Tattoo of the peacock feather meaning for women. Peacock tattoo meaning. Meaning of the peacock feather tattoo on the area

The peacock feather can be used in interior decor and to create beautiful jewelry. And also with such an image create tattoos and mehendi.

The peacock is a very beautiful bird, but at the same time, and very controversial. Some people consider the peacock as a symbol of bad luck, while others consider it a deity. Yes, by the way, everyone's favorite peacock feathers (which are very beautiful to look at home as a decoration) have both positive and negative meanings. But a tattoo in the form of peacock feathers (in the era of many tattoo lovers) requires a careful analysis of this picture.

What does the peacock feather symbolize?

To begin with, it is worth getting into the essence and meaning of the peacock feather itself. The first thing to highlight is that this bird comes from India. Therefore, and the meaning is more taken from the Eastern and Asian countries. By the way, in tropical areas, the peacock is considered a bird that exterminates snakes. Therefore, it has to some extent positive motifs (e.g. abundance, fertility and immortality).

IMPORTANT: The peacock is considered the national bird of India. And it was approved for such a position in 1963. Hindus have worshipped birds since ancient times. By the way, the peacock is involved in their life since childhood. They have many songs, tales, poems and legends associated with this bird.

Symbolism of a peacock feather
The symbolism of the peacock feather
What legends go around the peacock:

  1. There is a legend in China about a beautiful bird that a wise man met on the bank of a river back in the day. The bird was incredibly beautiful and naturally liked to look at itself in reflection. The wise man tried to talk to it, but vanity and pride prevented the bird from responding. Then the sage covered the sun with his palm, and the reflection disappeared, and the bird turned its attention to the Yellow Ancestor. They began to communicate, and the peacock told him of his good plans and that he wished to bring happiness. But as soon as the sun appeared again, the peacock, forgetting his speech, continued to admire himself. Whereupon the wise man instructed the bird. And now the peacock must bear only good things and always answer for what he said.
  2. According to the legends of ancient peoples (especially in the ancient cultures of India) the peacock is a symbol of the moon and the sun or even the whole cosmos.
  3. By the way, in Indian mythology peacocks are closely associated with the two hypostases of the god Vishnu - Krishna and Radha. When they dance in abundance, love and joy, the peacocks are watching them. And they say that we should always find positive moments in our life, whatever happens and whatever troubles would not fall on your head.
  4. And it is impossible not to mention the legend of ancient Greece. Hera transferred to the tail of a peacock (by the way, they associated it with the vast starry sky) the eyes of sharp-eyed Argos, whom she put to sleep.

IMPORTANT: Peacocks are considered harbingers of rain and thunderstorms. Different peoples have their own interpretation, of course, and differ from other versions. But the whole point is that the peacock becomes restless (as if dancing) before changes in the weather.

The meaning of the peacock feather for different peoples
The meaning of the peacock feather for different peoples
What is the symbolism of such a divine bird:

  • Let's start, naturally, with India. This bird is the epitome of great beauty and unpretentious disposition. By the way! The city of Myamny, also on the Indochina Peninsula (in its western part), also borrowed the peacock as its symbol.
  • The ancient Egyptian Heliopsis has a temple of the sun, and the peacock acts as a sign of the luminary. Therefore, in this city, such a bird is also a symbol.
  • But in ancient Greece and Rome the peacock meant luxury and was considered a divine bird (although eating it did not prevent it).
      By the way, in Rome there are many tombstones with the image of this bird, because it is also a symbol of immortality.
  • For Christian peoples, the circles (as they are called, eyes) on the feathers symbolize the "all-seeing eye" of the church and God. And also, the peacock is a symbol of immortality (by changing its feathers) and resurrection (because his meat is not subject to decomposition).
  • For Muslims and other peoples of Islam, peacock feathers indicate developed intuition and clairvoyance. And also, undoubtedly, act as a symbol of the two celestial luminaries - the Sun and the Moon.
  • But Buddhism sees such a bird as a symbol of compassion and vigilance.
  • In China, the peacock speaks of longevity, beauty, helps to drive out evil forces, and is awarded when you receive a high rank, or as a dignity.
      Interesting! The peacock is the emblem of the Ming Dynasty. And the feather has been given since ancient times to those who received high rank or as an encouragement to the subjects.
  • Also! In Persia, the Shah's court was named after the peacock - "The Throne of the Peacock."
  • In general, the symbolism of the peacock feather is more than pleasant and does not carry any bad energy (although some countries have this meaning). I would like more about the peacock (its tail) helps to banish bad thoughts from a person's head, and negativity from his heart. And also, he will help to find love and find harmony with the world around him.
  • Feather with birds

    The most popular are the so-called Indian feathers - when the tattoo depicts a feather with birds as if "flying out" of it. In general, such tattoos mean belief in inner strength and immortality

    Depending on the different nuances - either the wisdom of life, or the ease of mind and soul, or a strong connection with the spirits of ancestors. In ancient times, such tattoos were allowed only to leaders, shamans and warriors who had demonstrated their valor in battle.

    Today, everyone can put a feather on his or her body with birds, but girls are advised to pay attention to the image of feathers with storks flying out - they symbolize lightness and tenderness

    . Men as well will suit an eagle flying out of a feather, showing
    Power and impetuosity.
    . Universal in this context can be considered a feather, from which fly out the owls - their symbolism carries in itself
    wisdom of life.

    Tattoo and mehendi - a peacock feather: meaning

    Mehendi has ancient roots, and to this day does not lose its popularity in India. Where the peacock is considered a symbol of prosperity, health, love, harmony and well-being. And also acts as a symbol of the country and is equated with a deity.

    • If we talk about the drawings on the body, it is worth noting at once that they directly affect the life and destiny of the person. Yes, any drawing (no matter, tattoo or mehendi) necessarily influence the course of any events.
    • Therefore, one should carefully study the preliminary drawing (especially in matters of tattoos). Mehendi lasts about 2-3 weeks. But even this is enough to change something in your life.

    Tattoo on the Body
    Tattoo on the body

    • The peacock in India is applied in order to find joy in life. After all, the peacock is a symbol of the goddess of fun and joy Krishna. Therefore, girls who are depressed or just lost interest and joy in life should apply such a tattoo. If you are not ready to do it for life, it is enough to resort to the help of henna. By the way, for creative personalities, such a tattoo will help find inspiration.
  • If you want to attract fame and fortune, it is recommended to do mahendi with rhinestones. Yes, the tail of the peacock can be decorated with your favorite stones.
  • By the way, men can also do such a tattoo, although it seems cute and delicate. But even in ancient times, the peacock feather spoke of resilience, courage and strength. It was as if the man let it be known that he was able to protect his home and family.
      Important: In Oriental countries, a dreamcatcher with peacock feathers is often used. In order to protect the baby from bad dreams, as well as from spoilage and the evil eye.
  • Therefore, and the tattoo will protect the wearer from the evil eye.
  • Also, mehendi in the form of a peacock feather was used to dance, which helped to communicate with the dead ancestors and the gods. Therefore, this tattoo gave immortality, health and guarded against evil spirits.
  • In Greece, for example, a peacock feather spoke of luxury and wealth. That is why this tattoo was made only by noble people.
  • Some compare the peacock feather to loftiness, purity and lightness.
  • Mehendi
    The color of the tattoo also plays an important role:

    • A black or gray tattoo indicates the strong spirit of the wearer;
    • Yellow or orange indicates mental harmony and tenderness;
    • The red color means victory over enemies or rivals;
    • The color blue or green will bring harmony and tranquility;
    • But purple or magenta will mean a hard character, integrity and strength of character.

    Peacock Feather on mehendi
    The peacock feather on mehendi
    By the way, let's not forget about the place of the tattoo as well:

    • If a girl has made a tattoo on a closed area from prying eyes, it indicates her positive disposition, conscientiousness, patience and honesty.
    • But if the tattoo is also made on a small scale, it already indicates pride, vanity and arrogance of the wearer.
    • On the open areas, bright pictures are made by people who want to attract attention and show their sexuality.
    • But on the wrist or on the fingers the peacock feather indicates the gracefulness, tenderness and dreaminess of the girl.

    Tips for sketches

    Your sketch will enter the collection of original works, if you apply your imagination. The peacock patronizes creativity and vivid imagination. Find your line, shape and direction. To understand what is best for you, focus on the individual meaning of the symbol. The more interpretations resonate in your mind, the easier it will be to work on the sketch.

    Color palette is the most important aspect of working with the image of a peacock. You needn't limit yourself to the natural coloring of the bird's feather. In the understanding of Eastern peoples, the peacock is a heavenly, almost mythical creature. Deepen into the palette, which is closer to your spirit. Use bright shades and smooth transitions.

    Much will depend on the technique chosen. Even in black and white the work can be bright and complete. You only need to choose a master who is fluent in this or that direction.

    Where to get a tattoo of a peacock?

    The peacock is a large bird. To reveal the full potential of the image, under it you need to allocate a spacious area of the skin. It is best to stuff it on the chest or back. Girls prefer to allocate under it the area of the side with the transition to the thigh. In some cases, it takes only the thigh.

    A beautiful and large bird can form an entire sleeve. Placing a lush tail and dainty neck on the body, you can only engage the shoulder to the elbow joint. The peacock feather looks beautiful on a woman's back between the shoulder blades. The oval top and elongated bottom create the feeling of a soft transition between the broad and narrow part of the back. This will give a slim figure, creating an attractive image.

    A sultan of feathers can decorate the shoulder blade, shoulder line, waist or thigh. The plasticity of the feather is suitable for forming curved lines and forming a favorable visual perspective. A peacock head framed with feathers is used to fill in the area above the breasts in girls. This creates a subtle sexy image filled with captivating notes of attractiveness.

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    Why you can not keep, keep at home peacock feathers: negative interpretation of omens

    We pointed out above the different symbolism of the peacock feather in different peoples. The picture as a whole is not bad, because all legends and beliefs originate from the Ancient East, Rome or Greece. And there this bird was considered divine. But first we want to highlight the negative aspects, which, by the way, wander more in the countries of Europe.

    • The feathers with an "eye" are symbolized with spoilage, evil eye, and bad intentions in many peoples.
    • Moreover, such feathers not only do not attract good luck, but also drive it away. It is believed that the owner of the house will have bad luck one after another.
    • In England, for example, such a feather promises loneliness. If there are unmarried girls in the family, she will never get a proposal. Although noble ladies often used such feathers to decorate their hats and hairstyles. And it is worth noting that they married very successfully.

    Interesting: According to one of the European legends or stories (there is no actual confirmation of it, and when it was also unknown), the master's sister gave him a wreath made of such feathers. It fitted beautifully into the interior, but it did not bring happiness to the house. Moreover, the master of the house was soon arrested and shot, and the family went to the camps.

    • Therefore, such feathers can bode well for betrayal, illness and even death. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in ancient times, the peacock was a divine bird. Therefore, he could not be sacrificed or touch his attributes. A person who violated the rule was put to death.
  • By the way, the well-known novel "Gone with the Wind" by the American writer Margaret Mitchell also mentions the unpleasantness of peacock feathers. Perhaps its popularity in European countries still gave such a boost.
  • Peacock feathers are not wanted in the home
    Keeping peacock feathers at home is undesirable
    To believe or not to believe such omens is a personal matter. After all, as you adjust yourself, so it will respond. I want to add only small facts that could be the reason of such negative values of the feather. Again, they are in the countries of Europe, and in the countries of the East the version of the peacock is quite different.

    • It used to be hard to get a feather in Europe or in the countries of Scandinavia. It either cost a lot of money or required going to bad lengths, up to and including smuggling. Perhaps that is why only a negative representation was gathered.
    • Although since the Middle Ages it has been believed that the bird has a hundred eyes of the Lord, and its tail resembles a halo. But there is another version, that it was the peacock that let the Devil into heaven (here the eye is very similar to the pen).
    • By the way, in India, an important trait is still the attitude, good intentions and love. Perhaps by accepting the gift, you simply received the bad energy and thoughts of the other person.
    • Or maybe it was influenced by the other side of the bird, which is vanity, pride and talkativeness. After all, they talk very loudly to each other. Especially at 4 in the morning. By the way, from these traits came the expression "spread its tail like a peacock." After all, to repeat, such feathers were mostly in the rich, noble, not always honest and even vain people.

    A wolf with a feather

    Tattoos depicting a wolf with a feather or feathers do not carry a unique semantic load - they should be seen as a combination of the meaning of the wolf tattoo and the symbolism of the feather. In general, such drawings mean a harmony of inner (spiritual) and outer (physical) strength (wolf symbol) and wisdom (again - partly wolf symbol) and ease of being (feather symbol).

    In combination with other symbols, the wolf with a feather may carry a certain sacred meaning. For example, a wolf with a feather and a rose means ease in a relationship and devotion to a partner. Or, on the contrary, a wolf with a feather and the moon - freedom and strength, given by loneliness.

    All the meanings of the peacock tattoo come down to its beauty, affectation, self-love. The popularity of the peacock tattoo is constantly growing, especially with the advent of colored tattoos. The main emphasis is usually placed on the tail of the peacock, as it contains the magic of the attraction of this bird.

    Why you can keep, keep at home peacock feathers: the positive interpretation of omens

    In Asia and in Eastern countries, the peacock feather has a huge popularity (we do not have one, and never has been). And if the owner of the house is given such a gift, it will be the most valuable and expensive of all. Moreover, it shows respect and good intentions of the giver.

    • Such a feather will not only bring good luck to the family, but protect it from evil spirits and dark forces. Yes, they will act as a talisman and amulet for the home.
    • Wealth is what a fan of such feathers promises. By the way, in China and India, feathers are often drawn on vases, napkins and tablecloths. And feng shui sees a peacock figurine as the most powerful protection. What's more, the peacock will also help bring about spiritual balance and harmony.
    • Figurine in the form of a peacock with an upturned tail will attract love to the house and help find a soul mate.
    • The feather will bring health and long life (because it is associated with immortality) to the owner of the house.

    The presence of peacock feathers can have a positive effect
    The presence of peacock feathers can also have a positive effect

    • The figure with a gathered tail is more suitable for businessmen and people of risky professions. After all, in this guise, the peacock brings caution and success in the career.

    IMPORTANT: the talisman loves praise! Yes, it must be first placated and showered with compliments, then it will begin to work in the right direction. If this is not done, then the talisman will do the opposite.

    • By the way, in feng shui, the white peacock is more beloved. It is he who will bring spiritual harmony, love and prosperity. But also in China, it is believed that the talisman must be taken care of. It is not allowed to think or say bad things about it, and it is necessary to "be friends" with it.
    • By the way, feng shui recommends periodically activating the talisman in the right direction. And for this it is necessary: Fire. Yes, next to the peacock feathers or his statuette, you can light a candle. It is enough to do it 1-2 times a week
    • Give treats. If you don't know what birds like, let's remind - seeds, nuts or seeds. Also, pour them in a saucer near the mascot
    • We have already said that the bird likes praise. Feng Shui also adheres to this version, because it is a very beautiful bird. Do not forget to periodically say nice words to it and stroke it.

    Where to make a tattoo of a peacock?

    Tattoos depicting such a majestic bird as a peacock are widespread and has a good demand among many young girls as well as guys. Therefore, it is necessary to order the work of such a plan in a good tattoo-salon, where qualified masters of tattoo art work. Specialists in this field must necessarily have recommendations, which confirm the quality of his work, as well as positive feedback from customers. Such a master can advise on the sketch and perform his work well.

    How to use peacock feathers in jewelry: ideas, photos

    Certainly, peacock feathers are very beautiful to look at! You can't argue with that. And even looking at such jewelry, you forget about all the negative influences. Moreover, we gave enough arguments that the peacock feather has more positive characteristics.

    • The easiest and most common way to create a decor from a peacock feather is earrings. Moreover, such a decoration can be made by yourself. You will need only pins (in other words, hooks), feathers themselves, endings for cords (you can do without them) and glue. Also you can add beads and rhinestones. It takes no more than five minutes - you need to glue the feathers to the endings, and then put on the pendants. Done! Some people like to paint the earrings with gold or silver paint. Also, you can add chains and other decorations. Speaking of quantity, the earrings can be made of a single feather or even several.

    Chic earrings
    Chic earrings

    • You can create the most beautiful headband or comb. The decoration is also simple in its making and even a schoolgirl can cope with it. After all, the main role is played by the feathers themselves! It is enough to glue feathers (it is better to do it from three pieces and in form of a fan) to the most usual headband or comb. Finish with rhinestones or beads.
  • A hat decorated with such feathers will look very original. Let's repeat that you can give free rein to your imagination and use absolutely any color palette of feathers. But do not forget about the contrast - the color of the hat itself must differ significantly.
      By the way, also take into consideration your hair color. Blondes will not suit the use of white peacock feathers. Red-haired girls are better suited for blue or green feathers. Brown feathers will look well on blond girls (but other colors as well). Brunettes look great with white feathers.
  • Various hair ornaments. Very delicate and beautiful will look a chain with different lengths of feathers, which will be intertwined with your hair.
  • Decoration in the form of small hats with peacock feathers
    Ornaments in the form of small hats and hairpins with peacock feathers

    • Brooch. Another decoration that is easy to create with your own hands. You need to take a base, on which is attached with glue lace, feathers, beads and rhinestones. Naturally, such a decoration is suitable only for a classic style of clothing.

    Brooch .

    • You can make a necklace. And it can be simply on a chain (a few feathers will be attached to it), or it can be a thick chain, densely decorated with feathers and beads (or rhinestones).


    • The shoes are the second reflection of the girl. Feathers can be attached to the toe, heel or completely cover the entire shoe. And also, as an option, the feather can be let along the entire length of the strap.
    • A clutch or a small handbag, decorated with such feathers, will make you the queen of the evening. If we talk about quantity, it can be only three or two feathers, or there can be a whole bouquet (you can make it in the form of a flower) or a fan of such feathers. Of course, such a decoration can be easily made by your own hands and do not forget to decorate additionally with rhinestones, stones and beads.

    Clutch with Feathers
    Clutch with feathers

    • The dress will be a whole work of art. You can decorate only the corset, you can create a whole skirt of feathers, and you can even make the whole dress with a peacock feather. But if you are a supporter of minimalism, it is enough only on the waist or near the chest to place such a decoration of a few feathers.

    Bright Embellishment on a Dress
    Bright decoration on the dress

    Places of application of the tattoo

    Peacock, as a rule, is depicted on the tattoo as a whole, with special attention to the tail feathers. The tail can be either gathered or loose.

    The tattoo is applied to quite a large area: on the entire back, on part of the abdomen. The most popular place is the side of the body from the chest to mid-thigh. Very effectively such tattoos look on the beach, when a girl wears a swimsuit of the open model.

    As for the color scheme, here are the rules. The tail of the bird is usually performed in green tones, and its body and head - in red and blue.

    Watch video on the subject

    Here is a collection of photos

    How to use peacock feathers in the interior: ideas, photos

    If decorations made of feathers have become popular relatively recently, the decoration of the house with such feathers has long been in demand. It is immediately worth noting that bright colors of feathers (blue, green or purple) can be used, and can take only monochrome feathers. By the way, some resort to dyeing them, but from this the feather does not lose its appeal.

    • The most common option is simply to place peacock feathers in a vase. It all depends on your taste, as we mentioned, you can use colored or solid colors. But consider this nuance - if the feathers are brightly colored, then the vase should be discreet.
    • Now it is very popular to do a print on the ceiling. And the peacock feather will perfectly fit into any interior.

    Ceiling decoration
    Decorating the ceiling

    • Also, you can make a drawing of a feather on plates, vases or glasses. By the way, you can further surprise guests (of course, such devices will be only for the festive table) and glue the peacock feather itself on the glass, decorating it at the base with a pebble.

    Plate Decoration
    Decorating the plate

    • If we talk about completely strange and unusual decorations, the tablecloth made of peacock feathers will simply stun everyone! It will be chic, rich and eccentric.
    • Decorative pillows will also be a beautiful item in your guest room. By the way, if you think that real feathers are not suitable for such an idea, then you are wrong. The pillow with feathers will look incredibly picturesque and bright. Of course, it will be solely for beauty.

    Interior Decoration
    Interior decoration

    • Curtains or a full-wall painting will make the room look smart and delightful. But keep in mind that other interior items should be of calm tones and styles.

    IMPORTANT: According to feng shui, the peacock serves to activate career and fame. Therefore, take this into consideration. And if possible, place the figure of a peacock in the career zone (this is the north side of the house).

    • For curtains, you can make your own holders from the feathers themselves. Of course, they must be attached to a wire or a special base. And do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild - add rhinestones, beads, stones or beads.

    Peacock feathers on curtains
    Peacock feathers on curtains

    • Table cloths will be another unforgettable attribute. Fold the feathers in the shape of the sun and staple them together with a base (a small paper or cloth circle). On such napkins you can put a vase on the coffee table or even a plate with the instruments at the gala event.

    If you're a bold enough person, you can resort to decorating furniture or wallpaper with this print. But with wallpaper you need to be very careful, because it should not turn out too flashy and bulky. And one more thing! The feather of the peacock can be used for decorating candles, candlesticks, or used as a bookmark for a book. They can be used to decorate a jewelry box or to create your own painting. And, optionally, you can make an adorable keychain.

    Designs and styles

    The peacock or its separate part (tail, feather) looks best in these styles:

    • Old-school - bright and saturated hues are used.
    • New-school - often the image is complemented by eyes or flowers.
    • Gravure style - a fresh and original solution. Features - restraint and richness of details, complemented by spots of color.
    • Dotwork - exclusively black is used, and an attractive appearance is obtained by playing with shades.
    • Realism and watercolor - the peacock is very bright and colorful, so these styles will help display its beauty and sophistication.

    Tattoo of a feather for girls - wisdom, lightness and beauty

    Attractive and sexy looks the image of a bird in the neckline area in a rich and bright plumage. A simple picture with dewdrops is beautiful, as in ancient peoples feathers were associated with rain and fertility. With their help, the dragon could ascend to the sky and cause a long-awaited downpour.

    Girls choose designs with more delicate outlines and smooth lines to emphasize the beauty of the legs or waist.

    Attractively look feather tattoo on the ankle, collarbone, shoulder blade, arm, the outer part of the thigh, especially in a realistic style. A small feather on the wrist or finger looks good.

    The image on the back often denotes renewal and cyclicity, but it can emphasize the tenderness and grace of the wearer. It is interesting to get a neat feather under the breast, repeating its contour. It is better to put a big picture with a bird, flowers, jewels on the stomach. Three or two feathers with beads or a floral arrangement around the wrist, ankle are attractive.

    The Significance of the Feather in Native American Culture

    Feathers were an important symbol among Native Americans. Native Americans considered them a sign of high social status and authority, so the most beautiful specimens were worn only by senior members of society. It was believed that only chiefs had the right to wear these heavenly gifts.

    Also, the Aborigines used feathers as protective talismans: they decorated the so-called dream catcher. This talisman was hung over the bed to capture evil dreams and protect the sleepers from negative energies.

    In Native American culture, feathers represented the power of the gods of thunder, air, and wind, so they were often used in various ceremonies and rituals. Also, they were a symbol of nature, so they were worshipped in many tribes.

    Symbolism in other cultures

    Feathers are deeply symbolic not only to Indians: they are important attributes in many cultures around the world. For example, in Celtic culture, they represented celestial wisdom because they helped summon spirits and communicate with the gods. For this reason, the Celtic Druids wore long robes decorated with feathers during ceremonies.

    Feathers played an important role in Egyptian culture as well. For the Egyptians, they were a symbol of the heavenly gods, and more specifically, the goddess of justice named Maat. Legend has it that when a person dies, Maat weighs their heart. If it is lighter than a feather, then the person has a pure soul and can go to heaven.

    In other cultures, feathers were thought to represent a dead soul or messages from the dead. Therefore, they were used to communicate with people in the netherworld.

    What a bird tattoo means for guys

    Men also like peacock tattoos because of their colorfulness. As a symbol, for men, the bird means long life and good health. You can also note the personification of the sign of innocence and spiritual purity.

    Like girls, the representatives of the stronger half of humanity, possessing such a drawing, appear to be romantic subjects. Men are able to touchingly woo their partners. The owner of the peacock is a great aesthete. Appearance is important to him.

    By character, the owners of the tattoo of this bird are similar to women. They have a flexible psyche, and do not fight unnecessarily, but try to solve problems through negotiation. The sophisticated brain helps to protect themselves and their loved ones in unconventional ways. They also have a peculiar vision of the world, so people around them consider the owner of the tattoo of a peacock strange.

    Meanings in the Christian faith

    In Christianity, feathers represent virtue. Previously, Christians used certain signs to show their religious affiliation. One such symbol was a ring with three feathers, each symbolizing one of three virtues: love, hope, and faith.

    These special rings were not just religious jewelry. They were also used as seals. Molten wax was poured on a document or letter and then an imprint of the ring was made. If someone received a letter with this seal, they knew it had been sent by a virtuous person.

    Feng Shui

    The art of peacock feather is considered one of the most powerful talismans in the art of feng shui. Adepts of feng shui believe that the feather brings good luck at work and gives the opportunity to achieve unprecedented career heights. Not only feathers can help: you can buy a figurine of a peacock or even decorate your desk with a picture of this bird.

    All of the above applies to peacocks of traditional coloring. White peacocks in feng shui have a different meaning. The snow white peacock symbolizes spiritual growth and personal perfection.

    Tip: If you believe in the teachings of feng shui, you can choose a tattoo shade depending on what goals you set for yourself. If you're dreaming of career advancement, a green feather will work for you. Is your life centered on ceaseless development and the search for harmony? Then the feather should be white!


    For women

    For men