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The king of beasts, an association firmly planted in the minds of most people. This is promoted by movies, books, creating an image of the lion as a strong and wise master.

The meaning of the tattoo with the image of a lion.

Who is it good for? This symbol is suitable for a strong and commanding person. The meaning of the tattoo with the image of a lion. A leader, by nature, able to lead people.

Places and style of tattoo. A lion is a complex symbol for a tattoo. The image of the mane alone will make a lot of work for the artist to convey the "mood" of the predator, which you would like to see on your body. The most common can be called a realistic style of tattoo, a little less common are tattoo designs in the styles of tribal and blackwork. Girls often choose sketches in cartoon style. For large on the volume of the sketches is better to choose shoulders, back or chest. If the sketch involves a small symbolic designation of the predator or just his head, such a tattoo will look good on the hands, forearms or shoulder blades. The lion's grin is often placed on the shoulders, because the shoulder has an anatomically rounded shape and this tattoo looks more beautiful.

Tattoo of a lion on the arm for men

A male tattoo of a lion on his arm

Male tattoo of a lion on the arm

Tattoo of a lion on his arm for men

Tattoo a lion on the arm for men

Tattoo of a lion - a male tattoo on the arm

Tattoo a lion - a male tattoo on the arm

Plotting lion tattoo on hand for men

Plot arm tattoo with a lion on the arm for men

Mascot lion - tattoo on a man's arm

Mascot lion - tattoo on a man's arm

Tattoo of a lion on the arm - a male version with a plot

Tattoo arm lion tattoo on arm - male variant with plot

Tattoo of lion on hand for men

Tattoo a lion on the arm for men

Tattoo arm for men - a lion

Tattoo sleeve with a lion for men

Tattoo lion on hand for men

Tattoo a lion on the arm for men

Tattoo lion on hand for men - photo

Tattoo of lion on hand for men - photo

Tattoo lion on hand for men

Tattoo lion on hand for men

Tattoo arm for men - a lion

Tattoo arm for men - a lion

Tattoo meaning of lion

General meaning of the symbol: Strength and power. The lion is a king above all for himself. A person with such a symbol is unlikely to obey someone else's orders, if it goes against his beliefs. The sign is inherent in:

  • divine solar energy
  • victory
  • the power of
  • nobility
  • pride
  • courage
  • royalty
  • cunning

A lion can symbolize rebirth, the beginning of a new life.

A lion with wings . - The connection of the two elements, air and earth. Two lionsSitting back to each other - a symbol of harmony between the inner self and the outside world. Tattoo, with the image of a calm animal symbolizes wisdom and spiritual harmony of the owner. Red lionThe sign is a sign of the masculine, the man is willing to be brutal in order to achieve his goal. In alchemy, this sign marked the masculine. The golden lion - The golden lion is the symbol of royalty. A gold lion with a crowned head (or lion's head) as a symbol of loyalty to the king or to duty. A lion with a crown - Symbol of an ambitious leader. No desire to stop or turn around on the way to the goal. The crown, shows the ability to subdue and control people. A tattoo depicting the grinning lion Meaning matches any snarling or attacking beast. Such a sketch symbolizes assertiveness, aggression. People with this symbol usually tend not to tolerate a society that does not suit them. If the sketch only involves a depiction of a lion's of a lion's head it has no effect on the meaning of such a tattoo. It is important the expressions of the "face" of the predator. As already mentioned, a calm and peaceful expression is a symbol of inner harmony. The aggressive grin of the lion means the stern temper of the owner. Such a person is usually reserved, but will not tolerate unpleasant company or inappropriate attitude for too long.

Basic meanings of the lion tattoo - what can the lion symbol mean in male and female tattoos?

To determine if any symbol will suit you as a tattoo, you should know its semantic meaning.

We will tell you what can mean a tattoo in the form of a lion as an independent element of a tattoo (St. Petersburg), without additional signs and symbols:

  • Artistic tattoo "Lion". Danila-master

  • Authority.
  • Leadership.
  • Justice.
  • Aspiration.
  • Purposefulness.
  • Responsibility.
  • Perseverance.
  • Wisdom.
  • Fierceness.
  • Calmness.
  • Harmony.
  • Loyalty, devotion.
  • Masculinity.
  • Power.
  • Strength.
  • Aggression.
  • Inimitability.
  • Protection.
  • Luck.
  • Happiness.
  • Fortitude.
  • Respect.

Modern designations of the symbol of the lion in the tattoo were formed from the representations of ancient peoples, myths and legends. In general, this sign is complex, because it combines the character traits of a strong and the boldest predator of our planet!

Remember that the symbol of a lion can dramatically change your life, will bring something good - or, conversely, bad. Everything will depend on your character and actions.

Maybe for someone lacks aggressiveness when running a company, in which case aggressiveness will be a plus. And for someone aggressiveness is unacceptable, so he will treat it as something negative in his life.

We recommend to think over your decision and only then visit tattoo salons St. Petersburg.

Tattoo of the zodiac sign Leo

Such a tattoo is common among people born under this sign. No wonder, because if you believe in horoscopes, to be born under the sign of the lion is a reason to be proud. The sign of the lion is characterized by reasonableness, straightforwardness, adherence to one's ideals on the way to the goal. Astrologers say that people born under the sign of the lion are under the patronage of the sun, their element is fire. In the sketch, the sign of the lion is often accompanied by an image of fire or tongues of flame.

History of the symbol

Such a strong, fast and ferocious predator could not be neglected in the history of symbolism and heraldry. Therefore, the image of the lion has long been firmly embedded in the history of many nations.

In ancient Greece the lion is part of the image of Heracles, Apollo and Fortune. In Egypt - destroying the heat of the sun and revenge in the image of the goddess Sekhmet. In many countries the lion was a symbol of royalty. In some African countries, the "creator of all things" is depicted as a lion. In Buddhism, protected and preserved the Buddha. In the Bible, the moment when the lion lies next to the lamb is mentioned. It marks the beginning of a new era. In Islam, the protector from evil, who knows no fear. In China it is a symbol of courage and powerful energy. Sculptures of lions often decorated temples and buildings. The lion was considered a reliable protector against evil spirits.

Lion is part of the mythological images: Gryphon, Chimera, Manticore, Sphinx.

Lion depicted as a Gryphon, Chimera, Manticore, Sphinx.

The meaning of the tattoo lion for girls and men

It used to be thought that the symbol was purely a male symbol. Now, according to the number of sketches and photos of already made tattoos, it can be argued that the symbol is absolutely universal.

For girls: Lion depicted as Gryphon, Chimera, Manticore, Sphinx. As a rule, girls choose sketches for tattoos with the image of a lion to emphasize their playfulness, tenderness and, of course, gracefulness. Therefore, a tattoo with an aggressive, attacking or growling beast is a very rare phenomenon for girls. In this case, the meaning of the tattoo - a willingness to defend their point of view, without the fear of losing the proverbial femininity. The image of a lioness indicates connection and love with her "offspring". indicates a readiness to defend him.

Female tattoo of a lion.

For men: Female lion tattoos. The meaning of such a symbol for men is practically on the surface. There is a phrase "let me be a little lion, but a lion". In tattoo culture, the lion is a sign of a purposeful person who is in constant development. He combines strength and wisdom. Ready to protect the family and loved ones. Leo is a leader by nature. Even while in subordination, he feels his strength and is willing to take a leading place in the "pride".

Man tattoo a lion.

What does the lion tattoo mean, depending on the place on the body

A lion on the neck - Vulnerability and tenderness. Male tattoo of a lion. At the templesIndicates playfulness. A lion on the hand indicates a desire for power. A lion on the shoulder. - Power and confidence. The lioness with the crown on her wrist indicates a girl's willingness to protect her family by any means. The crown, in this case - a symbol of obedience to her chosen one.

The meaning of the tattoo lion in the area

The grinning lion in prison symbolizes the misfortune that haunts the bearer of the tattoo since childhood. Sometimes, the tattoo is performed in the form of an abbreviation L.E.V. Deciphering, this inscription is not censored, which, of course, does not embarrass the owners. L.E.V. - "I love f*cking fun".


The general meaning is strength and wisdom. If a lion is depicted calmly, the tattoo signifies tranquility and unity between the inner and outer worlds. The image of an aggressive predator is an unwillingness to tolerate and be in a society that is not to the liking of the tattoo owner.

The meaning of the tattoo lion in the "places not so distant"

Quite ambiguous prison meaning of the tattoo lion. By implying unlimited power and defiance, it should emphasize the unwillingness of its owner to obey the requirements of the prison authorities - to comply with the established rules, go to work, calmly communicate with the authorities. Not without reason criminal authorities often choose a spectacular image of a lion's face or a full-length beast on the background of an elaborately painted frame. This emphasizes the leadership of the owner, his strength, power and authority. However, in case the inmate "does not match" the image, the attitude will be negative.

How to choose a place for a tattoo with a lion

A large image of a wild animal looks great on the back of a man, while his muzzle can rest at ease on the muscular rounded shoulder. The symbolic unity of mind, body and soul, the lion in a triangle is often placed on the waist, neck, ankle, or hand.

The impressive grinning lion is a tattoo whose meaning is especially pronounced when placed on a man's chest, shoulder blade or shoulder. It is invincibility, courage, aggression, rejection of the surrounding world, willingness to defend and fair resolution of conflict. Tattoo with a lion's grin in women indicates boldness and courage, rebelliousness and steadfastness. The best place to place it is on the forearm or back.

Interestingly, the tattoo lion on the hand value varies depending on the section of the limb and its location. It is believed that on the right shoulder there is a guardian angel, so placing the lion there allows you to adopt its best qualities - courage, justice, willingness to help. Applying the tattoo on the left arm can contribute to the development of aggressiveness. The closer the picture is to the head area (shoulder, forearm), the more influence it will have on the tattoo owner. On the hands or fingers the image of the beast is applied rarely. But it depends not on the significance of the tattoo, but on the increased sensitivity of this area.

The variety of sketches with the predator allows you to choose to place the tattoo on any part of the body. For women, it is the back of the hand, the forearm, the area between the shoulder blades, the side of the leg or thigh, the lower back and the neck area. Men prefer back and chest, wrist and forearm, and calves.


The effectiveness of the African predator tattoo is admirable in any style. The most in-demand styles are:

  • Datwerk ("dot work") - the image is made up of many dots spaced equally apart. This popular style is said to be inspired by the work of the Neo-Impressionists, although in fact it was used many centuries ago. The disadvantage - only suitable for large images, so for small tattoos it is better to choose another style;
  • Graphics - clear contours, monochrome succinctly emphasize the nobility and wisdom of the royal beast, some detachment from the hustle and bustle of life;
  • Realism - the ability to present the animal in all its glory. The natural shades and detailing help to capture the slightest emotion of the "live" image;
  • Non-tradition is a three-dimensional image and brightness of its shades.

Choosing a tattoo, do not rush, listen to the advice of friends or pay tribute to the whimsical fashion. Trust your intuition and the recommendations of an experienced specialist.

Who can do a tattoo in the form of a lion - who it suits best?

Determine whether a lion tattoo is right for you, you can still on your character.

A lion in the form of a tattoo gets along great with:

  • Artistic tattoo "Lion" from the master Yuri Polyakov, performed according to the individual sketch of the master. Place of application - spatula, working time - 3 hours
    Proud and independent people.

  • Powerful, leading.
  • Fair.
  • Striving for something.
  • Responsible, always keeping promises.
  • Wise and experienced.
  • Energetic and ambitious.
  • Loyal and devoted.
  • Showing their masculine qualities - strength, power, aggression, courage, protection. Men do tattoos with this meaning.
  • Stubborn men, able to defend their point of view.
  • Wishing to find good luck and success.
  • Causing respect in society.
  • Dreaming to emphasize their peculiarity, uniqueness. In this sense, girls often get tattoos (St. Petersburg).
  • Able to keep calm and peace in the soul.

Those who got on this list - can rejoice, because this tattoo will bring you only positive and happiness. You can safely come to tattoo parlors (St. Petersburg) and ask the master to create a unique tattoo sketch.

And if you still have not decided on this symbol - perhaps, It is worth to weigh all three aspects.Of which we wrote above - the historical representation, modern values in the tattoo of the symbol, as well as personality traits of people to whom it can be suitable.

The historical basis of the Lion symbol - how were it treated in different cultures and times?

In the mythologies, cultures and religions of the various peoples of the ancient world there were different ideas about the most beautiful predator on earth - the lion.

The image of the lion was revered and admired because it was an animal with courage, strength. and other qualities that the average man simply couldn't have.

In addition, the lion was fearful.This created a negative interpretation of the symbol.

Let's tell how else the lion symbol was represented and what it was associated with:

  • In ancient Egypt. Lions, tigers, and cats were worshipped and deified. Egyptian kings used real live lions as protection, decorated palaces and important places with their statues. The lion also meant the solar god, and the lioness represented motherhood, prosperity, fertility.
  • In China people believed that the lion would protect them by using its power. They compared him to a man - the head of the family, who can stand up not only for himself, but also for his wife and children.
  • In Greece. people believed that the lion, endowed with very strong qualities, had to serve the gods and was almost always near them, this is evidenced by ancient finds. There was a myth that Heracles was able to defeat the lion. So the image of the lion came to mean overcoming death, rebirth.
  • In India. the lion is a representative of the gods and spiritual power. According to the myths prevailing in Hinduism, we can say that the lion was the protector of people, who saved not only from enemies, but also from demons.
  • In Japan and Iran the lion was the king of beasts, a symbol of light and sun.
  • In Rome The image of the lion was regal, signifying the power of death or victory over it.
  • For the Buddhists. he was a protector, representing authority and law. It was also compared to constant motion, purpose, enlightenment, wisdom, and courage.
  • For Christians. the lion symbol had a double meaning. Christians believed that the lion was a symbol of Christ's power and might, and that it represented the devil from whose jaws the people should be saved. They gave the lion indescribable qualities, saying it slept with its eyes open, very watchful. This was associated with strength of character and spiritual vigilance. A lion was also a sign of resurrection, rebirth. According to ancient beliefs, lion cubs were born dead, and he could bring them back to life. By the way, a lion was also associated with loneliness.
  • Jews associate it with aggression, cruelty and indescribable power and strength.
  • In Islam. a positive attitude to lions. For representatives of this religion lion was a kind of protection against evil and black magic.

Almost everywhere, people gave the lion extraordinary strength, power, courage and deified.

The lion symbol was very powerful, so it's worth thinking hard whether or not this tattoo is right for you.


For women

For men