Tattoo of a laurel wreath - sketches and meaning for men and women, placement, photos of works

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Laurel wreath - with them our ancestors covered the head of the winners. The black green tree served as a sign of wealth and prosperity. In the tradition of tattooing, the wreath passed with positive meaning. The sign combines nobility and success, which accompany the bearer on the roads of life.

Symbolism of laurel sprigs

Decorating something with a wreath of plants came into modern culture from the ancient Slavic past. Then the wicker product served as a ritual object for the participants of ceremonies, was used as an ornament of buildings (as a pledge of wealth) or livestock (health of offspring). For newlyweds, the exchange of wreaths symbolized fidelity and love.

In modern reality, the evergreen laurel bush has become a symbol of victory, determination, courage and wisdom. The tradition of the wreath, woven from the leaves of the plant, came from the myths of different peoples and religions:

  • With the Greeks, the tree was considered a symbol of Apollo (patron of the arts), a wreath made of laurel leaves was awarded for high achievements in the arts;
  • Romans laurel attribute crowned the best soldiers, the ritual symbolized the advent of peace after the overthrow of the enemy;
  • For early Christians, weaving from the branches of the plant was associated with martyrdom, gaining eternal life.

An interesting fact. Closely related to the evergreen shrub is the familiar term "laureate". Such a title was awarded to a man crowned with a laurel.

The meaning of the tattoo with intertwined laurel sprigs is not associated by masters of tattooing with a particular part of the body. Clients of the salons more often order the image on the arm or back.

Girls choose sketches for the wrist or the back of the head, in the photo below you can admire the laconic beauty of women's tattoos.

Myths and reality

The Greeks considered the laurel the tree of Apollo. There is a myth that a beautiful nymph named Daphne took a vow of chastity, but the god Apollo was so fascinated by her that he could not control himself and began to pursue her. Daphne begged the gods for help, and they turned her into a laurel tree. The patron of arts embraced it, but all was in vain, the beautiful nymph could not return. The laurel has since become Apollo's sacred tree. That is why in Greece all outstanding artists were awarded with laurel wreaths.

In the Roman Empire, a laurel wreath was given to the best soldiers to symbolize the peace that was to come with the overthrow of the enemy. Emperors also wore laurel wreaths. The laurel was associated with chaste vestal virgins, so it became a symbol of chastity and piety.

Early Christians saw the laurel wreath as a symbol of martyrdom and eternal life. In the Hellenistic period it became associated with glory. Notably, in the Middle Ages the laurel wreath disappeared from the list of traditional heraldic symbols, its revival happened only in the late XVIII century after the French Revolution. By the way, the word "laureate" is directly related to this plant and means "crowned with laurel".

An overview of modern meanings

Over time, the laurel wreath's popularity in medieval heraldic symbolism faded to revive at the end of the 18th century after the events of the French Revolution. The beauty of the laurel wreath tattoo for true connoisseurs of body art has become an eloquent sign, symbolizing a number of positive qualities:

  • a life-affirming stance, a striving for primacy;
  • an indomitable force of will and fortitude, a special diligence;
  • the triumph of masculinity, the thirst to conquer new heights.

Interestingly, the meaning of the tattoo is not reflected in the color style of the image. But even one branch of the plant will be for the bearer a talisman, a pledge of a stable life in prosperity.

The interpretation of the strict picture on the body also connects with the receipt of a well-deserved reward for the victory over himself. The tattoo can be considered the mark of a winner, not accustomed to losing. For the creative person tattoo means a reward for consistency, loyalty to their own ideals.

Another meaning of the laurel wreath

When choosing a spectacular sketch, it is important to remember that in addition to the life-affirming orientation of the design, there are other semantic loads. Because the laurel wreath was associated with martyrdom in the past, the monochrome tattoo has a very different meaning in the prison environment. The tattoo is chosen for itself by wrongly convicted prisoners.

Among the rare meanings of the tattoo is the association with eternity, memory, immortality. Always the green plant is attributed to symbols of eternal life, renewal and rebirth of the immortal soul, the union between the world of the living and the dead. In terms of mysticism, the composition can be considered a talisman against the influence of evil forces, a protection against disease and fear, as well as insecurity in your own strength.

Where to get a tattoo with a laurel wreath?

Tattoos, which have a similar incredible meaning and symbolism are very impressive and unusual, they can be done in any tattoo salon of your city. However, you should treat this issue more carefully, because not all salons have good specialists who have the proper experience in this field of activity. Therefore, if you want to be satisfied with the work done, it is necessary to choose a good tattoo parlor, which employs qualified specialists and professionals. They will be able to make you such a tattoo that will meet all your requirements and preferences.

The meaning of female drawings

Despite the masculine orientation of the symbol, unmarried girls decorate their body with a laurel wreath tattoo in the hope of marrying successfully. For explosive and socially active natures, this is a sign of successful self-realization. What does the tattoo tell about the wearer:

  • Has a clear mind with high leadership abilities;
  • Everyone's favorite is able to calculate their strength;
  • Always the first owner of a strong authority.

The Laurel wreath tattoo is chosen by extraordinary ladies with powerful charisma. This is a sign of a charming and talented man, able to defeat circumstances, problems, his own negative traits.

The meaning of men's tattoos

For men, sketches with laurel branches show the power of male energy, the desire for self-actualization, as well as clarity in any life situation. Fans of the tattoo with this tattoo inform others of their qualities:

  • reliability and strong strategic abilities;
  • The skills of a leader, an experienced leader, a strong public speaker;
  • Luck adventurous personality, a favorite of Fortune.

On the male body tattoo Laurel wreath is considered a strong amulet, representing the light and warmth of the Sun. The image turns into a talisman for profitable deals, the right start of business.

Location and method of application

The perfect structure of the leaves makes the plant composition look flawless on the body. The symmetry of the oval leaves does not lose its strict beauty in the bent state, the most graceful drawing looks in black and white graphics.

For the work of the master choose the linear geometry of blackwork, the art of minimalism, the detailed drawing of dotwork, the airiness of linework patterns, the style of ornamental symbolism.

The restraint of color works with the predominance of green surrounded by silver or gray decorative elements attracts special attention. The regular shape of the almond-shaped leaves without branches effectively shades the blackness of the alphanumeric inclusions in the tattoo area. Among the original additions of the laurel wreath, in addition to inscriptions, there are sketches with flowers, ribbons, even skulls.

Large tattoos are ordered rarely, but small pictures look great in any place - on the shin or thigh, shoulder and forearm. The image between the shoulder blades and around the neck, at the wrist or the back of the head attracts the most attention.

Before choosing a sketch, the master of the salon will introduce the sketches on the photo, advise the place where it is more advantageous to apply a drawing, not forgetting about the meaning of the tattooed sign for the client himself.

Variants, styles, compositions of tattoos

The plant has a graceful and almost perfect design. The laurel leaf has an elongated almond-shaped structure without jagged edges. Both halves of the plate are symmetrical. The branches have a straight structure, with virtually no small branches.

The laurel branch looks beautiful when curved. As equal sized plates are laid out in a beautiful half arc. The pattern looks favorably in black and white. It can be stuffed with blackwork, traditional, linework, ornamental, minimalist and dotwork styles.

Works done in color appeal to the eye with an understated range. Shades of green in the plant border on gray and silver. For this reason the laurel will emphasize black letters or numbers well.

Where to get a tattoo?

For girls under the tattoo is suitable area between the shoulder blades. The wreath will make a favorable picture of the evening dress with an open V-neck. A branch of laurel can be let the bracelet on the forearm or shoulder. The wreath will decorate the chest area above the heart in the subclavian sector. The neck is suitable for a similar composition, the wreath can upholster its base.

A thin twig with berries in the style of linework or engraving, let down along the line of ribs under the chest looks graceful. The delicate feminine skin will be decorated with drawings on the ankle, wrist and the area near the elbow joint.

As a decoration for the male body, a laurel wreath will adorn the chest, neck, ankle and scapula. A wreath on the shin in black and white looks advantageous. Minimalist designs are piled on the wrist, forearm and the base of the neck.


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