The most popular tattoos: photos and sketches of the best solutions

Modern design art is constantly evolving, opening up new horizons for the man in all spheres. At the moment, the image of a man or woman consists not only of properly selected clothes and a good hairstyle. Now in the trend are various body designs and paintings. This art is known to mankind for hundreds of years, but only in the twenty-first century, the tattoo became a full part of the human image. Most people do not put a special meaning in the tattoo, using them as a decorative element, but still, the hidden meaning of tattoos is necessary to know.

At the moment there are many styles and plots for creating a tattoo, it is quite difficult to choose among them the best one for yourself. When choosing a tattoo it is necessary to learn its meaning, but still in the first place you can be guided by yourself and your wishes, as well as the recommendations of the master, who can create an original image by using interesting and unconventional techniques of the image on the body.

Inscriptions, the most common tattoos

One of the most popular types of tattoos are inscriptions:

  • girls prefer inscriptions in the intimate area or nearby;
  • guys - brutal phrases on the hands, on the back, etc.

Tattoo inscription

Most often used inscriptions in Latin, because it causes respectful glances of others. But the same phrase in Russian is likely to cause bewilderment.

The popularity of inscriptions is due to their unobtrusive nature, but the unoriginal phrases are fully compensated by the language of execution and the font.

If you have decided to inscribe a lettering, ask the master to use a really original font.

A symbol that means something to you.

Top 11 best tattoos for women
Before we talk about the most popular tattoos among women, it should be said that when choosing a design, it is important to base it on the things that you love and that mean something to you. No matter how popular the design is or how well the design will look on your body, if it has no meaning to you, it will get boring very quickly.

It's best to choose a tattoo for its meaning, not whether it's male or female. Even the most brutal sketch can be decorated with feminine elements and turn into a cute and attractive pattern.


Tattoo Heart

There is a large, huge number of images of hearts. Both realistic and dotwork, in bright colors or in pixels, etc. The vast majority of people put the heart drawing small, somewhere on the wrist.

By the way, never put your loved one's name on your body - names of parents, children are okay, but not your other half. We think we do not need to explain why?

The most popular tattoos

At the moment, the list of the most popular tattoos in demand in 2021 should include:

  • Cross - a symbol of religion and devotion to it. Despite its significance, this image appeared much earlier than Christianity was formed. Previously, this symbol was used by warriors going into battle, and this symbol was their amulet, protection and a sign of good luck. At this time there are different types of the cross, for example, Christian - a symbol of spirituality and faith, Celtic - masculinity and union with nature. The crucifixion cross denotes sacrifice, the Latin cross denotes remembrance of the deceased who were indifferent to the owner of the tattoo, the iron cross denotes devotion to a code of honor. Cross with a jewel in the middle - the search for the meaning of life.
  • Wings - a symbol of mythical and fairy tale characters, such as pegasi, fairies or angels. The meaning of the tattoo depends on the person and the meaning he puts into the tattoo, often this sign is combined with religion.
  • The heart is a sign of love. Often, such a tattoo is complemented by the name of the other half. The heart, which is supplemented with wings, symbolizes the freedom of spirit, the absence of bad habits and joy. However, such a symbol is often used by those who have lost a loved one, symbolizing that they remain with him, although he became an angel in heaven.
  • Bracelets on the wrists - amulets or runes, Christian symbols or clover leaves. All of these signs bring good luck and protection to their wearer. Also popular are paired tattoos in the form of bracelets uniting hearts.
  • Yin-Yang is a symbol of the unity of opposites (day and night, light and darkness, good and evil, man and woman). Denotes the happiness of man, which he experiences regardless of the difficulties of life, circumstances and trials, while in search of harmony.
  • Skull. The meaning depends on the complementary elements, if it is a rose - then the tattoo indicates the memory of the deceased person, if the snake - wisdom and eternal life. Rose, located in the mouth of the skull - the risk, excitement and danger. If the skull is alone, it denotes the beginning of a new life, an attempt to ward off death.
  • Celtic sun - life, health and fertility.
  • Joker - a comic book character, which is often stuffed in the form of a playing card. Joker is a symbol of impunity and insanity.
  • Stars - wisdom, beauty, and ambition.
  • Treble - luck and inspiration.

To summarize.

Before you go to the master, you should consciously approach the choice of a tattoo. And do not think that you are the only person who has guessed to look for possible options on the Internet.

You should not just copy someone else's designs on your body. First, it is disrespectful to the person who worked on the sketch. Secondly, you clearly appear unoriginal. Thirdly, if you have definitely decided to get a tattoo, you are quite mature and responsible for your actions, spend the money on an original sketch!

Pussycat .

She is "that legendary pussycat.

Make it, as you have already realized, the girls. The meaning of this tattoo in two words can be described as "I am all such a pussy".

Here the author will probably refrain from any comments. The number of copies of this and similar tattoos is off the charts. And they have long ago ceased to be something meaningful, ornamental or elegant. It's just a copy of the same pussycat. My advice to you: just don't do it!

And finally, on behalf of myself and the entire TattooRussia team I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! We wish all fans of tattoo culture more creative ideas and quality tattoos, understanding with master, painless sessions and quick healing! And masters - bright pigments, sharp needles, open to new ideas of clients and inexhaustible inspiration!) Happy New Year, friends! Be original! Score!

Author of the post: Polina Bazarova

Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms
This is one of the most popular tattoos among girls and for good reason. Cherry blossoms look very beautiful and feminine. The most popular places for cherry blossom tattoos are the back, ankles and wrists. Most often they are made in color rather than black and gray because they have a nice pink hue that looks great on a woman's body.

In Japanese culture, the cherry is a symbol of life, while in China it symbolizes womanhood, love, beauty and sexuality.


Stars can be an element of another tattoo, or an independent drawing. They range from one small barely noticeable star to a whole string of stars across the back. Either way they are very beautiful.

As a light in the pitch black, the stars are considered a symbol of hope and truth. They represent a struggle with the darker part of our personality and hope for the better. Many people who have gone through difficult times have tattoos of stars. Stars also represent happiness and our desires.

Stars are done on any part of the body, but in my opinion, the best places are a couple of stars behind the ear or a small string of stars on the ribs or lower back.


As a symbol of spring, swallows have become one of the most popular ideas for women's tattoos. They represent hope and good luck, and are also a symbol of new love, fertility and renewal, however, in some myths they carry the souls of dead children.

Swallows are known to choose a mate for life, so they have become a symbol of eternal love between two people. They are mostly made on the lower back or on the shoulder blades, sometimes they carry something in their beak. What they are carrying in their beak can add extra meaning to a tattoo.


For women

For men