Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, colored

Imagine that you came into a tattoo parlor and you were offered a few options to choose from. And among them - the boxing gloves. Such an image to the uninitiated person will seem at first glance too specific. But is it so?

In tattoo parlors, masters offer many drawings with different subjects. Often, according to the average person, they are completely unsuitable for images in the form of a tattoo. The symbolism of boxing gloves is intuitively associated with the world of sports. However, this is not its only interpretation.

Boxer in a standing position

When drawing a human figure, it is important to convey it as a three-dimensional object. For a non-professional artist, this is quite difficult.Nevertheless, even a child can cope with a simple drawing. How to draw a boxer easily? Let's take a pencil in our hands and move step by step.

First we draw the outline of the body. We must pay attention to the pose of the head - it is chin pressed to the shoulder, which is typical for the stand of a boxer. One hand covers the face, the other bent to strike.

Now we paint over the hair with a black felt-tip pen, highlight the place for the shadow on the back of the head, highlight the waist belt with two clear lines and mark the squares on the torso and the folds of fabric on the pants with fine strokes.

In the last step we paint over the back of the head so that there is a sense of shadow when you turn your head. After making sure that the basic proportions are correct, we take the red felt-tip pen and fill in the gloves and pants. At the waist, we do the shading.

Other options for children

Boxing gloves, which can be drawn by children, often depict a boxer's hands. It will be difficult for a child to draw a complete person, especially the details of the face and other body parts, but they can draw a silhouette of an athlete.


Athlete similar to the famous boxer Nikolai Valuyev can be drawn, adhering to the following steps:

  1. To depict the shape in which the famous boxer will be placed. To do this, draw 3 ovals at the top of the sheet. 2 of them - the ones that are larger, should be located on the left and the right side of the sheet. Between these 2 ovals is the 3rd - the smaller one. The left and right ovals - this is the future hands of a boxer, and the central oval - a strong head.
  2. Below the ovals draw the outline of the boxer's body. To do this, just draw a few lines.
  3. Add an athlete, ready to rush into battle, the outline of a face, and gloves on his hands. It is important not to forget that the boxer wears a belt.
  4. Carefully draw parts of the face as well as the torso and upper limbs.
  5. Remove unnecessary lines, outline and add strokes that give the boxer a realistic look.

Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, color


Another boxer.

Another version of a boxer can be drawn as follows:

Step .Description
1Sketch.It will be represented by simple circles and lines. The proportions of the body of the boxer, which will appear on paper in front of the drawer, are devoid of any features. This is an ordinary person, differing only in physical development. However, special attention should be paid to his posture: it is a lateral stance, which is characteristic of every boxer, with the athlete to press his chin to his shoulder. His upper limbs, on which the gloves are worn, should have an expressive position. One hand tries to protect his head from a sudden blow from his opponent, while the other is cocked as if it were a trigger.
2Outline sketchCreated from the lines and circles sketch should be circled so that rounded volumetric shapes are obtained. So the silhouette of the athlete will be created. First, it is necessary to outline the eye line, then depict the neck, which will be represented by a low cylinder. Next, you need to outline the arms, using circles to do this. Here should be located the deltoid muscle, which has the shape of a circle. The shoulder and forearm should be marked with cylinders.With the help of rounded lines it is necessary to draw a glove on each hand. The torso of the boxer can be indicated by a figure similar to a simple rectangle and differing from it only in the fact that its sides curve smoothly.
3Move on to the bottom part of the drawingIt is necessary to draw the bottom of the torso, which can be represented by a triangle. Then the shins and hips are depicted in the form of cylinders. The thighs should be made so that their width gradually decreased towards the knee. The shins should have a characteristic curve of the calf muscle. The figure of the boxer is ready, and now the artist can safely move on to the next step.
4To detail the drawingThere won't be many details, because in this lesson the emphasis is put on the construction of the human figure.
We need to outline:

- The main parts of the face, using the layout from the previous step;

- long shorts;

- Shoes with long laces.

To outline the contours of the muscles on the upper limbs and chest, and then remove all unnecessary lines that were drawn before.

Black and white version of the boxer.

Today let's try to draw a boxer in a fight. He's standing with his legs spread wide apart and with his left hand held out to protect himself, and with his right hand ready to deal a devastating blow to his opponent. Oh, he's going to get it! How to draw a boxer step by step?

First, let's outline the contours of the body with a pencil, and draw circles in place of the head and gloved hands. Immediately we will try to indicate the stance and position of the hands. Let's outline the boxer shorts in a semi-circle.

With bolder and clearer lines we finally draw the contour of the torso. On the left hand, just two lines draw the glove. On the head, we mark the hair sector and one ear, on the legs - gaiters, trace the face.

Now, on the second hand, we mark the cuff of the glove. On the legs, we finish drawing the contour of the boxers and laces. Small strokes are used to highlight the shadow under the armpit and the muscle on the left leg.

The last step is to shade the areas where we want to put some shadow. We are going to apply the shading lightly with small strokes, and then flatten it with our fingers. This will give the drawing more contrast.

Drawing with a pencil

Boxing gloves hanging from a rope can be drawn in pencil in the following steps:

1SketchingSince this type of outfit is bulky, this should be demonstrated in the drawing.
To do this, it is necessary:

1. draw 2 circles: 1 should be just above and just to the left of the 2nd.

2. Above each circle, depict the 1st rectangle. They are about 3 times smaller than the circles. It is not necessary to accurately measure the area of each figure. Dimensions can be determined by eye.

At the initial stage it is not necessary to press hard on the pencil. The lines should be light and thin. In this case, the drawer will have an opportunity to correct mistakes. In addition, some lines will be auxiliary, and they will have to be removed at later stages, using the eraser.

2To complete the geometric shapesThe drawn figures need to be processed so that they become more like real boxer's gloves. To do this, you must:
1. outline them and draw a short line separating the thumbs.

2. At the top of the drawing, make a sketch of the lacing on which a pair of gloves is suspended. For this it is enough to draw 1 straight thin line upwards from each rectangle. These lines should pass through at a certain slope so as to connect at the top point.

3. represent a knot at the point where the points join. For this it is enough to draw a pair of small elongated ovals, similar to the flower petals.

4. Between the ovals place a small tip of the rope, hanging down.

3Give the drawing a clean and neat look.To do this, you should:
1. Extend the gloves with dark and clear lines.

2. Increase the thickness of the lacing.

4Detail the gloves.There should be seams and creases on the surface of the gloves.
To depict them, it is necessary to:

1. Start a stitch line from the top, then draw it along the side of the gloves, rounding at the bottom and back up again, but from the other side.

2. Draw several short straight and rounded lines on the gloves that will indicate the folds.

All of these lines, including the seam line, are present on the glove that faces the viewer with the palm of the hand. The other glove, on the other hand, facing the opposite direction, will appear smoother, almost devoid of lines and creases. They are present here, but in small numbers. Most of the creases are concentrated near the line that separates the thumb from the main part of the glove.

5Add shadowsAt this stage, you need to consider the angle at which the light falls. The shadow should be shown with strokes. At the same time, the shading performs another function - to give volume and realism.

Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, colored


The Boxer Punching

Boxing is about bravery and determination. People who participate in this sport have a beautiful muscular body. Today let's try to represent on paper the element of fighting and victory. How to draw a boxer with a pencil?

Let's take the stickman as a base - a man consisting of circles and connecting lines. Let's draw an oval skull, make a relief of the right arm, mark the spine, chest with thick lines.

Draw a stern face with frowning eyebrows, outline open mouth, there will be a mouthpiece. On the right hand, we draw the cuff of a boxing glove. Draw the left arm bent at the elbow, and another glove circle on top.

At this stage, outline the contours of the body and face with a thin gel pen. We add small details: a strip of cuffs, muscles on the arms, ribs and, of course, the most beautiful detail of the male torso - the squares on the stomach.

Now it remains to make bright accents on the head and torso. Take a watercolor of gray and paint over everything. We wait for the paint to dry, and then use light and dark tones to make accents on the boxer's skin.


Boxing gloves, the drawing of which will be colored, are depicted first with a simple pencil. With his help it is necessary to make the outlines. Coloring with the chosen color or several colors will be the final stage of the whole work.

Drawing is done in the following steps:

  1. To depict several simple geometric shapes, which will be auxiliary elements. The total number of figures that will be needed for further work - 5. At the top of the sheet of paper should be drawn 3 circles, on the right - 1 big circle, on the left - the 2nd big circle. In the left large circle should be a small circle. At the bottom of the sheet of paper draw a pair of quadrilaterals. One of these quadrilaterals is under the left circle and the other is under the right circle.
  2. Connect all the auxiliary geometric shapes you have drawn into one. This is done with the help of smooth lines. The circles must be connected to the quadrangles: the left circle to the left quadrangle and the right circle to the right one. The small circle that is in the left large circle must also be connected to the quadrilateral below, but with the 1st line.
  3. Many smooth arc lines drawn at the bottom of the gloves to give volume.
  4. Remove all unnecessary lines, which in the future will no longer be needed. To do this, use an eraser.
  5. Add creases to the surface of the gloves. It is enough to draw a few short irregular lines. The best visible creases are those that are formed on the edges of the gloves.

    Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, colored

  6. Paint the gloves. Boxing gloves can have any color and any pattern on the surface. It can be an emblem, an inscription, a picture or a word. The decoration can also be situated in any place. It is possible to make the gloves monochrome. The most common color is red, but they can also be blue, yellow, green, and beige.

Boxing ring

The ring is the place where boxing fights take place. It is a square area with ropes stretched on the sides. To draw the ring, we need a pencil, a ruler (a must!), and colored felt-tip pens.

Using the ruler we draw six horizontal lines of equal length. Then six vertical ones, of which five are almost equal in height, and the one closest to us will be longer than the others.

Connect the columns with four straight lines, and between the small side columns we draw small squares. The top and base of the columns draw a black felt-tip pen.

All the contours of the ring outline with a black felt-tip pen, ropes make multicolored, columns are painted red, the base - blue. And we paint first across and then lengthwise. The left side is painted across again.

Boxing gloves and a punching bag

To become a professional boxer, gloves alone are not enough. You also need a punching bag that can take the hardest blows. To draw this sports equipment is not more complicated than gloves themselves.

Boxing gloves, the drawing of which will be together with the image of the punching bag, goes through the following 4 steps:

1Make a light sketch.It can be represented by a simple rectangle stretching up and down. The outline lines should be very light, there is no need to press hard on the pencil.
2To depict the top and bottom of the pearIt is better to start with the bottom part, as here everything is simple: it is enough to draw an arc line coming from the left bottom corner and ending in the right bottom corner. As a result, the lower part of the pear will get smooth circular outlines. A similar line, but directed in the opposite direction, should be drawn at the top as well. This line should start in the upper left corner and end in the upper right corner.
There should also be several lines at the top indicating the rope on which the pear is suspended. You can draw 4 lines, each line starting from the pear itself, going up at some inclination and connecting to all the others at the 1st point. The connection point of all the lines should be centered over the pear. It is from here that another 1 line begins, which runs up vertically and rushes to the top edge of the paper sheet.
3Extend the pear.Dark and clear lines are used for this. This will result in a sharper and prettier looking sports equipment.
4Apply shading.This is done with the help of shading. The drawing of the punching bag can be painted in any color the artist sees fit, as well as complemented by the boxing gloves themselves. It is possible to draw them hanging on the left or on the right.

Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, colored



The main thing to keep in mind when creating a pattern that is as close to reality as possible is that each glove consists of 3 basic elements.


  • The main part designed for the boxer's 4 fingers;
  • the part designed for the thumb;
  • The part of the glove that wraps around the wrist.

Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, colored

Because the gloves are made of a smooth material, glare forms on their surface. This must always be taken into account when creating a realistic image. There are also shaded areas on the surface. They should be marked with light strokes. There are creases along the edges of the gloves. Most of them near the thumb.

You should also not forget about the lacing: strips with laces are located on the palm side.

Boxer gloves can be depicted with one simple pencil. If you want to make them colored and bright, you can use any colors for coloring. They can be blue, red or green. It is not necessary to make them one-color. There can be different drawings or symbols on their surface.

If creative interaction with a child is desired, it is possible to draw the outlines of the boxing gloves with a marker, without painting or shading. In this way, the opportunity for the young artist to contribute his own version.

The meaning of tattoos for men

By nature, representatives of the stronger sex must be leaders - in fact, they are created by nature as a support and protection for their families and loved ones. And this implies the presence of a number of qualities:

  • confidence in their abilities;
  • determination;
  • courage;
  • the will to win;
  • Willingness to fight (not only externally, but also internally).

That is why many men, even those who have nothing to do with sports, stuff the image of boxing gloves with the aim, if not to acquire, then to strengthen all these character traits.

If in the picture the attribute of boxing is hung on a nail, it means that the owner of the tattoo has already retired and is not engaged in sports. The presence of inscriptions and numbers denoting the year can symbolize past achievements and sports victories.


Boxing gloves (the drawing can be made with various writing instruments) can be depicted with a gel pen or marker.

Boxing gloves, pencil drawings for children black and white, colored

To do this, you need to:

  1. Start not with circles and ovals, but right from the finger of the 1st of the gloves - the one that faces the palm of the hand toward the viewer. To do this, a line resembling a hook is drawn. From the fingertip downwards, a short rounded line is drawn. To the left and bottom of the finger begins a longer smooth line that runs to the right. It marks the bottom edge of the glove. At the top just to the right of the fingertip begins a vertical band with lacing. It runs upward. The tip of the lace comes out of the top of this strip.
  2. Draw a few folds on the thumb and on the main part of the glove. Also draw a rectangle at the top of the glove and some horizontal stripes inside it. This will be the wrist.
  3. The second glove, which faces the other side, you can start drawing right from the wrist. It should also be represented by a rectangle with several horizontal stripes. From the bottom left corner of the rectangle comes a diagonal line, pointing down and to the left and rounded as if it were a hook. This is the finger. Next, with simple lines, finish drawing the edges of the main part of this glove and complete its surface with a few folds.
  4. Draw the lace, on which the gloves are suspended. This is done on the same principle as in the examples above.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

Although boxing was until recently considered a purely masculine sport, even some members of the weaker sex choose this pattern to put on their exposed body part. This can mean several things:

  • The girl does boxing and prefers to show off her skills to everyone around her.
  • The girl's favorite person is most directly related to this sport: is a boxer or trainer.
  • Independence and readiness to fight, determination to go to the end and freedom from stereotypes - all these qualities can be expressed by the main attribute of boxing.

Most often, the tattoo in girls is still a decoration. However, the choice of an unusual drawing in the form of gloves, undoubtedly, indicates that in front of you - a bold and decisive person.

Location and color

In most cases, fans of the original tattoo prefer to stuff it on the visible parts of the body: the shoulder or forearm. This is also due to the size of the image - there is enough space for a large picture. And in the warm season it will be visible almost always.

Nevertheless, variations are possible:

  • a small tattoo is placed on the wrist;
  • a large brightly colored pattern on the back or chest;
  • Very rarely - on the neck, stomach or legs.

If until recently, the tattoo of the boxing gloves stuffed only in black and white version, then with the development of technology figure began to paint, giving volume and depth. Most often, for images used style "old school" (old school) - bright colors with a bold black outline.

Meaning in sports

Most professional wrestlers make tattoos, giving them symbolic meanings and drawing in the "combat coloring" the will to win:

  • Anastasia Yankova (Thai boxing) - images of a dragon girl and a carp climbing a waterfall;
  • Nikita Krylov (sambo, karate, etc.) - labarum, cross of Constantine on a shield;
  • Valery Myasnikov (mixed martial arts) - Archangel Michael kills a demon;
  • Alexander Volkov (mixed martial arts) - stingray with animals inside;
  • Vladislav Tuinov (kickboxing) - an eagle and the logo of his home sports school.

Still, in most cases, a tattoo is just a decoration that is subject to the same surge in fashion as other accessories. However, unlike them, you can't change it so easily. And so - carefully familiarize yourself with the meanings of various tattoos.


For women

For men