Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Tattoo demon

Choosing tattoo demonAlways keep in mind what exactly is depicted in the sketch, which fundamentally changes its meaning and impact on people. Also we should know that the devil and the demon are different creatures, so before deciding on the choice of a sketch, it is worth to read the mythology, to learn more about the meaning of the demon tattoo and the character, and then ensure that he is depicted in the sketch.

Tattoo demon on hands

Tattoo demon on the hand

Tattoo demon on legs

Tattoo demon on foot

Tattoo demon on a man

Tattoo demon on a man

Tattoo demon on back

Tattoo demon on back

Tattoo demons

Tattoo with demons

Often by choosing such an image for a tattoo, a person seeks the patronage and help of evil spirits. As a rule, such people are interested in the occult sciences and believe they know about demonology. Then they must also be aware of the consequences of such an interest. Usually the help is less than what the "fee for services" will ask for.

Tattoo girl demon

Demon Girl Tattoo

Male tattoo of a demon

Male demon tattoo

Tattoo demon

Tattoo demon

Demon tattoo

Demon Tattoo

Tattoo demon on back - photo

Tattoo demon on his back - photo

Full back demon tattoo

Full back demon tattoo

The generally accepted meaning of the demon tattoo is human sinfulness, weakness to temptation. This symbol suggests that a person either recognizes a vice in himself, or wants to get rid of the flaw, and thus leaves himself a reminder of it. For example, the evil spirit Beelzebub, an assistant of the devil himself, is the personification of gluttony and people believe that his image will help them lose weight. The Indians tattooed pictures of those they feared in the hope of defeating the enemy, but it did not work. In fact, the tattoo of creatures from the underworld has a deeper and more intriguing and frightening meaning.

The meaning of the demon tattoo

Such a tattoo characterizes a person as being devoured from within by passions. Perhaps it serves as a reminder and helps him fight temptation, but in order to apply it, you need to have courage. Who knows how it will affect the fate of its bearer. For women, the tattoo will change meaning depending on the demon depicted.

For example, this tattoo can mean:

  • passion
  • temptation
  • lust
  • Power

Before deciding on the sketch, you should always clarify the history of the chosen character. For example, tattoo Japanese demons kitsune - a very interesting symbol for the female half. Japanese women believe that such a tattoo will give its owner self-confidence, cunning and inner female power.

If a man has chosen for his tattoo such a complex symbol, then it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the character, because the male half and so differs more flamboyance, sharpness and strength of character. It is necessary to choose a demonic character for the tattoo so that his influence did not go into conflict with the character of the owner of the tattoo.

Variants of tattoos

Of course, most often demons are depicted with horns and bat wings. This image, to be frank, is somewhat hackneyed in modern body art. So we recommend that you study demonology and choose a suitable dark patron for yourself. No time for that? Then here's a short list of what we think are some interesting demons that you can stuff anywhere:

  • Bellefegor. This demon patronizes new discoveries. Belfegor tempts one to be lazy, but also inspires scientific and cultural exploration.
  • Astaroth. One of the highest demons in the diabolical hierarchy. This demon is the patron saint of craftsmen and mathematicians. If your occupation is related to craft or numbers - you might consider the idea to stuff Astaroth.
  • Orobas. The demon of good fortune is both the patron of sin and the protector of a person from the temptations offered by other demons.

There are also unusual demons in Buddhist culture. They often appear as characters in tattoos. Some of the most colorful demons of Eastern culture are Radzin, Rokurokubi and Kitsune. The first, for example, represents thunder and is considered the protector of Buddhist philosophy. Interestingly, none of the demons can not give a single positive or negative assessment. These characters appear not only as evil, but also as assistants in getting rid of human vices. It is with this philosophical conviction about demons and should be treated to a tattoo depicting one of them.

Tattoo Japanese demons

Japanese culture is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are interested in the mythology of this magical country and its folklore. The growing interest in this culture has brought innovations in tattoos as well. Japanese "Oni" demons are scary, humanoid creatures with colored skin, are very difficult to kill, and eat human meat. There is also an opinion that grumpy and overly jealous wives turn into scary horned demons.

Japanese demon Oni tattoo

Tattoo Japanese demon Oni

Tattoo demon Oni

Tattoo demon Oni

These tattoos do not look at all in a small size, they need more space, to work out the details thoroughly. If you want a modest sized tattoo, a tattoo with a devil is not suitable for you. Such images need more scope, so most often the Japanese stuffed tattoo demons on the back.

When it comes to tattoos, Japanese Oni demons have a protective function, protecting their owner. In some legends it is said that Oni are the protectors of worthy people. In Slavic mythology, Angels and Gods are engaged in the protection of people.

So, what does the demon tattoo mean? It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question, it is too deep and contradictory symbol. However, all meanings have a common grain. Demons are the sinfulness of man, the memory of his mistakes and vices, temptation and sin.


Demon Oni, a tattoo of which are popular in Japan, has recently become a favorite body image of European fans of computer games. Despite the fact that evil spirits are harmful to humans, their image on the skin in most countries is considered a talisman against the dark forces.

Emma's servant on a woman's body indicates her openness, courage and straightforwardness. She will not lie to her interlocutor and will say everything that she thinks about him. In addition, the demon on the body is a sign of inner strength and heightened intuition.

The more terrifying the demon's face is, the more dangerous it is to deal with the owner of the picture. The scarier the demon's face, the more dangerous it is to deal with the owner of the picture. In this case, the servant of hell symbolizes invincibility and cunning.

Meaning tattoos with unclean force is disclosed more fully if we consider its details. The nuances in the picture can tell others about the state of the person and what he painted on the body for.

They are in the colors.

A demon looking out of flowers or surrounded by their buds symbolizes harmony with the world. In this case, if his face does not express aggression, then the owner of the tattoo - a man of calm and balanced.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on hand, back, shoulder, forearm

The roses in the picture are a symbol of love, and the sakura is a sign of spring and windiness. If an evil spirit appears from the flower, it means that the owner of the tattoo has drawn an analogy with love and a deal with evil forces.

Wearing a skull helmet

They are wearing a human skull helmet - a symbol of the warrior and the temper of the bearer of the tattoo. In this case, the man tells the world that he expects only trouble and is ready to defend against them at any cost.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Sometimes this tattoo indicates the bloodthirsty nature of its owner. If oni on the skin eats people, it is a warning to enemies that the person is under the patronage of dark forces, and they will protect him.

In Flames

A demon in hellfire is a familiar phenomenon for tattoos. The picture symbolizes the ability to deduce the interlocutor in the clear at all costs. With such a person should behave carefully and watch what to say and when.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm

Sometimes the fire around the guard of hell is called the "flame of justice. In this case, deserved punishment awaits all sinners who offended the bearer of the picture.

In water.

Water is meant to cool the fire and appease, but sometimes it can destroy and tear down everything in its path. They, surrounded by blue spray, symbolize the balance of good and evil. The water adds to the demon's judgement and helps him look calmly at what's going on.

Demon Oni tattoo. Meaning, on the arm, back, shoulder, forearm
Demon Oni water tattoo sketch

The Oni demon tattoo, according to Japanese beliefs, protects against evil and brings good luck. Before you put a representative of unclean forces on your body, experts recommend feeling the picture and assess whether it suits the person.

Places for a tattoo with a demon

The most successful places for such an image: back, shoulders, arms, chest. If you decide to choose for your tattoo sketch of a demon, realize at once - such a nail simply can not be small, so that, its devils you hide will not succeed.

Demonic Tattoo

Demonic tattoo

Tattoo with a demon on his shoulder

Tattoo with a demon on the shoulder

Tattoo with head of demon

Tattoo with the head of a demon

Tattoo of a demon

Tattoo with a demon

Japanese demons look interesting in the style of Chinese or Thrash polka, bright motley colors just right for the creatures of this folklore. Such a drawing will always attract maximum attention, and not only people.

Such a complex and symbolic tattoo should be performed in the appropriate, original and unique styles. Undoubtedly the realistic variant will be the most advantageous, but here it is important to find a suitable master, a specialist in this style. Do not take risks, let the search of the master will take longer, but you will be 100% sure of the quality of the work.

Chinese demon tattoo on hand

Tattoo with a Chinese demon on the hand

Chinese demon head tattoo on his back

Demonic tattoo on his back

Tattoo of a demon

Demon Tattoo

Before going to the master read the appropriate literature on demons, look through the internet you are interested in options photos with demon tattoos, and only after go to sign up for the procedure. Perhaps, listening to your thoughts and wishes, the master will be able to offer you and more interesting options.

Japanese demonic creatures

Nowadays, the demons of Eastern mythology enjoy a certain popularity. The Japanese style is characterized by bright colors, mythical creatures are depicted in green, red or blue. They have huge fangs in their mouths. Such a body painting is intended to protect its bearer, only if he is a good person.

The demon tattoo will suit a confident, strong-willed and wise person. In such naked images concealed a special meaning, including a hint of the many temptations that can destroy the human soul. Thus, the bearer of the tattoo with a rather gloomy creature constantly reminds himself of these temptations.

Demon Sketches for Tattoo

Sketch for a demonic tattoo

Sketch for a demonic tattoo

Japanese demon Oni sketch for tattoo

Japanese demon Oni sketch for tattoo

Sketch with a demon for tattoo

Demon sketch for tattoo

Sketch for demonic tattoo

Sketch for a demonic tattoo

Best places on the body for a demon tattoo

Japanese demon masks: tattoo for guys and girls

The most common tattoos depicting demons are drawn on:

  • back;
  • shoulder;
  • forearm;
  • arm;
  • neck;
  • chest and collarbone.

Japanese demon masks and tattoos for girls and guys

Effectively look demon tattoo in a large expression clearly drawn throughout the arm. Will look brightly demonic image on the chest or thigh. Creatures in full growth look best on the back, but many guys prefer to do a tattoo on the shin.

Japanese Demon Masks: Tattoos for Guys and Girls


For women

For men