Beautiful tattoos with the image of a branch: meaning, styles, sketches

In the art of tattooing there is a huge variety of drawings, symbols and subjects. A popular body image is a floral theme - branches, trees, entire forests or individual plants. Among this variety of plant life, the image of a spruce occupies a special place in the tattoo. Many people think that the spruce is a purely New Year's plant, which decorates the house, gives a cheerful mood, joy and cozy anticipation of the holiday. But still spruce has a deeper meaning in the world of tattoos - it is immortality and eternal life.

Spruce and world culture

The spruce is an evergreen tree with a multifaceted image and a variety of meanings and interpretations. Since ancient times, spruce branches have been used in funeral processions. It was believed that this tree helped the soul to go peacefully to the other world. Also, the evergreen plant was endowed with various magical properties, thereby developing the gift of foresight. Therefore branches of spruce were often used to create various amulets. Amulets made of spruce branches attracted happiness, luck and prosperity. In Christianity, the spruce is associated with the image of Jesus Christ, and is considered a symbol of victory over death. Greece sees it as a symbol of faith in the future and hope. The Celts considered this tree a symbol of spiritual wealth and fertility. Many nations worshiped the spruce, and here in China, spruce was associated with the dragon, but this tandem was considered a symbol of immortality, not only of the body but also of the soul.

What subtext in the tattoo with a branch put the girls

The theme with an elegant branch is a good choice when it comes to developing a female tattoo sketch.

The popularity of plant motifs among the fair sex is off the charts. It's hard to think of anything more harmonious than a branch of willow, lilac or sakura on the body of a young beautiful woman.

The Japanese whole families go to admire the blooming sakura. Placing a sakura branch on the hand, the girl invites attention to her irresistible beauty as well.

A birch branch communicates a quiet disposition, purity of thought and complete tranquility.

A willow sprig can mean melancholy, longing for the past, a tendency to sadness.

A branch of lilac represents the exuberant May, youth and aspirations for the future. Different colors of lilacs emphasize the nuances of inner life: white - loyalty to the beloved, pink - the desire for amorous adventures.

The olive branch is a symbol of the continuation of life on a devastated planet, the good news of the end of punishment, the victory of good over evil and the great beginning of building a new world.

The meaning of the fir tree tattoo

Like any body art, a tattoo depicting a spruce has its own specific meaning. In the modern art of tattooing there are generally accepted meanings of the image of a spruce on the human body. If you look closely at the contours of the image of a tree, it resembles tongues of flame. Therefore, spruce is often associated with the heavenly fire. It is believed that the evergreen tattoo protects its owner from the evil eye and evil forces. In the old days was believed that a tattoo depicting a spruce restores health and heals from all existing ailments. The image of a spruce meant independence, courage, good health and spiritual healing, loyalty and tenderness, as well as strength of spirit and its steadfastness. It should be noted that the tattoo of a spruce has no negative meanings and interpretations.

The meaning of the tattoo colors.

  • Rose - eternal love.
  • Lotus - a symbol of the resurrection of the dead.
  • Sakura - the transience of time, a symbol of lost love.
  • Lily - innocence, youth, chastity, beauty.
  • Chrysanthemum - joy and love of life.
  • Tulip - symbol of pride and nobility.
  • Orchid - inaccessibility and capriciousness.
  • Pansies - constancy and wisdom.
  • Cherry - spiritual beauty and fullness.
  • Lilacs - innocence and first love.
  • Poppy - symbol of pleasure, wealth and success.
  • Clover - diligence, vow.
  • Jasmine - symbol of a pleasant moment in the past.
  • Cypress - mourning, symbol of the death of a loved one.
  • Magnolia - purity, virginity.
  • Marguerite - mysticism, witchcraft.
  • The forget-me-not symbolizes love and fidelity.
  • Geraniums - symbol of the desire to find happiness.
  • Dandelion - symbol of rebirth.
  • Begonia - flower of friendship.
  • Azalea - eternal loneliness.

Spruce tattoo for men

The spruce tattoo has the meaning of reliability and stability, and also symbolizes eternal life, so the image of an evergreen tree or a whole forest is chosen by men who are ready to show the whole world about their positive intentions. At the same time, the tree has prickly needles, which displays some character traits. For example, the image of a spruce will show others that its owner will easily fight back and will be able to stand up for themselves and their loved ones. Men often choose volumetric tattoos depicting a forest landscape with additions in the form of animals or birds.

The meaning of the tattoo flowers for girls by horoscope.

  • 1-10.01 - gentian yellow. Mystique in character and persistence in achieving goals.
  • 11-20.01 - thistle. Kindness and hard work.
  • 21-31.01 - immortelle. Modesty, elegance, vitality.
  • 1-10.02 - mistletoe. Curiosity, frivolity, the flower of witches.
  • 11-19.02 - mottle. Modesty, inaccessibility to men.
  • 20-28.02 - mimosa. Sensitivity and sacrifice.
  • 1-10.03 - poppy. Beauty and charm.
  • 11-20.03 - lily. Refinement and charm, brings happiness.
  • 21-31.03 - foxglove. Determination, resourcefulness.
  • 1-10.04 - magnolia. Ambition, desire for power.
  • 11-20.04 - Hydrangea. Grandiosity, cheerfulness, cheerfulness.
  • 21-30.04 - dahlia. Maximalism and perfectionism.
  • 1-10.05 - lily of the valley. Openness, naivety, softness of character.
  • 11-21.05 - portulacus. Lack of confidence and caution.
  • 22-31.05 - camomile. Successfulness and purposefulness.
  • 1-11.06 - bellflower. Conservatism, constancy, reliability.
  • 12-21.06 - daisy. Romanticism and observation.
  • 22.06 - 1.07 - tulip. Vigor, beauty, lightness.
  • 2-12.07 - water lily. Versatility, diplomacy, beauty.
  • 13-23.07 - violet. Attractiveness, softness, modesty.
  • 24.07 - 2.08 - rose hips. Spiky character, outward beauty and attractiveness.
  • 3-12.08 - Sunflower. Luck, good luck, happiness.
  • 13-23.08 - rose. Queen, impregnability, majesty and beauty.
  • 24.08-2.09 - delphinium. Asceticism, austerity, purposefulness.
  • 3-11.09 - carnation. Straightforward and firm character.
  • 12-22.09 - aster. A cheerful disposition, charm.
  • 23.09-3.10 - heather. Friendliness, refinement, skill.
  • 4-13.10 - camellia. Pleasant appearance, refinement, artistry.
  • 14-23.10 - lilac. Freshness and eternal youth.
  • 24.10 - 2.11 - freesia. Stubbornness, fearlessness, persistence.
  • 3-12.11 - orchid. Mystery and mysteriousness.
  • 13-22.11 - peony. Beauty, grandeur, bright emotions.
  • 23.11 - 2.12 - gladiolus. Hard work, diligence, performance, talent.
  • 3-12.12 - dandelion. Freshness, love of attention, extravagance.
  • 13-22.12 - lotus. Purity, unconventional thinking.
  • 23-31.12 - edelweiss. Friendliness, reliability, tranquility.

Realism forest tattoo

Tattoo with the image of a forest is mainly applied in the form of a realistic landscape, as if a beautiful picture was applied to the body. As a rule, such tattoos are volumetric and occupy a lot of space, so they are applied on the back, chest or on the whole arm. Tattoo of a forest of a large number of trees will tell about the independence and maturity of the personality. But if you decide to diversify the image of the forest and to complement it with some of its inhabitants, you should thoroughly study their meaning, mythological origins and symbolism. Many peoples to the images of animals or unusual spirits living in the woods are taken very seriously.

Colored spruce tattoos

Spruce tattoo in color looks positive and attractive, cheerful and a little bit of a fizzle. Such a tattoo can be in the form of a single tree or a whole landscape spread over almost the entire body. A spruce forest or a single tree surrounded by rivers, lakes or mountains looks very beautiful. Realism style spruce tattoo will be a beautiful decoration of the body.

Where to place the spruce tattoo?

If we talk about where it is better to apply the tattoo with the image of a spruce, it should be noted that the choice will depend only on you. The fact is that the value of such a tattoo from the location does not change, and will look bright and beautiful on any part of the body. The choice of the location of the tattoo depends on the desire to show it to others or, conversely, to hide from prying eyes. The only thing I would like to note is that the image of the tree is desirable to apply in full growth. A tree, depicted with a gorgeous crown and roots, will reveal all the powers and properties of this magical plant.

Tattoo a branch on your arm, collarbone and other parts of your body

The location of the future tattoo depends on several nuances that must be taken into account in advance. First of all, the place on the body determines the sketch and its size, because most drawings require a flat horizontal surface and a large area. Therefore, the ideal place for large compositions is the chest, back, shoulder, collarbone, forearm or calves of the legs. If the tattoo is small in size and performed in graphic style, it is better to place it on the neck or wrist. No less beautiful look branches on both shoulder blades, stylized as wings.

It is also necessary to take into account the style of the tattoo, for example, the tattoo in the real style is not made small, because it is not appropriate. In addition, the master himself will not be thrilled with such an idea, because it is impossible to trace small details as accurately as in the photo. Moreover, over time, some of the details of the tattoo can become blurred, losing its attractive appearance.

Another important factor is pain sensitivity. It is necessary to understand that the creation of large compositions requires not only a lot of money, but also time. If the sketch is too complex, the pain will be felt throughout the entire work process, which is not suitable for people with a low pain threshold. It is best to give preference to areas of the body where there are no bony protrusions. The most painful will be tattooed on the hands, elbows, knees, collarbone and ribs.

Sketches of a fir tree tattoo

The image of an evergreen tree symbolizes immortality and has almost no negative characteristics. Therefore, if you decided to decorate your body with a tattoo, you can safely choose a tattoo sketch of a spruce.

Remember that a tattoo is for life, so the decision should be well considered.

Who is suitable for

Tattoo spruce symbolizes immortality, reliability, constancy, spiritual and physical strength. Such a symbol is suitable for determined, purposeful people who clearly follow their principles and ideals. Since Christmas trees are covered with needles, the bearer of the drawing may also have a willful and aggressive nature. Such a person will not give himself in offense, is able to defend his interests. Also tattoo spruce choose residents of northern latitudes (for example, Siberia), who are used to the harsh climate and love the nature of their region.

In a tattoo with a spruce, the meaning can also change depending on the concept of the composition. The tree itself is a symbol of the New Year, and therefore the beginning of a new life. Such an image often indicates that its owner wants to change destiny and start life with a clean slate, forgetting about the sorrows of the past.

Tattoo Spruce on his leg

Tattoo Christmas tree, decorated with balloons and garlands, characterizes the owner as a cheerful, romantic, sincere and open-minded person who looks at the world in a childishly naive way.


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