Tattoo on Leg - Interesting Tattoos on Leg for Men and Women

Tattoos on the leg is a broad concept that includes tattoos on the hip, shin, knees, ankles and feet. Tattoos on the leg come in both the most minimalistic and voluminous sketches for the entire leg. Tattoos on the leg help to visually emphasize the advantages and hide flaws of the figure. Girls most often choose a tattoo on the hip to emphasize the beauty of the lines.

Different areas of the leg differ in their sensitivity. For example, tattoos on the inner thigh, knees and feet will be more painful than other parts of the leg. If you decide to get a tattoo on your leg, determine what specific part you would like to have a tattoo on. Small sketches are suitable for ankles and feet, ornaments look beautiful on the thigh of girls and on the knees of men, and large tattoos are suitable for the thigh or shin.

Tattoo on the Leg - Tattoo Location

Tattoo on the Thigh

A tattoo on the thigh is suitable for those who choose a voluminous sketch. The thigh is the most extensive part of the leg, so it will be a good place for voluminous drawings.

You can read more about the tattoo on the thigh in our article.

Tattoo on the Shin

Tattoos on the shin have their own specifics. Visually, the sketch can both emphasize the advantages, and play a cruel joke. Note that elongated in length drawings will elongate the shin, making it thinner. And large sketches stretched out in width, can visually make the leg look shorter. Listen to the master, choose together with him the ideal location of the tattoo on the shin.

Tattoo on legs - Tattoo on legs - Tattoo on shin - Tattoo on shin

Tattoo on the Calf

A tattoo on the ankle is a good option for those who want a small tattoo. A tattoo on the ankle can be a bracelet, that is, it can encircle the leg. It can be an inscription, ornament, arrows, floral motifs or minimalistic lines. In another option, the tattoo on the ankle is located on one side, such a tattoo emphasizes the curve line of the foot and is more suitable for girls.

Tattoo on the foot

Tattoos on the feet most often located symmetrically on both legs. These can be geometric designs, skulls, old-school style tattoos or any other designs.

Leg Tattoo - Leg Tattoo - Foot Tattoo - Foot Tattoo

Tattoos on the Knees

Tattoos on the knees are a painful procedure. Mostly such drawings do men, choosing a sketch with ornaments or old-school tattoos. Knees have thin skin and no fat layer, so the pain during the tattooing process will be significant.

Heel Tattoo

Not every tattoo artist will agree to do a tattoo on the heel. And those that agree will charge you an agreement that you won't have any questions about quality. The fact is that the heel tattoo can start to warp and "leak" 90% of the time. The inscription will look like a stain, or it will need to be renewed all the time.

Leg Tattoo - Leg Tattoo - Heel Tattoo

Types of tattoos on the leg and their meaning - who is suitable for a tattoo on the knee or thigh?

The next step is to choose a tattoo. There is a huge number of drawings that can be applied to the leg.

If you are a creative person, you can come up with your own image and embody it on paper.

In the case where you are not confident in your creative abilities, it is better to turn to experienced professionals. Tattoo-masters network studios "Maruha" Take into account all your wishes and create a unique tattoo design that will not only attract attention, but also inspire. You should only choose the tattoo you want to see on your feet.

There are images of tattoos that look win-win on your feet.

Let's list the best kinds and ideas, and then - define their meaning:

Bracelets and chains

These tattoos are applied On the ankle, upper thigh or foot. Especially girls like such tattoos. They emphasize their beauty, femininity. When you wear high heels, all men will be delighted with your feet!

Do not forget about the meaning that the tattoo may have. A bracelet or chain, as a rule, forms a circle. In ancient times, this symbol was considered an amulet, a talisman and could protect its master. Therefore One of the main meanings of such a tattoo is protection..

Next, pay attention to the patterns, signs, of which the tattoo will consist:

  • Feathers Bringing feathers into your life, will emphasize sexuality and feminine qualities of personality.
  • Hearts will show the world that you know how to love, are a loyal and faithful person.
  • Cross Protect from various troubles and difficult situations, show your religiosity.
  • Leaves Can have many different meanings. Depending on what leaves will be depicted, will change and interpretation of the tattoo. The sketch of such a tattoo will have a unique meaning, it is a huge advantage, because you will know it only.
  • Flowers Emphasize your beauty. In addition, they as well as flowers can have different meanings. Pay attention to what flowers you want to represent, because they can change the interpretation of the whole tattoo (Petersburg). Again, its meaning will know only you!
  • The zodiac sign will strengthen your strong points of character. This sign will be suitable for both women and men. Depending on who you are according to your horoscope, you can put an image in the form of a medallion with your zodiac sign.
  • Talisman with any other pattern can bring you what you wanted to represent. For example, if there is a medallion with names on the chain, you will emphasize your connection with some person. If there is a date on it, then those numbers will remind you of an event that happened at that time.
  • It is possible to draw inside the talisman clover. It will bring you good luck.
  • Crown It will emphasize your strong character traits. For example, strength, independence, will, confidence, justice. In addition, this pattern means power, leadership and can bring good luck.
  • The note stanza and notes will represent your love for music. Creative people will especially like this tattoo.
  • Stars. A star bracelet can signify the beginning of a new life, prosperity. This sign can inspire a person to do new things, as well as bring good luck.
  • Runes. These symbols can have different meanings. Almost all of the runes together with a chain or bracelet will look like a talisman and will not only protect you, but also bring health, luck, love and other positive energy, depending on the choice of runes.

Animal Images

Many people think that there is not enough space on the leg for a full-fledged tattoo image.

However, medium sized animal images look great on this part of the body. You can create a picture of the whole animal, and you can draw just his face.

The images of such animals are usually applied to the leg, such as:

  • Lion. It symbolizes power, nobility, courage, strength, power, fierceness, wisdom.
  • A cat. Embody beauty, sexuality, agility, cunning, independence, mystery.
  • Tiger. Associated with passion, strength, wisdom, power, anger.
  • Bear. Represents this symbol of fortitude, courage, strength, power, maternity, caring, fertility.
  • Panda. Means an image of calm, friendship, peace, kindness.
  • Wolf. Symbolizes strength, loyalty, leadership.
  • Fox. Symbolizes longevity, abundance, playfulness, sexuality, wit.
  • Rhinoceros. Stability, constancy, indestructibility, strength.
  • Raccoon. Associated with intelligence, beauty, unpredictability, inspiration.
  • Hare .. Represents the image of wisdom, cunning, fertility, rebirth, good luck.
  • Elephant .. Means tranquility, will, strength, loyalty, intelligence.

In addition, the leg is applied to the image of reptiles and mammals, mollusks:

  • Lizard. Symbolizes agility, dexterity, revival, speed, logic.
  • Snake. Associated with fear, wisdom, temptation, good and evil, life and death.
  • Turtle. Expresses femininity, fertility, protection, indestructibility, endurance, strength, slowness.
  • Shark. Associated with freedom, cunning, speed, strength, fear.
  • Dolphin. This symbol means freedom, lightness, speed, cheerfulness, energy, luck, intelligence.
  • Octopus. Represents the symbol of immortality, eternity, longevity, impermanence.

Of course, you can depict any other animal you like on your leg. We have given examples of the most common animal tattoos.

Images of insects

Such tattoos also remain popular. Insects in the world - a huge number, you can choose any creature that will be close to your spirit.

We suggest reading the list of common tattoos with insects. Look on the leg will be incomparable:

  • Butterfly.
  • Ladybug.
  • Ant.
  • Bee.
  • Dragonfly.
  • Spider.
  • Scorpion.

Note that a pair or a few insects look especially beautiful. For example, two bees, many, many small butterflies, spiders, ants. But ladybugs, dragonflies, and scorpions are drawn, on the contrary, one by one.

Tattoos with insects mean freedom, ease, grace, speed, aspiration, joy, luck, peace, rebirth. Wear such tattoos as amulets.

Images of birds and wings

You can also depict birds on the leg. The most common is the "flock of birds" tattoo, where birds are drawn in black.

Popular tattoos with an image of:

  • Swallows
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Firebird
  • Owl or Eagle Owl

The meaning of these tattoos are various.

  • First, they bring happiness, good luck, good luck.
  • Secondly, they symbolize the speed, lust for life. They can direct you to a new path of life, to inspire to accomplish things.
  • Also, a tattoo of a bird represents caring, femininity, loyalty, loyalty, family.

Before you get a tattoo, familiarize yourself with the meanings of each symbol and sign. Adding other elements - for example, flowers - will change the interpretation of the tattoo (Petersburg).

Many depict wings. Depending on who they belong to - such will be the meaning of the tattoo. Wings on the foot - a charming and whimsical sign.

Drawings of mythological creatures

Another idea for a tattoo is to perform a sketch of a mythological creature.

Particularly relevant:

  • Phoenix. Symbolizes rebirth, fire, the sun. Applying a picture of the phoenix, you get a powerful amulet, able to prolong life, because also this symbol means immortality.
  • Dragon. It is associated with power, strength, confidence, independence, nobility, wisdom and experience. Such a tattoo is able to emphasize the beauty of a woman's body. It will rank you as an imperial power.
  • Angel. Symbolizes the image of an angel spirituality, divinity, love, faith, decency, peacefulness, harmony, tranquility. This symbol can protect you and shield you from trouble and adversity.
  • Fairy associated with magical power, magic. Emphasizes the image beauty, youth, unusual.
  • Anubis - a deity revered in ancient Egypt, belongs to the world of the dead. In addition, it can mean belief in the Supreme Court, justice, punishment, punishment. Most often, such a tattoo do men.
  • Gargoyle. Despite the fact that these creatures belong to the demons, they protect their master, protect him from temptation and evil.
  • Unicorn. Meet the tattoo in the representatives of both sexes. It is associated with strength, nobility, power, severity, invulnerability, and also means beauty, abundance, longevity, perfection.
  • Mermaid. The image of this creature expresses a particular beauty, feminine energy and at the same time danger.

Hieroglyphs and inscriptions.

The popularity of these tattoos remains at a high level.

  • Hieroglyphs are understandable to others, but only a few people (those who know Japanese) know the meaning of certain symbols. Tattoos in the form of a character have a unique style. Hieroglyphs can mean success, happiness, health, love, etc.
  • Interpretations of the inscriptions are easier to understand than hieroglyphs. They can be written in Latin, English, French, Italian.
  • The effectiveness and attractiveness of the tattoo depends on the font. They can be proverbs, proverbs, aphorisms, mottos, creeds of life, dates.
  • Their meaning will depend on the overall meaning of the inscription.

Other signs and symbols

To decorate the tattoo, as well as to emphasize the tenderness, beauty, femininity, many girls put on the leg:

  • Bows, stockings.
  • Diamonds.
  • Stars.
  • Hearts.
  • Rings.
  • Crowns.

Whatever design you choose, the main thing is that the tattoos reflect your inner state, feelings, emotions. Do not hurry to apply a tattoo and run to tattoo parlors (St. Petersburg), it is better to think carefully about the sketch and pick up a few options images.

Men's Tattoo on the Leg - Sketches

In the tattoo on the leg can not be said about the purely "male" places. Men's tattoos on the thigh are placed to show the design, not to emphasize the lines as in the women's version. Men more often make large complex tattoos. Or decide on bold unusual tattoos, for example, a tattoo on the knees.

Types of tattoos on a woman's leg

Inscriptions .

Inscriptions, which are executed on the legs in small or large print, are very popular among girls. Such a font can be printed, or it can be more ornate and elegant.

Tattoo garter .

A beautiful and very seductive garter tattoo, imitates a stocking sash. It can depict patterns, openwork belts with a bow, as well as lace. Most often the tattoo is performed in black and white, blue and pink.


The patterns on your feet can be different. They can occupy almost half of your foot, surprising with unique twists and ethnic patterns. There is absolutely no limit to the creation of any pattern here. After all, even ordinary stripes, different in width, can beautifully decorate your foot.


Bright, feminine flowers tattoos will beautifully adorn any woman's legs. But just see that the abundance of color does not turn your original tattoo into an incomprehensible and smeared spot.


Themed tattoos can carry any character. It can be gothic drawings, images of animals, birds, snakes, and other fantasy and mythical creatures.

Mega-tattoos .

On such a tattoo few girls will dare. Here, the master completely scores the leg with the figure, capturing the thigh and ankle. It is not uncommon that such a tattoo is decorated with not one, but two legs at once. This is a very catchy, bright and complex tattoo. It will cost you a very expensive penny, and its execution will take a lot of time.

Women's Tattoos on the Thigh - Sketches

Tattoo on the hip for girls is a way to emphasize their figure. But at the same time, not all of the female tattoos on the hip have such a message, sometimes it's just a meaningful drawings without any other purpose. Tattoos on the ankles and feet in most cases are chosen for the first tattoo, as many girls are easier to decide on a small tattoo.

Why Latin?

Latin is one of the few languages that have survived from antiquity. Today it is official in the Vatican and accepted by the Catholic Church, but it is considered dead, because it is not used in spoken language. The greatest minds of mankind mastered this language, which is why many aphorisms in Latin have survived to this day and are in demand and respected. In Russia it is used in rare cases, for example, in the designation of medical terms.

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People who want to get a tattoo, comprehend its meaning, so that over the years the image is not boring. Latin inscriptions are perfect for hiding the meaning of the tattoo from others.

"To fly on her wings."

She walks in faith
"She walks in faith."

Catch the moment, live the present
"Seize the moment," "live in the present."

So what to do. Choose an inscription from the many that exist or come up with your own? What handwriting to use to make the tattoo look beautiful? What part of the body to apply to? There are answers to all of these questions.

Choosing a tattoo design

When choosing a tattoo sketch, you should consider its meaning, location and size. There are 20 styles of tattooing. Among them, everyone will be able to find something of their own.

Tattoo Styles

Abstractionism .

This direction of the tattoo is popular among a narrow circle of people who prefer a deep veiled meaning. At first, the chaotic jumble of colors, shapes and other elements causes a misunderstanding of the tattoo's intent. Abstract sketches do not contain clearly defined objects, but they set up a certain atmosphere. The smooth flow of color, blurred lines and all sorts of shades of color give the tattoo softness and femininity. The main task of such sketches is to convey a sensual image, understandable "Without words".

Tattoo in the style of abstractionism

Applying this style of tattoo is possible only by a professional master familiar with abstraction.


Tattoo in this style is identical to the pictorial technique of drawing with paints. Translucent, light colors create the effect of airiness, dreamy girls will like this option. Dilutions, the flow of one color into another, blurriness - signs of a true artist, which should be the master of tattooing to create such tattoos.

Tattoo in the style of watercolor

Ar brut.

The history of this trend has French roots. The contrast of the romantic country and this style defies description. The name of the style literally means "rough art" with no clear boundaries. Art Brut is the antipode of the mainstream.

Tattoo in a style of Art Brut.

Baroque .

This style originally appeared in Renaissance art. Art tended to embellishment and excessive ornamentation. Pompousness, luxury, lots of curls and intersecting lines inspire tattoo artists and girls around the world. In this direction there is a place for imagination to run wild, and the result will conquer all expectations.

Baroque tattoo


Fantastic worlds with cyborgs, other worlds and planets excite the minds of earthlings since the last century. The main idea of Biomechanics is the symbiosis of human flesh and machine. In this style of tattoo the most advantageous area of the image is the legs. Girls prefer to decorate their thighs with a drawing with incised flesh, through which a metal skeleton is showing through.

Tattoo in the style of biomechanics


The name of the style speaks for itself. These images are dominated by patches of black color. This direction does not have a gender marker, so it is actively used by the beautiful half of humanity. And it is not just a piling up of spots, but sometimes a whole story illustrating some event. Any pattern can be stylized as Blackwork.

Tattoo in the style of Blackwork


The intertwining of lines that create a picture, the connection of geometric shapes into a single image is quite challenging. This style became popular to unimaginable heights last year. Animals, landscapes, portraits, still lifes and many more fill the sketch folders of all tattoo artists in the world.

Tattoo in the style of geometry


Quite a complicated technique of depiction. This style, as in art, is an imprint of an image. Therefore, the quality of an engraving tattoo directly depends on the level of the master. Mistakes in execution can turn a work of art into a child's coloring book.

Engraving style tattoo


The only style of its kind that requires maximum concentration and skills. Literally, the name translates as "Dotwork" and indeed, the applied tattoo consists of a million dots. However the time and patience while performing such a tattoo gives an unimaginable result. The image catches the eye. And if you get bored, you can count the number of dots.

Tattoo in the style of Dotwork


Ethnic tattoos involve subtle and painstaking work. But it is not so much about the technique of execution, as about the semantic load. The Mayan script has reached us in a limited amount, and professional readers on it a day not to scarcely find. Therefore, each symbol must be carefully checked. And for the rest, you will have to be patient. Believe me, you will be repaid for it doubly.

Mayan style tattoo


This style has become a tattoo classic. The images can be radically different from each other, but they have one thing in common: dark tones. The tattoo can be any size and shape. Minimalism speaks of the absence of pretentiousness and variety of color, but not of the lack of meaning.

Tattoo in the style of minimalism

New Cheekbone

Technological progress could not go unnoticed in the art of tattooing. The prevailing number of fans of comic books, computer games and animation contributed to the stylistics of tattooing. Bright colors, cartoon characters, characters of favorite movies, comics and toys settled on the bodies of fans of new-style. The images most often evoke feelings of tenderness and making you touch and pet the depicted creature.

New Skool Tattoo

Oldschool .

This style is the direct opposite of new-style. "Old school" tattoo implies that there is no correct shape or realism of the image. Representatives of a very strange, but clinging animation of that time are still loved and revered. This style is dominated by the nautical theme of the depicted objects.

Old skool style tattoo.

Polynesia .

This style has a deep sacred style. The very process of applying such a tattoo is a whole ritual that connects a person to the astral world. The combination of lines, geometric figures, waves and spirals have a semantic meaning and tell a whole story. Such tattoos are often perceived by their bearers as amulets and averters. Therefore, the choice of such designs should be treated with caution.

Tattoo in the style of Polynesia

Top 5 most fashionable sketch ideas for 2021 for girly legs

Animalism will be the most fashionable trend for tattoos for 2021. Since antiquity, people have decorated themselves with images of animals and plants. At that time, there was a religion called Animalism. Her main rituals was the worship of animals - totems. Since then, animals became a kind of amulet against negativity. Representatives of fauna reflect the girl's character, emphasize her best qualities and add intrigue to the relationship.

Girl with tattoos

1st place


Interpretation of the feathered fraternity in all styles of tattooing will give girls lightness, airiness, a touch of romance and sensuality.

Silhouettes of birds and dandelion are a true expression of lightness.

A colored feather in the air stream with a soaring flock is an interesting option for the amulet

Bright and imposing royal peacock will adorn any girl's leg.

Watercolor technique combined with flora and fauna gives a slight eroticism and tenderness.

2nd place

Kittens .

Cat family accurately reflects the essence of each girl. Gentle, tender, but with character and devoted only to those who truly love them, the cat. The contrast of grace and impetuosity, self-confidence and submissiveness will be popular this year. And jokes about strong and independent girls will step aside.

The black cat has become a cult character not only in comics, but also in women's beautiful ankles.

Minimalism and cats are a good tandem.

Cats are the best jewelry. Why wear more?

For kitties, spring is endless. Such a tattoo will raise your endorphins!

Realism does not happen much. The hand also reaches out to pet a SEAL and his mistress.

3rd place


For women

For men