Unearthly body painting: tattoo Space: meaning, styles, sketches

Recently, tattoos are increasingly popular among the fair sex and men. The whole thing is that with the help of tattoo people are trying to express their originality and individuality, to decorate their body and make themselves more sexy for the opposite sex. It is known that since ancient times people are fond of space, because the unknown and extraterrestrial life always attracts. Many people like to look at the stars, admire the moon or the sun, and many people try to display a part of the galaxy on their body, choosing tattoo designs with the image of space.

Space tattoo: history

Among all the variety of tattoos, the image of space has become popular quite recently. If to believe statistics of experts on creation of tattoos, planets, stars and colored stretches of space began to be in demand only 5-7 years ago. Before popularity enjoyed only certain space attributes, such as rockets, constellations, the sun or the planets. Now it's a real work of art, capable of attracting its beauty and originality.

Tattoo Space: meaning

First of all, it should be noted that the tattoo with the image of space does not have one specific meaning, and is multifaceted. Tattoo space should be perceived not only visually, appreciating the richness of space that is beyond the planet Earth, but also from a philosophical point of view. Many people think of space as an airless space filled with planets and stars, comets and asteroids, black holes and other galactic objects that even great scientists cannot describe.

Others represent space as a set of material and immaterial objects, the mighty force that can control the processes of the universal scale. Others believe that in the depths of space hides an endless flow of energy and information, which a person does not have enough power and time to realize. The cosmos is a balance between life and death, chaos and order, peace and war. All destructive processes do not destroy things without a trace, but give rise to the development of something new, previously unexplored.

Often the space tattoo is used by creative people, but the choice of the sketch should be extremely careful. For example, if the sun ends up on a man's wrist, in some circles it would suggest that its owner is a homosexual. Although in fact, the sun on the wrist is considered a sign of male power, so whether to use it there can only decide the future owner of the tattoo.

A good value is the image of stars in the style of space, in this case the celestial luminaries are depicted not in the form of geometric figures, but as real celestial bodies. Such a tattoo will bring the guy good luck, and for the girl will serve as a love magnet. Binding planets:

  • Mars - a symbol of male strength and aggression, suitable for militant, strong spirit and energy people.
  • Venus is the feminine beauty.
  • Mercury is the patron of merchants and businessmen.
  • Earth is a female symbol of fertility, peace, and family comfort.
  • Jupiter is power, strength and confidence.
  • Moon - magical power.
  • Pluto - immortality, rebirth process.
  • Uranus - drastic changes in life.
  • Saturn -- stability and discipline.
  • Neptune -- intuition, mysticism.

The zodiacal constellations have interesting meanings which influence one's life:
  • Libra - moderation, harmony and order.
  • Gemini - duality, duplicity and contradiction.
  • Cancer - maternal feminine sign, capable of giving fruitfulness.
  • Leo - fire and courage, firmness of character.
  • Sagittarius - wisdom, philosophizing.

Historical background on the lotus flower

For a long time, the lotus flower has aroused the amazement and admiration of people not only because of its attractiveness, but also because of the ability to maintain this beauty wherever it grows - whether it is even dirty lakes or swamps. This is the very singularity of this delicate flower, which sprouts through the mud and silt and opens its petals to the rays of the sun.

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The lotus is present as a significant religious and cultural symbol in most Asian nations.

For example, the Hindus and Buddhists associate the lotus flower with awakening and the desire to comprehend the true spiritual life. This is because the lotus germinates from the bottom of the ocean, out of mud and moolah, while slowly but surely striving toward the sunlight. When the flower reaches the surface of the water, it blossoms.

An ancient legend says that Buddha himself came into the world from the lotus flower. The Buddhist saint monks often use it as a throne for meditative practices. It is associated with divine energy, a combination of opposing elements, the victory of the positive over the negative, love over hate.

Do the Hindus lotus symbolizes femininity, female energy and fertility, it is often given the form of a bowl.

Ancient Egyptians drew the lotus flower next to the deities of the daylight. Here it represented high intelligence, eternal life, represented the emblem of the Upper Nile.

The Phoenicians, Assyrians and Hittites used the lotus as a funerary symbol. The lotus was a symbol of death, rebirth and reincarnation.

The lotus is one of the eight treasures and positive symbols in China.

In ancient Greece and Rome the patroness of the lotus was the goddess of love and beauty Venus (otherwise known as Aphrodite).

In Iran, the lotus symbolized the solar energy.

As for the culture of the ancient Maya, the flower was associated with the manifested universe - the Earth itself.

In Taoist tradition the solar plant became the cosmic wheel of life and symbolized the human heart.

The Tibetans believed that the delicate plant is stored and symbolizes the unknown mystery.

In Japan, the flower has always represented chastity.

Tattoo Space: the choice of location for the nail (on the arm, forearm or sleeve)

When choosing a tattoo sketch, it is very important to determine the area of the body where the space will be depicted. The most popular are space tattoos on the sleeve, as it is very beautiful and original. Other options for the image of space:

  • On the arm - the tattoo requires a lot of space, so other than the sleeves do not consider other options.
  • Leg - from hip to ankle, knee to ankle or knee to thigh.
  • Back - chic tattoos that may contain several planets and a number of constellations.
  • Chest - a male tattoo option that can find its continuation on the stomach or arm.
  • The forearm is an option for people who haven't decided to get a full tattoo on their arm.

As for the style decision, the experts recommend giving preference to minimalism, thrash polka or black and white tradition. Very original looks tattoo space in the style of watercolor, when the drawing has a sloppy appearance, it may seem that it is created with watercolor paints, only instead of the canvas is used human skin.

Tattoo space: sketches and original ideas

Among the popular variants of tattoos with the image of space stand out the following ideas:

  • A colored tattoo with planets is the most popular and attractive option. It is customary to dilute the colored background with dark spots (planets) and white highlights (stars).
  • Tattoo with the image of a constellation - a sketch that is very popular in Eastern countries. Often order constellations that coincide with their zodiac sign, with a sketch performed in graphic style.
  • Tattoo with one planet and its satellite - often such tattoos are used by girls, giving preference to the Earth and the Moon. They are a great symbol of female energy, indicate fertility and improve the appearance of the girl. Men give preference to the sun - the symbol of the center of the universe and space, which speaks of the self-confidence of its owner.
  • A galaxy is an analog of the cosmos, consisting of black spots, diluted with colored stars and planets.
  • A globe is a down-to-earth variation of the cosmos, symbolizing hardness of character and realism of views on life. The owners of such tattoos can be characterized as calm and intelligent people who are able to think and not succumb to vanity.
  • Birds and animals in the style of space.
  • Talismans stylized as space.

Men's Themes.

Men, as a rule, choose the space style tattoo to give it the meaning of striving for the great and unexplored. Of the stars they are best suited to the Sun, which gives light and youth, strength and power.


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