Tattoo on the Neck for Men - Best Male Neck Tattoos

Tattooing is an excellent way to express their individuality, men also with the help of drawings emphasize masculinity and relief of the body. A newfangled trend - tattoos on the neck for men that look creative and original. In demand now are such ideas as inscriptions, hieroglyphs, brutal monochrome and colorful creative drawings, 3D, etc.

Before going for such a step, the man must know the detailed interpretation of all options under consideration, compare them with his image and character. No less important is the style of execution, the color solution. After that, the importance of additional symbols and elements is assessed. Details with photos further in the article.

Tattoos on the neck in men. The most fashionable options

Basically, absolutely any tattoo on the neck will be cool and cool, as this is the real trend of 2018-2019 in the field of male body art. But if you consider the latest works of the leading masters, you can highlight the top ideas for guys:

crown - a symbol of the complex character of the wearer, the desire to excel and rule, if with a heart, then loyalty and luck in life;

Cross - First of all the designation of religious affiliation, and if it is a Celtic cross with knots and patterns, it symbolizes the continuous spiritual development;

kiss - A man's weakness in front of women, the lack of female attention, or vice versa, a symbol of Casanova;

barcode - A newfangled trend by which a man marks his individuality and uniqueness;

ethnic pattern - Such tattoos are the choice of brave and strong men, it is a kind of tribute to the past, to ancient traditions and ancestors.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison

Master of Tattoo, 8 years experience

Among all the presented sketches for tattoos on the neck men most often prefer several themes - inscriptions and hieroglyphs, commemorative tattoo, brutal or colored variants, sacred symbols, 3D volume, funny humorous ideas.


Most often the representatives of the strong half of mankind prefer patterns in these styles:

  1. Tribal. They are distinguished by ornate ornaments with sharp lines, severity and aggression. The color solution is mainly expressed in black shades. These images look neutral, and at the same time are able to convey a deep sense of personal appeal to others.
  2. Celtic motifs are characterized by intertwining of light lines on a dark background. Such patterns are used to make entire paintings. The most popular is the Celtic ornament, the cross or the knot.
  3. Polynesian ornaments have a characteristic technique where the chosen area is completely painted over with black paints, and white unpainted areas remain between them. Each part of the pattern must be in its place, because these signs carry a certain meaning.
  4. Khokhloma is suitable for connoisseurs of Russian culture. It is mainly represented by yellow, red and black colors.
  5. Indian spectacular motifs nowadays have lost their meaning and are performed for beauty.

Tattoos on the neck for men. Photos, ideas, sketches, drawings, cool, beautiful tattoos, inscriptions

Various patterns of leaves, flowers and thorns. Barbed wire ornaments are often found among prison tattoos.

Features of tattoos on the neck in men

A tattoo on the neck is always a kind of challenge to society and a demonstration of their individuality. There are several features of performing such work by a master:

Collar - Tattoo on the throat and around the neck, completely girdling it. In this format looks perfect somewhat aggressive abstract sketches.

The side of the neck - small but cool tattoos are placed here, which can move seamlessly to other parts of the body or merge with the sleeve on the arm.

On the back. - this execution option is rarely chosen by men, small neat images, inscriptions, symbols will look original.

The main advantages of the tattoo on the neck is a great opportunity for self-expression, manifestation of individuality, in this place the picture can periodically be hidden by clothing, a man will look extravagant and stylish, attracting the eye of others.


The most popular flower composition in men is the rose. Here an essential factor is not only the sketch itself, but also its color solution. The white color means innocence, romance, purity. Red shades symbolize strong feelings and passion, and yellow shades symbolize friendship.

Wearing a rose highlights the wearer's fearlessness and courage, his leadership qualities. The thorns present on the flower highlight strong spirits and passionate personalities. The flower motifs are often diluted with patterns of skulls, edged weapons and crosses. Here, the plant acts as one element of the composition and does not carry the main meaning.

Tattoos on the neck for men. Photos, ideas, sketches, drawings, cool, beautiful tattoos, inscriptions

Tattoo in the form of a rose, applied behind the bars means the ruined youth, it is drawn at a young age, still symbolizes love. The queen of flowers, drawn together with a dagger makes it clear that the offense was committed on the grounds of jealousy. Sketches of a lily or daisy denotes that lawlessness was carried out by an association of people, the number of petals indicates its number.

The tulip indicates that the boy celebrated his sixteenth birthday in prison.

Styles and colors that are popular for neck tattoos

Styles of execution of tattoos on the neck can be all kinds, today the most popular options:

Three-dimensional and plausible realism;

bright colorful watercolor;

brutal blackwork;

easy-to-understand minimalism;

original patterned tribal;

creative trash polka dot;

classical old school or new fashioned style new skool;

soft and unusual Dotwork;

crisp and monochrome geometry;

bold chicano, etc.

The color scheme can be in two formats - a monochrome version of black and white, as well as expressive motley tattoos with the use of all possible shades - green, yellow, red, blue and black.

Inscriptions with a meaning.

The very top men's tattoos on the neck are inscriptions that can significantly affect the future of the wearer. Therefore, it is important to choose an inscription that represents the inner world and aspirations of a man. The following ideas are most often appropriate:

  • inscriptions in foreign languages;
  • phrases of philosophers;
  • winged phrases;
  • names or nicknames;
  • the name of a deceased person;
  • traits and characteristics peculiar to the possessor;
  • Chinese or Japanese characters.


When writing hieroglyphs, it is important to be careful because they often imply a double meaning, which is extremely important. They can be quotes, philosophical sayings, mystical and mysterious words that carry positive energy. For example:

  • 从现实到现实 - from possibility to reality;
  • 爱与荣誉 - love and honor;
  • 家族 - family;
  • 見かけよりもむしろ - to be, not to seem;
  • 我的梦想我和温暖 - my dream and warms me.


Another popular category of neck tattoo designs are insects, animals, birds and plants.

Insects - An original and sought-after theme, for example:

ladybug - good luck charm;

scarab beetle - symbol of powerful energy;

wasp - aggressiveness;

spider - cruelty;

moth - lightness.

Birds - represent freedom and independence, e.g:

swan - Loyalty and love;

eagle - Pride and independence;

phoenix - amulet;

raven - mystic;

flock of birds - romance, freedom.

Animals - A choice of real men, emphasizing their character, e.g:

wolf - loyalty, loneliness;

bear - power, balance;

lion - pride, power;

tiger - power, aggression;

snake - wisdom, sharp mind.

Plants - Flowers and trees, emphasizing the features of the nature, e.g:

white flowers - innocence, purity;

red scarlet flowers - passion, love, romance;

yellow flowers - friendship;

lotus - spirituality;

tree - A symbol of the connection between the sky and the earth.

Memorable tattoos

In the life of everyone there are situations that leave a significant imprint in the memory. Some people prefer to capture them with a tattoo on the neck, for example:

  • The birth of a baby - It can be the baby's initials, the date of birth or a palm print;
  • education - date of study in the university, academic cap, the name of the department or group, etc;
  • military service - a drawing reminiscent of the term of service, troops, units, etc;
  • tragedy - date referring to a turning point or the death of a loved one;
  • scars - In order not to forget the event that left the scar, it is emphasized by tattooing;
  • name - sweetheart, close friend, teacher, etc;
  • professional mark - any attribute of the work activity.


Various signs and symbols can significantly change a man's life, bring karma luck, success, prosperity, love. The following options are appropriate on the neck:

amulets - religious signs, faces of dead people, ancient amulets like runes, patterns and ornaments;

Yin symbolYang The desire to manage your life competently, to achieve mental harmony;

zodiac signs - Amulets and talismans that enhance good character traits and features in a person;

ornaments - a symbol of unity, infinity and cyclicality, a strong protector against negativity and destruction;

images of mythological characters and spirits - sources of positive or negative energy.

Brutal .

Many men decide to do tattoos without meaning, but only to emphasize their brutality and masculinity. In this case, the front, back or sides of the neck are depicted:

bracelet - in the form of patterns, ornaments, chains, barbed wire, as a symbol of dependence and lack of freedom;

skull - represents the awareness of the inevitability of the end and the absence of fear of death;

Celtic motifs - tattoos from the past, emphasizing cyclicality, infinity of the soul, spirituality;

mythical creatures - The meaning depends on the qualities inherent in a particular character;

the grin - A sign of danger and aggression, a willingness to defend oneself and one's position.

Mini tattoos

Small tattoos are often performed in the style of minimalism, graphics, geometry, dotwork or linework. The following ideas will look original on the neck:

The sign of infinity - The acceptance of the cyclical nature of everything in the material and spiritual world;

anchor - Confronting the winds, a silent harbor;

cross - a symbol of faith in God;

barcode - a protest against commodity relations between people.

Beautiful and funky tattoos

The most successful works of the masters can be more a manifestation of aesthetics and impeccable taste, if a man has chosen a beautiful and funny drawing on the neck. For example:

An inscription or a hieroglyph - The original performance will emphasize the preferences of the owner;

birds and animals - tell about the character and inclinations;

zodiac signs - bring mystery and mystery to the image;

Reptile - is the embodiment of sexuality and willfulness;

stars - A symbol of uniqueness and originality;

the ornament - bring masculinity and a certain mystery to the image;

trees - rich inner world and inclination towards philosophy;

abstraction - creativity;

diamonds and other precious stones - elegance and self-love;

mythical beings - guardian totem and amulet.


Absolutely any variant of the tattoo can be performed as in a monochrome black and white color scheme, and with the use of bright contrasting shades. The following colors are applicable for the neck:

  • green - embodies longevity, youth, spring, positive thoughts and adequate self-esteem;
  • Yellow - signifies fertility, warmth, joy, and gives the wearer a sense of peace and security;
  • blue - is the color of cosmic wisdom, is an indicator of inclination to self-analysis;
  • red - passion, sensuality, love, impulsiveness, aggression;
  • black - a universal option that is characterized by clarity, steadfastness, and great depth.

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3d tattoo

The 3D format has now become a separate trend in the art of body art. The main characteristics are the three-dimensional and three-dimensional way of rendering the picture. Most often the following motifs are depicted on the neck:

  • portraits - A realistic rendering of a portrait of a great figure, actor, favorite performer, relative or loved one;
  • excerpts from movies or cartoons - Subject, where the tattoo itself has a decorative function;
  • animals and birds - Wild animals, pets and birds (proud eagle, colorful parrot, a wise owl) look very impressive;
  • biomechanics - the master depicts a dagger or knife plunging into a man's body, hooks, gears, pistons, and even nails digging into his skin;
  • drawings in the style of woodcarving - intricate patterns, as if on a piece of wood, but actually on a man's body;
  • mythical characters. - dragons, various pagan and Scandinavian gods;
  • ornate, abstract, geometric sketches - intricate drawings that attract and fascinate the eye;
  • insects and arthropods - tattoos of bugs, spiders and scorpions;
  • religious pictures - The artist depicts angels, demons.

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Neck paintings on men's necks come in the form of different animals. Each person has their own preferences. For some it is pets, and for others, wild animals. A considerable part of the male population prefers predators. Most of them have a special meaning. Not the least role is played by the style of padding.

Normal body painting is characterized by a fun character through the game of contrasts and the image method.

Tattoos made in the Old School style are quite bright and colorful. Various variations of dragons, snakes and tigers in the Chinese manner are impressive in their mystery and symbolize power, wealth and strength. Many representatives of the stronger half choose realistic pictures with drawings of wild cats, owls and reptiles.

Tattoos on the neck for men. Photos, ideas, sketches, drawings, cool, beautiful tattoos, inscriptions

They often make a super realistic impression. Images of sea animals are very popular. For example, Dolphin signifies kindness and freedom. The crab is depicted in a futuristic form. Small sea creatures signify a free life and meekness.

Are there any recommendations for a neck tattoo?

Before you go to the salon to have the work done by a master, it is important to consider a few recommendations:

  1. Keep in mind that Hiding a tattoo on the neck is only possible with a collarThat is not always convenient. Therefore, if the activity and lifestyle are associated with a strict dress code, it is worth to think twice about such a decision.
  2. When choosing a sketch, assess what emotional message it carries, how people around you will perceive such work.
  3. The neck has thin skin with many nerve endings and no fat layer, so it is important to adequately assess the degree of tolerance and complexity/scale of the drawing.
  4. The work done on the neck will take a long time to heal, In addition, the skin in this area is mobile and rubs against clothing. Therefore, the healing process can be delayed and uncomfortable.
  5. You should choose the master responsibly, so that the final result does not have to adjust and correct.
  6. Evaluate to what extent the style and nature of the tattoo corresponds to your character, image and way of life. There should be no dissonance between you and your body image.
  7. Pay attention to the size of the tattoo, too A small version will be lost, and a large and complex look defiant.
  8. If skin diseases, rashes, inflammatory processes are observed, as well as taking immunosuppressive drugs as prescribed by the doctor, it is better to abandon such experiments.
  9. If purple and yellow hues predominate in the work, the skin may exhibit sensitivity to ultraviolet light.. In this case, you will need sunscreen.
  10. The guy who was not determined with the work and the field of activity it is better to give up on such decisions.

Important! Professionalism of the master - this is an important criterion, on which depends the success of the work, the degree of pain, the duration of execution, the final result. Therefore, you should not save on such a service, it is better to find an experienced well-known performer.


The newfangled trend is the image of a barcode. Such signs indicate the encrypted information, which is read with the help of a special scanner. The same goes for the tattoo, indicating that the information about its owner is not available to everyone.

Significant dates are often applied as numbers.

It is not uncommon for bar codes to be applied as a manifestation of protest to the consumer society. The wearer thus demonstrates that it is necessary to stand out from the monotonous biomass. This head painting symbolizes the separation from the mass, and the desire to express their individuality. The interpretation of the symbol is not simple, and it brings intrigue.

Tattoos on the neck for men. Photos, ideas, sketches, drawings, cool, beautiful tattoos, inscriptions

It is not advisable to choose such a tattoo because someone has one. When choosing a marking image in the salon, it is not worth doing it at the same moment, because masters can make a joke and draw it from a package of meat products or toilet paper.

You should think carefully about the option, and weigh the pros and cons. The most popular area for barcode padding is considered to be the back of the neck. There are some tattoos, which are seen only under the ultraviolet light. There is one disadvantage - monotony.

Examples of neck tattoos that are not recommended

There are several important recommendations about which body art is not appropriate on a man's neck, such as:

  • Negative designs - attract in life, negative energy, evil and dark forces;
  • names - sooner or later, people can lose touch and not contact, but it will be much harder to get a tattoo with their names;
  • symbols - Since the neck is close to the head, some symbols may overly influence the thinking and mind.

Also, do not apply drawings that do not match the age, character, activities and lifestyle of the man, otherwise the tattoo will be discordant with the owner.


Scorpio is popular with the male population. It shows the desire to express personal views, belonging to a certain structure or group of like-minded people. Also often the Scorpion is applied by men born under this sign of the zodiac.

In military service, this venomous animal with open claws and a raised stinger indicates that the wearer has been involved in combat in hot spots. Clamped claws and wrapped sting means the guy is just in the service. In the prison theme, this arthropod indicates that its owner spent a period of time in solitary confinement.

In places of confinement, a raised sting is interpreted as solidarity with friends, and a lowered one expresses a misdemeanor. Often the sketch of the animal is done in a Celtic style or tribal with darker tones. A scorpion drawn in a three-dimensional composition will be a successful solution.


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