Tattoo on Men's Feet - The Best Male Tattoos on Feet

In today's world, the tattoo occupies a significant place. Previously, people treated it with caution, aversion and apprehension. Now the tattoo industry has proven that it has the right to exist and is developing every day more and more. Tattoos have become very popular among stars, athletes. Every now and then we see their drawings on the body in social networks.

Every day the army of fans of tattoo art is growing. Images on the body ceased to be associated with prison and began to treat them as something beautiful and beautiful. There are more and more trends. This article will talk about the most popular styles that men choose for tattoos on the leg.

Reasons and aesthetics

Men decorate their legs with tattoos for several reasons: some want to express themselves in this way, some want to show their individuality, and some want to look more brutal. Often tattoos are tattooed in order to show devotion to a certain art or love of art in general. Sometimes with the help of a tattoo one tries to cover up visible defects on the skin.

If there is a dress code at work or service, it is not difficult to hide the tattoo on the leg. If the image is applied to the lower leg, you will have to wear long pants or jeans. Tattoo on the thigh can be hidden even with shorts.

Tattoo on the Thigh - Tattoos for Girls on the Rear Surface of the Thigh

Tattoo on Thigh - Tattoo on hip for girls on back surface of thigh

Bold and sassy ladies will love the image of a gun behind a garter. The wearer Gun Garter Tattoo

will be perceived as a bright passionate person who craves adventure and is devoid of stiffness and complexes.

Tattoo on Thigh - Tattoo on thigh for girls on back surface of thigh - Tattoo garter with gun

The Dreamcatcher tattoo on the hip

- Is an absolute hit! Aesthetically attractive, non-trivial picture, which has magical powers amulet.

Popular places for a tattoo on the male leg

In the first place in men is the lower leg. On the calf muscle there is enough space to put a beautiful organic image there. And in the summer, in hot weather, when you want to wear shorts, the tattoo will be perfectly visible.

Still padding pictures on the hip, front and back, but much less often. More often these places are chosen by girls. Men usually use the thigh in the case when they score the entire leg.

Also sometimes apply tattoos on the knees and feet, but these options are also quite rare because of their unpopularity.

The most interesting tattoo pictures for young people

For young guys, masters advise to choose anime, if it is a fan of this genre. Recently it has become more popular. The sketch expresses the temperament of the owner of the picture, his attitude towards life. Widespread method of applying a small colored tattoo on the leg, with a filigree precision borders of the picture. Black and white pictures also in the trend, although they resorted to less frequently. Small images in color version brightly convey the meaning of the character, the character of its owner.

Young people like to put a tattoo on the leg in the form of graphics. In the network you can find photos of small male tattoos on the leg, take a closer look and "try on", as far as this image is suitable. Graphic drawings are close to etching, but differ in the technique of drawing shadows by dashes and strokes. "The trick is that they must be placed in parallel. With all this, the tattoos are printed chaotically, creating a sense of the volume of the figure.

High definition and professionalism of the artist is important. Blurriness can distort the meaning of such a tattoo. The color is chosen black, it is more elegant, makes the guy more mature in the eyes of others. Guys also choose comic book characters and look unusual. Such small tattoos go to the natures with a humorous approach to life, lightness.

In addition to graphics do not reduce the popularity of animals.

Tattoo sizes on a leg

Tattoos on the leg men do absolutely different sizes, but more often choose exactly the large sketches. There is a lot of space on legs to put there a whole picture.

It happens that a man scores the entire leg. This is the case when the sketch has a story or idea. It is less common to score a medium-sized tattoo on the calf muscle.

Popular images, techniques and colors for tattoos

Determined with the location of the tattoo, you can choose a suitable sketch, and to it the appropriate technique of execution and color. Currently, the most popular is a mixture of different styles, which allows you to fully translate the idea into reality.

The most popular tattoo techniques on the leg for men:

  • Blackwork;
  • Biomechanics and bio-organic;
  • Linework;
  • Old-school and new-school;
  • Realism;
  • Minimalism.

Simple leg tattoos, with a minimum of elements and neat details, are at the height of fashion. However, such tattoos are best performed on the calves, where the drawing can become quite painful. The second most popular option - volumetric tattoos, enveloping the shin or leg as a whole. Also the tattoo can always be completed with a text or important dates.

The image should be chosen with the muscle relief, so you can look at the tattoo from any angle.

There are no color restrictions, however it is the color of the tattoo that is important when applying a tattoo on the shin. As mentioned earlier, before getting a colored tattoo, you need to consider the abundance of hair on the leg.

Among men's leg tattoos, the following themes are trending:

  • Animals, mostly carnivores;
  • Elements of mechanics and organics;
  • Characters of games, movies, TV series;
  • Nature in the style of blackwork;
  • Marine theme.

Also, men often choose the Gothic style with skulls, the image of crosses and death in human guise. Rarely do they stuff symbols of the Maori on their feet and tattoos in the Oriental or watercolor style.

Color palette

For tattoos on the leg men most often choose either black or black and white images, as it looks more strict and serious. White and shades of gray are used to give liveliness and volume in certain tattoo styles.

But there are also color options with interesting ideas. More often such tattoos are imposed by creative people who like to attract attention and stand out.

Pair tattoos

The trend of romantically inclined natures are paired drawings. They are performed in such a way as to complement each other. If you dare to make such, choose a pattern that separately will look complete.

Half hearts on the legs or an image of wings are the most popular paired tattoos. If you can find a quote that can be broken into two parts, apply it. Preferably, both parts of the phrase should make sense.

If the feelings are not romantic, but friendly, mirror representations of the tattoo on the legs will do. These can be characters from a favorite cartoon or classic drawings.

If you are going to get married, you can exchange not only gold rings, but also tattoos. Drawing on the ring finger is a good alternative to the classic accessory.

Levels of painfulness of a tattoo session

The legs are considered the least painful part of the body, but there are certain places that are extremely sensitive. For example, a tattoo session on the inner and posterior thighs will be quite painful because of the large number of nerve endings and thinner skin on these areas. Also, the back of the knees and feet are sensitive for the same reason.

A tattoo on the shin and thigh will be relatively painless because of the layer of fat and large muscle. If you still want to score an image on a sensitive spot, you will have to prepare mentally and find a good experienced master.

Cool shin tattoos for men

The coolest and most fashionable tattoos on the leg are obtained on the shin. To perform the sketch, you can choose any style, technique and drawing. The main thing is to take into account the proportions of the figure and the leg, as well as the ratio of the color solution with the hair.

On the calves it is better to choose a more minimalistic pattern. Nature will look beautiful in the blackwork technique, especially spruces. Also in fashion drawings in the style of old-school or new-school. Often they are matched with a nautical theme.

Also on the shin and calf can choose animalistic pattern. Tattoo in the style of realism will perfectly complement the sketch with a wild animal.

Popular questions on the article

✅ Where is the most painful to get a tattoo on my leg?

The most painful area for a tattoo on the legs is the calves.

✅ What are the most popular male leg tattoos?

Realistic and minimalist style tattoos on the shins are especially popular.

✅ What color should a tattoo on the leg be?

If a man has an abundance of hair, it is better to make a plain black tattoo, otherwise the picture will be difficult to see.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of Anime

This genre is gaining its popularity very quickly in recent times. Such tattoos are very much loved by connoisseurs of anime culture. Usually the characters of favorite comic books or plots are stuffed. The sketch shows the character, behavior and disposition of the beloved characters.

Most often, tattoos in this style are colored, bright, with precise contours. But there are also black and white images. Men stop their choice usually on the second option. Apply such a tattoo is usually on the shoulder, forearm and leg. Sometimes choose the chest or back, depending on the size of the picture and the general idea.

Sketches of cool tattoos on a leg for men

The sketch for a tattoo on a man's leg can act as anything. Also, men often choose plant patterns, such as flowers, as an additional element.

To make a really cool and impressive tattoo into an idea, it is recommended to combine several different sketches from small to large size.

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Tattoo on the leg in the style of Biomechanics

This style appeared back in the 80s in the United States, but became popular relatively recently. He is distinguished by the fact that the images resemble the mechanisms that are implanted in the body. Try as close as possible to bring the tattoo to reality, as if inside a person actually works some device.

The color is usually chosen black with shades of gray, to show the volume of the picture and realism. More often such images are printed on hands and feet. It looks very unusual, as if a person has a robot instead of a limb.

Stylistic trends

Men choose different styles for a tattoo on the leg. The most popular are:


This style appeared in the 1980s. Apply tattoos in the style of biomechanics, using 3D technique. Realism of such design is off-scale. Particular attention is paid to the accurate tracing of each detail, study of small elements.

Blackwork .

The choice of this style is well suited for overlapping old low-quality tattoos. Most of the leg is painted black. The tattoo is beaten with a large scale. Photos of the tattoo from various resources show that it can be a black forest. Half of the leg is drenched in black, with a neatly transitioning image of spruces or trees.


Fans of brightly colored tattoos choose this style. The compositions may include cartoon characters. The tattoo usually includes some kind of plot. The figure can be complemented by an inscription with the appropriate font, which looks beautiful in the overall composition.

Ethnic trends

Men make tattoos in the form of patterns and ornaments on the legs. The drawing can be on a part or completely on the whole leg. For some, it's just an ornament with no significance. Some purposely put on a pattern that is an amulet or a talisman. The choice falls on a variety of Polynesian or Celtic patterns on the foot that look aesthetically pleasing.

The sketch should be chosen with all factors in mind, to suit the lifestyle of the wearer. The right color scheme and place play an important role. Properly selected and executed tattoo on the leg will emphasize the qualities of a man and help self-affirmation.
Tattoo on his feet in the style of Blakkas.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of Blackwork

The most enigmatic tattoo style to date. Most of the sketch is a dense black stain, and the rest of the colors are not used at all. Sometimes a part of the body is completely painted over. The main idea is minimalism.

Most often depict geometric shapes, patterns, flora. It all looks like a shadow. The plot is limited only by color and imagination. It all depends on the desire of the client. The size is usually large when the tattoo goes from one part of the body to another.

For the application usually use the forearm or legs, sometimes the back and chest. It is common to like to tattoo around a limb to make it look more cohesive.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of Geometry

Today, this style is the most progressive and fashionable. In this theme, you can come up with a huge number of ideas for sketches, which is why geometry is so beloved by everyone.

The main difference is the clarity and severity of the lines and figures. The connoisseurs of this direction create all kinds of images of animals, birds, fish, flowers, which are composed of geometric shapes. Sometimes they just make chaotic patterns.

Most often they use black, but sometimes, usually creative types, make up colored or white geometry. The location is usually chosen for the forearms, legs, and chest. Men love this style for its simplicity and minimalism.

Tattoo on the leg in the Gravure style

This direction is more liked by connoisseurs of art, who love the fine work of the artist. The peculiarity can be called the imitation of a carved whole picture on wood or metal. The emphasis in this style is on the skill and professionalism of the artist.

Usually portraits of people, bodies, animals, plants are depicted. Color is used mainly black and shades of gray, which allows bringing the image closer to reality and show its volume. The most popular place of application - hands, but sometimes padding on the legs, back and chest.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of the Graphic

Quite a new style of tattooing, which began to gain momentum recently. He is close enough to the engraving that you can even mix it up. The most important difference is that all shadows are applied with strokes and dashes. They must be parallel, but are drawn in a chaotic manner. It is this feature that gives the image volume and liveliness.

Only masters with great experience and skill can work in this style, as the technique is quite complex. Color is used only black, without exception. All must be extremely clear, without blurring.

In this style, animals, plants, insects, birds are most often stuffed. Sometimes and various plots from movies, paintings. Wolves, tigers and bears are especially popular with men. The most frequent places for the application are the arms and legs.

Tattoos on the Thigh - Painful Feelings

Women's skin is much softer and more sensitive than men's. Therefore, tattooing a girl will be more painful. The thigh is a rather voluminous area of the body, so it is chosen as a rule for large drawings. Creating a large tattoo can take several hours in a row. The more time the skin is irritated by the needle, the more painful sensations increase. If you don't tolerate pain well, then arrange with the master for several sessions instead of one long session.




Tattoo on the leg in the Neotraditional style

The brightest and most unusual of all styles. To understand that in front of you neotradition can be on the colorfulness and plot of the tattoo. Usually lay a lot of meaning in the sketch. Love this style for creative individuals who want to attract attention.

This direction is distinguished by neat precise contours, a bright color scheme without limits, the presence of meaning, liveliness, the absence of abstraction. Usually depict animals, birds, fish, flowers, comics, cartoons, patterns and more. Such tattoos are applied to the arms, legs, chest and back. There are times that depict an entire story in a large tattoo.

The meaning of pictures of animals.

Small tattoos depicting animals decorate the legs of men to express the natural power. Which are fashionable?

- The symbolism of the bull denotes male persistence in achieving goals. This is a strong man in spirit and physically. He is ready to tackle life's most difficult tasks, because you can "harness at any time", he is strong and will cope with everything.

- Owl means wisdom. The man is intelligent, calm, reasonable, does not resolve issues in a panic, approaching any difficulties in a balanced way and come out of any situation with dignity.

- Wolf is an all-powerful beast that can protect the family from adversity.

Before getting a tattoo on the leg it should be understood that all the noble drawings will be worthless, if the inner "core" of the person does not match the picture on the leg. In the tattoo-salon should go, having firmly decided to make a tattoo-picture in accordance with own outlook, character. In this case there will be no disharmony.

Small male tattoos on the hand look here.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of Newschool

Also quite a colorful, bright style. He fell in love with people who like to stand out and express themselves. Most often it is a small colored pictures, which have a deep meaning for the owner. The style is between cartoon and reality. The outlines are clear, the color scheme is not limited.

Usually stuffed with animals, plants, birds, fruits and other things. The main thing is that it was simple, bright and unusual. The most popular places for newskool are the forearms and shoulders, sometimes the legs and other parts of the body.

Oldschool style leg tattoos

This style was the beginning of tattoo art, it is the oldest and best known of all the trends. Oldschool is much loved by its bikers and sailors because of its simplicity and brutality.

Simple colors without shades are used: red, blue, green, yellow, black and pink. A distinctive feature is the bold black outlines and the absence of any smooth transitions. Everything is clear, bright, large and concise. Men quite often choose old-school designs to put on their feet.

Usually they depict primitive sketches: hearts, flowers, anchors, girls. Most often these tattoos are printed on the shoulders and chest, but now you can see pictures of this style and on other parts of the body.

Tattoo on the leg in the Oriental style

A classic Japanese tattoo. It combines various oriental motifs. A distinctive feature is the background, which is depicted in the form of thick black waves, which are arranged in a circle. This style has always been popular more among men.

Most often Oriental is depicted with tigers, dragons, carp, warriors, peony or lotus flowers. The outlines are usually bright black, and the main colors of the sketch are saturated, different shades. This style does not try to approximate reality, the tattoo looks like a cartoon.

The most popular places for padding can be called the arms, shoulders, back and chest. Usually these are large tattoos with a single subject that go from one part of the body to another.

Ornamental style leg tattoo

A fairly young style of tattoo that was only recognized a few years ago. Its motifs go far back in time, when buildings and themes were decorated with symmetrical images that looked like the sun or a flower. This is how one shows belonging to a certain clan or social class.

The main color for ornamental is black and shades of gray. This gives the sketch a volume. The images resemble a pattern, which is repeated in a circle. Most often carries a certain meaning.

The most popular place for the application of ornaments can be called the shoulders, chest and back. Men often choose an ornament for the legs.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of Realism

One of the most technically challenging styles. The master needs to have a great experience, feel the color and shadows to be able to portray the subject as realistically as possible. bring the image closer to reality. This is exactly the peculiarity of realism in tattooing. Not every master is capable of quality to fill the realism, and will have to work hard to find a real professional.

Most often people choose to represent flora and fauna, people, paintings and the like. The main thing is to have emotion, and it was conveyed. The color scheme has no limits. Sometimes they choose black and white to show details. Realism is usually stuffed on the legs, chest, back, hands.

Variety of tattoo options

The shin is called the lower area of the leg. Such an area begins with the knee area and ends with the heel. The posterior area of the lower leg is called the calf because of the calf muscle. It is in this area that tattoos are most often done. The painful sensations in this area are insignificant, so it is easy to tattoo any image here.

Certainly, on a popular area under a tattoo it is necessary to choose the image carefully. If a tattoo has any symbolic meaning, it may be perceived differently when applied to this area. For example, religious cults tattooed in this area may be perceived blasphemously. Symbols of love depicted in this area, as well as the names of loved ones or relatives may be considered disparaging.

But most people still tattoo such symbols on their shins.

Some people choose the image on their shins out of a desire to adjust the parameters of the body in this area. It is sometimes characteristic for a person that his shin is too thin or too fat. Sometimes it is necessary to reduce its volume by correcting the shape of the muscle. It also happens that the muscle in this area is flat, while others have a clear drop.

In order to make such an area beautiful, the tubercle under the calf is darkened and then the lower part of the calf is lightened. In this way the master is able to make the skin more harmonious. For the result to be really great, you need to run the paint over the tattoo several times. It is important to choose the optimal amount of paint for the first and second application of the tattoo, so that the brightness and saturation of the image is perfectly balanced.

Masters strive to make any drawing aesthetic. Even a completely absurd image can be made beautiful if the lines of the tattoo are properly harmonized. Sometimes a psychedelic image becomes much more beautiful than a beautiful sketch made to order by an artist.

Tattoo on the leg in the style of Sketch

The idea of this style lies in sketches, sketches, sketches. Sketch is distinguished by the incompleteness of the picture and has a deep meaning for the owner of such a tattoo. Great for those who have decided to score their first tattoo.

To understand that in front of you this style can be: the absence of clear flat boundaries, a light unpretentious image, black and white color. Sketch tattoos come in a variety of sizes, but most often large, which can easily be combined with other styles, like graphics or prints. Most often for this style choose arms, neck and legs. Men like to stuff their wings in this style.

How to care for a tattoo on the leg?

The attractiveness of the tattoo depends not only on the right choice of the master and the sketch, but also on the clear adherence to the recommendations on the care of the figure after the session:

  • 4-5 hours after the session, remove the protective film. Gently rinse the tattoo with warm water.
  • Afterwards, apply the healing ointment that your master has advised. The tattoo should be smeared regularly: at least 4 times a day until it is completely healed.
  • Do not scratch or peel off any crusts that may have formed.
  • Avoid visiting bathhouses, saunas, solariums, beaches and gyms.

If done correctly, the tattoo will heal within 7-30 days, depending on the area of the tattoo and the chosen location. Read more about care recommendations in our article: Tattoo Care.

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Tattoo on the leg in the style of Chicano

Originally, such tattoos were distinctive of prisons and criminals in Latin America. These tattoos carried a certain meaning - justice, religion, death and its inevitability and so on. Today the Chicano is in no way confined to its dark past.

This style is usually stuffed with religion, money, weapons, inscriptions, dice, cards, girls with patterns on the eyes and so on. Chikano can be distinguished by the predominant black color and smooth transitions that resemble an engraving. Other colors are not usually used, but sometimes you can see red details or other unobtrusive accents. Most often such tattoos are performed on hands and feet.


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