Tattoo master Krasnodar: choose a specialist from the ratings

Tattoo Master Krasnodar: a few tips on how to choose a qualified tattooist

If you came to our portal using the search query Tattoo Master Krasnodar, you can be sure that here you will find real professionals. Finding a good "artist" capable of making a quality tattoo is not an easy task.

tattoo master krasnodar

On our site you can find the best tattoo artists of Krasnodar - we compiled a kind of rating in which we included only the worthy. But we do not forcibly impose anyone - you yourself decide with whom to cooperate. You only need to carefully examine:

  • portfolio of masters;
  • styles in which they work;
  • reviews of previous clients.

This will already be enough to understand who exactly you should entrust your body to. But there are other features of the choice. Which ones? About that below!

Tattoo parlor Krasnodar region: reviews

In the section "tattoo salon" found 55 organizations with reviews and contacts, rating the top 20:

1. Restaurant Captain - Anapa, Naberezhnaya Street, 3 18 reviews Fed not bad. Tasty. Salad brought at the same time with hot, I think not quite right. Prices are pretty high. The cafe sang live, not bad.

2. Bluebeard - Krasnodar, M. Gorky St., 90 37 reviews Very much liked this institution. Inside you are greeted by friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. The master who did the piercing truly knows his ...

3. tattoo studio Blue Beard - Krasnodar, ul. Stavropolskaya, 159 13 reviews I am very happy that this tattoo parlor fulfilled my dream! On my collarbone now paints the best tattoo in the world. Stamped it master clearly and accurately ...

4 NBK - Krasnodar, Krasnykh Partizan St., 517 7 reviews Great guys who want to come again and again

5. Tattoo Studio Grey - Novorossiysk, 11 Novorossiysk Respublika St. 16 reviews The coolest tattoo parlor in the city. Great quality for a reasonable price. Worked out every detail. And a huge plus is cleanliness and hygiene.

6. Barbershop HARDY - Krasnodar, Krasnaya st., 165/1 16 reviews Great place, cozy atmosphere and great staff! Master Anastasia is a great clever woman who gives her all to her work...

7. Beauty Salon Evant - Gelendzhik, 11 Kolhoznaya St. 9 reviews The coolest salon in Gelendzhik Masters all at the highest level, especially Katya, Nastya and Alyona.

8. Men's Barber Shop Trueman's Barbershop - Sochi, st. I have cut my hair in different barbershops, I have a lot to compare it with. Stopped at Trueman's, the last couple of years I go to a real barber - Vladimir, a great ...

9. DUBOVIK - Studio tattoo Ani Dubovik - Krasnodar, Kubanskaya nab., 31/1 6 reviews Thank you very much for such a studio and staff for such prices. I've been wanting to get tattooed and arrows for a long time. Thank you for it!

10. ROUTE 66, tattoo parlor - Sochi, Nesebrskaya St., 6 2 reviews The work was done quickly and quickly. Egor is just an awesome artist. I recommend him to everyone if you have decided on a tattoo)

11. tattoo studio Avangard - Krasnodar, st. Architect Ishunina, 8 16 reviews Very much like this studio, the guy beats there at Nastya, I beat up and Zhenya and the third will also go to the guys, only to Andrew. They are good, professionals ...

True Tattoo Studio - Novorossiysk, pr. Dzerzhinskogo, 211, k8 6 reviews Very much like piercing master Alexander if for piercings that only to her. Careful not painful and of high quality?

13. Barmaley. Tattoo Studio in Sochi. Laser removal of tattoos and tattooing. - Sochi, 9d , ground floor, Navaginskaya str. 13 reviews Excellent staff and service. Guys are real professionals. I chose this wonderful place for his first tattoo. On a lot of ...

14. Magic colors - Adler, Democratic st., 50/7 a 6 reviews Price 12: 000 session, regardless of the difficulty of the work! If the master is not interested in the work - can at best refuse you from the door! Familiar ...

15. Zoo Tattoo - Krasnodar, st. Gogolya, 74, 1 floor 6 reviews Good salon. Responsive employees. Special thanks to Evgeny for the music.

16. Barbershop HARDY - Krasnodar, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 64 4 reviews I go to Hardy (on Krasnoarmeyskaya) for several years. Left a total of 100K. I think that says it all.

17. Faraon Tattoo Family - Anapa, st. Gorky, 15 2 reviews Good salon with excellent craftsmen and kind staff. Attitude to clients and business - at the highest level.

18. ArtMod tattoo - Krasnodar, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 64 Building 2, Letter B 5 reviews Excellent salon. The master of piercings is a professional.

19. SOUTH PEPPERS Tattoo in Armavir - Armavir, 68 Dzerzhinskogo Str. 2 reviews The best tattoo parlor in the city, the master at the highest level, thanks to Maxim.

20. 13 Spades Tattoo - Krasnodar, Kubanonaberezhny Per., 18 1 review Guys nice-looking make it hurt for a reasonable price!

Tattoo master Krasnodar: where to look for him and who to choose

When you need a tattoo master in Krasnodar, you can look for him in several ways:

  • Ask around friends and acquaintances;
  • "scour" social networks;
  • Look at the sites of tattoo studios in your city;
  • To pass on salons personally.

However, each of these ways to allocate a lot of time. But our portal will help you to solve the problem. After all, as mentioned above, we have collected data on the best tattoo artists in Krasnodar.

And so now let's give some advice, which must be taken into account before making the final choice in favor of a particular specialist.

Personal communication

Let's assume that you have already figured out which tattoo artist Krasnodar your city of residence or any nearby, is worthy of your attention. Is it enough to immediately sign up for a session with him?

Certainly not! Before agreeing on the date of tattooing, make a preliminary visit to the salon. So you can talk to him and find out how competent the person is.

First, a good master will definitely tell you all the features of the procedure and you will know:

  • how the tattoo is applied;
  • How the session passes;
  • How to take care of your tattoo afterwards.

Secondly, a qualified specialist will definitely give his opinion on the sketch you want to apply. It's not about criticism, as such, but about his advice about the drawing itself - he will advise what can be improved, how to make it more beautiful, more vivid.

Thirdly, personal communication gives the possibility to understand, how much the person is pleasant to you in general. After all, the session lasts for several hours. You will probably have to visit the salon several times. And no one has canceled the human factor, and it is possible that you simply do not like the master, how he looks, how he communicates, etc. So why tolerate him if you can try to find another specialist?

Hygiene rules

It should be recognized the fact that the best tattoo masters of Krasnodar necessarily follow the rules of hygiene and sanitary norms. What does this mean? It is simple:

  • work in disposable gloves;
  • Use disinfectants and preparations;
  • use disposable needles that are opened in the presence of the client.

All this is a guarantee that the master cares about the health of his client. After all, reusing needles, mixing paints can cause serious diseases. Like hepatitis. Or even HIV.

Therefore, be sure to carefully inspect the room in which the image is to be applied to the body. Make sure that it is clean and neat. If there are any doubts, do not hesitate to ask clarifying questions.

Style, in which the artist works

Be sure to clarify the style in which the master works. If he takes on all directions, most likely he is not that qualified. Since such "multitaskers" if ever met, it's only in fantasy novels.

The vast majority of experienced, good craftsmen work only in certain areas.

In addition, carefully examine the portfolio of the master. So you will be able to understand how good a specialist is in his skills. By the way, if he categorically does not want to do tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs, inscriptions and simple silhouettes of cats, you should not think that he thinks too highly of himself. Most likely, he perfectly understands his value as a master, and therefore he has no desire to waste time on such "work".

Tattoo parlor reviews in Krasnodar

In the section "tattoo salon" found 74 organizations operating in the city of Krasnodar.

Tattoo EL'RASH - address Dekabristov St., 56 phone 11 reviews Excellent studio! Very friendly atmosphere. Did a tattoo at Leo. Wonderful master! Very attentive, quickly found common ground. Definitely will come back to this studio again).

ROUK TATTOO SOCHI - the address Sochi, Sovetskaya St., 42, office. 320 7 reviews

ROUK TATTOO SOCHI, Sovetskaya str, 42, coll. 320).

Inferno ink - address Krasnoarmeiskaya St., 71/111 phone 1 review

Great masters. Very nice that immediately offered to work out a free sketch!

Black 'n' Roll Tattoo - Address 499 Krasnye Partizan St. Phone 2 reviews

Beautiful and clean salon, excellent craftsmen. Polite and nice girls at the reception.

Back to Tattoo - address Novorossiysk, st. Sovetov 42, Karla Marksa 11, Michurinskogo, 6, Studio Back to Tattoo phone 1 review

Back to tattoo - is not just a studio tattoo, this is a family, which you get and there is no way back. A large team of professionals

Tattoo Salon Captain - Address Anapa, st. Quay, 3 phone 4 reviews

Great quality workmanship, the master, all cool, I advise everyone!

PO LOKTI tattoo - address Sochi, st. Konstitutsii USSR, 44/3, office, 307 phone 5 reviews

Best tattoo parlor in our city! Thank you guys very much, especially Kristina For the great idea and excellent quality of work

Studio tattoo Vitaly Svitalsky - address Konstantin Obraztsov Ave. 2 /, 2 phone 3 reviews

Master is a professional! Positive, with a good sense of humor, I recommend!

Magic colors - address Adler, Democratic st., 50/7 a phone 7 reviews

Thanks a lot for the work of the staff of the studio. I want to note the insanely pleasant and comfortable energy. It was very easy and relaxed, the session was quick. Master Alexandra is a professional of her ...

Black-point-studio - address Armavir, 1, Peschanaya St., phone 1 review

Dmitry, thank you! Awesome master, both work and man on 5 +, I recommend it. Looking for a long time master tattoo-this is Dmitry! Respect!

Faraon Tattoo Family - address Anapa, st. Gorky, 15 phone 4 reviews

Good salon, kind, nice, sociable master

InkFamily_tattoo - address Sochi, Lenina St., 197 phone 1 review

Just an hour ago I finished getting a tattoo very pleased with the service! The guys are masters of their craft my tattoo you can see on their site (on the inner side of the left hand from the brush ...

TattooAddict tattoo salon - address Gulkevichi, Komsomolskaya St., 166 phone 1 review

Misha young promising artist! There is no sense to write much. Just recommend. Come and see for yourself!

Tattoo Studio Life Style Tattoo Krasnodar - Address st. Vostochno-Kruglikovskaya, 18 phone 4 reviews

Did my first and subsequent tattoos here. Masters fire. Sketches always made me cool, tattoos are very cool. I love them just. The studio is very decent and very popular. All clean ...

Tattoo Studio Sea Ink - Address Gelendzhik, Khersonskaya St., 59a 7 reviews

Julia best tattoo master! A HUGE THANK YOU for your work) I look forward to the next session

Black&Grey Tattoo and Shop - address Novorossiysk, st. Sovetov, 60 phone 4 reviews

Liked the approach, the end result is very happy! Qualitatively!

DUBOVIK - Anna Dubovik studio for tattooing - Kubanskaya nab. 31/1 phone 13 reviews

Today, 18.11.2020, did the correction of the eyebrows from the master Sonja the second time I went to the studio and the second time I left really happy with everything. Not only do they remind you of the date and time of the procedure. Warm ...

13 Spades Tattoo - Kubanonaberezhny per., 18 phone 5 reviews

Good people work. Answering any questions about the tattoo. Attentively listen to customers and sketches quickly and accurately. Atmospheric and cool place. Guys know their job! Thank you ...

Tattoo Magic Studio - address Sochi, st. Turgeneva, 10 phone 1 review

Louseless office. Do not even pick up the phone during office hours. Immediately to the drain.

BLACKink Tattoo - address Sochi, st. Moskovskaya, 17 phone 10 reviews

Great place, here you can spend good time and get a great tattoo!

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Separate section: the price of the issue

Search query "tattoo master Krasnodar prices" is one of the most popular. After all, all people want to get a high quality image, but with minimal financial outlay. Therefore, they try to find a specialist who works at the lowest possible rates.

However, you need to understand that the lower the cost of the master's services, the lower his qualifications. Everything is interconnected here.

Because a good master adequately evaluates himself. In addition, he uses professional supplies, which cost a lot of money. And he needs, at a minimum, to "repay" the cost of materials and salon rent. But it will not starve? And that is why the price is relatively high.

Turning to a specialist who charges a small price for his work, most likely, will create you a regular partak. Which will embarrass you. And the money will be wasted, and nerves....

Therefore, using the search query "tattoo master Krasnodar prices", remember that you should not trust those who are too low in price for their services.

Do not forget about the quality of the sketch

A good, qualified tattoo master Krasnodar is or any other city, can create the sketch himself. Although some specialists refuse this type of work, because they do not want to spend time on it.

Therefore, you need to turn to a real artist who will create a unique sketch. If you do not know such a person, use the service of our site - in the upper right corner of the screen there is a button "Order Sketch". Click it, fill in all the fields and you will get a good, high quality sketch, which is truly unique and has no analogues. And definitely do not just copy someone else's work - it's a bad tone!

The sketch should exactly match your ideas about the beauty of the tattoo, as well as reflect your principles of life.


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