Tattoo of an eagle: Significance, sketches and images of the royal bird on the photo

Tattoo of Saint George the Victorious

Tattoo of Saint George the Victorious - One of the most striking averters symbols, which is usually preferred by those who are in such dire need of protection that wants to feel it literally skin.

Tattoo of Saint George the Victorious on the shoulder blade

Tattoo of St. George the Victorious on the scapula

The meaning of the tattoo George the Victorious goes far back in history. It is not only a religious, but also a patriotic symbol. Many choose this colorful tattoo because of aesthetic considerations, not investing deep meaning, and they can be understood. Looking at the photo of the tattoo of St. George the Victorious, it is difficult not to agree that this is not just a picture, but a real work of art. Of course, if it is the creation of the hands of a good master.

The meaning of the coat of arms tattoo

Since ancient times, any nation, community or group of people associated with certain interests had its own sign, which previously looked in the form of a religious symbol or totem. Since the Middle Ages in England began to appear coats of arms, which were worn by knights and passed on to their heirs. A little later coats of arms began to serve as a designation of cities and countries, and they mostly depicted shields, helmets, mantles or inscriptions.

Tattoo with a coat of arms choose for themselves mainly men, whether it is the symbolism of sports clubs, the state, the family or any closed society. The meaning of such a tattoo, unlike other images, is strictly individual and depends on the nature of its owner, his life views, interests and experiences.

If there is an emblem of the country or a sports team on the person's body, he wants to show his loyalty to them. By the way, putting the emblem of the state on the body, for example, in Sweden, is prohibited to all except members of the royal family or civil servants. But the flag of Sweden may well choose for themselves as a tattoo and the average citizen.

In our state a tattoo with the Russian coat of arms speaks of devotion to their country. It is well known that the symbolism of the country has often changed depending on a particular historical period. Today it is a double-headed eagle on the background of the heraldic shield of red. Above the bird's head there are three crowns of Peter I, representing the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power, in his paws - a scepter and orb, and on the body - a rider with a spear, killing a snake - George the Victorious.

The most popular components of the coat of arms are the crown and the eagle, which have different meanings based on the overall composition of the image. For example, since ancient times, the eagle symbolized the sun, power, eternal life, belonging to the royal family. In ancient Rome, the eagle was the symbol of victory, and in Christian culture it signified a strong spirit and strong faith. Today the eagle symbolizes freedom, courage, bravery, power, and majesty. Figure eagle on the coat of arms characterizes a strong person, not limiting themselves to search for easy solutions, the leader with his independent views.

The crown also has multiple meanings. Its image in the coat of arms may indicate the presence of royal or aristocratic blood, material well-being, authority. The crown is often combined in a tattoo with other elements, what can emphasize the superiority over them.

In general, we can conclude that a coat of arms tattoo indicates a person's desire to show his belonging to a particular group of people or state, to tell about his principles and goals in life or to tell about the strengths of his character.

Tattoo.rf offers you to get acquainted with an unusual tattoo in the form of the emblem of the country, city or own family. We will tell the story of the origin of symbolism and tell you about the ban on the application of this body image in Sweden.

Medieval coat of arms symbol and its meaning in our time

People who love their homeland, increasingly decide to make a tattoo in the form of a coat of arms. Some individuals manage to find their family coat of arms, which can be officially assigned to the bearer of a noble family name. Most often, such lucky people want to get a tattoo in the form of a personal coat of arms as a sign of belonging to the family tree.

The roots of the modern form of this ancient emblem go back to medieval England and France. The ancient symbol was to have such attributes as:

The modern forms of the state coat of arms have been greatly simplified. The generally accepted meaning of the tattoo "coat of arms" is clear to all residents of this or that country, so such a picture does not create intrigue, only emphasizing the commitment of the owner of the body drawing to the national tradition of his homeland.

Saint George the Victorious in a tattoo

Tattoo of St. George the Victorious is suitable for girls sensitive and subtle. This image will give the owner determination and firmness of character. Best of all, such a tattoo will look in a large size. Dynamic subject requires detailed elaboration, so choosing this tattoo be prepared for a long painstaking work with the master.

Before going to the master, decide what kind of sketch you like most of all. Militant versions of the image will be difficult to accept people modest, and elegant version - will irritate strong-willed individuals.

Look at online photos of tattoo George the Victorious, choose a suitable sketch and think carefully about what this tattoo means to you personally. For women, a drawing with a saint is a powerful talisman against evil. Such a tattoo will protect the mistress from lies and betrayal. Providence itself will lead the wearer to truth and victory.

The man who chose this image for the tattoo - a man of strong moral principles, who knows what he wants from life. However, it is difficult to unequivocally answer the question what does the tattoo of St. George the Victorious. It is a sign of strength and imposed responsibility. Such a tattoo indicates the inner struggle of the bearer, the awareness of his sins and the desire for truth. A very complex symbol with a peculiar energy. Suitable for people seeking to learn about themselves and the world.

Once upon a time, the tattoo of St. George the Victorious meant that the wearer had been on holy ground. It was his hallmark, and a reminder of responsibility. Now, he is under the protection of the Lord, and carries the good news.

The tattoo of St. George the Victorious, in the broadest sense, means the desire for moral purity, the intention to suppress sin at the root, the fight against injustice. A truly masculine symbol, for brave men. Tattoo of St. George the Victorious on the shoulder - a symbol of repentance, awareness of sins, changing the path of life. People with such a tattoo made any decision in his life to change life for the better.

Meaning, history, photos, sketches, variants of popular tattoo designs

In the material we will consider the meaning of the coat of arms tattoo, popular images for tattooing their history, interpretation and meaning. Those who want to go to a tattoo parlor already have a unique sketch, we suggest looking for the basis for a tattoo idea here:

  • Photo of the Coat of Arms Tattoo
  • Sketches of Coat of Arms Tattoo

Tattoo meaning Coat of Arms - nice examples of Coat of Arms tattoos on photo

Interesting about the meaning of the coat of arms tattoo

Since ancient times, each nation has had its own distinctive sign. Initially, these were religious symbols or totems. The image of coats of arms began to appear in the Middle Ages in England. The first bearers of such a sign were knights, passing their symbols by inheritance. Later, cities and entire countries began to use coats of arms to designate their people. Distinctive features of coats of arms were such elements:

In men, this type of tattoo is especially popular. Everyone chooses his personal symbol: the coat of arms of a soccer club, country, family or coat of arms of a closed society. It can be a personal symbol with certain elements. The meaning of such a tattoo for each owner is individual.

The most common place of such a tattoo - shoulders, back or chest. Family coats of arms are handed down from generation to generation. In addition to the body, they are also often applied to clothing or expensive dishes. Personal coats of arms are created directly by the customer. The choice of symbolism is made on the basis of certain traits of a person's character, goals in life and achievement of heights.

Examples of photos:

Applying the coat of arms of the state or a soccer club, a person is trying to emphasize his loyalty. However, not always the use of the coat of arms of the state is encouraged. For example, in Sweden, only people of royalty or officials are allowed to wear the coat of arms on their bodies. It is forbidden for an ordinary person to wear such an image on their body. In spite of this, the flag is a public symbol, and it is considered normal to put it on the body.

The most common elements of the coat of arms are the images of the crown and the eagle. Depending on the style of the whole image, these symbols may have different meanings. For example, since ancient times, the eagle represents a symbol of the sun, a powerful force and immortality, belonging to a royal community. Also, different faiths interpret the symbol of the eagle in different ways. The ancient Romans used the image of this bird as a banner of victory, with Christians eagle meant strength of spirit and faith. In modern art, the eagle tattoo can represent symbols:

  • Freedom;
  • Courage and courage;
  • Strength;
  • Power and greatness;

The image of an eagle suits strong individuals who do not look for easy ways, have independent thinking and are leaders in life. But to the bold and timid person such a symbol is not a good look.

The crown is quite versatile in its meaning. Such a symbol can signify the presence of royal roots, wealth and prestige. Often the crown is combined with another image. For example, a crowned seven or a heart means good luck. Also, depicting this symbol in conjunction with others emphasizes superiority over them.

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Thus, a person depicting a coat of arms on his body wants to emphasize his belonging to the community, to denote his goals and priorities in life or character strengths.

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Styles for Tattoo of Saint George the Victorious

Religious tattoos look best in the style of tattoo realism, related to it directions and blackwork. They allow the brightest to convey the image and take into account the energy of the symbol.

For those wishing to decorate their body with a miniature tattoo - Saint George is not the best option, such complex images imply more space. A small tattoo will not be able to convey all the depth of the image.

The tattoo is created within 2-3 sessions. You should not depict such a picture on the inner part of the forearm - it is a painful area where the skin renews itself quickly, which means that such a tattoo will not last long. Given the complexity of the work and the detailed drawing of all the elements, the healing will take longer. Follow all the recommendations of the master on this matter.

Where did the two-headed eagle come from in Russia

The main mystery of the Russian coat of arms, no doubt, is the origin and meaning of its main element - the eagle with two heads. In school history textbooks, everything is explained simply: Prince Ivan III of Moscow, marrying a Byzantine princess and heiress to the throne of Zoe (Sophia) Paleolog, received as dowry coat of arms of the Eastern Roman Empire. And "in addition" he got the concept of Moscow as the "Third Rome," which Russia still tries to promote in its relations with its closest neighbors with more or less success.

Cute eagle tattoos for girls

The world is changing. Due to the urbanization of society, the preferences of the fair sex are also changing. Girls and women, who are also characterized by qualities such as nobility and determination, are not indifferent to tattoos with a proud eagle. The image of an eagle in the nest symbolizes the protection of the family home, love. Such a tattoo is chosen as a talisman.

Emblem - a symbol of unity

The State Emblem of the Russian Federation is a special emblem, which was developed and made in accordance with the heraldic canons. On the emblem, the meaning is given to the images and colors that bear together the integrity of the idea of the state, as well as an inseparable link with its history, mentality and traditions.

The new emblem of the Russian Federation was officially approved by the presidential decree of November 30, 1993. The creation is enshrined in the Constitution. In the hierarchical order the emblems of Russia are as follows:

  • The coat of arms of the Russian Empire;
  • Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire;
  • the emblem of Russia in 1917;
  • coat of arms of the Russian state in 1918-1919;
  • emblem of the RSFSR;
  • modern version.

At the initial stage before the emblem, the symbols of the Moscow Principality were recognized as official.

A photo tattoo of an eagle on the back

The owners of the tattoo of an eagle on the back are people who seek to bring any matter to perfection and do not stop on the achieved. This sketch of the tattoo is suitable for both guys and girls. A picture on the back, which depicts a sitting eagle, indicates that you are fully ready for decisive actions entailing significant changes.


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