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Today's young people increasingly adhere to a healthy lifestyle, engage in sports and improve their bodies through exercise. It should be noted that the tattoo is as much a decoration for the body as the muscular physique, so more and more often these two phenomena accompany each other.

Sports tattoo, despite its recent appearance, is gaining in popularity and adorns the bodies not only of professional athletes, but also their devoted fans, and thanks to the Olympic Games in London has gained universal importance.

Baseball tattoo
Baseball fan tattoo

Sketches and meaning of sports tattoos

The founder of the tradition of sports tattoos can rightly be considered the famous footballer Vinnie Jones, who in honor of winning the 1988 FA Cup nail tattoos on his feet with a picture of his team logo and the cup.

Most carriers of sports tattoos put in them the meaning of a talisman or amulet, helping to win their team and bringing good luck. Fans also do tattoos as a sign of love or affiliation with a particular sports club, in addition, such a drawing helps to find like-minded people "in the crowd," to identify allies and opponents.

Boxing gloves and diving
Tattoos popular among boxers and swimmers

Tattoo of athletics, all-around and soccer ball
Tattoos popular among athletes and fans

Blacker than black. Blackwork

Blackwork - is a tattooing technique in which most of the design (or all of it) is filled in with solid black. Blackwork looks incredibly stylish and would be extremely common, if it were not for one "but". The technique of solid black filling is difficult enough to perform: a single microscopic white spot on your tattoo will be an eyesore, like a broken pixel on the monitor.

The master for such a tattoo must be chosen only on the basis of recommendations and proceed to the application, having made sure that the technique is well familiar to him.

Another problem of blackwork: being recently applied, a tattoo in this style looks like a black thick varnish, but later will actively fade and turn into a dark gray.

These problems need to be taken into account, but blackwork does not need to be ruled out at all: the encompassing black stripe around the forearm, black squares "patches" on the shoulder blade and other small area tattoos done in the blackwork technique will wear long and well.

If, however, you are going to do a large area blackwork, then prepare for the fact that the tattoo will have to be renewed much more often than the usual tattoo renewal.

Athlete tattoos

The following tattoos are the most popular among athletes:

  • Sports symbols (Olympic rings, team emblems, cups);
  • Religious symbols and texts (crosses, prayers);
  • images of animals and objects that bring good luck (dragon, fish, clover, horseshoe).


Of course people are shocked by my tattoos because they cover almost half of my body! In any public place all eyes are directed only at me, but mostly I have pleasant feelings from such attention. My tattoos are my choice, my life, I can't even imagine my image without them! I always get tattoos when I'm resting from training, after fights, and when the healing period is over, I go back to the gym.

Anastasia, Thai Boxing Champion

Boxer girl with tattoos
The famous athlete's body is adorned with many tattoos of different subjects

Cyberpunk tattoo. The future in a drawing

Cyberpunk - Not a technique, but a style, and within this style, masterpieces of mechanized imagery are created. It is usually a stylization of the exposure of mechanical "muscles" and "systems" under the skin. This style is also called biomechanics. If you do not want to create the effect of torn skin, you can make a covering tattoo - for example, robotic armor on the forearm, with rivets, wires and other decorations.

The style allows for different colors, but more often this type of drawing is done in blue, red and black.

Fan tattoos

Fan sports tattoos differ little from the tattoos of professional athletes and carry the meaning of love for sports in general or a certain type, pride in the beloved team or athlete, dedication to the fan cause. Among fans the most common are tattoos of soccer club emblems, sports paraphernalia (balls, pucks, sticks, gloves), racing cars, motorcycles and so on. Of course, there are unique drawings and sketches that sports fans put on the body, for example, depicting the face of a favorite athlete.

Mike Tyson and a skateboard
Example of sports fan tattoos

Tattoo on the back: a man's choice

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On the back will fit perfectly a large, complex and even plot tattoo: there is a lot of space. Not bad will look small (the size of a palm or two) tattoo on the shoulder blade. According to statistics, this place for a tattoo is chosen by men more often than others.

Such a tattoo does not violate even the strictest dress code, decorates the body and adds masculinity to the owner. Disadvantages of such an arrangement: for obvious reasons you themselves will not see his tattoo and tattoo on the back and shoulder blade rather painful, and due to the size of the tattoo to do it in a few hits.

It is extremely rare for men to draw on the base of the neck - this place is more favored by girls, but a large character at the base of the neck will look good on a man.

Drawings for the back and shoulder blade are most often chosen from the options:

- Hieroglyphics.

- Animals (including dragons)

- Birds (including eagles with open wings)

- Angels

- Wings

- Ethnic patterns

Remember, though, there's plenty of room for a whole masterpiece on the back, like a mammoth hunt scene or a view of the Mexican desert with a Land Rover rushing through it.

Your imagination here is almost no limited.

Doctors' opinions and advice

Most doctors believe that a high quality tattoo made for an athlete is not too dangerous, but they advise to be more careful in choosing a tattoo parlor, where the amateur or professional athlete is going to get a tattoo. The salon should be necessarily clean and bright, and the master, in addition to having an impressive portfolio, should always work with sterile gloves and clean equipment.

Important! Do not hesitate to ask the masters to disinfect the working instruments if you have doubts about their sterility. Not only the beauty of the tattoo depends on it, but also the client's health. No normal master will be offended by such a request.

Both doctors and masters assure professional athletes that it is necessary not to engage in physical exercises that traumatize the place of application. The main thing to consider is to avoid any suggestion of getting too fat or too thin as this may lead to the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, which in itself (whether with or without the tattoo) does not look aesthetically pleasing.


Doctors have never admonished me about tattoos. Also, I had them done while I was resting and only started working out after they healed. Never had any problems with my love of tattoos or professional sports. I often had to gain or lose weight, but none of the tattoos on my body lost their appeal. I sometimes drew sketches for my tattoos myself. Through tattoos I bring beauty into the world!

Ilya, a boxer

Tattooed boxer
A professional boxer doesn't hide his almost completely battered body from prying eyes

How to choose the sketch of a tattoo in relation to a place on a hand?

An important question concerns the question of what hand to do the selected tattoo sketch, as well as in what part of the hand drawing will look harmonious. Some men like a full arm, so the picture is a whole composition and takes up all the space of the hand. Others like a tattoo up to the elbow, on the shoulders, only on the hands, etc.

Tips for comparing the place of the hand and the type of tattoo are as follows:

  • arm - An entire composition that occupies either the entire front of the arm or 100% of the skin surface;
  • medium and small tattoos - separate tattoo sketches can be applied on wrists, biceps and triceps, shoulders and forearm;
  • symmetrical tattoos - Symmetrical tattoos look originally on the wrist, palms and hands, especially when it comes to the inscriptions.

When choosing a tattoo and a place on the hand take into account that the more small details in the picture, the less suitable it will be on a small space of skin. Complex images are better to do large, for small tattoos suit simple and uncomplicated ideas.

What do the Olympic champions tattoo?

The most popular among athletes who have been to the Olympics, is the image of the five Olympic rings or cups and medals won as a result of the competition (individual or group).

Olympic tattoos
Tattoos commemorating participation in competitions

Soccer team crest
Tattoos of soccer club fans

Dotwork. The technique of the real masters.

A very difficult style to perform, requiring only the hand of a professional. The salt of the technique lies in the fact that an extensive geometric or patterned design is created by applying a large number of dots. Their density, color and size depend on the overall appearance of the tattoo, its color and contrast.

Dotwork - Perhaps the most ancient tattooing technique, even Egyptians covered their bodies with dots. It is executed in black or combined red-black color, gravitates toward abstract regular or "patchwork" geometry. Ethnic motifs look good in this technique.

Tips for tattoo care during the healing period

In order for the tattoo to heal well and maintain its beauty and attractiveness for a long time, it is necessary to observe the following rules of tattoo care, relevant to both ordinary tattoo lovers and athletes:

  • You should not remove the protective bandage from the tattoo for 5 hours.
  • To wash the new tattoo it is better not to use sponges, but simply wash with antibacterial soap, in order to avoid infections, pre-setting the optimal water temperature.
  • For better healing, masters advise the use of various ointments for the care of new tattoos.
  • During the healing process, the tattoo is covered with a dry crust, which should never be torn off! This can leave not a beautiful drawing on the place of the tattoo, but creepy scars.
  • You should choose clothing that prevents sweating of the blocked area of the body, but do not forget that excessive exposure to sunlight will also not have a beneficial effect on your fresh tattoo.

Sports tattoo
Sports-themed tattoos

Fashionable male tattoos 2021-2022: trends, ideas, symbolism

The coolest tattoos for men - photos, trends, tattoo ideas for men
Note that to make the male tattoo today not everyone dares, because this procedure, undoubtedly, is associated with painful sensations.
But strong-spirited men have no problem allowing themselves the male tattoo, extolling his EGO in the symbolism of the body image.

Fashionable male tattoos 2021-2022 may be of different sizes. Many men for the sake of their self-expression can get male tattoos almost all over the body or a significant part of the body.

Some choose male tattoos that are small but no less symbolic. Men's tattoos most often decorate the wrist, arms, legs, back, and torso.

Let's take a look at the most fashionable male tattoos that are popular with the male sex.

Steampunk tattoos. The unfulfilled past

Steampunk - is a style that refers us to a past that never existed. These are motifs of mechanisms of incredible complexity, made of simple parts: gears, levers, chains.

Steampunk is thought to have found no time in our history, having been too quickly replaced by electronics, but as skin jewelry, it thrives.

The designs in this style are varied, but united by color: executed usually in ochre, copper, and rust colors. They can be disassembled and broken clocks, complicated chains of gears and uncovered secrets of non-existent ancient mechanisms.

Steampunk is a very individual and beautiful style, well suited for men.


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