Tattoo Master Omsk: the rating of the true professionals

If you came to this page on the search tattoo master Omsk, you are in the right place - here are the true professionals. To decide for the first tattoo - is not so easy. Of course, there are those people who immediately after the desire to decorate the body with a pattern immediately go to the salon. However, this approach is not correct - still it is necessary to wait a couple of weeks to be sure in the correctness of his desire. And only then go in search of a salon, where qualified specialists are working.

Tattoo Master Omsk

All of the specialists, presented on the pages of the site, working in different directions, are able to create unsurpassed body painting.

Choose tattoo master Omsk on our site

Our site presents the real rating of tattoo artists in Omsk. Among them you will easily find a specialist who will bring your ideas to life.

Next to each master is detailed related information about him:

  • name;
  • The style/styles in which he works;
  • The address at which the specialist works;
  • examples of work/portfolio;
  • reviews.

Such information helps to determine how well the master works, whether his style suits you.

Rating of tattoo masters in Omsk: what should be considered when choosing a specialist

Using the search query "tattoo master Omsk", you can be sure that on our site you can find a specialist who creates high-quality and bright tattoos. There are several factors to consider when choosing a specialist.

What must be done by all means

First of all it is necessary to meet with the master personally. This will allow you to understand how loyal he is to clients. That is, you need to understand how he will communicate, whether it is pleasant for you to be in the company of this person.

After all, the session lasts for several hours. And it is extremely important that you feel comfortable communicating with the master, but not tolerate his company.

Take into account sanitary-hygienic conditions.

All professional tattoo artists in Omsk strictly observe all hygienic conditions and requirements. Because not only your health but also your life depends on it. It is extremely important that the master:

  • Work in disposable gloves;
  • change needles;
  • do not mix paints;
  • use special preparations, etc..

Personal communication also allows you to understand all this. As well as assess the condition of the salon, the room where the sessions take place. The salon should be clean and neat. The room should be ventilated.

Assess the portfolio

We remind you that our rating of tattoo artists in Omsk is supplemented by examples of each specialist's work. Choosing whom to go for a session, carefully examine the portfolio. Pay attention to such features of the drawings:

  • The style in which the master works;
  • Clarity of lines, contours;
  • continuity of the contour;
  • filling of the drawing with paint;
  • color transitions;
  • brightness of colors.

All this allows you to understand if the master really knows how to work the needle, how professional he is.

The cost of tattoo master in Omsk

Searching for "tattoo master Omsk" also allows you to determine approximately the cost of each individual specialist presented in our rating.

One must understand that tattooing is a pleasure that requires money. Sometimes a lot of it. But in general, even the highest cost can be justified:

  • The original sketch;
  • A quality image;
  • bright colors.

And if the master charges a large amount for his services, in your opinion, most likely he does it consciously. Of course, you can look for a person who works for a low price, but you run the risk of running into a low-quality "specialist" who is not able to perform a high-quality drawing.

Tattoo salons in Omsk - 85 places

In the section "Tattoo Salons, Omsk" found 85 places with information - opening hours, indices, official websites, reviews, phones and addresses in Omsk.



Tattoo Magic

Tattoo and piercing studio

  • Omsk, 30 Karl Marx Ave.
  • +7-904-580-31-09
  • The nearest stop - store Young Technician - 49m
  • Tattoo parlors



Indigo, beauty salon

  • Omsk, Vatutina, 3
  • +7-904-824-51-25
  • The nearest stop - Ulitsa Vatutina - 40m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studio


Styler, beauty salon

  • Omsk, Aviagorodok, 36, 1st floor
  • +7-923-760-00-08
  • The nearest stop - OLTUGA - 137m
  • Women's haircut from 450 p, Men's haircut from 300 p, Children's haircut


Kurazh, beauty salon

  • Omsk, Petukhova Blvd.
  • The nearest stop - Cultural and entertainment center Crystal - 194m
  • Women haircut from 300 p, Men haircut from 250 p, Children haircut


beauty salon

  • Omsk, Komarova avenue, 6 к1
  • The nearest stop - Levoberezhny market - 104m
  • Cosmetic Services, Tattoo parlors


Tattoo Leader, tattoo studios

  • Omsk, 6 Karl Marx avenue.
  • +7-908-809-07-73
  • The nearest stop - Children's world - 211m
  • Tattoo parlors


Kuba, tattoo studio

  • Omsk, Pushkina St. 37
  • The nearest stop - Medical Academy - 112m
  • Tattoo parlors

Korshun Tattoo Style

Club of tattoos

  • 4, Karl Marx avenue, Omsk.
  • +7-951-409-26-40
  • Nearest bus stop - Lenin Square - 97m
  • Tattoo parlors


Tattoo studio

  • 61 k1, 2nd line, Omsk
  • +7-906-991-03-90
  • The nearest stop - The City Museum - 125m
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo X.O.

Tattoo X.O., tattoo studio

  • 15, 70 Let Oktyabrya Street, Omsk, entrance from the front
  • +7-905-097-45-60
  • The nearest stop - 11-th microdistrict - 200m
  • Tattoo Salons, Eyebrow Care, Eyelash Care


VIP TATU, tattoo studio

  • Omsk, Irtyshskaya Embankment, 12, 1 floor.
  • +7-951-409-95-65
  • Nearest bus stop - Mayakovsky Recreation Center - 89m
  • Tattoo parlors


The Center of Health and Beauty

  • Omsk, Kirov Street 12.
  • The nearest stop is 4th Rabochaya str. - 175м
  • Cosmetic Services, Tattoo parlors


Tattoo studio

  • Omsk, Krasny Put 69.
  • The nearest stop - Rabinovicha street - 103m
  • Tattoo parlors

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon, tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, 70 let Oktyabrya, 14/2, 13 office; 2nd floor; 1 st entrance.
  • +7-913-970-84-86
  • Nearest stop - Dramteatr - 97m
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio Oleg Didovich

  • Omsk, 6 Severnaya st.
  • +7-903-927-15-91
  • The nearest stop - 7 Severnaya - 347m
  • Tattoo parlors

Dark Room Tattoo

Dark Room Tattoo

  • Omsk, Lukashevicha, 21/1
  • +7-929-360-85-89
  • Nearest bus stop - the bus station - 163m
  • Airbrush on transport, tattoo parlors

Black Lion

Tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, Marshala Zhukova 6, Omsk, Russia.
  • +7-913-666-81-40
  • Nearest bus stop - Pharmacy #6 - 145m
  • Tattoo parlors

Port Vane

Tattoo studio

  • 153, 5-th liniya St., Omsk
  • +7-904-324-52-76
  • Nearest stop - PO Bolshevichka - 94m
  • Tattoo parlors


Tattoo Studio

  • 18/8 Karl Marx Ave.
  • Nearest stop - Transport Academy - 224m
  • Tattoo parlors

Peter 1

Tattoo studio

  • Omsk, 21g Bagration St.
  • +7-933-301-85-86
  • The nearest stop - Bagrationa - 342m
  • Tattoo parlors

MHJ Tattoo Art

tattoo studio

  • Omsk, 43 Mira Avenue
  • +7-950-335-92-43
  • Neizavodskaya stop - 36m
  • Tattoo Salons

Tattoo Leader

Tattoo Leader, tattoo studio

  • Omsk, 70 let Oktyabrya street, 20, 1 floor
  • +7-950-333-96-18
  • Nearest bus stop - 11-th microdistrict - 141m
  • Tattoo parlors

Tatoo S & A

Tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, Bogdan Khmelnitskogo, 164
  • +7-950-334-02-04
  • The nearest stop is the Park of Culture and Recreation. Komsomol 30th Anniversary Park - 111m
  • Tattoo parlors

Scotch tattoo

Tattoo parlor

  • 34a Karl Marx Ave.
  • +7-929-367-68-82
  • Nearest stop - Young Technician store - 125m
  • Tattoo parlors


CHICAGO, tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, 75 Brigada Street, 16, 1st floor
  • +7-950-786-30-76
  • Closest stop - Polyclinic - 28m
  • Tattoo parlors


ELEMENT, tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, Maslennikova 175, 1 floor
  • +7-904-328-78-48
  • The nearest stop - School - 171m
  • Tattoo parlors, Body Painting Services


Tattoo Cabinet

  • Omsk, Ordzhonikidze, 73
  • +7-905-096-66-50
  • Nearest stop - Public transport - 160m
  • Tattoo parlors

Go Hard Tattoo

Tattoo parlor

  • 25, Solnechnaya 10-th, Omsk
  • +7-951-405-94-96
  • Nearest stop - Solnechny village - 992m
  • Tattoo parlors


Tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, 48 Irtyshskaya Embankment
  • +7-904-326-19-34
  • Nearest bus stop - River port - 596m.
  • Tattoo parlors

Black Lion

Black Lion, tattoo parlor

  • Omsk, Maslennikova street, 60, 1 floor.
  • +7-913-666-81-40
  • The nearest stop - SKK imeni Blinov - 227m
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo Stream

Tattoo Ruchey, art tattoo studio

  • Omsk, Gertsen St., 44, 1st floor
  • +7-950-219-10-87
  • Nearest bus stop - House of Printing - 230m
  • Tattoo Salons

Rabbit Tattoo

Rabbit Tattoo, tattoo studio

  • Omsk, Krasny Put', 28.
  • +7-965-878-66-84
  • The nearest stop - Rabinovicha street - 231m
  • Tattoo parlors


Talisman, tattoo studio

  • Omsk, Pochtovaya, 4, ground floor; 11th entrance.
  • +7-933-301-59-92
  • Nearest bus stop - Local lines Airport - 124m
  • Tattoo Salons

Lantana, beauty salon

  • Omsk, 20 Mir Ave.
  • The nearest stop - Medical academy - 53m
  • Cosmetic services, Tattoo parlors


  • Omsk, 10 Let Oktyabrya St. 136, building 1.
  • The nearest stop - 9th line - 206m
  • Tattoo parlors, Massage services

Territory of Beauty

  • Omsk, 79 Krasny Put St.
  • The nearest stop - Rabinovicha street - 197m
  • Hairdressing, Tattoo parlors


Tattoo studio

  • 14 Komarova Ave.
  • +7-923-699-90-99
  • The nearest stop - Hospital - 90m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studios


Why choose high-cost specialists

Naturally, every potential client tries to save money. However, it should be understood that an excellent result cannot be obtained if you turn to a penny-pinching specialist.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the cost of a tattoo is influenced by several reasonable factors:

  • The complexity of the sketch;
  • The size of the tattoo;
  • The location of the tattoo;
  • The cost of consumables used in applying the tattoo.

The more details, small elements, the higher is the complexity of the image, the higher is the cost of services of the master.

The fame and experience of the master is taken into account.

By the way, on final cost of tattoo has influence and fame, experience of the master. For example, it is possible to recollect the most known expert Scott Campbell - he takes not less than $1000 for an hour of the work. Given that applying a large, beautiful, bright tattoo takes several hours, you can imagine how much it will cost to decorate your body with a drawing.

In addition, you need to understand that sometimes the cost of a tattoo is affected not only by the beauty of the image. For example, on the body of the famous and even in some way legendary Kate Moss there are two birds - small and seemingly even unsightly at first glance. However, the cost of such a tattoo can reach 1.5 million dollars. The price is due to the master who worked on the star's body - it is Lucien Freud, the grandson of Sigmund Freud.

Of course, there are no masters of this level in Omsk yet. However, you need to understand - if a specialist has a queue scheduled for several weeks in advance, his services will be quite expensive.

Be sure to take into account the fact that the development of the sketch requires additional payment. However, you should not save money and just copy someone else's images. It's not a good idea. It is better to invest in the development of a separate sketch, unique, corresponding to your life principles and priorities.

Presented on our site rating tattoo artists Omsk - a great opportunity to pick up a specialist who creates high-quality, bright, unusual tattoos. Such an image will certainly become an adornment of your body and allow you to stand out from the crowd!


Price tattoo, in addition to size, depends on the following main factors:

  • Qualification and experience of the master
  • Tattoo detail level
  • Speed of execution

The higher all these parameters, the more expensive the tattoo.

Basic price list:

  • Artistic tattoo from 3 000 R
  • Working out and selection of an individual sketch (when applying a tattoo in our studio) FREE OF CHARGE
  • Development and selection of an individual sketch (without tattooing) from 3 000 P

Master Natalia

  • Starting price for small works (1-2 sessions) from 3 000 R
  • Price for large projects (3 or more sessions):
  • standard session (up to 7 hours of work) from 9,000 P
  • Short session (up to 3.5 hours) from 5 000 P

Master Nikolay

  • Price for small projects (1-2 sessions) from 3 000 P
  • Price for large projects (3 or more sessions)
  • standard session (up to 7 hours of work) from 14,000 R
  • short session (up to 3.5 hours) from 7,500 P

Senior Master Marina

  • Starting price for small projects (1-2 sessions) from 3,000 P
  • Price for large projects (3 or more sessions):
  • standard session (up to 7 hours of work) from 14,000 R
  • hourly rate 7 500 R

Senior Master Karina

Working only on author's projects. The price is discussed individually with Karina during the consultation at the studio. Recording for the consultation is made by tel. +7 (3812) 38-38-13. You can also write to Karina personally by email.

Correction of a tattoo made in our studio:

  • For two months after the session from 1 000 P
  • From the third month from 2 000 P

You can get acquainted with the approximate price of your tattoo by sending a picture with the size and location of your tattoo to the administrator.

Do you know? In our "vKontakte" group we regularly announce discounts and also there are different contests, by participating in which you get a chance to get a tattoo for free.


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