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Tattoo guitar Is the choice of bright, extraordinary people. The main meaning of such a naked picture is spirituality and creativity. The guitar is the embodiment of many aspects of human life, from camping with nightly gatherings around the campfire and ending with deafening concerts of rock musicians. That's why The meaning of a guitar tattoo can be different:

  • A love of music (rock music, bardic, author's song, romances);
  • penchant for travel, adventure, desire for new acquaintances;
  • tenderness and sexuality when it comes to girls.

The guitar can convey the subtle organization of the nature of the person, the owner of the tattoo, the strings of his soul is not difficult to touch.

As a side note.

In any interpretation, the guitar tattoo sketch will suit people who are creative, seeking, who are able to see not only the external manifestations of life and tend to look into the essence of things.

General meaning

There are many variations of the meaning of the guitar tattooed on the body. They vary depending on the style of execution, the place of application, the drawing itself, etc.

Undoubtedly, any tattoo with the image of a guitar means ambition, romance, feelings, creation, freedom and rebelliousness. Often such tattoos are chosen by musicians and followers of this creative direction. Such tattoos are especially popular among representatives of various musical subcultures.

In general, the meaning of the guitar tattoo depends on the plot of the image. The most popular wearable images of musical instruments are as follows:

  1. The bass guitar. It is used by rock musicians and members of musical bands. Such an image serves as a talisman for them, a talisman for success, inspiration and mental uplift.
  2. Guitar fingerboard. If it is surrounded by flaming tongues, it means passive aggression, unrealized energy, fiery character, self-confidence. The owner of such a tattoo can become the possessor of destructive or creative power.
  3. Guitar with wings. Symbolizes youth, youth and inexperience. Most often, such tattoos prefer people the element of air.
  4. The girl, who carries a guitar. It is considered a prison tattoo. In the conditions of imprisonment such a tattoo is preferred by women of nontraditional sexual orientation.
  5. The feature with a guitar. Symbolizes the death penalty.
  6. Drawing of a skeleton with a guitar. Expresses contempt for death. Especially often such tattoos are imposed in Mexico by those who are ranked in the criminal circle. Often a text is added to the drawing of a guitar.
  7. A guitar that turns into a tree. Signifies the love of life in harmony with nature.

History of the instrument and the guitar symbol in different cultures and times

The symbol of the guitar was formed from an instrument which appeared in ancient times.

People of the ancient world always had a positive attitude towards the musical instrument, even tattooed themselves with its image, as well as - in the form of strings or fingerboard of the guitar.

Let us tell you what it meant in different cultures of the ancient world:

  • In Egypt. the first drawings of the guitar appeared. They were called nablas. This instrument was very similar to the guitar, but was not called so yet. It was considered a symbol of goodness.
  • Thanks to the introduction of the guitar in Asian and European countries such as Babylon, Assyria, Spain - the musical instrument became very popular. To have a guitar in the house was considered a sign of honor, nobility. It became actual to hold performances, meetings, circles in which musicians playing on guitars took the primary role.
  • With time, until about the 16th century., literature for musicians began to appear. The names of the composers appeared in all the countries where there was this unique musical instrument.
  • In the American countries The guitar was introduced between the 16th and 18th centuries. At that time it had an elongated appearance and a smaller size.
  • In Russia This musical instrument was not very well received. It appeared in the houses of the noble family in the 19th century. It was considered a luxury to have a guitar in the house. There were no masters who made guitars. People had to order them from abroad. And in the 20th century the guitar began to interest amateurs. Those who could "afford it" played it, even without knowledge of music and literature. Famous musicians disdained the instrument and did not even try to learn how to play it.

So, gradually, the symbol of the guitar began to be applied to jewelry, which adorned themselves with creative individuals.

And men became the founders of tattooing their bodies with this very image.

Meaning for girls

A fairly common image of the guitar is the outline of the instrument in the video silhouette of the female body. The guitar tattoo in a large size, applied, for example, on the back of the girl emphasizes the beauty of the owner. Any of the styles will make the guitar tattoo attractive.

No matter how bright the color scheme, how many or few details in the picture. The image of the guitar always looks beautiful. The owner of such a tattoo can be a muse, the inspirer of a man to feats or just a beloved woman.The image of the guitar, surrounded by flowers and ribbons, is preferred by romantic natures, lovers of poetry and literature.

Such girls wish to be in the center of a man's attention, to have many admirers at the same time. Such manifestations of male esteem as songs, compliments, poems are especially important for such ladies.

The drawing of a guitar with wings reflects the creative nature of the girl. Such a tattoo will suit a young girl, an ambitious lady who connects her life, for example, with music.

Guitar with wings - a reminder of free life, creativity, self-development. Such tattoos are also used as a talisman: the on-body drawing of the guitar helps in concentration, fulfillment of dreams, perseverance.

Meaning for men

Tongues of flame around the guitar show the flamboyant and explosive nature of the bearer of the tattoo. It is also believed that men with a tattoo in the form of a burning guitar quickly "burn", constantly improving in creativity and work.

Romantic guys also often choose the guitar tattoo. They have an instrument drawn together with a campfire, a starry sky, and trees. Such drawings reflect the love for nature, songs by the fire, travel, the desire not to follow the opinion of others and go to his goal.

Those who love to go hiking prefer to add images of plants to the guitar body drawings, or to stuff the instrument, which turns into a tree.

Particular connoisseurs of music prefer to stuff the instrument, flying into guitar strings in the form of notes and chords. Some would-be tattoo bearers stuff the drawing based on a photo of their own instrument, or use ready-made sketches.

Styles of application

Such an image can be performed in a wide variety of styles. The main point is the meaning implied by the person himself, who stuffs himself with a tattoo.

Here are a few stylistic solutions for the image of the guitar tattoo:

  • Realism;
  • old-school;
  • new-school;
  • graphics;
  • watercolor;
  • thrash polka;
  • gravosh;
  • minimalism, etc.

Lyrics, music and more

What does a person's choice of guitar for a tattoo mean? The meaning of such an image can be very different:

  • The actual attraction to music;
  • creative profession;
  • sensitivity to the emotions of others, empathy;
  • romanticism;
  • a delicate nature;
  • inner harmony;
  • wisdom and philosophy.

The corresponding pictures, it should be noted, are equally suitable for girls and guys. The only requirement, in fact, is to make the choice as consciously as possible.

Places of application

The most popular place of application for such a tattoo - shoulders, passing into the sleeve. Often girls choose as a place of application a back, the image on which only well emphasize the figure of the possessor of the naked figure.

The most common places for the guitar tattoo:

  • shoulders;
  • arms;
  • forearms;
  • back;
  • shins.

Interesting sketches, options, locations and meanings can be very much. But in most cases it is important only the meaning of the tattoo, which invests in him the owner of the body drawing.

Photo tattoo with guitar

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