Tattoo of an eagle on the chest : The meaning of the eagle tattoo in religion, among criminals. Common meanings for men and women.

Colored or monochrome eagle tattoo carries many meanings. Such a tattoo characterizes the wearer of the picture as a brave, wise and courageous person. Eagle - the king of birds, a noble predator, combines the elements of air and fire. By the image on the body you can tell about the character of the owner, what he wants to tell people about himself. No less important is the location of the picture. A certain part of the body, on which the tattoo is applied, will tell a lot about the owner of the worn bird.

The meaning of the tattoo in religion

Tattoo eagle on the chest or other parts of the body can change its meaning if you look closely to the additional details depicted with it. Predatory, proud bird, grabbing the snake with its powerful claws and tearing beak - talking about the victory over the evil force. This is due to the fact that the snake has long been associated with cunning and evil.

eagle with a snake

In the Middle Ages, among Christians, the eagle was associated with Jesus Christ, his ascension. Nowadays, the tattoo of an eagle on the chest speaks of love for God and strong faith in the Almighty.

Tattoo and the criminal world

The image of representatives of the hawks decorate the bodies of the most authoritative people representing the criminal world. The eagle is a free bird and is the undisputed leader among other feathered birds.

Picture 4
It is the same in the criminal world: to tattoo the symbol of a powerful bird means to show your authority and powerful force to everyone. Some sources mention that such tattoos are worn by prisoners who have escaped from places not so far away.

Eagles on the hunt and foraging for food are also considered a popular prison image. In such drawings, the mighty bird holds a victim in its talons. Most often it is a sheep or a skull. In this case, it is customary to add the inscription: "All yours and yours have always been mine and ours."

Often an eagle on such tattoos torments a woman. It is a symbol of power and strength. Sometimes such a drawing can have a purely hooligan meaning - the vulture attacked the bitch.

However, the image with the proud bird is applied to themselves not only male convicts, but also the representative of the weaker half of mankind. In ladies, consisting in circles of criminals, you can often find a tattoo with a woman on whose shoulders sits an eagle. The picture is applied in the area of the abdomen, shoulders or hips.

The special symbolism of the tattoo of the eagle on the chest

"Native painting" speaks about the hidden traits of a person's character, his thoughts and actions. To accurately determine the meaning of the tattoo, you need to pay attention not only to the image itself, but also to the part of the body that is decorated with it.

The owner of the tattoo on the chest in the form of this strong bird has great ambition and power - says the meaning of the tattoo. Eagle symbolizes pride and strength of spirit. A person with such a tattoo wants to achieve everything, overcoming difficulties and will not stop, no matter what. He is bossy and proud, wants to rise above everyone else and become even stronger.

Among tattoo lovers, the head of an eagle on the chest speaks of wisdom and the ability to look ahead, making plans for their future in advance.

What does it look like?

Tattoo can be colored or monochrome, often on the body are applied only separate parts: claws, beak, wings, but the most popular - a full picture of an eagle with various details. Performed tattoo in a technique such as:

  • Realism. Characterized by detail and vivid saturated color.
  • Oldschool. The head of the eagle is "framed" and topped with an inscription.
  • Dotwork. A style in which the pattern consists of dots rather than lines.
  • Minimalism. Predominated by clear, thin lines.

The image of an eagle has a great sense and a lot of interpretations, depending on what is next to the picture. This is the sign of brave and free people who never stop before anything.

Common meanings

This tattoo is most suitable for a man. It speaks of courage, strength and determination. Tattoo with the image of this proud bird means that its owner is ready to defend himself and his loved ones, not fearing enemies. He is a strong and resilient warrior.

But for girls who have masculine traits, this tattoo is also suitable. It speaks of pride and an endless desire for freedom. Also, this "body painting" is associated with the desire for wealth, well-being and prosperity. It is believed that a tattoo depicting this strong bird speaks of a person's honesty and fairness. For women, the eagle tattoo means love for their children. The tattoo symbolizes a mother's care and protection for her offspring.

In different cultures, the eagle was considered a symbol of rebirth. According to legends, this bird flew so high that the sun scorched its wings. Falling into the sea, it was reborn again, given new life.

In America, the tattoo has a very different meaning. The white-headed eagle is depicted on the coat of arms, which makes the bird a symbol of patriotism, love for the motherland.

Indians equated the eagle with divine beings, he symbolized the power of the spirit, the union with nature. According to their beliefs, a tattoo with an eagle is considered a talisman that can protect people from the influence of evil forces.

Tattoo of an eagle with a flag

A tattoo of an eagle sitting on a rock speaks of the courage of its owner. A person with such a "body painting" is a true warrior, able to overcome all adversity, no matter what. A proud bird perched on top of a pine tree, associated with long life and good health.

Who is suitable for the tattoo?

Photo 5
The modern world has long ago abandoned the stereotype that only the criminals wear tattoos. More and more people dare to put something on their bodies. If a person chooses to draw a picture of an eagle, it shows his inner freedom and courage.

Most often, the symbol of the bird can be found on the body of a man; it emphasizes his fearlessness and militant nature. A representative of the stronger half of mankind with an eagle's pattern on his skin is used to achieve their goals and always fights for justice.

If such an image is preferred by a girl, you can safely say that there are masculine traits in her character. The drawing of the bird will look spectacular in the technique of realism. Thanks to the detailing and rich coloring of the image with the eagle will look as natural as possible.

But among young people the so-called "Old School" style is more popular. In this case, the head of the eagle is placed in a frame. Often the composition is decorated with an inscription - this allows you to better convey the meaning of the picture. If you prefer monochrome images, stop at the technique of minimalism.

Modern tattoos are often performed in bright and sunny colors. Yang is the energy of light and day. In contrast to it comes Yin - female origin, night, darkness.

Eagle in flight.

The proud king of the sky, spreading his powerful wings, is perfect for a large tattoo on the chest. The eagle is a bird that can fly a huge distance and see many beautiful places in a short time. It is associated with a sense of freedom and flight. It is thought to be a symbol that helps a person overcome obstacles.

Flying Eagle on a tattoo

The soaring eagle on the tattoo means that the person is independent of others' opinions and free to act as he wants himself. Also, the tattoo symbolizes the flight of thought and inspiration.


The main contraindication to the application of tattoos are health problems. Before you go to the master and choose a tattoo sketch, you need to objectively assess the state of your skin to the absence or presence of dermatological problems. In case of doubts about the right choice of tattoo or the presence of skin diseases, it is necessary to give up enough stress for the body until a more favorable time.

In order for the tattoo to be of high quality and to please its owner, it is necessary to follow a few rules:

  • It is necessary to stuff a tattoo in an official salon that has a license, in which an experienced master works.
  • During the choice of drawing it is necessary to find out its deciphering and meaning in advance, so that in the future there will be no unpleasant moments.
  • It is not necessary to use overplayed tattoos, it is better to choose and finalize your individual sketch.
  • Before applying a tattoo, it is necessary to carefully approach the study of the sacred meaning of the place on which the tattoo is planned to be applied.
  • In preparation for the application, one must consider the likelihood that in certain circumstances it will need to be concealed by clothing or accessories.
  • During the preparation for beating the chosen tattoo, it is worth paying attention to the quality and sterility of the tools used.

After the preparatory work on the choice of the design, you should pay attention to the ratio of the size of the tattoo. It is necessary to proportionally match the stylistics, colors and place of the tattoo in order to achieve harmony in the ratio of the size of the eagle and the selected part of the body.

Selected location to applyTips
Back, side of the body, chest, leg, or whole sleeve.A certain area of these body parts will allow you to stuff a rather colorful composition. Here you can depict a soaring eagle with volumetric wings or make a composition in tandem with other animals, you can stuff a predatory attack or an illustration of an eagle in nature.
Elbow, hip, hand, shoulder area or leg.Smaller parts of the body can have an eagle head illustration or individual parts of the bird's body can be tattooed. You can do a tattoo in a minimalist style or make a graphic without excessive details.
Fingers or toes, areas on the neck or wristsOn small areas of the body it is difficult to portray the bird as a whole. Its feathers, head, eyes, wings or beak can be depicted here.

A tattoo of an eagle hunting

The image of an eagle rushing to the ground to attack its prey speaks of an aggressive mood against its enemies. Sharp claws of the bird of prey, ready to grab the prey, symbolize the desire of man to defend his principles, no matter what. The bearer of this tattoo is ready to start fighting for what he holds dear. He is confident that it will come out the winner.

Eagle in flight

A diving eagle or a representative of the birds holding the prey is a popular theme for tattoos among criminals.

Styles and colors

Recently, there are a wide variety of styles for tattoos, which strongly influence the color scheme and tattooing option.

Tattoo of an eagle on the neck, shoulder, chest, arm, back. Sketches, meaning, photo

The most popular among them are:

RealismWith a certain use of colors, colors, shades of light and 3D effect get the most realistic picture.
OldschoolA less realistic drawing, most popular with young people or men in Western countries.
DotworkBlack and white drawing made in an understated style, which provides for a spot-on application and original result.
MinimalismDrawing with the help of simple lines, which imply the absolute absence of small details. Such tattoos are most often applied to small parts of the body.

The eagle in the religious world.

An eagle is the only creature on earth that can look at the sun without turning away. In world culture it has been given a divine cult.

The eagle symbolizes spiritual victory, defeating evil forces with its claws and beak. Representatives of Christianity correlated the image of the bird with the ascension of Jesus Christ.

The bird was for them a symbol of the soul of man, who decided to devote his life to the service of God. Hence the meanings of fidelity and constancy.

The image of an eagle in the nest is a positive sign. This image represents family hearth, love and protection of the home. But there are also negative deviations. Because of the eagle's tendency to take prey from the weak, it is considered a villain.

When flying, he is capable of snatching expensive delicacies from others when he is very hungry. Hence such meaning as - aggressiveness and impulsiveness.

In Russian fairy tales, birds of the hawk family fly to the ends of the earth, where they spend their baths in rivers with living water. This is how our ancestors explained their longevity. They gave them immortality. Eagles are not immortal, but they can live up to 70 years.

Confidence, determination, courage and the will to win, reflecting the basic meanings of the symbol of the eagle will always lead you to action.

And make: go to the Internet, find the information you need, get the phone number, address of a suitable salon, see its prices, pictures of designs, shapes, compositions, decide what to do and make the planned tattoo of this great, strong, high soaring bird!

Eagle according to feng shui: where to place the figure in the house

The location of the eagle figurine depends on which sector you want to use it to activate.

  • In the Career sector (north), it will attract success in a professional field. If a person wants to retire safely and soon, it is recommended to buy a statuette in the form of an eagle landing on a rock.
  • In the Family sector (Southwest) one can put a figurine with its wings folded behind its back and its head held high - it will guard your peace and stabilize the family situation. If a person does not have a family but really wants to have one, a figure of an eagle soaring up is needed.
  • In the Children's sector (west), an eagle will come in handy if the chicks have fledged from the nest - it will help them at a distance, at the same time not letting them forget their parents and paternal home.
  • In the Wealth zone (southeast), a statuette of a bird landing or sitting on a pile of gold coins will come in handy.
  • In the northeast (learning and knowledge), the king of birds will come in handy if one has decided to start studying or drastically change one's professional passions at a mature age.


Painting with an eagle according to feng shui also has deep symbolic meaning. As with statuettes, what the bird is doing - soaring, about to take off or land, sitting - is of great importance. For example:

  • A sitting eagle symbolizes stability;
  • Soaring - victory;
  • Soaring - the way up;
  • Landing - a smooth departure from business after successful completion of something.

And only a picture of a wounded, killed, caged, tormented by another creature or a submissive bird with its head down can not be hung on the wall in your home on no account, so as not to clip the wings of their own freedom and success.

Among different peoples

If we look at how different peoples and religions treat the eagle, it is easy to understand why it is such a powerful and effective symbol. This bird was revered by absolutely all nations - and at all times.

Very much revered it by Buddhists (and revered to this day). The eagle in Buddhism is a sacred bird on which Buddha himself flies. It carries from one world to another, overcomes all distances, and is a messenger of the divine, a bearer of hope for healing and liberation.

The Chinese attach an interesting meaning to the eagle. It is considered a symbol of strength, power, masculinity (yang), the sun and divine energy. It symbolizes the great spiritual power, maturation, resurrection. In the Chinese martial arts has always been present symbolism of the eagle - he represents the fearless and brave warrior alone, with sharp vision and invincible power. It also symbolizes longevity and wisdom.

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Muslims give their own meaning to this symbol, it represents victory over enemies. It is a talisman for warriors and fighters, and without it they do not go to war. The eagle soaring over the battlefield heralds its end.

Christians also did not ignore this bird. It symbolizes the great divine love, resurrection and hope. The flight of the eagle is a representation of Christ's ascension over the world. It is also a symbol of virtue, victory over evil and sinfulness, a symbol of overcoming oneself, difficulties, and vices.

The Slavs have always honored the eagle. In the Slavic tradition, there was even a whole hall of the eagle - this is the fourteenth Svarogi hall, which was under the patronage of Perun. This was the attic in charge of bellicosity. The eagle was a symbol of great strength and power, invincibility in battle, and fearlessness.

There is no nation that would ignore this bird. In every culture you can find this symbol, and it was given different, but similar meaning.


For women

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