Tattoo Butterfly: Photo review of fabulous beauties, their meaning and the most successful areas for the application

Butterfly tattoo is a kind of self-expression, which is very common. What is the meaning of the butterfly tattoo? What areas of the human body are the most acceptable for a beautiful tattoo? In what colors will the tattoo of a butterfly be more successful? Read about all this in today's detailed review.

Tattoo of a butterfly: the meaning of the image of fluttering insects

Tattoo in the form of a butterfly plays a certain role in the life of the fairer sex. Everyone has long known the fact that the meaning of the tattoo of a butterfly in general terms is defined as tenderness and positive emotions. Only refined natures choose as a natal drawing sketch tattoo butterfly, which fully emphasizes kindness, responsiveness and other characteristic qualities of the woman. Sometimes to the tattoo of a butterfly are not very positive, as you can speak unflatteringly about the lightness of the moth, as lightheartedness. But before you think that way about a person, check out the official interpretation of the butterfly tattoo. The beauty and grace of beautiful butterflies has been appreciated at various times and nationalities. The life journey of a butterfly begins as a caterpillar and ends with the transformation into a fairy-tale beauty. This is what symbolizes the rebirth and resurrection. Also, the meaning of the tattoo butterfly can be interpreted as a cleansing from life's mistakes, revision of social values, rethinking and becoming on the right track. In ancient Greece, a butterfly tattoo signified an immortal soul. The inhabitants of ancient Rome elevated the fluttering insect to the status of a harbinger of war. In Japan today, the butterfly tattoo denotes the human spirit. If you see two butterflies on a woman's body, you know that it is interpreted as family happiness and prosperity. In Russia, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes longevity and an immortal soul.

Fundamental Symbolism

Despite the different judgments of the peoples of the world on the meaning of the tattoo, it is safe to say that a common symbolism exists. The butterfly does not belong to a particular culture, so a tattoo with an elegant design has an international meaning.

First, the tattoo can serve as a reminder that life is too short and should be spent very rationally. Suffice it to recall the transience of the life of a butterfly.

This interpretation has a deep philosophical meaning and calls to enjoy every moment of elusive life. The owners of such a tattoo defy time, showing the intention to implement their plans, despite the limited time.

The second, and most famous meaning of this tattoo is the rebirth of the soul. Such an interpretation of the butterfly is owed to the Christian current. It's worth remembering the life cycle of the butterfly, when from a voracious caterpillar insect transforms into a beautiful butterfly, symbolizing the immortality of the soul and its pursuit of perfection.

The butterfly is associated with eternity, and the understanding that the current life is only a section in the fate, not the end point.

Spectacular butterfly tattoos for girls on the ear

Today, butterfly tattoos are a stylish way to decorate. For many women, it is very important not only the aesthetic component of the drawing, but also the special, secret meaning of the ornaments on the wings and the accompanying patterns in the composition. Very effective tattoo of butterflies looks in the area of the auricle. The best tattoo of a butterfly on the ear looks in color. It is the play of shades that allows you to convey the uniqueness of the fragile insect.

Women's tattoos with a butterfly: beautiful photo ideas and sketches

This is interesting: on the territory of Greece, butterflies symbolized both female and male origin. Such an image emphasized the subtle mental organization of its bearer.

Experienced tattooist always help you decide on the style and concept of the sketch, and advise the optimal area of application based on the characteristics of your body and the future tattoo.

Sometimes a butterfly just complements the plot of the body drawing.

"Catch the moment", "live in the present".

But more often a fragile insect reinforces the meaning of the applied image or inscription.

Small pictures and the fact that they are easy to hide from prying eyes.

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Pablo Picasso

The most fashionable butterfly tattoo ideas

Here are the most original ideas for creating a unique sketch.

"If the caterpillar held on to the past, it would never become a butterfly."

The butterfly is a truly unique symbol that will look great on literally any area of the body. The main thing is to remember that a tiny drawing, placed incorrectly, can be lost on a vast area. And thorough and eye-catching tattoos will be suitable only for those girls who are not afraid of the increased attention of others.

Tattoo butterflies: photo review of the most common areas for the application of a naked pattern

Brittleness, tenderness, beauty... All this is associated with a tattoo of a butterfly in women. Since there are about one hundred and sixty thousand species of scales on the planet, and one hundred thousand are not known to modern science, this opens up huge opportunities for creativity in the tattoo industry. Any master can realize through a butterfly tattoo visions, fantasies not only his, but also the client. The most common areas for the tattoo of a butterfly are considered: hands, legs, neck, back and buttocks. What are the most successful options for tattooing a butterfly on the above-mentioned areas, we will tell in more detail a little further.

Styles and location points

More often give preference to realism, which gives a good chance to portray a sketch with 100% similarity with the original. Such a picture is a true masterpiece. The three-dimensional fragment can easily be confused with a real person; it "lives" and "breathes" on the body.

Also relevant are watercolors with imperceptible contours, careless strokes, chaotic splashes, which gives the work originality and fabulousness. The variety of variations in shape, size, coloring of free creatures does not hold back the imagination of the master.

Interesting and mysterious is the ornamental way, operating with clear lines and symmetry of patterns. Volumetric compositions are complemented by symbolic details. Butterflies occupy the area:

  • abdomen;
  • arms, legs;
  • shoulders, wrists;
  • loins;
  • neck.

The ephemeral beauty is a beautiful choice for refined people. The meaning of the tattoo depends directly on the meaning that the wearer puts into it. It sometimes acts simply as a decorative ornament, adding a unique personality and style to your appearance.

Butterfly tattoo: variations in modern style

Butterfly tattoo looks on the female body quite graceful, attracting special attention with the technique of execution and colorful solutions. Professional tattoo parlors offer clients the most incredible variations of tattoos in the form of a butterfly. These can be barely visible insects, or they can be entire compositions in which the main action unfolds around a beautiful fluttering butterfly. Before going to a tattoo artist, a woman should decide on the size of the body image, the area to be applied and the sketch.

Tattoo style and meaning

Tattoos have many styles, each of which has its own meaning and imposes a nuance on the whole meaning of the image. There is realism, Celtic, old-school, new-school, and many other variations of the butterfly tattoo image.

If it is Celtic or any other ethnic style, the tattoo speaks of the spirituality of the owner, the desire for harmony with nature, inner harmony.

Butterfly in the ethnic style will mean self-improvement, self-discovery and spiritual growth.

The old-school style is likely to signify dreams, freedom, a certain boldness of the owner or hostess. As a rule, in such a tattoo there are many elements, each of which has its own meaning.

Realistic butterfly sometimes can be taken literally, often such tattoos are made simply for aesthetic purposes, in order to emphasize femininity and lightness of the owner. Interpret such a picture should be based on the big picture as a whole.

Unsurpassed butterfly tattoo on the leg

Very well the tattoo in the form of a butterfly looks on his leg. Executed in color, natal images make the image unique and unique. A woman with an integral composition on her leg, the main active pattern, in which is a butterfly, causes a special interest in the opposite sex. Presented in the photo tattoos of butterflies on the leg look unsurpassed and inspiring.

Location of the tattoo

Tattoo of butterflies on the leg photo
The most popular parts of the body in which to place the work presented are:

  • legs;
  • forearms;
  • lower back;
  • wrists;
  • lower abdomen.

Especially graceful looks the application of a small, neat image on the leg. A colored tattoo in the open area gives the opportunity to draw additional attention to themselves and acts as a real decoration of the female body.

As for the butterfly tattoo in the abdomen and loins, in this case it is possible to avoid a vulgar look by displacing the pattern to one side. Such a solution creates a hint at the romanticism of a woman's nature and allows you to give the composition a rather exotic look.

The image of a butterfly fits most organically on the forearm, shoulder blade. Masters often have to implement such ideas. Therefore, when choosing such places to create a tattoo, you do not have to worry about defects in appearance and quality of the finished work. Realistic, colorful butterfly, which is located on the shoulder or shoulder blade, certainly will not leave a girl unnoticed at the beach.

Often butterflies, tattoos on the leg, arm, back, and other areas are supplemented with ethnic ornaments, all kinds of abstractions in the form of geometric designs and curved lines, hearts and stars, floral motifs. All this allows to diversify the composition and make it more original against the background of other similar works.

Charming butterfly tattoos on the arm

Elegant and charming looks tattoo of butterflies on the hand. From the side, you might think that on a woman really sits a fluttering moth. This is due to the fact that tattoos on the hand are often performed in the technique of 3-D. Watercolor versions of tattoos of the butterfly will suit creative individuals who like butterflies, fluttering on the stage.

And about the culture yet.

The tattoos with light-winged flying men were widely used in Mexican Indian culture, and the most fierce and ruthless warriors wore them there. The Maya believed that the souls of fighters who had fallen at the hands of the enemy in battle were transformed into them and then hovered over the battle sites.

Europeans have made butterflies a symbol of rebirth and finding a new life for a reason: who does not know about the transformation of an unsightly, sometimes downright disgusting caterpillar into a charming creature of nature, in an amazing masterpiece of natural aesthetics. Many subconsciously follow this reputation of the insect and beat it at moments when life takes a sharp turn.

If the wings are spread sideways, it means that the person is open and benevolent; if the insect flutters, it represents freedom. And if the wings are arranged as symmetrically as possible, that is how harmony is embodied. Interestingly, this is one of the most liberal images: anyone can hit it anywhere, and it doesn't even matter much about color and size.

A well-known carrier is Jessica Alba.

Butterfly tattoo on the neck: bold and colorful solutions

Quite a bold decision - the choice of the neck area as a tattoo. Women who take everything from life, very often depict bright and colorful flying insects in the neck area. And the image can vary depending on preference. Many options look bold and bright.

Stylistic solutions

Realistic tattoos made by talented craftsmen can look so cool that it even takes your breath away. For example, a 3D butterfly creates the illusion of a real live creature sitting on your shoulder, and only after looking at the picture more closely, it becomes clear that this is just a high-quality tattoo.

The fact that the butterfly is a quite popular character does not mean that your tattoo will not be original and interesting. On the Internet you can find photos of thousands of realistic works: from very small to large-scale paintings on the entire back or sleeves with the image of a butterfly with flowers on the background of a clear sky and bright green grass. And each sketch has its own unique features, its own twist.

A watercolor colored butterfly will look chic if you turn to a master who specializes in this style. He will be able to convey all the beauty, lightness and fragility of the wings, which we admire so much, while adding bright strokes of paint with smooth transitions of shades, as if a plume left by the wings.

A small butterfly without complicated decorative elements will look great on any part of the body. If you want to depict the pattern adorning the wings in all the smallest details, keep in mind that such a work must be quite large in size. A horizontally elongated sketch will look good over the chest or on the upper back. For vertical drawings will suit the shoulder, forearm, thigh, shin, and a miniature butterfly behind the ear, on the wrist or ankle unobtrusively add brightness to your image.

Tattooed butterflies on the back: the most striking examples

Butterfly tattoo looks great on the back. Especially attractive look natal compositions of large size. Many ringers try in the area of the back not only to depict a beautiful insect, but also to complement the design with some symbolic ornaments, for example, floral motifs.

For men

Drawing of a reveller is also done by guys, though not often. The insect, on a certain area, the skin is applied by men who want to know the meaning of life and believe that the soul is immortal or is reborn.

The picture is often applied in memory of deceased relatives, to express their love for them. Guys usually create a tattoo in dark colors.

Butterfly tattoo on the buttocks: sexy options

Butterfly tattoo can be performed on the buttocks as a single version, but very often you can see the flying insects from the sexy female body area up the back. Such a tattoo looks very beautiful and impressive. The trajectory of the flight of butterflies favourably emphasizes the smooth curves of the female body and excites the male consciousness. In a word, a tattoo of butterflies on the buttocks - it is spectacular!

Tattoo of butterflies: black options in the unisex style

Butterfly tattoo is considered a female version of the natal drawing, but still some men also prefer to make themselves such a tattoo. Most of the work is done in black colors. For men, the butterfly tattoo symbolizes harmony and balance. We offer you modern black variants of a tattoo of a butterfly in a unisex style photo.

Modern interpretations:

  • rebirth is a symbol of striving for a new life, unencumbered by old worries and problems. In this context, the butterfly also means the strength of spirit of a man who coped with difficult times, leaving them behind;
  • Fragility of life - an elegant and so fragile butterfly symbolizes the delicate attitude towards life, reminding that any living creature requires a gentle and careful touch;
  • Freedom - a butterfly is often associated with freedom. The magnificent insect can cross any boundaries, which evokes the desire to move on and achieve independence;
  • love - a butterfly is associated with the most gentle and beautiful, so the insect is a symbol of purity and sincerity in relationships;
  • happiness - the graceful insect is often personified with a magnet of happiness and good luck;
  • Coquetry - today a butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular drawings for body decoration. As a rule, it is chosen by representatives of the fair sex. Therefore, today the butterfly is commonly associated with frivolity, coquetry and femininity at the same time.


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