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Tattoo snake on your arm for girls

Tattoo in the form of a small snake most often depicted in girls is on the hand. Draw it in white or red paint, which gives the image additional charm. Such a tattoo can be complemented by any decorative elements (for example, roses). Also with the tattoo will be combined with any jewelry that girls love to use.

Snake tattoo on the wrist looks stylish and beautiful if you use additional elements in the picture. For example, a snake with a flower looks more feminine than just the image of this reptile.

Nowadays sleeve tattoos, which completely cover the arm, are especially popular. However, in this case, the master will have to create a whole composition and draw a lot of additional elements, as from one image of the snake to create a masterpiece in a row is not possible.

If there is a desire to put a snake tattoo on the forearm, then preference should be given to more massive sketches. Small snakes in this case will not look very beautiful and will not create the desired effect. It is worth remembering that a snake tattoo on the shoulder or on the girl's back on the zone means a lesbian inclination of the owner. If the same reptile wrap around the arm, it is an indication that the owner of the tattoo led a promiscuous life. Therefore, before deciding to do a particular tattoo, it is necessary to carefully study its meaning.

By the way, the meaning of a tattoo with a snake can change depending on the decor elements used or the place of application.

Finances and attitudes towards money

It is difficult to say how a woman Snake relates to money. Each representative of this sign is unique in her own way, and each can see different things in money: one will see them as a tool required to achieve the goal, the other as a weapon, the third only as a way to achieve what is desired.

There is no way to call a snake a spender. One cannot say that she spends money left and right. And in general, snakes usually do not have special attraction to spending. However, the snake-woman will not save money and save it without any specific purpose. If she already is saving, then only with a specific purpose.

Snake tattoo on the leg for girls - photo

When applying a snake tattoo on this or that part of the leg, the master and the client have a huge opportunity to get creative and create a truly unique tattoo. It can be not just a miniature picture, but something large-scale, requiring the drawing of additional elements. A real springboard for creativity is the hip area. Tattoo snake on the hip will be a work of art, if you use additional details, as well as apply in the work of multi-colored paints.

However, this tattoo has a small disadvantage: it will have to be regularly adjusted and updated, because the color tends to fade and lose its appeal. In addition, to apply the image on the hip to the representative of the fair sex must have a fairly slender figure and beautiful legs.

Tattoo in the form of a snake on the ankle girls is a more modest version and is ideal for those who occasionally have to hide their nakolki from others (such as the dress code at work). A small size tattoo will adorn an elegant leg, but at the same time will not attract extra attention and cause negative emotions. By the way, the image of the snake on the girl's leg most often is associated with betrayal by close people.

Friendship between the snake and the snake in the Chinese calendar

Representatives of the zodiac sign Snake can be friends. They understand each other with a half-word and tactfully turn a blind eye to many of their partner's shortcomings. In friendship, they are faithful and reliable, for them, the welfare of their neighbor is much more important than their own. Even if they do not agree with the point of view of a friend, defend his position in front of others will certainly be.

People born under the zodiac sign of the Snake are too reluctant to part with money, so conflict situations may arise in this niche of human relations

However, for a truly loved one, they are ready to "give the last shirt". Much more often than in material relationships, They need moral support..

The compatibility in work of the Snake and the Snake is almost perfect. This tandem is destined to succeedIf both strive for a common goal. Girl Snake feels like a fish in water in professions involving numbers and analysis. They make excellent accountants, economists, financiers. Snake Boy can anticipate all the moves of business partners or competitors. He is an excellent politician and strategist. Respect in tandem and full mutual understanding gives excellent results.

Snake and Snake compatibility in work and friendship
Disagreements between the two Snakes can arise on financial issues

Astrologers say that in a union where he and she are Snakes, any kind of social relationship can become ideal. Partners understand each other perfectly, are poised, wise and calculating. That is why they always manage to achieve a lot together.

Tattoo snake on the neck for girls - photo

Sketches of women's tattoos with a snake are sometimes even frightening. For example, if the reptile completely wraps around this part of the body, as if strangling. Apply such a picture, and even in an open place, can only a real daredevil. Girls more often prefer to do the snake tattoo on the back of the neck. As a result, the front can be seen only the tail or head of this predator.

Tattoo with a snake on the neck of a girl suggests that its owner is a calculating person. It is worth noting that when choosing a tattoo design the fair sex girls think, first of all, not about the meaning of the image, but about its beauty.

Sometimes girls choose a very unexpected and unusual places for tattooing in the form of a snake. In particular, it can be imposed:

  • on the collarbone;
  • on the abdomen;
  • on the fingers;
  • On the ribs.

An image on the stomach or ribs is convenient because it can easily be concealed under clothing from prying eyes. Such variant of a tattoo is suitable for those girls whose strict dress code at work does not allow having tattoos on the body (except for representatives of modeling business). But this option will be almost the most painful and in order to use them, it is necessary to have a high pain threshold.

On the fingers is printed a small snake, which will adorn the elegant slender fingers of a young lady and add a certain style to her image. Do not do the tattoo on the inside, as there is a large amount of sweat glands and the picture will quickly lose its appeal.

Tattoo on the collarbone is a great opportunity for creativity, but at the same time, it can easily be hidden under clothing if necessary. In addition, the pain in this area will not be as strong as in the padding of the tattoo on the ribs or stomach.

If a girl doubts her choice and is not sure whether this or that tattoo will suit her or not, you can make a temporary tattoo with special paints, which eventually go away.

Career and professional development

Snake women are perceptive and intellectually developed in their majority. They are able to anticipate the consequences of actions, carefully think through all their steps, know how and where to behave, and are able to achieve their goals. It is these features and it helps them to achieve a lot in life. In other words, women are quite capable of Snake in a professional field of great success.

It may seem that the representative of this sign of the Chinese horoscope can only look after their appearance and narcissism. But in fact this is far from being the case. In most cases, on the contrary, they are careerists, thinking primarily about their own self-sufficiency, success in the professional sphere, their career.

In what areas can a representative of this sign prove to be excellent? Well, she can be an excellent psychologist, and an excellent lawyer, and a scientist, and a specialist in leadership. In fact, there are actually quite a lot of options. The main thing to understand is that the work of a woman Snake should give her pleasure. Otherwise, any successes are out of the question. Although, again, much depends on the character, upbringing, zodiac sign and much more.


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