew, may look like this (to be read from the right edge):

Tattoo inscriptions in Hebrew in the clavicle areaA variant of the descriptive translation
רק עם אמונה בלב"Acting in life only in harmony with the religion I revere."
הדררך מופיעה תחת רגלי ההולך"Taking only one step forward, a man will notice the path itself laying out before him."
אני שיייכת לאהובי ואהובי שייך לי"My heart belongs entirely to my man, and his to me."
אושר להיות אמא"I'm happy because I have a child."

Features of tattoos on the collarbone in men. Care

In order for a guy to decide on the advisability of performing a tattoo in this area, it is enough to weigh the arguments "pro and con". The advantages include the following points:

  • Originality and rarity. Rarely do modern guys choose this place to apply a concise little picture. It will be a highlight and a display of special taste.
  • Camouflage. If a man gets a job at a serious enterprise or in a large company with a strict dress code, the presence of a tattoo can always be hidden by clothing.
  • Wearability .. This part of the body does not change with age or with changes in body weight. Even with significant weight loss or weight gain, the figure is not threatened by anything.
  • Price. Moderate and miniaturized work is difficult to perform in such a small space, which does not incur time and financial costs.

The only disadvantage can be considered painful procedures, since the clavicle itself is a bone. Otherwise, no pitfalls can be expected from such an experiment.

Are you ready to pay a lot of money for tattoos?



One of the most huge categories. Pictures of animals, birds, insects and so on can be included in it. Here's a little breakdown of each category.

Animals .

The picture of any animal means the identification of a person with this creature. For example, an elephant, lion or tiger speaks of a good rock of moustache courage.


Celestial creatures are not neglected by men. For a small picture, crows, falcons will do. The meaning is freedom and independence.


Insects in the tattoos are considered amulets. Ladybug, grasshopper - well-being and health.


Flora is popular not only with girls, but with guys too. Nowadays, masters can make a real masculine tattoo from a feminine rose, which will speak of passion or creativity.

Commemorative tattoos

These tattoos are a great reminder of something really important. A moment from your life that changed you for the better. This could be: a service, school, wedding, or a child.


A great idea would be to put a certain symbol on your collarbone that will serve as a talisman. They can ward off negativity, bring good luck or money.

For example:

  • Infinity symbol
  • Cross
  • Horseshoe
  • Clock (hourglass)
  • Key
  • A rune stone
  • Eye (all-seeing)

Does it hurt to get a tattoo on my collarbone?

The following factors affect the degree of soreness during tattooing:

  • How thin the skin is;
  • How close the blood vessels and bones are to it;
  • how many nerve endings there are;
  • whether there is a fat and muscular layer;
  • The high or low pain threshold of the salon client;
  • the experience and professionalism of the master.

For reference! On the clavicle is extremely thin skin without fat and muscle, in addition, it is tight around the bone, respectively, we can say unequivocally that it will hurt. Masters often use painkillers.


In the past, the swallow was considered a true symbol and talisman for sailors and people who worked away from home. In the modern world, its meaning is somewhat broader. Reliability, youth, happiness in the home, freedom, love and prosperity - all this refers to the swallow.

In addition, this bird is a symbol of spring and love, so very often its image is combined with other symbols. Often it is the heart and a variety of flowers.

If this particular bird appeals to you, we recommend that you make an individual sketch. Only this way you will be sure that the drawing will have the necessary meaning.

Are there guidelines for a tattoo on my collarbone?

A successful tattoo is a decision made after much deliberation and analysis. Which questions you should definitely answer in order to make up your mind:

  • What sketch I would like to see on my body;
  • How big and contrast should be an image;
  • What style of execution is closer to me;
  • What goals and objectives am I pursuing with this experiment?
  • Whether such a tattoo will be actual in 5-10-20 years.

At first a photo with a desired picture is taken, then its detailed definition and sacral meaning are defined, then a desired size, style and color scheme are set. And after that you can go to the master for a consultation and approval.

The Element of Air

In many cultures, the image of soaring birds represented the souls of deceased ancestors. Birds were believed to be the so-called messengers of heaven. Many believed that freedom-loving birds were mediators between the gods and mere mortals.

In mythology, birds have always accompanied heroes. The feathered ones always soared ahead of their own, looking out for enemies and evil creatures, after which they returned to their heroes and warned them of danger. So one bird warned its owner of impending trouble - hence the expression "A bird on the tail brought it."

In ancient Egypt, birds were drawn next to the tombs of the deceased - it was believed that these creatures guarded the pharaohs.

All these historical facts and directly the meaning of the tattoo itself became a prerequisite for its wide dissemination. It is impossible not to agree with the fact that the image of a soaring bird attracts attention. The grace of feathered birds inspires and arouses admiration. The phoenix, a bird that burns and rises from the ashes, is worth a lot.

Tattoo pictures of birds on the collarbone


For women

For men