Tattoo Master Krasnoyarsk: finding a real professional

Tattoo Master Krasnoyarsk: the best masters for your self-expression

It should not be surprising that more and more people use the search query Tattoo master Krasnoyarsk, in order to find a specialist who can apply a beautiful and original body art. Tattoo is not just a trend. It is a new type of modern art.

Tattoo Master Krasnoyarsk

If you are also looking for a professional "artist", skilled with a needle, paints, able to transfer to the body even the most complex sketches, our website will help you with this. This page presents a kind of "catalog" of true professionals in their field.

Each name of the master of tattoo is accompanied by all necessary important additional information:

  • "artist" data;
  • links to pages in social networks;
  • portfolio;
  • reviews.

Familiarizing yourself with this information, looking at examples of work, understanding the style in which the person works, you can easily choose a highly qualified specialist.

Temporary Tattoo

Temporary women's bio-tattoos henna from year to year, are at the peak of popularity. To perform the drawing, the artist uses a special stick and a natural dye - henna. This technique came to us from the women of the East, who since ancient times have decorated themselves with henna drawings and passed from generation to generation of recipes for henna tattoos.

Despite the apparent simplicity, performing temporary bio-tattoos with henna is considered one of the most difficult and time-consuming techniques. Execute beautifully and correctly such a tattoo under the power of only a real master and the result of such work is always unique. Temporary henna tattoo on the skin lasts about fourteen days.

Tattoo on a girl's leg

Tattoo master Krasnoyarsk: what style to choose.

There are a huge number of directions. However, the best tattoo masters of Krasnoyarsk claim - there is no special fashion. Everything depends on the preferences of the person, his tastes.

And what in general can be fashion if the image is applied for life? Therefore, in the world of tattooing this concept is not used, otherwise people would have to change every few years the images on their bodies.

However, several trends and styles that have conquered people are invariably popular:

  • watercolor;
  • Dotwork;
  • realism;
  • Gothic;
  • ethnic motifs;
  • chicano;
  • Art Nouveau and some others.

For example, many people nowadays order images in such a style as vip-shading. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that a smooth transition is made from black to gray shades. That is, a game of shadows, halftones is used. This style is well suited for depicting the following types of drawings:

  • birds;
  • Animals with luxuriant fur;
  • leaves and vegetation.

Vip-shading is ideal if you need to convey the effect of wind, sand grains, the sea with waves.

Pay attention!
Experts note that this kind of tattoo is often used in combination with other styles. If the "artist" is really highly qualified, he will create a complete picture!

Tattoo master in Krasnoyarsk will make a sketch for you!

Before you lie down under the needle of the master, realize - you will have to walk around with a picture all your life. Certainly, the unsuccessful image can be "piggybacked", but it will take time, money and moral strength.

Therefore it is necessary as carefully as possible to think through the idea of a drawing. And choose an artist who will create a sketch for you.

Pay attention!
You can order a sketch without leaving your home. Our site provides such a service. All you have to do is to write to the painter, describe your idea, indicate which part of the body you would like to have painted on, and send him a few pictures you like. The artist will create a unique, unparalleled drawing, which will exactly match your desires and lifestyle, the inner world.

We categorically do not recommend to choose just a picture from the Internet. After all, this image is already worn by someone. And perhaps not just one person. Why repeat someone? In addition the best tattoo masters of Krasnoyarsk don't like to work with drawings, downloaded from the Internet. After all drawing not a unique tattoo is a display of disrespect:

  • To the client;
  • To the colleague who created the drawing;
  • To the person who wears this original.

Some masters work only with their sketches. Of course, they can rework a drawing, bringing in the client's wishes and their vision of the image. But they will never simply copy someone else's work. Other masters are ready to apply a ready-made sketch, but on the condition that it really represents a unique image.

Where to get a tattoo in Krasnoyarsk

To your attention there are tattoo salons that will allow you to choose exactly the image that will be as close to your inner world as possible.

MEDICAL SALON "TATUMED" Offers services for the application of artistic tattoo from 1 500 rubles. The cost depends on the complexity of the work. Piercing from 400 rubles and permanent makeup from 3 500 rubles. Contact phone 282-61-80 We look forward to seeing you at: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Partizan Zheleznyak, 6 "A", room. 347.

By the way, if it turns out that none of the proposed sketches did not suit you, the master on drawing tattoos will offer a picture of your individual order, where very precisely will be taken into account all your wishes.

And implementation will be above all praise! Professional tattoo master, masterfully perform an image of any complexity, giving the body a new and unusual image. All work is performed by a high class specialist with at least 5 years of experience and an art education. Artistic tattoos are performed in accordance with all sanitary regulations and using sterile disposable equipment.

Girl with intimate body tattoo

Optimal age for a tattoo

Such concept, as optimum age for a tattoo - does not exist in principle. Not so long ago the basic category of clients of tattoo salons consisted of students and youth. Many of them were representatives of informal currents.

Nowadays practically any tattoo artist in Krasnoyarsk can say - people of different age categories come to him. Among which there are elderly people. By the way, if we talk about the latter - some are just trying to bring more activity and courage into their lives. Others - to correct the mistakes of their youth.

Pay attention!
Solid office workers, heads of companies are also not uncommon in the salons. But they, given their lifestyle, style of behavior, position in society, dress code requirements, such people choose small images, which are easy to hide under clothing.

And as for the minors, the masters prefer not to deal with them, in order to avoid problems later. Otherwise there are cases when furious parents come to the salon and make a scandal. To make a tattoo to a minor artists can only make in the presence of parents and with their consent.

By the way!
If there are any doubts about your age, the salon may require you to show your passport.

People, which have crossed the threshold of 45-years-old, the experts strongly advise against making large-scale, huge tattoos. The reason is banal - the loss of skin elasticity. It is much more difficult to heal. Yes, and the pain is stronger.

Artistic Tattooing

Many tattoo salons in Krasnoyarsk offer residents of the city services for tattooing, which can visually show your inner world.

In this review we have tried to publish the best tattoo salons in Krasnoyarsk that offer all residents to make a high quality and original tattoo. Tattoo master must be seriously passionate about his work and must have great experience.

Girl with a tattoo in the kitchen

Thanks to our review you will be able to find for yourself a professional master. In the tattoo parlors that are listed in the review, you will be offered a variety of designs. You will have access to incredible gothic patterns or various magical signs of the East. Coming to the salon you can order a tattoo, which you will choose from a catalog or develop your own unique image together with the master.

We tried to show the actual prices of the tattoo salons in Krasnoyarsk, so you can choose not only the quality and reviews, but also the affordable price. Calling on the phone you will be consulted and answer all your questions about tattooing.

Need a tattoo master in Krasnoyarsk? Do not forget about the safety rules

If you need a tattoo master in Krasnoyarsk, do not forget about the main rules of safety. In particular, it is important that the master used modern, high-quality consumables, specialized paints, not the ground slate, ink and other similar substances.

In addition, using the search query "tattoo master Krasnoyarsk", do not forget about the basic hygiene rules, which must be followed by a specialist:

  • A clean and ventilated room;
  • The presence in the salon bactericidal lamp with ultraviolet light;
  • a separate table and chair for the client;
  • fresh sheets, towels.

Also, the master must work with disposable medical gloves, use only disposable instruments - needles, caps, opened only in the presence of the client.

Tattoo salons in Krasnoyarsk - 39 places

In the section "Tattoo salons, Krasnoyarsk" found 39 places with information - opening hours, indices, official websites, reviews, phones and addresses in Krasnoyarsk.



  • 14a Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodarsk 3rd St.
  • Furniture manufacturing to order, Interior doors

Studio tattoo

  • Krasnoyarsk, Sverdlovskaya Street, 101a
  • Cosmetic services, Tattoo parlors

Beauty Salon Seduction

  • Krasnoyarsk, Ulyanovsky Prospekt, 14g
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA procedures

Belisimo Beauty Studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, May 9 Street, 67
  • Hairdressing, Tattoo parlors

Tanning Club Chocolat

  • Krasnoyarsk, Korolyova Street 1a
  • Nail studios, Tattoo parlors

Merry comb Children's hairdresser

  • Krasnoyarsk, Belinskogo Street, 8
  • Hairdressing, Tattoo parlors

Tatooine Salon

  • Krasnoyarsk, Belinskogo Street, 1
  • Hairdressing and tattoo parlors

Territory of Beauty

  • Krasnoyarsk, Kirov Street, 23
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA procedures

LiLi Beauty salon

  • Krasnoyarsk, Red Army Street, 10
  • Hairdressing and tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio Sever Ink

  • Krasnoyarsk, Republic Street, 51
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo parlor Katerina

  • Krasnoyarsk, Im. Gazeta Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy prospect, 120/1
  • Tattoo Salons

Tattoo parlor Katerina

  • Krasnoyarsk, Red Army Street, 10
  • Tattoo salons

Diktatura Tattoo parlor

  • 49v Ulitsa Akademika Vavilova, Krasnoyarsk
  • Tattoo parlors

TattooMed Tattoo parlor

  • Krasnoyarsk, Partizan Zheleznyak Street, 6a
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo parlor Inkheart

  • 15 Urvantsev Street in Krasnoyarsk
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo parlor Bear

  • Krasnoyarsk, Im. Gazety Krasnoyarskiy Rabochy Prospect, 30a, p. 44
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo Shop

  • Krasnoyarsk, Academika Vavilova Street, 43
  • Tattoo parlors

Inkheart Tattoo studio

  • 18 Partizan Zheleznyak Street, Krasnoyarsk
  • Tattoo parlors

Salon Art tattoo

  • Krasnoyarsk, 51 Uritskogo Street
  • Tattoo parlors


  • Krasnoyarsk, Gorky Street, 18
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, Menzhinskogo Street, 10d
  • Tattoo parlors

Victoria Rusetskaya beauty salon

Victoria Rusetskaya beauty salon

  • Krasnoyarsk, Yastynskaya street, 7, 1st floor
  • Hairdressing salons, Nail studios


Marafet, beauty salon

  • Krasnoyarsk, Gazeta Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy Prospect, 171, 1 floor
  • Hairdressing, Nail studios

Keit & Leo

Keit & Leo, hair salon

  • Krasnoyarsk, Chernyshevskogo, 106, 1 floor
  • +7-913-515-75-94
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studios


PEOPLE, beauty studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, Urvantseva, 13, 153 office; 10th floor; Entrance 4
  • Nail studios, Tattoo parlors.


Midgard, tattoo parlor

  • Krasnoyarsk, Gorky, 18, 1 floor
  • Tattoo parlors


Katerina, salon

  • Krasnoyarsk, Gazeta Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy prospect, 120, 1 floor
  • Hairdressing salons, Nail studios


Colibri, tattoo parlor

  • Krasnoyarsk, Kirov, 37, ground floor
  • +7 (391) 2-925-921
  • Art studios, tattoo parlors.


Inkheart, tattoo parlor

  • Krasnoyarsk, Urvantseva Street, 17, 1st floor
  • Tattoo parlors


Freya, tattoo shop

  • Krasnoyarsk, Gazeta Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy prospect, 30a st44, 10 office; 2nd floor
  • +7-929-355-57-89
  • tattoo parlors

Majestic Ink

Majestic Ink, tattoo studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, Televizornaya, 1 st9, 5 office; 2 block; 6 floor
  • +7-905-975-39-19
  • Tattoo parlors


Dictatorship, tattoo parlor.

  • Krasnoyarsk, Akademika Vavilova, 49c, 101 office; 1 floor
  • +7-913-592-98-01
  • Tattoo parlors, Body Painting Services


Mojo, tattoo studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, Mira Avenue, 54, attic floor
  • +7-913-832-33-64
  • Tattoo parlors

Studio tattoo

Studio tattoo, IP Samylin VA.

  • Krasnoyarsk, Northern Proezd, 4, 1st floor
  • Tattoo parlors, Services of painting on the body


Tattooel, tattoo studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, Svobodny Prospekt, 14, 1 floor
  • Tattoo parlors


TattooMed, tattoo parlor

  • Krasnoyarsk, Partizan Zheleznyaka, 6a, 347 office; 3rd floor
  • +7-913-046-19-66
  • Tattoo parlors


VOODOO TATTOO, tattoo and piercing studio

  • Krasnoyarsk, Televizornaya, 1 st4/1, 4th floor
  • +7-913-180-00-19
  • Tattoo parlors



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