Tattoo of the zodiac sign scorpio for men: collections of photos

Tattoos with zodiac signs statistically more often become the first experience for beginners in body art. If it is a man, he does such a tattoo to show his features, to enhance the best traits of character, to protect against failure and evil. The same works and the zodiac sign Scorpio tattoo for men with the right choice of sketch.

Competently make a sketch - this is only half the success, not less important criteria such as the choice of area on the body, the style treatment of the body drawing, the color scheme, as well as the use of additional symbols or characters. This article will detail all of the recommendations and tips for the above points.

Tattoo with the sign of the zodiac "Scorpio

The most contradictory sign of the zodiac - Scorpio, which at the same time can be open, friendly, as well as unbearable, even aggressive and harsh person at times. The tattoo will help to correctly indicate the accents and disposition of the owner. To begin with, let's pick up a sketch of a Scorpio tattoo for men born in this period of the year.

The sting of the scorpion - A symbol of danger, aggression, fearlessness, as well as a willingness to always attack enemies.

Symbol of the zodiac sign Scorpio - Soul and body rebirth, reevaluation of priorities and positions, willfulness in character.

Scorpio - The bearer of the tattoo is noble, has high sensitivity, loyal to his choice in life. Sometimes the sketch of a scorpion can represent the loneliness of the soul.

Constellation - a talisman that will help change for the better the quality of a man's life, give balance, harmony within oneself, confidence in oneself. It is also a sign of irrepressible passion and torment.

The inscription - Will serve as an amplifier of the good qualities inherent in Scorpio. Namely, determination, fearlessness, self-confidence, courage, sensuality and passion.

Scorpio and other elements

One of the variants of the drawing can be the constellation of the scorpion, which has a linear structure. The drawing can be taken as a symbol of the World Wide Web Internet, which makes it a priority for workers in the IT industry.

The drawing has many images, including realistic images of the insect. The sign is used in military tattoos and is considered a symbol of real fighters.

From the choice of style of execution changes the meaning for example watercolor work will increase the aesthetic perception. Black and white technique or Dotwork will increase the sense of threat and risk. The zodiacal symbol painted in a realistic manner or with linework emphasizes the energy of intelligence and water.

In a schematic drawing, you can fill in the contra with color. The scorpion gamut is dark purple, purple, wine red, burgundy, black, indigo blue.

Colors should be lush and bright. Scorpio is more suited to the new skool style, realism, black and white technique, dotwork, watercolor and sketch style. Drawing looks favorably surrounded by flowers, starry sky or geometric shapes.

Where to score a drawing?

Masters give preference to the arm area, chest, back and bikini area. These areas are most suitable for the sign. For extreme-minded personalities, the neck area, the area between the shoulder blades will be suitable.

If the wearer wishes to strengthen their connection to the material world, tattoos are beaten on the legs. Women's zones are considered the transition from the waist to the hip. Men get a tattoo on the instep of the foot, ankle and calf.

Tattoo for the zodiac sign Scorpio should be chosen carefully, especially giving advice to such people. God forbid, they will follow your recommendations and they do not like the tattoo - you risk to get into their black list, and certainly in the skill of revenge this zodiac sign does not know itself equal ...

However, let's return to our topic. Today we will consider the most appropriate options for tattoos for representatives of this sign, based on the tips that give us on this matter the stars.

Tattoo for the zodiac sign Scorpio should contain a hidden hint of their powerful, passionate and sometimes unbearable character. Of course, the classic in this case can be considered the image of the horoscopic symbol of these people - a poisonous and dangerous scorpion. It should be applied in black, or even better, in red, which is often liked by both men and women born under this constellation. The tattoo can be of any size: from miniature to huge; executed intricately or in an ascetic simple form - there are a lot of options, everything will depend on what the person really wants.

Since Scorpio is a sign of a fixed water element, as a tattoo in his case, the appropriate water theme will be suitable: the ocean shore, dolphins, whales and starfish - they can all be added as an independent image or as a whole composition. A mermaid tattoo will also work great, especially with an accentuated sexuality. This beautiful sea maiden embodies both mystery and sensuality, the two main traits inherent in Scorpio.

As for the symbol of this sign, which looks like a curved letter "M", it can be safely added as a kind of signature under any tattoo or used on its own as an independent figure.

Those born under this sign are passionate and naturally seductive. They often turn their attention to the opposite sex, and in relationships tend to strongly tied to his partner, slowly dragging him in his sea of passion and sensual pleasure. Therefore, any tattoo associated with the principles of passionate, sensual love is welcome in their case. Moreover, it should not be so much romantic subjects, but rather symbols and / or phrases that represent possessive possession of their loved ones.

By the way, one should not be surprised if Scorpio convinces his partner to get a similar tattoo as a reciprocal gesture.

However, the representatives of this zodiac sign's thirst for power is not limited to the desire to possess their loved one, and the famous quote of Julius Caesar "I came, I saw, I conquered" is said just about them. Therefore, it is only natural that tattoos on this theme will also amuse the Scorpios' ego well. For example, you can make a tattoo in the form of the just-mentioned phrase, but in Latin, so to speak - in its original reading: "Veni, Vidi Vici". However, this or a similar tattoo can be done in any language. But for its location on the body is better to choose the area near the heart, so it successfully express and emphasize the personal meaning of the person born under this astrological sign.

In the same way, one can recommend for a tattoo the word "force" or "struggle" (which, by the way, can also be recommended for the tattoo of Aries, another Martian sign), in combination with the already mentioned Scorpio symbol-symbol. Such a drawing will also well reflect the inner warehouse of the person, and it is better to perform it on the wrist.

Tattoo for the sign of the zodiac Scorpio though not so rich not a choice, however as at no other sign will contain in itself a lot of the internal subtext. A properly performed tattoo is able to "feed" its owner (mistress) with the necessary energy.

What does the scorpion tattoo mean for men?

The attitude to the scorpion has always been ambiguous, he was feared, but respected, shunned, but sought to imitate. To understand the meaning of the tattoo and the sign Scorpio, you can touch on history, which says the following:

  • The Greeks - from ancient times considered the scorpion a symbol of eternal life and an invincible animal;
  • Egyptians - that people worshipped the scorpion at the time of childbirth to alleviate pain and foreshadow a positive outcome;
  • Buddhists - believed that the scorpion protects warriors, helps them in battle, so it was depicted on swords and armor;

In the zodiacal constellation, Scorpio is the eighth sign, which is under the patronage of two planets Pluto and Mars at once. As a result, the sign is associated with aggression, determination and strength. Despite this, the element of Scorpio is water, which extinguishes all the harsh qualities of temper, softens the character.

Meanings in different nations

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The scorpion is an unusual and dangerous creature that possesses a poisonous sting. It attacks people and animals only if it senses a threat, so when faced with this creature, you should not take an interest - it is better to bypass it. Since ancient times, the scorpion caused fear in people, so it had a negative meaning in many peoples. But in some cultures, the spider creature was associated with a deity or a messenger of higher powers.

  1. In the African tribes scorpion was considered a kind of "judge" who punished people for bad deeds. It also symbolized the strength of character, fortitude, steadfastness and justice.
  2. The Indians worshipped the arthropod creature and believed it was the embodiment of the goddess mother of the realm of the dead, who takes the souls of those who have committed terrible acts.
  3. In the Egyptian peoples, the scorpion was also associated with the goddess of the afterlife, Selket. His image was sacred, so it was usually used as a talisman.
  4. In China, doctors discovered that the poison of the insect can be not only dangerous but also healing, so they began to use it in medicine, and the creature itself began to be considered a symbol of health. But the scorpion also had other meanings, for example, its image on the skin as a sign of unhappy love, revenge or after the betrayal of a comrade.
  5. The inhabitants of Tibet believed that the arthropod creature has magical powers, and can protect them from negative influences and disease. It was customary for warriors to paint its image on a weapon to protect themselves from defeat in battle.
  6. In Japan, the arthropod insect represented wisdom, love and devotion. The most popular tattoo, which remains relevant to this day, is a scorpion with a lotus. Such a drawing indicates marital fidelity.

What places on a man's body are suitable for a tattoo?

Each area on the body is associated with a certain energy, active points and feelings of a man. This means that the choice of place for the tattoo plays an important role in the future in order to "work" the body drawing for the benefit of the man.


Scorpion on the shoulder is an indicator of a man's reliability, his readiness to solve any problems. The animal suggests that a man can hide a dangerous predator inside, despite his outward steadfastness.

Forearm .

In this place, the zodiac sign in the form of the animal scorpion indicates that the man is confident in himself and his strength, in any situation ready to attack, protecting the interests of himself and his loved ones. Courage and masculinity are the prevailing character traits.

Tattoo on the wrist

On the wrist most often depict symbols, constellations or just the sting of a scorpion. This can be as a talisman, protecting from evil and ill-wishers, as well as a warning to others that doing wrong to a man is dangerous.

Tattoo sleeve

The sleeve is always a demonstration, but what it is depends on the sketch. The zodiac sign Scorpio indicates that in front of you is a strong opponent, a fair person, a passionate and sensual nature.


Scorpio on the neck is an amulet that will help change the worldview and thinking. The sign enhances mental acuity, logic and intelligence, and helps you make only the right decisions.


On the chest you can depict large and bright tattoos, for example, depicting a scorpion in tandem with another character, animal or symbols. On the left side of the chest is honor and courage, on the right - the desire to protect the heart from betrayal, deceit on the part of the beloved.


Non-trivial tattoos that are personal and not visible to the environment are the most powerful talismans. Protect such a symbol or sign will be able to protect from diseases, internal disorders or disharmony, disorder and a bad look.


Scorpio on a man's hips is a symbol of emotionality, passion, sensuality of nature, tendency to flirt, lively interest in the opposite sex.


A man's back is the rear to protect the man's chosen woman and family. Scorpio in this place is a warning sign that the man is ready to attack at any second, protecting himself and loved ones from ill-wishers, danger.


Apply a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac on the shoulder blades can be to achieve balance, balance, self-control over feelings, emotions, as well as over any life situations.


The Scorpio on the foot is a talisman that will guide a man to the right path in life. Whether it is a scorpion itself, a symbol, a constellation, it is applied to change the quality of life for the better.

Expert Opinion

Viola Madison

Master tattooist, experience 8 years

The strongest sacred meaning of the zodiac sign tattoo acquires if it is applied to the lower part of the body.

Meaning for girls and guys

Not only guys wear the sign of the scorpion. A tattoo for a girl can look slightly subtle, less brutal. Often the design is complemented by flowers or certain symbols. Tattoo in the form of a constellation can be called universal.

Such an image in women often symbolizes that the owner is engaged in magical rituals. The tattoo enhances the character traits that influence the achievement of success in this occupation.

Zodiacal symbol indicates a connection with nature, strong character, commitment to his own views.

On the male body most often portrayed scorpion in the form of an insect. The raised tail with a prominent sting indicates a willingness to protect its own interests. Large claws symbolize the wearer's protection from harm from the outside.

What kind of men are suitable for a tattoo?

Tattoo must necessarily resonate with the character and image of the man, so as not to create a visible and internal dissonance. What kind of men will suit the zodiac sign Scorpio tattoo:

  • strong;
  • strong-willed;
  • courageous;
  • brave;
  • hardy;
  • ambitious man.

In addition, a real "scorpion" must have a sensual nature and profound knowledge. First of all, such tattoos are made by those born from October 21 to November 20. But those who are not related to the symbol, it is worth carefully consider the option of sketches, so as not to come out inconsistencies sacred meaning and characteristics of the owner of the tattoo.

Were you born under the constellation of the scorpion?

Yes No

Where can I place it?

Tattoo of a scorpion looks good on almost any part of the body. The location of the body image does not affect its meaning at all. Basically, people choose the place for the tattoo based on their own preferences and desires, as well as the size of the picture.

So, For miniature images, the wrist, neck, ribs, or collarbone are best. If, on the other hand, the back, arm, chest, or forearm are the best areas for a drawing that is large in scale.


How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to a place on the body?

There are different active points and energy centers on a man's body, which can be influenced by a tattoo. The zodiac sign Scorpio can be applied to the following places according to the law of proportionality:

  • Scorpio as a whole and in tandem with other elements - on back, chest, sides, legs, arms;
  • sting of the scorpion - on shoulders, forearms, shoulder blades, hips;
  • constellation - on hands, wrists, neck;
  • a symbol or inscription - on fingers, ankles.

Important! The more complex the sketch itself and the details in it, the larger the scale and place on the body is chosen. Otherwise the drawing in a compressed format will be difficult to perceive, and a small sketch on a spacious part of the body will turn out faded and inarticulate.

The best places for a tattoo

Tattoo sign of a scorpion looks great on the neck, wrist, under the collarbone or a woman's chest. To complement something with the image, you will have to find an area where there is more space for a wide sketch. Such tattoos are often placed on the back, legs or shoulders.

The tattoo, applied to the abdomen area, will be a good influence on life, will serve as a kind of amulet. The constellation looks great on the ribs, shoulder blades or feet.

Styles and colors for the tattoo with the sign of "Scorpio"

The style of execution of the tattoo can abruptly change its perception and emotional message. The style treatment of the zodiac sign Scorpio can be in several ways:

Celtic - predominance of patterns;

realism - the most plausible picture;

blackwork - execution in black shades;

thrash polka dot - bold and aggressive sketch with contrasting hues;

Dotwork - dotted application of paint under the skin.

The main colors for such drawings on the body are still black and white. In the style of realism are appropriate natural colors, red, blue. Thresh polka suggests a combination of contrasting colors - red, green, blue, etc.

Technique of execution

Sketches with the scorpion are usually performed in black, but the addition of red or blue is allowed. As for the technique, here it all depends on what photo is taken as the basis: the scorpion itself or the symbol of the zodiacal constellation. Tattoo sketch looks very natural and natural due to the detailing and rich play of colors and shades. You can also consider the techniques of tribal, blackwork or celtic (see photos in the gallery). The abdomen is the right place for a tattoo (especially for those people who draw the picture as a talisman or amulet). Such an arrangement will help to activate the positive energy of the tattoo. The image of the constellation symbol is better to do in the style of minimalism, which is characterized by clear and accurate lines.

Watch a video on the subject.

Selection of pictures

Symbols that can be combined with a tattoo with the sign of the scorpion

Symbolism is not only an aesthetic aspect, but also an opportunity to emphasize and enhance the sacred meaning of the tattoo. If a man has chosen the sign of the zodiac Scorpio, the following elements can be added to it:

Floral ornamentation;

Scorpius inscription;


other aquatic animals;

waves, seaweed, fish.

As a rule, the symbolism helps to distinguish an ordinary tattoo with a scorpion from the zodiacal constellation.

Prison meaning of the tattoo

In the criminal world, the tattoo with a scorpion is not common. It symbolizes loneliness, guile, betrayal. Usually the arthropod predator is "stuffed" on those who have been in solitary confinement for a long time. Also, such an image can indicate the prisoner's propensity for drug addiction. In this case it is important to pay attention to the sting, if it is raised, it means that the person continues to use drugs, and if it is lowered - "ceased".

A detailed tattoo of a scorpion, taking a hostile pose, indicates the cruelty of the prisoner, so it is better to bypass him. It should be noted that sometimes such a tattoo has a completely different interpretation. For example, a predator with a raised sting indicates a person as a faithful, loyal and reliable friend who will never leave in trouble. But if the sting is down, then such a person should not be trusted, because she can betray.


For women

For men