Ancient Slavic amulet - Kolovrat, meaning and use of the symbol

Kolovrat - Old Slavic sign, a symbol of the Sun - has a deep sacred meaning, was especially revered by the ancient Aryans. He was endowed with the inexhaustible energy of eternal movement, unflagging connection and unity with previous generations. Modern descendants of the Slavic Aryans prefer to use kolovrat in the form of a tattoo as a talisman, helping to obtain the power of the ancient Slavic gods and to activate the inexhaustible secret reserves of his body.

Origin and meaning of the Slavic symbol - Kolovrat

Externally, the Kolovrat is a compound of rays, each of which has a bent end and comes from one central point. All segments are turned strictly in one direction and are located at right angles. This sign refers to the swastika and is one of the most ancient.

The symbol has been used by the Slavs since ancient times, but it is believed that the name of the Kolovrat sign received much later. For the first time a similar image occurs in the 2nd millennium BC, first in the southern part of the places of residence of the Slavic people, then in the east, later spread to all members of all ethnic groups.

The symbol was present at all times on the elements of life, clothing, coins, weapons, coats of arms and banners, in the elements of decor inside housing, as well as walls and towers, necropolises, cult buildings.

The last Empress Alexandra Feodorovna loved to depict this symbol. She drew it on the wall, the wallpaper over her son's bed, and on the windowpane of the place of detention before her death.

A similar sign can also be seen on the bills of the Provisional Government and the early Soviet ones. In the early 20th century, the symbol was used by artists, some units of the Red Army, and organizations on their emblems, but later, due to the use of the Kolowrat by Nazi formations, the use of the symbol became unacceptable.

Despite the resulting negative publicity, the Kolovrat did not originally carry any negative meaning. It was a symbol of light and creativity. There are several interpretations of its meaning, the main one being the movement of the sun. The name comes from Church Slavonic words "kolo" (circle, wheel) and "vrat" (rotation).

The Slavs at the time of paganism worshiped the forces of nature and looked for deities among them, who could help and protect. One of the central characters was the Sun, many signs of ethnos refer to the solar, glorifying the power of the luminary. Therefore, the second name of the Kolovrat is Solntsevorot. It was believed that the sign symbolizes the movement of the luminary across the sky, as well as the change of seasons, day and night, life and death.

The Kolowrat varieties by the number of rays

The Kolovrat can be somewhat different from each other by image and by the number of rays. The most common variant - with 4 elements. It is he found since the earliest times among the Slavs on clothing, household items, housing and amulets. It is considered that this symbol is protective and supports the fire element. It also symbolizes the changing of the four seasons and four elements.

headlock swastika

Popular eight-rayed Kolovrat, according to experts, is one of the later variants of the sign. Presumably, it appeared in 1923 in the work of one of the Polish artists. It is believed that such Kolovrat is associated with Svarog, the progenitor of all Slavs and the God of heavenly fire. It symbolizes the infinity of existence, unity with the genus, the communion of the spiritual and material, as well as the universe.

Less common sign with 6 rays, which is patronized by Perun (God of Thunder). It is also possible to meet a variant with 3 elements, the meaning of which is to lead to the best. The latter variety is more often represented in the Southern Urals and the territories of the Caucasus.

According to their direction - the sun and the counter-sun.

In the Kolovrat images, you can notice that in some cases, the tips of the sign are directed to the left side (contra-solar, or back to the course of the moving of the luminary), and in others - to the right (solon, moving along the Sun). Some experts do not associate this with the meaning of the symbol, for them both options are a single amulet with a common meaning.

As one of the bases of the theory is given the opinion that the Kolovrat on the banner during the battle will be seen differently for those who are in front of it and located behind it, but carries the same meaning. In addition, in some cases it could be present in different designs in the same document or object, as well as being next to each other in a single amulet.

Most experts, however, are of the opinion that the direction of the tips matters.

It is believed that for the Slavs, the "solon" embodied light forces, goodness, the world of the living, replenishment of energy. "Antisolon" carried the opposite meaning, as well as associated with the development of intuition, magical abilities.

Also the direction is associated with the movement of the sun across the sky and the seasons. In ancient beliefs, the luminary appears as a bird that travels in autumn and winter to the north (bending the tips to the left), and in summer and spring - to the south (turning to the right).

There is a theory that the right-handed Kolovrat represents male energy and should be used only by the strong sex. Oriented in the left direction amulet symbolizes the feminine and is intended for girls. However, this approach to the use and interpretation of swastika signs is more typical for Eastern traditions.

How to beat a kolovrat

The symbol of the solar movement is most widely used these days by neo-pagans, so you should think thoroughly whether you want to evoke associations with them or not. Since the symbol is solar, it is culturally yellow, but for a tattoo such a solution is not very suitable - it is not contrasted and pronounced enough, which means a kind of pallor.

Basically, the kolovrat is male, and as a female, it is better to use the inverted version of the sign, moving counterclockwise. Guys should strike the kolovrat on the neck, between the shoulder blades, on the chest, or outside on the forearm. Girls, in general, the same areas are ideal. Keep in mind: the symbol, according to many connoisseurs of occultism, can only help in good undertakings, and if you think of something bad, can even provoke problems.

We will choose good sketches, help to choose an inscription and demonstrate real photos with stuffed cowls.

The meaning of the amulet - for what and to whom to wear

The sign symbolizes movement, development, fertility. The main meaning of the Kolovrat is protective. In addition, it contributes to gaining good luck, wisdom, connection with ancestors and higher forces. Also, the properties of the amulet vary somewhat depending on the gender of the wearer.

Question to the expert

May my wife wear the amulet Kolovrat?

The Kolovrat can be worn by women and men. But it should be understood that the symbol can be used only with pure thoughts and thoughts, because the energy of the sun is pure and will not tolerate negativity.

The amulet will protect the wearer from other people's negative energy, diseases. If a person lacks self-confidence or the correctness of his actions, he will help the Kolovrat of gold. Such a symbol will help reveal hidden potential and find faith in their own abilities.

Do you use such an amulet?

For men.

Wearing such amulet for men promotes their activity, the development of purposefulness. In addition, the Nightingale will help in:

  • Development of self-confidence.
  • Acquisition of wealth.
  • Achieving success in new ventures.
  • Protection from negativity, disease and spoilage.
  • Assimilation and transfer of traditions and wisdom of ancestors.
  • Victories in any field, including sports and careers.

For women

Nightingale for women is primarily protective. It protects against the evil eye, slander, quarrels, and also allows you to maintain health. It is especially useful for expectant mothers, allowing pregnancy to go easily and smoothly, and the baby develop fully. In addition, it enhances the femininity of the owner, her intuition, and also allows you to find love.

There was a belief that a female spouse of the head of the clan, wearing this symbol, could save the whole family from illnesses and troubles.


The Kolovrat
The Kolovrat is a sacred symbol of Slavic culture, designed to protect its owner. In ancient times, it was taken with him in the campaign of warriors, as it was believed that the amulet brings good luck and saves from destruction. There are several varieties of amulet, differing from each other by the number of rays. There can be: 4, 6 or 8.

Hexagonal Kolovrat was given to people by God Svarog. He was not only the wisest of all the Slavic gods, but also made himself famous as a great blacksmith. This symbol Svarog forged on the armor and weapons of soldiers during the Great Distemper.

Kolovrat symbolizes the greatness of the sun and its tremendous influence on people. After the old Gods had gone, the Magi adopted their teachings and began to pass them on to the people. The Old Believers placed this sign on the main city gates. This was their way of letting the enemy know that they would fight to the last drop of blood.

Currently Kolovrat is a symbol of Russian nationalists (Russian National Unity), as well as of Orthodox pagans.
Important! Various types of amulet can be used for the purpose of developing self-confidence, but this task must necessarily be indicated in the process of charging. A separate value has a variant of an amulet with the image of a wolf. It not only symbolizes the warrior defending his clan, but also makes it clear to others that they are a strong person, at any time ready to take the challenge. Possessing a warrior-collar implies exceptional qualities of a leader.

May Christians wear it?

In the traditions of early Christianity, there was an image of the swastika cross or gammadion. Such symbols can be seen in ancient churches and on icons. Later this variant was superseded by the cross, traditional for the present time.

In Christianity, unlike paganism, there is one God. Therefore, for the traditions of the religion is considered inadmissible use of any occult signs, amulets, amulets. The only protective symbol that connects with God is the cross. It is impossible to forbid a believer to wear pagan amulets, but the church does not approve it.

Ladinets and Kolovrat symbol differences

There is a similar symbol - Ladinets. It has eight rays with curved edges, the movement is directed against the sun. In spite of the external similarities, nevertheless they are two different signs..

Ladinets amulet protects Lada for women

Ladinets is a symbol of Lada, the goddess of beauty and love. It is female amulet, which helps in marriage, motherhood and any day-to-day affairs. Lada protects her followers, gives wisdom, beauty and seduction. Kolovrat is a masculine sign, the movement is the Pole. Ladinec is recommended for all women.

The Kolovrat is the sign of the sun, and the Ladinets is the sign of the moon. These two energies are different in their manifestations, literally opposite in meaning.

How to make amulet Kolovrat with your own hands - instructions

The most effective is considered amulet, made with their own hands. Suitable materials for creating the Kolovrat are metal (silver, gold, copper), bone and wood. You can also embroider the sign, or draw the symbol.

In this case, you must have the right to use the right hand and the left hand, and the right hand must have the right to use the right hand. For men, oak is suitable, and for girls, birch and mountain ash are suitable. For beginners in woodcarving, it is better to turn to soft species - aspen, linden, etc.

If skills allow, you can make and sand the workpiece for drawing the picture yourself, otherwise you can buy ready-made. The optimal form is a circle, as a symbol of the Sun, although you can use any other. The size is determined by the purpose - for a personal amulet a small one is needed, for the protection of the house and family - a significant one.

Instructions for creating an amulet:

  • On the selected workpiece, draw a pencil drawing of the Nightingale, if desired, supplement with other elements.
  • Using a jig-saw knife or similar tool, go over the contours of the figures.

  • With a chisel to remove unnecessary parts of the wood from the workpiece.

  • Cut the sharp edges lightly with a knife, sanded.

  • Coat with stain of the chosen tone and let dry.

What amulets and averters are made of

Most often Kolovrat are made of metal or wood. At the same time, the most powerful are gold and silver items. They have a powerful energy, because such a Kolovrat will be a strong and enduring amulet.

If there is no opportunity to buy jewelry made of precious metals, you can buy a symbol made of copper or brass.

When using the amulet, you need to be guided by your personal feelings. Sometimes there is an incompatibility with a certain metal. It manifests on a physical or mental level.

A person who is in contact with an unsuitable metal for a long time, may experience irritation, general weakness and even severe headaches.

Silver is considered the most neutral metal. It can be used as protection against evil forces. The use of silver as a talisman is not recommended by the Lord. But the symbol is considered solar, while for silver is characterized by a lunar meaning. Therefore, it is recommended to people who are suited to gold to choose this metal. This material will help enhance the effect of the talisman with its solar value.

You can also choose an amulet made of wood or animal bones. Such a product is characterized by an affordable price, but at the same time perfectly combined with the meaning of the symbol. But when using wood, it is important to focus on its variety. The Slavs were convinced that trees have an inner spirit, which is characterized by a certain sex, and in this lies the difference between them.

An amulet can be made of wood.

To determine whether the material belongs to a particular sex will help its description. For example, oak is considered the embodiment of male strength and endurance. It is perfect for men. The birch or mountain ash symbolizes femininity. Therefore this kind of wood should not be used by the stronger sex.

It is not enough to choose the right material for decoration. A great value is the lace for the pendant. Many people do not attach much importance to this. People who wear silver jewelry and are afraid to lose them should use a chain made of this metal.

In this case, the energy of wooden amulets coincides with the laces made of natural materials - for example, linen or cotton. Leather laces are better not to use, because they harbor the energy of a dead animal.

Activating and cleaning the amulet

It is considered that amulets created by your own hands do not need cleaning and activation, because they know only one person's hands and are initially adjusted to their owners. For purchased or received as a gift, both procedures will be required. In addition, to get rid of accumulated negative energy, periodically it is necessary and the active talisman.

Despite all riches of ways of activation and cleansing, the most effective for the Kolovrat are considered connected with the sun and fire.

The best option is to make a fire in nature, preferably on a place of power. It is necessary to gather branches of trees, make a fire and bring the amulet to it.

At the same time, it is necessary, looking at the flame, to address to a magic object and the higher forces, asking to protect and help in fulfillment of desires. If it is impossible to make a fire, use a candle. It is necessary to hold in hands amulet, to lead it over a flame, reading a spell or appealing to an amulet.

Also, you can use other methods of cleaning, though they are considered less effective:

  1. Salt .. This time, you must strengthen the talisman with a piece of your wrist and a piece of paper. It is desirable to do it on the night of the full moon, or on a waxing moon.
  2. Water. It is necessary to use only a running water. Ideally, you should put the amulet on the bottom of a stream or river, but even tap water will do, if it is impossible to go to the nature.

After cleaning, you can carry out the activation of the amulet. To direct the amulet to work, you must use the energy of sunlight. To do this, on a day when no precipitation and clouds are expected, you must take the Kolovrat outdoors (or balcony, if otherwise impossible).

It is desirable to begin the procedure with the first rays of the sun to fill the amulet with the maximum amount of energy. By sunset, the magical object will be ready for use.

Posolon and antisolon

Today these words sound very unusual. However, history testifies that such terms were used by our ancestors to designate the direction of movement along the course of the sun and against it.

  • Kolovrat with the rays of the sun, or the course of the sun, means abundance, purity of thought, good deeds. Such amulet provides protection from evil forces and helps to establish communication with the higher gods.
  • If the rays of the Kolovrat were set opposite to the Sun or counterclockwise, they were a symbol of the other world and the afterlife. Such amulet helps to develop supernatural abilities, intuition and clairvoyance.

Usually the sign of the Kolovrat with the rays counterclockwise were worn by witches. It was believed that this amulet helped protect the woman from misfortune and give her mystical powers. This allowed her to protect her family.

To understand what exactly the Kolovrat means, you need to determine its variety.

There are the following types of symbols:

  • With four rays - such amulets symbolize the seasons, replacing each other. This sign helps to establish a connection with Dazhdbog. It brings good luck in any endeavor, provides wealth and symbolizes fertility. The symbol helps to attract material success in a person's life.
  • With six rays - amulet helps to establish a connection with Perun. It was believed that people who wore such amulet, were under the protection of this god. He patronizes the military and protects in battle. This talisman is ideal for the military.
  • With eight rays - these talismans symbolize the unity of all things. This sign symbolizes the seal of Svarog. In Slavic mythology, he was considered the supreme god.

Posolon and antisolon differ in the direction of the rays.

The meaning of the Kolovrat tattoo for the wearer, photo

Tattoos have been used since ancient times by representatives of many cultures and ethnic groups. It was believed that the magical sign put on the skin acquires maximum power because of the close connection with the owner. Among the Slavs tattoos spread quite late, and with the departure from paganism to Christianity became quite scarce.


Most of the symbols were worn in the form of amulets, embroidery, drawings on household items and walls. However, in modern times, with the revival of interest in Slavic culture, magic signs are often used in the form of tattoos. One of the most common drawings for this is the Kolovrat symbol. It is believed that such a tattoo helps to solve the following problems:

  • Make the wearer a stronger and more confident person.
  • To bring the patronage of higher forces.
  • To find good luck in all spheres, including financial and love.
  • Develop magical powers, intuition.
  • Preserve spiritual purity and adherence to tradition.
  • Protect yourself and your family from disease.

The Kolovrat can be applied to the skin of both men and women, although the former do it more often. Girls are recommended tattoos of small size, located on the wrist, neck, forearm. Men can score the Kolovrat on the back (between the shoulder blades), chest, calves, elbow. The area of the figure can be chosen at your discretion, as there are no prohibited areas of the body for the mark.

Usually black and white shades are used, although color may also be present in the drawing. The symbol is depicted either as the only element of the tattoo, or complemented by other details. Often, next to one Kolovrat, there is a second, smaller one, directed in the other direction. The symbol can also be adjacent to:

  1. Historically revered animals in Russia (bear, wolf).
  2. Circle, the sun's rays (to enhance the energy of light).
  3. Weapons and ammunition (crossed axes, less often - swords, as well as present on the shield or helmet drawn warrior).
  4. Birds, especially a raven, as the Sun in ancient times was represented as such.
  5. Other Slavic signs (e.g. symbols of Perun, Yarilo, Dazhdbog, Lada, Svarog, Veles, runoy Mir);
  6. Trees and plant ornaments.

Who Suits the Kolovrat Symbol

What is Kolovrat? The image of this sign means all that is brightest in the human world. It brings order and purity to life, provides harmony and light, helps to achieve rebirth after the fall and to get on the right track.

Solstice will suit people who are mired in poverty, problems, and negative emotions and want to end this phase sooner. The sign will help them to make the right steps.

The value of the symbol of the Kolovrat for men is difficult to overestimate. To the representatives of the stronger sex, this sign will help improve health, give an optimistic outlook on life and provide advancement in their careers.

If you wear an amulet with this symbol, you can become stronger and easier to look at life. The sign helps to worry less about nothing and find opportunities where there was none before. Such protection helps not to be afraid of envy or black magic.

One of the types of the Nightingale is considered a carol, which is suitable only for men. It has a similar meaning and represents a symbol of the victory of good over evil.

Left-handed Nightingale is called Ladinets and is considered a feminine symbol. It helps to improve intuition, to solve all the problems on a subconscious level, or even to anticipate them in advance. In addition, this sign helps to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger.

Such a symbol helps to develop their femininity. Therefore, women who do not have a strong magical potential, can wear a sign to develop sophistication in character. Use amulet Kolovrat useful and pregnant women. Such a sign has pronounced protective properties. It helps to go through pregnancy more harmoniously and easily and protects the unborn child from trouble.

The sign can be worn as a pendant.

Interesting video on the subject

In the video clip you can trace the history of the appearance of the swastical symbol, called the Kolovrat, in different peoples. Presented images of the symbol on ancient objects. Its true meaning is also described.

The Kolovrat is one of the most famous and ancient symbols. Its bright power was used by the Slavs to protect themselves and their kind from evil, disease, and to attract success and wisdom. This powerful amulet can be purchased, made on your own, or applied as a tattoo on your skin.

Tattoo Pattern Options

The classic tattoo with the Nightingale is depicted in the form of a circle, inside which the four, six or eight-beam swastika is enclosed. However, there are other options, the most popular of which are:

When combining the sign with the runes, it is important to choose them competently.

  • Nakolka with a wolf. Wolf - mystical totem animal, a symbol of loyalty, loyalty, strength, fearlessness, determination. It is these qualities increases the owner of the tattoo with the image of a predator.
  • Tattoo with a bear. This animal was considered the ancestor of the Slavic people, he was called as an assistant to the magician, because the bear heals the body and soul. Tattoo denotes strength, courage, wisdom, confidence, patience, endurance.
  • Tattoo with a raven. This is a mystical bird, which is more often associated with anxiety, loss, loneliness. But there are also positive designations - insight, wisdom, longevity, hopes for a bright future.
  • Tattoo with runes. Runic signs individually and harmoniously combined into formulas have a powerful force and energy. But before including them as an addition to the image on the tattoo, it is important first to study in detail what it means, how each sign is called and interpreted, otherwise instead of benefits tattoo will cause harm to the owner.
  • Tattoo of the Kolovrat with axes. Such an image on the hand or in the area of the forearm prefer to apply people who are used to overcome obstacles and come out of the battle victorious.


For women

For men