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Tattoo master Ufa: withstanding the pain, beautify the body

In this article, which you found by request Tattoo Master Ufa, a kind of rating of the best specialists of the city is presented. Perhaps there are not many people who in the head at least once did not arise an idea to make on your body tattoo. But only few of them actually realize their plan. The reason is the lack of a suitable master, who is able to realize your ideas.

Tattoo Master Ufa

Among their list you will find just the right professional who can create a charming body drawing, completely reflecting your lifestyle and inner world.

Tattoo master in Ufa: choose really among the best professionals!

If you need a highly professional tattoo master Ufa your city of residence or any nearby locality, it is with us you will find a person skillfully wielding a needle and paints.

Each tattoo master in Ufa, presented on our site, "accompanied" by all necessary information for the potential client:

  • Surname, first name;
  • contact information;
  • Pages in social networks;
  • address of the salon;
  • The style in which the specialist works and the preliminary cost of services.

It is noteworthy that you can also read examples of work and reviews. All this is also extremely important. According to the portfolio, you will be able to assess in what styles the "artist" works and what is the true quality of his work.

Reviews are a real opportunity to understand how professional he is and how he is able to solve various, even the most complex tasks.

Pay attention!
If the selected master has a lot of positive, but a couple of negative comments, it is not a reason to reject him. After all a simple human factor has not been canceled yet and there is a probability that the authors of negative comments simply did not agree on some particular issues.

Tattoo parlors in Ufa - 37 places

In the section "Tattoo salons, Ufa" found 37 places with information - opening hours, indices, official websites, reviews, phones and addresses in Ufa.


UZAR Tattoo Collective | Tattoo Ufa

tattoo studio

  • Ufa, st. Jalil Kiekbaeva, 6
  • Phone number is not listed
  • Tattoo parlors

1 review 1.0


Diva, beauty parlor

  • Ufa, 50 let Oktyabrya, 20, 1 floor
  • Nearest stop - Printing House - 49m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studio



Tattoo parlor

  • Ufa, Mir, 31
  • +7-961-365-36-65
  • The nearest stop - Ordzhonikidze Square - 105m
  • Tattoo parlors


Beauty Shop

  • Ufa, Oktyabr avenue 144
  • +7-987-098-55-25
  • The nearest stop - Puppet Theater - 118m
  • Women haircut from 150 p, Men haircut from 150 p, Children haircut

Studio Tattoo Pride

Studio Tattoo Pride, tattoo parlor

  • Ufa, Lenina, 28, 2 office; 1 floor
  • +7-927-329-37-08
  • The nearest stop - the Bashkir republican grammar school boarding school No. 1 named after Rami Garipov - 97m
  • Tattoo parlors


Aspid, tattoo studio

  • Ufa, Oktyabr avenue, 142/5, 1 floor
  • +7-917-434-29-71
  • The nearest stop is Smena Cinema - 127m
  • Tattoo parlors


Tattoo parlor

  • Ufa, 6 Mustaya Karim St.
  • +7-917-342-41-65
  • Closest stop - Kinoteatr Rodina - 230m
  • Tattoo parlors

Amsterdam studio

Tattoo studio

  • Ufa, Molodezhny Blvd. 6/1
  • +7-906-109-97-35
  • The nearest stop - Lesoparkovaya - 233m
  • Cosmetic Services, Tattoo parlors


Illusion, tattoo studio

  • Ufa, 20, 50 let Oktyabrya, 1 floor.
  • +7-917-445-90-57
  • The nearest stop - Printing House - 49m
  • Tattoo parlors


Studio of tattoo

  • Ufa, Babushkina, 25/1
  • +7-960-380-16-66
  • The nearest stop is 87m.
  • Laser cosmetology, Tattooing, Epilation


Martin, tattoo studio

  • Ufa, 26/2 Lesotechnikuma Street, ground floor
  • +7-917-497-40-73
  • The nearest stop - Ikhlas Mosque - 255m
  • Piercing, Wi-Fi

Friend`s House

Tattoo studio

  • 82 Revolutsionnaya Street, Ufa
  • Phone number is not listed.
  • The nearest stop - Finance college - 68m
  • Tattoo parlors

Amsterdam studio

  • Ufa, Molodezhny Blvd. 6/1
  • Cosmetic services, Tattoo parlors

Fusion, network of hairdressing salons

  • Ufa, Richard Zorge Street, 50/1
  • Hairdressing, Cosmetic services

Golden Lokon Barber Shop

  • Ufa, Krasnovodskaya Street, 3
  • Hairdressing, beauty services

Studio tattoo Elena Nechaeva

  • Ufa, Akademika Koroleva Street, 4
  • Cosmetic services, Tattoo parlors

Creative, beauty studio

  • 153/2 Rossiyskaya Ulitsa.
  • Phone number is not listed
  • Hairdressing, Cosmetic services

Tokyo, permanent makeup studio

  • 48 Yuriy Gagarin St.
  • Phone not listed
  • Cosmetic services, Tattoo parlors

Beauty Studio Esmeralda

  • Ufa, 10 Marshala Zhukova Street.
  • Nail studios, Tattoo parlors


  • Ufa, 14 Sergey Vostretsov Street.
  • Hairdressing, Tattoo parlors


  • Ulitsa 50-letiya Oktyabrya, 20
  • Tattoo parlors, SPA-procedures

Aspid, tattoo studio

  • 35 Pervomaiskaya Street, Ufa
  • Phone number is not listed
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio

  • 31 Mira Street, Ufa
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio Acecard Tattoo

  • 132/3 Oktyabr avenue in Ufa
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo studio Smart

  • 127 Oktyabr avenue, Ufa
  • Tattoo studio

Tattoo Romanova Ufa

  • Ufa, Babushkina Street, 25/1
  • Tattoo salons

Tattoo studio of Irina Aspid

  • 142/5 Oktyabr avenue in Ufa
  • Tattoo parlors

Tattoo Pride studio

  • 132/3 Oktyabrya Ave.
  • Tattoo Salons

Ear piercing salon

  • 201 Mendeleeva Street, Ufa
  • Tattoo salons

Liki, tattoo studio

  • Ufa, 22 Shafiev Street
  • Tattoo parlors

Karina Mehendi

  • Ufa, 26 Komsomolskaya Ulitsa
  • Tattoo parlors


Lores, hairdressing salon

  • Ufa, Richard Zorge, 30, 1 floor
  • +7-927-962-47-91
  • The nearest stop - Medkollege - 63m
  • Hairdressing, Nail Studio


Bagheera, beauty salon

  • Ufa, Gabdulla Amantay, 3, 1 floor
  • +7-917-471-11-74
  • The nearest stop - Microdistrict Kolguyevsky - 296m
  • Women haircut from 400 p, Men haircut from 300 p, Barber Shop


Alita, beauty salon

  • Ufa, Aiskaya, 62, 1 floor
  • +7-917-458-66-65
  • The nearest stop - Ulitsa Aiskaya - 73m
  • Hairdressing salons, nail studios


FRANDS, barnshop

  • 48, Yuriy Gagarina Street, Ufa, ground floor
  • +7-927-302-05-30
  • The nearest stop - Fashion Atelier - 58m
  • Women's haircut from 550 p, men's haircut from 500 p, Children's haircut


Zuhra, beauty salon

  • Ufa, Yuriy Gagarina, 41, 2nd floor
  • +7-964-962-91-10
  • The nearest stop - Fashion Atelier - 88m
  • Women's haircut from 350 p, Men's haircut from 250 p, Children's haircut


Marilyn, hairdressing salon

  • Ufa, Zagir Ismagilov, 6, 1 floor
  • +7-917-047-00-68
  • The nearest stop - Microdistrict Yuzhny - 153m
  • Women's haircut from 250 p, Men's haircut from 240 p, Children's haircut

Tattoo master Ufa: what else do you need to consider when choosing

If you decide to get a tattoo in Ufa, the price of the master is not the most important, but also not the last factor. It is clear that too high cost can scare you away - not everyone is able to give up 1000 dollars for a drawing of average size.

However, remember also that too low a price is a reason to think about the competence of the specialist. There is a probability that he will simply screw up and ruin your body. Fixing such a pattern is long, expensive and tedious.

By the way!
Don't forget that sometimes novice specialists work at a low price in order to fill their client base. Therefore, if you are interested in a person who works at low prices, talk to him beforehand to check his level of competence, and also ask to see examples of real work.

Personal communication as one of the ways to make a choice

The search query "tattoo master Ufa" did not lead you to this page for nothing. But do not immediately sign up for a session, choosing a master whose work you liked. Initially, talk to him to understand how well he suits you and what the level of his competence:

  • Let the master talk about all the specifics of tattooing;
  • Will point out what paints he works with;
  • tell you how to take care of your tattoo.

If he is well-versed in his subject he will tell in detail what and how to do, how to prepare for the session, how to keep the brightness of the picture. In this case - all the information will give so much detail that you will no longer have any doubts.

Do not forget about the hygiene requirements and norms.

Decided to decorate your body with a beautiful pattern? In such a situation, use not only the search query "tattoo master Ufa prices". Since the cost of the work alone will not be enough for an objective assessment of the true level of professionalism.

It is also important to consider the extent to which such a specialist adheres to sanitary and hygienic standards:

  • works wearing gloves;
  • uses disposable needles;
  • does not mix paints;
  • uses disinfectants, etc.

After all, it's not just about your health, but even your life. Because if you refuse to comply with sanitary and hygienic norms, the "master" is able to infect your work with dangerous diseases.

So take this point into consideration. Do not hesitate to ask questions, demand to see the products you are using for disinfection.

Are there any contraindications?

Our goal is to "sell" you the services of a master. But at the same time, we do not strive to achieve it at any cost. Therefore, we will tell you exactly what are the contraindications for this procedure. Among these are:

  • The presence of allergic reactions;
  • various skin surface diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • blood clotting problems;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • hepatitis;
  • venereal diseases.

By the way!
It is impossible to apply a tattoo under alcohol and drug intoxication!

If you have at least minimal health problems, be sure to tell the master about them, so that he could decide - whether you can apply the image on your body or not.

Four tattoo-masters from Ufa tell about the art of ink and needle

1. Elia Vecher: "It's great when you leave a person something to love for life".

Studio "Elis tattoo". Experience 2 years. The youngest interviewee of the publication - the age of 20 years.

It's not about the age - it's about the person as such. Some people are children even at forty. Maybe in the beginning there was some mistrust on the part of clients, but I think my level is good enough that people do not have any doubts.

I've been doing this for almost two years. I've been wanting to since I was about 15 or 16 years old. I like it wildly - I like the way people realize their thoughts on themselves. It's a certain kind of art. It's quite unusual. At the beginning of my studio career it was a little awkward in front of experienced masters, and at the same time it was insanely interesting. New prism of people: everyone sees differently, everyone sees differently.

As for buying equipment, paints and security, the costs are very substantial if you love what you do. I never save on equipment, supplies, sterilization. Every self-respecting tattoo artist will never work with low-quality, Chinese equipment. At the beginning of my way coincided desires and possibilities - the stars came together! Partly my mother invested in me, partly helped my friends. Of course, the first money I earned was invested in equipment. Personally, I was breaking even, all the money went to quality, not myself. Did you have to study for a long time? I am still learning, it will never end. If you think you've achieved everything, you stop developing.

When I went to art school, I honestly didn't think I'd get so "wrapped up"! Graphics and tattoos - one complements the other. However, there are people who are good enough to draw, but in the tattoo industry, they're at a fairly low level. Drawing on skin is not as easy as drawing on paper. It's skin after all, and there's no chance for you to make a mistake. When you sit down to work, you think through every step, every detail, you check all the ratios. Every drawing is first done by translation. That is, you don't draw on the person, but, roughly speaking, on the picture.

There is no risk of infection on our side - the equipment is heat-treated with various means, there is protection everywhere, we always work with gloves on. In my practice, as well as in the practice of my colleagues, this has never happened.

The contingent is completely different. There are people who don't understand what they want. There are people who do it under the influence of fashion: they saw it, they wanted it. There's another thing about Ufa's budget: a lot of people can go to a bad craftsman just because he'll cut their price by a thousand, fifteen hundred rubles... Even five hundred rubles, and it's happened! Despite the fact that your level of work is two or three times higher. As for St. Petersburg, for example, it's a little different there. There are a lot of quality craftsmen and different price tag. In this case, people still do themselves a high quality. Yes, there are those who have everything scheduled for months, but this status, this skills, style, which only they own. If I understand that a person's desire for a tattoo is temporary, I ask them to think about it and wait. For me, the priority is not the financial side, for me it is important that the person reflect and come to it. It's not like I do a job and the person wants to get it down after a while. I had one girl like that. We gave her two tattoos, and then she asked the master for removal. It was unpleasant. It wasn't the quality of my work, it was that she did it unknowingly. It wasn't my fault, but it's still sad.

Tattooing for me is life. And a hobby, and creativity, and work at the same time. To say that I can live without it is unlikely. There are masters who work and come into this sphere exclusively for money. And I have such craftsmen I know. But there is a difference between them: "whatever for the money" and "whatever for the money, but with quality". There is no denying that about half come because of finance.

Counterculture? No. As many people as there are opinions, and not everyone who gets a tattoo identifies with one of the three faiths. Faith, as far as I'm concerned, should be hidden from everyone. It shouldn't be kitsch.

My mother is an artist, and she supports me in everything. But yes, I still get a kick out of something new on my body! She got her first tattoo when she was 42. It wasn't me, it was a friend of mine. She didn't mind. My grandfather and the older generation are more skeptical about it, they try not to accept it, as if there is some kind of barrier.

If a person is adequate inside, what he does will be more important than what's on his body. And to say "well, they won't hire you with a tattoo"... Well, first of all, they evaluate you as an employee. And then to hide the tattoos, there are clothes. It says a lot about an employer if they don't hire a person because they don't visually like them.

I think tattooing in Ufa will develop, and it is developing. Good masters are appearing. There are also a lot of "homeboys" who are not very passionate about it and a little bit irresponsible. This gnaws at me.

When you're done, after 5-6 hours of work, you have no energy, and you collapse on the couch. Your client stands by the mirror and smiles, his eyes light up, even though he's been through the pain, he's tired... But he's happy and satisfied. It's great when you leave someone for life something they will love and wear with pleasure.

2. Helen Marghera: "Black and white always looks better.

| EMBER TATTOO // Video by Lebedev Kirill | from Kirill on Vimeo.

Ember tattoo studio. Experience of 3 years. In addition to tattoos, does makeup and makeup.

I have been working in this field for more than three years. Generally I always somewhere (and sometimes on someone) drew something, constantly looking for new uses for my desire to draw. For a long time I painted T-shirts, created hand-made costume jewelry, and drew simple portraits to order. Then I wanted something more serious... I tried my hand at tattooing, and I was hooked and completely absorbed by it.

The most popular are animals (owls, lions, wolves, phoenixes), also many want to do something related to space. Well and for girls are very popular flowers plus lace, similar works usually want to do on the upper thighs or on the ribs. And in general, the most popular places for tattoos are, of course, the forearms, shoulders or thighs.

Very often even the client himself can not explain why he needs a tattoo! Simply there is a desire to do a tattoo, or some picture really sticks in the soul. Usually clients say that they do it for themselves, but there are also those who confess that they did it in order to show off in the summer on the beach. Of course, there are also those who have nurtured the idea for a long time and put their own deep meaning into it.

I can discourage people when they have an uninteresting idea, or when they want to get a tattoo like a friend's, and they want to do it quickly, quickly... Of course, I try to discourage them and suggest more interesting options. Many clients do not understand why I do not copy someone else's work, why I do not do inscriptions a la "my life my rulezzz", and, of course, it is difficult to explain to each such person why I advise them to change their mind.

In our business it is very important that the work (tattoo) was externally suitable for the client and did not violate anatomy, i.e. it is necessary to think over the location of the tattoo, to choose the right size and style. When you draw on canvas, you have no such worries.

Favourite trends? Probably, like many people lately I like Dotwork and geometry a lot. I try to develop in that direction, but of course not all my clients want that style, so I also do other works. In my opinion black and white works always look better than color ones because of better contrast with human skin tone. I like neo-tradition the most out of all the colored ones for its clear contours and bright colors.

White is used in tattoos, but it is best used to highlight highlights and accents, because it will be well visible in the vicinity of other colors, but not so much on a blank skin. The lighter the skin, the brighter any colors are seen, and white is included.

I started doing makeup on an amateur level a long time ago. About a year ago I took a professional makeup course and since then I am trying to do much better and more serious work, I am constantly trying to develop in this business.

And I just started doing makeup, so I can not yet consider myself a master of this business. In the field of makeup I was attracted by the fact that it is an additional opportunity to implement some of my ideas, to create something new that no one else has done before me. Specifically in Ufa, unfortunately, not particularly popular makeup theme, but when there is a desire to create, me and like-minded people (photographer friends, model friends) trying to create something cool and would very much like to let this theme into the masses.

The future of tattoo and makeup in Ufa? I would like people to not only write enthusiastic comments on the photos created by our team with interesting images, but to come to us for interesting and unusual photo shoots.

3. Timur Yuzar: "Girls understand tattoo more than men".

UZAR Tattoo Collective Studio. Experience 2.5 years. Master of one of the most popular studios in Ufa.

Engaged in tattooing since September 2011. But for myself I think that professionally - about two and a half years. When I started, did everything, if only there were clients. And now more deeply into their own style. Now it's more realism. I do mostly black and white, very rarely in color, but I wish it were the other way around. It's more interesting, more vivid. People order black and white more often. Color is always long, it's always several sessions.

Of course, there is a connection to fine art, but not every artist will become a tattoo artist, and not every tattoo artist can depict something on paper. I, for example, do better on skin than on paper. The difference between canvas and skin is very big. If you compare it, a tattoo is closer to oil. You apply it in layers, you can mix it with each other, you have to wait for the tattoo to live. It also depends on the client, and even a very good tattoo can be ruined by poor care.

The practice of anesthesia exists, but I'm using it less and less. Tattooing is a less painful process and with "anesthesia" heals much worse. It's better to be patient once. Everyone has a different pain threshold. Some can even fall asleep during the session, while others fidget every five minutes.

Even by communication, you can tell if a person needs a tattoo or not. If in doubt, you probably don't need it. Or if he compares someone's prices and so on. He is already on the side of benefit, not art.

Someone gets tattoos as a memory, someone is subjected to fashion. Some do not even know why they need it. I started a long time ago, but I do most of it as a memento. Someone does it on a dare! Of course, you can try to get a tattoo yourself, but it's the same as getting an operation. Because it hurts, and there's a self-protection factor. The responsibility is different.

I have mostly regular customers. It even happens that I do not sign up new ones until I have dealt with the old ones. Basically, not one tattoo at a time, but a little bit at a time, and it all makes up a composition. But there are clients who want this and want that, and they end up with some kind of kaleidoscope. Mostly young people come to us. And if you judge by gender, there are a lot more girls. I thought it should be the other way around. Girls understand tattooing more than men, it's more interesting for them, they sit and read. They know some terms. And the stronger sex is slower with it. More often they write: "How much will a tattoo cost?" etc. I would not call myself a "tattooer" ... Although among acquaintances and friends you can call yourself that.

Mehendi, a temporary tattoo - it has nothing to do with us at all. Tattoo is the application of pigment with a needle under the top layer of skin. Mehendi is done with a brush. People often ask about temporary tattoos, henna tattoos, but there is no such term. You don't put henna under the skin. Translators of some kind or mehendi - it happens, but it is unlikely that I or any of my colleagues will do such a thing. It's more cosmetic.

I know from experience: if you're a diabetic, have psoriasis, any rashes, before doing a tattoo, it's better to consult with a doctor. And if the tattoo is done on a scar, it should be at least a year and a half - the skin should recover. And if a person gets pumped up, the tattoo still won't lose its shape. The skin stretches evenly. The only thing is you can't get too high. There are steroid jocks who are fat in winter and dry in summer. They're fraught with stretch marks. Scars can appear on the tattoo site.

The average session takes four hours. It depends more on the client. I can sit for six hours, hunched over, but not everyone can stand it.

I have many different kinds of people among my clients. I have one prosecutor. He does everything on revolutionary themes. Basically, people who love their bodies come in: jocks, fit women, gym trainers. There's a lot of subcultures among young people, but they mostly jam not in studios, unfortunately, but at home, at friends' houses somewhere. They do each other with homemade machines. I don't take clients under 18. I don't even always offer to sit down.

A convict came to me once. He even brought a little book with him, with the requirements for tattoos, so I wouldn't accidentally do something different. I gave him an artistic tattoo, but I didn't do what he asked me to do. Even in prison, they now distinguish between artistic tattoos. For example, a cat is tattooed. And in prison, everyone will be afraid of you. But actually in prison it's easy to tell which is artistic and which is not. If it's all blue, then it's clear that it's not artistic at all.

I definitely don't do extremist tattoos. And on religious themes I don't always agree - especially if it's Islam. I say, "You're a Muslim, you're not allowed!

I didn't start out in Ufa, but in Salavat. We worked in a hair salon. It couldn't be called a studio - a salon, a barbershop... But I still have good memories. At that time I went to Ufa to "score", and it was very difficult to find masters. It was 2011-2012. If there were masters, they were also sitting somewhere in barbershops, hiding in all kinds of small rooms - I don't know why. And it was strange to see tattooed people on the street. Nowadays, tattoo artists are a dime a dozen. Or rather, people who consider themselves tattoo artists. Unfortunately, tattoos have become fashionable. Or maybe not unfortunately. People's stereotypes have changed a little bit. At first there was a wave of photographers, now there's a wave of makeup artists. People who took a two-hour course, and believe that they know everything, that they are capable of everything, who did not buy professional equipment, and ordered it from Aliexpress ... I keep asking: "And how are not you afraid to go to someone who just started, who works at home, bought everything from God knows where? Would you go to a dentist like that?"

I'm not saying that you have to go to any schools, especially since there aren't any in Ufa. And if there are, it's all a "scam" - just like with makeup artists, who are taught in two days. You could go to some tattoo artist, sit with him in sessions, and soak it all up. I don't see any other option. When I went to Ufa myself, I had no idea that I would become a tattoo artist. But I saw everything, understood everything, asked. When I got sucked in, I already knew some of the basics. I moved to Ufa, worked with cool masters, exchanged experiences. Only a master here can learn from a master. Now there are courses from a respected master in Moscow, and this is the only one I would advise everyone to go to. In most cases beginning masters are people without money, who saw that it is possible to earn on it, and think that all this is simple.

Tattooing happened a long time ago. As a hobby, as a pastime - you can't call it that anymore. In Russia, unfortunately, it's associated with prison.

What is the future of the tattoo? I hope that the machine will not replace the man.

4. Albert S13 Yuldashev: "It's not enough just to be able to draw, you have to fit the drawing into the dynamics of the body".

S13 tattooz studio. Experience of 10 years. One of the most experienced masters of the city. Winner of Russian and international festivals. Graffiti artist. Worked as a firefighter for 12 years.

The studio is a bit undone. Documentary not so fast everything is done. This will be the only literate studio in Ufa. Literate and in terms of design, and in terms of presenting to the client.

I am engaged in a tattoo since 2007. How has everything changed during those 10 years? Earlier it was easier in terms of communication. All tattoo artists were communicating with each other. It was hard to find any information, everything was scooped out of their mouths. Now there's a lot of information. A person who learned how to make a line, immediately considers himself a tattoo artist, picks up a typewriter, creates a group and starts making tattoos. The criterion for skill? A person has to be able to work with the body, it's not enough just to be able to draw. You have to be able to fit the design into the dynamics of the body, to take into account the curves and turns. Tattoos have become more complex and of higher quality in 10 years. This also applies to the equipment. If you do it professionally, the equipment is very expensive.

What a person who came to beat tattoo for the first time needs to know: first of all he must see the work of a master, his style, take into account whether he lays out his own work or other people's. The main part of the failed masters puts other people's works. People seeing beautiful pictures go to them, but they are not happy with the result. Accordingly, the attitude towards tattooing becomes different. But it is a kind of experience. After that they look for their master. They come and overbid the work, or remove it with a laser. It's a cover-up - fixing an old tattoo, or overlaying it. In this type of work, you are guided more by what you need to cover than by the desired result. It's much easier to do anything on a clean spot - anything can be done. Everything is fitted to the "back" work, its lines, shadows. There is a practice of covering burns, scars.

A lot of people come for the style. These are people who already know about tattooing, know what it is, know what they want from it, and they are already looking for a style master. They can come from other cities, other countries and look at his hand.

Thank God, I don't have people coming to me who don't know what they want. I already have a certain contingent of people who have an idea of what they want. A person must have an idea of what they want. You can make a lot of choices, but people will still come in and say, "No, that's not it. Masters don't have enough time to give it to one person with a lot of drawings.

I haven't worked in sessions for a long time. Some master can do half hands for 5-6 sessions of 3 hours, I will do it in 3-4 hours.

Topmost accomplishment at festivals? In 2021, at the International Moscow Convention, he took third place in the "Great Tattoo" category. It is one of the most difficult and revered. The risk for people being drawn on at competitions? These are the ones who have already come to the master and his style, so they already know what they will see on themselves.

I still do graffiti. I used to do a lot of them around town. I don't do bombing now, I only do legals. Ice sculptures - that was in the "fire station", an experiment, so to speak.

My main work is tattooing. "Firehouse is just a hobby. There's a very good team there. Hobby... that word does not refer to the ease of work. The work there is, in fact, very hard. Due to the fact that the schedule is convenient (a day in three days), there is an opportunity to do their main business. "The fire brigade is like a family, not a job, but a second home. I had to put out big fires. My own people all have a positive attitude toward tattoos.

It was only years ago that a person could not be hired because of a tattoo. Nowadays, not many people look at tattoos. Not even in the authorities.

I don't know if it's right to call it a business. It depends on what a person wants out of it. If they only want to make money, like young people do now, then it's business. Accordingly, they have no aspiration, no development. They do not even think about making good work. It's quicker to do and forget.

The price of a tattoo is determined by the master himself. I estimate by size and complexity. There are small jobs that will be more expensive than a job five times bigger. There are jobs that need more than five hours, there are jobs that you can do in an hour with no problem.

The hidden meaning of a tattoo doesn't always have to be there. It depends more on a person's mental attitude. I don't ask people who come here - it's none of my business. But you can't ask me for everything, either. Everyone works in their own style, there is no master who works in all styles. I don't do oriental, torn skin, biomechanics, organic - it's not my thing. I don't do that kind of stuff. I don't do nazi or satanic themes. I like black and white work. I work mostly in horror.

Most original tattoo? Based on size, it's the back, buttocks and legs - all in one piece. This is exactly the work that won third place at the international festival.

First and foremost, tattooing is an art.

Trends in tattooing

As the best tattoo masters of Ufa point out, there is no need to talk about fashion trends in this type of modern art. The reason is that the popularity of certain styles is constantly changing. For example, a few years ago among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity was fashionable to put on the body small black and white images:

  • The infinity sign;
  • Hieroglyphs;
  • flower;
  • poultry, etc.

Today, however, things have changed somewhat. Yes, minimalism - black and white neat drawings - is still at the peak of popularity. However, such types of images as:

  • ornaments;
  • watercolor style;
  • realism.

It is important that the sketch was really unique, and not just a downloaded picture from the Internet. Because in this way you only repeat someone else's tattoo, and in order for it to reflect your inner world and habits, you need to make a unique sketch. Even if the idea was borrowed from open sources.

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