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The dragon is a symbol of strength, power and authority, a mythological creature that is currently popular in our time. Many people want to decorate their bodies with this particular tattoo, and for good reason, because the image of the dragon looks really majestic and even frightening. Such a decoration of the body certainly will not leave without attention, but did you know that the dragon is a symbol that gathered the qualities of completely different animals? If we talk about the appearance of the dragon, his head is similar to the head of a camel, but his horns like deer antlers, the body itself resembles the body of a snake, dragon scales similar to fish scales, cow ears, eyes of a demon and the claws of an eagle. His whole image looks creepy, but the winged snake associated with the element of water and fertility, a symbol of higher power and infinity, is protection from evil forces. А In Japan, dragons were a symbol of rain or thunderstorms, so their statuettes or sculptures in that country can be found quite often.. But not everywhere and not always, the dragon meant goodness and prosperity, so the image and symbol of the dragon, as well as the meaning of the tattoo can vary greatly. From what and why? About this we will tell you below.

The meaning of the dragon tattoo

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A man with such a tattoo is clearly not out of the woods

Nakolki in most cases make people of young age: from non-formals, from various social groups and organizations. Or just connoisseurs of nail drawings.

This article will talk about the dragon tattoo. It can be small, tiny, pinned on parts of the body not at all visible to others. And it can be large, standing out, on the open areas, visible to all. But regardless of size, color, the tattoo has a specific meaning, contains the message that its owner wants to explain to others.

The image of the dragon can carry a different semantic load.

The image of the flying snake exists in the cultures of almost all ...both European and Asian.... But in each culture, the external appearance of the lizard depicted differently.

Chinese dragon

Features of the image of the dragon in a tattoo for girls

The dragon tattoo for girls is not aggressive. His silhouette or image is soft, friendly, without the hint of bloodthirstiness, inspiring fear fangs or capable of tearing its victim, claws. In most cases, they are calm and even funny (if in the style of Newschool or Anime).

By coincidence, the most popular today are the Chinese dragons, which are perfectly combined with various additional objects in the form of symbols or objects, such as a pearl.

Chinese dragon

European dragon

Chinese dragon tattoos for girls (Oriental style) have a number of advantages - they are like snakes capable of entangling the allotted tattoo area (arms and legs) or grouped in a flat area (back or ribs).

European versions of the dragon tattoo for girls are usually in the Graphic, Realism and Blackwork style (when only a black silhouette is displayed). These styles are able to emphasize a certain individuality of the girl and are perfectly combined with all kinds of widespread flowering plants (flower buds).

Sketches of tattoos with a dragon

Fashion for a tattoo with a lizard is not subject to time. The image of a huge snake excites the human mind and strikes the imagination. Sketches of dragon tattoos make it easy to put images on the parts of the body, conveying and revealing the secret meaning of the tattoo.

Dragon tattoo sketch

Dragon tattoo sketch

Sketch of a dragon tattoo

Sketch of a dragon tattoo

Sketch of a dragon tattoo

Sketch of a dragon tattoo

In this collection of sketches you can choose any, corresponding to the spirit and mood of the future owner of the tattoo.

The meaning of the tattoo by placement

No less important is the moment of location of the tattoo.

  • Grinning, big mouth, open wings, huge claws mean aggression, hostility, power.
  • The wings are down and the mouth is closed - a sign of good intentions.
  • A lizard lying calmly is a sign of peace.
  • A creature flying upwards is a sign of openness, a good mood.
  • A lizard flying down - a symbol of secret aggression, a threat.

Drawing of the creature in flight more often used on the zone.

The dragon on the hand - an eternal image

The image of the winged creeper is often preferred by men. They are attracted by large drawings in color, covering the entire hand. Girls often apply a tattoo of a lizard as an exotic decoration without any sense. But not always. The famous actress А. Jolie tattooed a dragon on her left forearm, wanting to show the power of his maternal instinct.

The world's famous personalities: both women and men, do tattoos of the winged creeper (Jack Osbourne, Bruce Willis, Lenny Kravitz and others).

By tattooing a flying creature on the hand, men demonstrate their power, readiness to solve problems and reprisal against the enemy.

The wearer of the dragon tattoo emphasizes his willingness to take any steps to protect those closest to him in spirit. He treasures qualities such as:

  • loyalty;
  • friendship;
  • trust;
  • courage;
  • justice.

Dragon on the hand

A tattoo of a reptile with wings on a man's hand will tell about all this. It is not uncommon to decorate the hands of guys, followers of Eastern religions and martial arts with dragons. Flying creepers "help" young people not to go away from the chosen path, to achieve their goals.

The image of a winged lizard on the leg

Having decided to score a tattoo dragon, it is necessary to choose the place of the image, and here we have to think about the way of life, the place of work or study. For example, many reputable companies do not allow their employees to put tattoos on visible parts of the body. What's more, they initially people with tattoos are not hired if they are visible. The logical way out in this situation is a tattoo on the leg or a small image on the ankle or foot.

Under the pants tattoo no one will see

Young people or girls, for whom the dress code does not play any role, can make a tattoo of a winged monster on any part of the body. Many choose the Abdomen, chest, lower back, even the buttocks and intimate areas (mostly girls).

Nakolka dragon on the shoulder

The image of a mythical monster on this part of the body More often choose men. Girls, if and stuffed dragon tattoo on the shoulder, then in the form of a small picture. And guys do nakolka, starting on the forearm and leaving on the chest or on the scapula.

Nakolka looks beautiful in one color, as well as multi-colored. A winged snake with an open mouth and a grin, slithering down, symbolizes hostility, courage, determination to attack at any moment. As a rule, these young men not be the first to confront, do not attack themselvesBut it will not be nice to those who interfere in their affairs, trying to take away their property or force to submit to the opinion of others.

The original tattoo on the shoulder

It is believed that the dragon tattoo protects the owner from bad influences, assists in asserting leadership positions in the team, is an assistant in achieving dreams. A red winged lizard will help its owner to become successful .. The gold kite, crouched on the shoulder, Will bring wealth.

If the dragon is calm or asleep at all, the owner is guaranteed a serene life, without nervous outbursts and shocks.

Small dragon tattoos for girls

Small dragons on tattoos do not have to be cartoonish. A girl who chooses a small tattoo simply in most cases does not strongly wish to flaunt a commitment to the world of body art, but believes that the image can somehow positively affect her fate and character. Sometimes it is a tribute to the horoscope of those destined to be born in the year of the dragon.

Small dragon tattoos can be primitive, consisting of lines or silhouettes and in most cases are monochrome. They can be found on the wrist or forearm on the inside, on the ankles, on the neck (near the back of the neck), or in a more intimate place (near the panty line on the front of the thigh, below the stomach).

As a rule, small tattoos reflect only the main element or combine (intertwine) it with some symbol, which can also mean something in the girl's life or carry hidden information.

Tattoo on the back

This is the largest and therefore most convenient part of the body for tattooing. Only on the back you can maximally represent the picture in all its splendor, to show the smallest, but important details.

It is possible not just to depict a dragon, but to create It is possible not just to depict a dragon, but to create a whole composition, a narrative picture. It is not uncommon to have a tattoo of a winged lizard fighting a tiger. The victory of the flying kite over the predator means the victory of good over the dark forces.

A volumetric tattoo. It looks chic.

When imposing a tattoo on the back must Take into account the physiology of man. Do with care not to hurt the spine and shoulder blades. Since the bones are close under the skin, the process of nailing quite painful.

The procedure is especially sensitive when the tattoo is done on the knees, in the collarbone area, on the elbows, neck, chest, particularly female. Even the process of drawing is already unpleasant.

Each person perceives the pain differently. Therefore, if it is decided to apply a tattoo for the first time, it is better to try to make a small image on a particularly sensitive area of the body. Then it will become clear whether it will be possible to endure the application of the dragon tattoo.

What kind of dragons are there?

The dragon is a mythical animal that never existed in reality. Nevertheless, each of the presently existing nations has its own legends involving fairy-tale serpents. And, depending on the geography of origin, dragons have different characters and assumed appearance.


In China, the mighty lizard symbolized fertility, carrying water to people in times of drought. In the first images, the water serpent soared from lakes and rivers, ruled the element of water. In later versions, his powers encompassed all elements: he lived in the water, soared in the sky, breathed fire and could turn into a grain of sand at will. The Chinese dragon represents wisdom, harmony, health and longevity.

He is like a scaly snake and has no wings, but can fly. According to the image canon, he has 117 scales and 5 claws on each paw. The classic attribute of the Chinese dragon is a burning pearl in its mouth.


Japan went even further in the exaltation of the mythical creature. Legend has it that the first emperor descended from dragons.

In Japan, dragons are also subordinate to the water element. Their power is infinite, their wisdom infinite. In this form, they symbolize the cycle of life, protecting against the dark forces of the beyond. There are representations of dragons on all Buddhist temples.

The Japanese dragon has many faces: it can take the form of a wolf, horse or camel with the body of a snake. The canons dictate the depiction of a beast with a beard and 3 claws on its paws.


The European dragon has a very different character. He is not a sage, but a villain and terrorist. He oppresses the townspeople, holds the people in fear, and demands princesses and babies as sacrifices.

At the same time, he dwells in dungeons and caves, guarding countless treasures. The dragon in European mythology is an obstacle in the way of the brave knight; defeating the lizard is the hero's main dream.

European dragons depicted have long necks, sharp tails, and webbed wings like bats. It breathes fire, displaying a predatory forked tongue.


Judging by the attitude to dragons, Russian people are more European than Asian. Since the times of Kievan Rus, the three-headed Serpent Gorynych has been a classic negative character, which all bogatyrs and daredevils defeat. The serpent is aggressive and powerful, but stupid and clumsy, even three heads and the ability to regenerate do not save him from death under the sword of the hero.

The coat of arms of Moscow, where St. George the Victorious pierces the serpent with his spear, is another confirmation of the vile and humiliating role of Russian dragons in mythology.

Dragon tattoo for men and women

Both men and women enjoy putting the image of the winged monster on their body. For ladies, the dragon represents courage, strength, and protection.

A woman from time immemorial is considered the bearer of the family, the guardian of the family home, so the winged monster on a woman's body means that she protects her maternity and family. In addition, girls want to to emphasize her reliability, loyalty, firmness and conviction. The graceful body of the dragon represents prudence, flexibility in decision-making.

Dragon on a girl's shoulder

Often the fairer sex representatives winged creep on the body becomes a fairy tale or cartoon character, which they like to decorate with sakura, beautiful flowers, add bright colors to the tattoo.

For men, the dragon tattoo is a symbol of natural strength and power. Drawing a flying snake on their body denotes that men are protectors of women, children and the elderly.

According to legend, the power of the winged lizard must be balanced, commensurate with reason, sanity, otherwise greed will win over the good. Therefore The main meaning of the flying kite tattoo for men is the ability to earn respect for themselves, for their prudence.

Japanese dragon tattoo

The attitude to the tattoos in society ambiguous .. Some people consider the body image a sign of bad taste, others - art, and others argue that it is a tribute to fashion.

Be that as it may, everyone will answer himself to this question. Without a doubt, only one thing is certain: Tattoos are popular, the fashion for them does not pass.

If it was decided to make a tattoo, then it is necessary to address in specialized tattoo salons, instead of going home for the service to your friend "craftsman", who along with a tattoo can get a bunch of health problems.

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Dragon - the meaning of the tattoo

The meaning of the dragon tattoo is quite extensive. Find out what the tattoo means in our video.

Meaning of colors

When choosing a dragon tattoo, you should pay attention to the use of colors. Each of them has its own meaning.

  • Black is a sign of respect for people, especially parents.
  • Blue or blue is a symbol of infinite life, peacefulness, openness, empathy.
  • Gold - sign of kindness, wisdom, generosity.
  • Yellow is a symbol of war and attack, so it's rarely used.
  • Red - symbolizes love, passion, and protection of the family home.
  • Green - a sign of connection with the earth.


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