Tattoo Puma - sketches and meanings for men and girls, placement (on the arm, shoulder, leg), spectacular photos

Tattoo Puma

Tattoo with a cougar Have become popular in the art of tattooing. Beauty and strength, grace and deadliness, grace and ferocity - all this is surprisingly harmoniously combined in the image of the cougar. This predator was respected and feared, he admired, but still preferred to avoid meetings.

The puma became not only a popular image in art and popular culture, but also one of the frequent characters in tattoos. Today, we're going to talk about what the meaning of a cougar tattoo is, and give you some ideas on the style of your future work.

Tattoo Symbolism.

What significance is given to this animal in the form of a tattoo? As a totem animal, the cougar has always inspired fear and awe. The image was applied in different tribes to protect themselves from evil forces, the evil eye, to get support in risky affairs. The cougar's qualities were needed by hunters, preppers and protectors.

Since ancient times, the image of this animal was revered in North and South America, where this species is common - in the jungle, jungle, mountainous areas. In Latin America, the puma was often depicted at the feet of the deity Viracocha - it symbolized protection, courage and virtue.

As a symbol of the kingdom of the dead, it symbolized protection, courage and virtue. Interestingly, it is the only wild "cat" that did not avoid close proximity to humans. Today cougars often appear near farms and even cities - and they are very dangerous, but not really aggressive, almost never attack people.

The meaning of the cougar tattoo

If you decided to score yourself a cougar tattoo, you probably want to know what meaning it has. Everyone puts its own meaning in the image, but there are common features that unite them.

Tattoo on the shoulder
Cougar and wolf tattoo on the shoulder

Here are a few common meanings of a cougar:

  • The ability to adapt to all situations in life. This clever animal can make do with little for the sake of survival. The same traits possess the person who decided to peck it on his body.
  • Active life attitude. Puma is a predator that hunts both day and night. People with her image on their bodies, ready to take up the challenge at any time, they are always in uniform and on guard.
  • Self-Sufficiency. The tattoo can indicate that the person is a self-sufficient person. He likes solitude and tranquility. Such individuals can and know how to take care of themselves and do not need outside help.
  • Strength. These animals have developed muscles and can defeat individuals several times their size. That's why many people make a tattoo as a source of strength and confidence. Even the ancient Indians did themselves a body painting with a puma, considering this animal an example of endurance and fearlessness.

It also matters who chooses a picture. For a girl - it is independence in front of men, as well as a sign that it is not intended to start a family, but at the same time, do not give up the idea of a child. Such girls like to follow their physical form and look fit and athletic. They build their life without looking back at the opinion of others. In love they take a dominant position.

  • Cougar tattoo on the shoulder

  • Tattoo of cougars on the shoulder, photo from:

Young people, stuffing themselves with this animal on the body, consider it a source of strength and energy. As a rule, they are fans of getting adrenaline. The cougar tattoo can often be seen on bikers and fans of extreme lifestyles. Also tattoos in men can often be seen in the military, mercenaries and special forces. Such a tradition went from ancient times, when tribal warriors decorated themselves with images of this animal, believing that it will bring them victory.

Options, styles, combinations of cougar tattoos

The image of a cougar in the style of realism is considered a classic. But no less advantageous such a natal painting looks and in modern styles of execution. If you're a fan of black and white tattoos, or Dotwork style. The figure in this case is applied with a set of dots, which creates a smooth transition from light to shadow.

Puma Tattoo, Dotwork
Tattoo of cougars, dotwork

Puma tattoo in watercolor technique looks bright and colorful. This variant is often preferred by girls, as translucent shades give the picture a delicate touch.

Next to the head of the animal, a flower is often depicted - a symbol of femininity and grace. If there is a dagger in the sketch, it is an image of masculinity and fearlessness. Also often next to the animal are applied ancient Indian symbols in the form of tattoos, which mean strength, power, energy.

Tattoo on hand
Tattoo of a cougar with a rose

Who can do themselves such tattoos?

Today, similarly choose tattoos with a cougar to "borrow" the features of this proud and dangerous beast. People who prefer this image, differ (or aspire to it) by intelligence, reaction speed, the ability to wait for the right moment, the propensity to survive, even cunning. They can think out of the box, the smallest is enough for them, but they seek grandiose goals. They are also characterized by beauty and grace of body, balance and refinement of movements.

The symbol of the pumas is characteristic for jumping from a great height without consequences, so businessmen who are prone to risk, athletes, and extreme athletes like this symbol. Strategists, far-sighted people, cunning and pragmatic, also feel sympathy for this big cat. The female sex, as a rule, wants to emphasize its grace, affection, along with a dangerous temperament, this soft and cunning nature, very inquisitive.

The first Puma logo

1948 - the very first Puma logo appears. It consists of two parts: an animal image (puma) and D sign (first letter of the founders name). The animal on the logo as if jumping through a ring. The animal is depicted as a silhouette, without drawing details. The letter is stretched upwards and has serifs. The logo is available in black and white.

Examples of images

There are different versions of cougar sketches that are ordered by craftsmen for body padding:

  • full-length;
  • - head;
  • in a jump or on the hunt;
  • at rest.

The most difficult variant is, of course, the predator in motion, it is most loved by customers of tattoos. Much less often they choose a resting, relaxed cougar. This is due to the fact that many like to denote a tendency to a quick start, concentration, the process of hunting.

A separate head of the animal helps to emphasize personal qualities - strength, observation, suddenness, but at the same time, oddly enough - peacefulness, self-control.

The finished drawing can be supplemented with different elements: floral, floral, hieroglyphic, textual. This often changes the meaning of the image radically.

  • Puma with prey - irreconcilability, aggression.
  • Among the flowers and herbs - femininity and the ability to live independently, freedom of thought.
  • The presence of the background makes the drawing spectacular, so the image is revealed as much as possible.
  • The bared fangs are loved by men, this type of tattoo works as a talisman.
  • The animal in the jump looks classy, hinting at the ability to defend itself.

A bit of history

The cougar is found primarily in the American Wild West. This predator leads a solitary lifestyle, hunts at all hours of the day and is capable of attacking prey several times larger than itself. The cougar surpasses many other animals in power and strength: one of its jumps reaches 14 meters in length and 6 meters in width. It easily adapts to any conditions and zealously guards its own territory from strangers.

It is noteworthy that cougars used to live near human settlements, but never attacked humans. This predator is not amenable to training, but also does not exhibit unexpected aggression. For these qualities, our ancestors revered and respected the puma, considering it a symbol of nobility and fearlessness. In Native American tribes, the image of the animal served as a totem and amulet, which attracted good luck and protected from enemies.

cougar on bicep

Where is the best place to place a tattoo

The choice of the body area depends on the size of the pattern, style, and the client's wishes:

  • A one-piece image of a predator can be printed on any area.
  • "Portrait" close-up will look good on flat areas: stomach, chest, back, shoulders.
  • Very original looks cougar on the neck, shoulder blade, in the center of the back, at the base of the neck, next to the collarbones.
  • Interesting stylized pictures with cougars - on the back of the wrist, on the arms, on the shoulder blades or ankles, on the hip (this option is loved by young girls).

Different variants of execution can be seen in the photo - there are a lot of ready-made samples. If the picture was spoiled, to make adjustments can any talented master with experience.

Tattoo with a cougar - a sign of an extraordinary person who strives for more, is not afraid of difficulties, knows how to challenge fate. These are interesting people with whom there is always something to talk about.

Puma in the art of tattooing

Realistic images of these graceful predators certainly look impressive, but realism is not the only style in which they will look original and bright.

Fans of monochrome tattoos should take a closer look at the works in the Dotwork style. The essence is that the picture is applied with the help of thousands of individual dots. Located at different distances from each other, they create an image with shadows and transitions of shades. This style is quite ancient (evidence has been found that people decorated their bodies with such paintings even in prehistoric Africa), but it began to enjoy popularity only in the 1990s. Most often you can see ornamental works in Dotwork style (basically - variations on the theme of mandala), so the image of the animal, made with black dots, will look very original.

If you want to paint the cougar in bright colors, watercolor is a great option. Watercolor tattoos look delicate but at the same time catchy; flowing colors and smooth transitions of shades give tattoos a resemblance to a real painting painted in this technique. Clear outlines in such works are either used in small quantities, to indicate only the borders of the elements of the picture, or there are no outlines at all.

Choosing a place for a future tattoo, be guided, first of all, the form of the sketch. For example, oblong cougar tattoos on the leg, arm or ribs will look very harmonious, while the same sketch can look completely ridiculous on the chest. For this place, as well as for the scapula, as well as the shoulder, good sketches round shape. Most often depict only the muzzle of the animal, but you can also meet large-scale work with predators resting or hunting on the background of the steppes of Patagonia or the forests of Canada.

Look through the photos of the cougar tattoo, browse through the catalogs of sketches, from them you can draw inspiration for your own drawing. But remember, it's not the best idea to completely copy someone else's tattoos or sketches that are in the public domain.

Who created the Puma logo

The Puma logo was created by the founder of the brand, Rudolf Dassler. He believed that the products produced by his company should be associated with the characteristics of a cat: symbolizing speed, endurance, agility, flexibility. In his opinion, these same qualities must be present in the movement of the athlete. And good equipment and quality clothing will help anyone to become even more successful and strong.

The first emblems, belonging to the pen of Dassler were not very presentable and solid (their schematic image did not inspire confidence), so the board decided to order a more thorough version of the designer and artist Lutz Backes - he developed the world famous symbol.


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