Meaning of semicolon tattoo, styles, sketches and photos

Ever seen a tattoo that looks like this:

Such a symbol can be found on many different parts of the body...

Tattoo a semicolon on the foot Take a closer look... This sign could be anywhere:

That's right, it's a semicolon sign. This tattoo has become extremely popular in Western countries in recent years. But unlike others, it is not endowed with mystical or religious meaning. This tattoo is not a distinctive sign of lovers of grammar.

This sign symbolizes the struggle for psychological health, as well as the importance of suicide prevention.

The "semicolon" project started in 2013, in a number of Western media. Tattoo a semicolon on the finger Representatives of the movement describe it this way: "the movement exists to give hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicidal moods, drug addiction. the project exists to give love and inspire.

Why the semicolon? This symbol is used when a sentence could have been finished, but the author chose not to. The author of your life is you and the decision is yours.

Initially, people were encouraged to just draw this symbol on their body and take a picture. But, many people liked the idea so much that it quickly grew into something bigger and more permanent. Today, many people's bodies are adorned with a small tattoo as a symbol about their struggle, victory and survival.

In 2012, more than 43 million Americans dealt with mental illness. Such illness is quite common, but there is a "stigma" around it that prevents people from talking about it. What serves as a barrier to getting help.

American writer Parker Molloy was able to convey the meaning of such a tattoo more succinctly: Recently, I decided to get a tattoo in the form of a semicolon. Not because it is fashionable (although lately it has been), but to remember the difficulties I have overcome in my life. I have dealt with anxiety, depression, and gender dysphoria for most of my life. Sometimes, suicidal thoughts visited me. Years later, when I have been able to find my sanity, the semicolon is a reminder that I have faced dark streaks in my life, but I am still here.

What is behind this simple but powerful punctuation mark tattoo? It's not just another trend in the tattoo industry that could easily disappear over time. The semicolon tattoo is being applied all over the world, to raise awareness of mental health issues . Those who suffer from self-harm, depression, anxiety, addiction, are going through an uphill battle every day, and their stories need to be told and heard.

What is the meaning of a tattoo with this symbol?

The semicolon is a symbol that implies the following: you are in complete control of yourself, aware of your actions and want to fight against harmful tendencies, even if it is not easy for you.

It is a movement that aims to bring people with similar problems together. In such a community they can motivate each other to become better, happier, healthier, to overcome various obstacles. If you don't know where to turn, it's time to look back, evaluate what you've already done and move forward. It's never too late to rewrite your life story. If you feel you can change things, you don't have to commit suicide.

The magnitude of the problem

According to the World Health Organization, more than 350 million people around the world suffer from depression, which can develop into a more serious illness. People with mental disorders prefer to keep quiet about their problems because they are afraid of being judged by society or of becoming a burden to others.

Many suffer in silence, not knowing who to turn to or where to go. The Semicolon Project invites people from all over the world to share their stories and get a tattoo of this shape.

Wearing a tattoo with this symbol also makes you feel not alone, it's like a reminder that many in the world have the same problem.

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These people know the challenges you may have faced because they've been through it themselves. No matter how lonely you feel, there's always someone with a similar situation.

The semicolon movement also aims to increase empathy for people with mental illness. Emmy wrote on her blog that she understands the movement to be "a community whose members will stand up for each other." She encourages people to talk to those around them about their mental illness, rather than find an outlet in self-harm, drugs and other destructive behaviors that won't help them or people with similar problems.

Overview of popular styles

Any style is fine for a dot and comma tattoo. However, many people favor the directions:

  • Blackwork. These tattoos are easy to do. Areas of the skin are painted in black. The drawings take up large areas.
  • Linework. Apply the tattoo in black or red. Drawing is characterized by the clarity of lines, which are also continuous.
  • Watercolor . The style is light, with subtle transitions of shades. They look like drawn watercolor landscapes. By the way, this style is suitable for depicting the punctuation mark in the paw of a cat. More specifically, a blue spot is stabbed in the middle of the paw, and a sign is placed inside.
  • Traditional. These tattoos are simple in execution. A small black dot and a black comma. They have been known since the 19th century. Since then, they have not changed. Often the dot is replaced by a drawing of a small heart.
  • Geometry. Such tattoos have clear shapes and lines. Parts of the tattoo form a single whole.
  • 3D. These tattoos are already newfangled. They appeared in the new, XXI, century. To perform it requires professionalism.

The world is changing. The pace of life is faster. Many people can't keep up with the speed offered. The number of depressed people is increasing all over the world. This phenomenon must be dealt with. There are specially trained people for this purpose. What does the semicolon tattoo mean in this case? People who choose such a sign believe that The tattoo helps to maintain mental clarity, to fight the desire to end the life.

It is never too late.

If you are currently suffering from a mental disorder, you should know that you don't have to go through everything alone. There are many people in the world with the same life situation, but they have chosen to be happy and loving, they have made a conscious choice to join a community.

The semicolon project aims to help and support people in this situation, and it inspires more and more people to share their stories and subsequently get the help they need.

Amy left one inspiring phrase on her blog to help you rethink your life: "A semicolon is a symbol the author applies when he hesitates to complete his sentence. The author is you, and the sentence is your life."

The most important thing to remember is that the universe loves each of us. We all have a purpose in life that we absolutely must fulfill. No one else will offer the world what you have to offer! Let your inner light shine and light your way! You can build a new, happy life if you only want to. You can never be sure that it is your smile, your laughter, your kindness that will not bring joy and benefit to another citizen of the universe. Remember this whenever you feel lonely and unwanted.

Variety of designs

The basic version of the tattoo is a small dot and comma in black. They are applied more often on the finger or wrist. If desired, the punctuation mark can be supplemented with different elements, such as: birds, sun, flowers, heart, cross and so on. As a hope for a better future, the comma and dot tattoo can be decorated with wings. The flying bird tattoo will motivate to fight the fear of life..

Not bad looking tattoo with transitions of color from black to white. You can even achieve a 3D effect. Large tattoo looks beautiful against the background of the sea, large animals, landscapes. If the point and comma tattoo is complemented by crossed arrows, it is a symbol of friendship. They are made in pairs.

What does a semicolon tattoo mean if the tattoo hangs in a loop? Means the man is on the verge. The owner of the tattoo is better to consult with a professional psychologist or at least with close relatives more often.

The most interesting variant of the tattoo is a drawing of a pen and feather, on the tip of which is a sign of incompleteness. So the owner wants to write his own fate. By the way, you can make a bracelet out of punctuation marks. You can also put a bracelet made of geometric shapes and connect the punctuation mark.

Where it is better to get a tattoo

Meanwhile, a picture with a punctuation mark can be placed on any part of the body. The most popular tattooed punctuation marks are on the wrist, behind the ear, or on the ankle. Tattooing resembles a mole. Some amateurs make a tattoo on the shoulder, forearm, neck, on the calf muscle. But it is better to complement them with elements that will give the picture a colorful look.

The social project "Semicolon" - self-defense against suicide

Semicolon Social Project - self-defense against suicide

Its participants make a tattoo with the image of a semicolon. This punctuation mark symbolizes a certain pause intended for rethinking one's life, but at the same time it says that the person is determined to continue on his path despite any difficulties.

Perhaps you've ever seen semicolon tattoos while browsing photos on social media. As it turns out, these tattoos have much more significance than just marking a punctuation mark.

It all started in the spring of 2013, when Amy Bluel lost her father to suicide. That's when she came up with the semicolon as a symbol for a project that would help fight depression, drug addiction, self-harm and suicide.

Amy Blouin is the author of The Semicolon Project

"" was the name given to Amy's philanthropic initiative. This punctuation symbolizes a temporary stop, followed by the continuation of life. It is as if it says that everyone is entitled to a little pause and rethinking, but, having stopped for a while, one must certainly continue to move. And in this he will be supported by others.

In the past two years, the project has grown from the timid initiative of one girl who had a symbolic tattoo in memory of her father to a planetary scale. Thanks to the support of a number of public figures, the story has reached all corners of the world. And posts with the hashtag can now be found on social media networks all over the world.

Social Project Semicolon - self-protection from suicide

By encouraging people to share photos of their tattoos, the project also assumes that they will at least talk a little bit about their struggles and how they were able to overcome them. All together, it helps to instill hope in a particular person, to help them believe in good things and to begin the difficult conversation about their own psychological health. "Semicolon" is designed to pull a person out of the vacuum of loneliness, to show that there are others facing the same problems, to help them find a way out. It is as if each person is saying, "My story is not over. Very soon it will continue."

We should add that the tattoo is only an external attribute of this project. Its participants do not say that the image must be permanently applied to the body. It can be a drawing with an ordinary marker or a pen. It symbolizes the desire to fight the difficulties and live on.

Social Project Semicolon-Self-Protection from Suicide

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