Tattoo of a feather - a symbol of Good Luck, Flying and Protection of Higher Power

Tattoo of a feather

A feather is one of the most beloved tattoos by women. First, this design symbolizes lightness and tenderness, and these are qualities that almost every woman wants to see in herself. Secondly, a feather - a sign of the dreamer, who wants to get off the ground and soar into the sky. And thirdly, feathers have a certain mystique and mystique, it is not in vain they were used in magic rituals, and the Indian witches and shamans always decorated their heads with feathers, thus adjusting to the desired energy. In other cultures, a feather was associated with dreams, because it was during a dream that a person, like a feather, could move from one dream to another.

Feather Tattoo Meaning - Subtlety of Feather Tattoos

In Native Americans of North America, a feather meant the patronage of spirits. A person who wore feathers, such as the feathers of an eagle, absorbed the power of that bird. Also, bird feathers were used to create amulets, such as a dream catcher. For military purposes, feathers were used to create arrows. It is not uncommon to see a tattoo that combines several similarly themed attributes, such as a feather and an arrow.

A feather is directly related to the bird and is a similar concept in meaning. That is why the feather can be interpreted as a symbol of flight, soaring, ease, loftiness.

The feather of mythical birds, such as the phoenix or the firebird, is a symbol:

  • good luck
  • rebirth
  • magical powers
  • fortune

The feather of the peacock

means luxury and wealth. Peacocks have the most magnificent plumage of all birds, these noble creatures are sometimes considered the descendants of the mythological phoenixes and the Firebirds and are endowed with the ability to bring good luck and wealth.

Tattoo blue feather

- A symbol of happiness, luck and dreams. The legend of the bluebird tells us that as long as there is at least one person on earth who knows how to dream, believe in the best and look for their happiness, the bluebird will help all people.

People of creative professions can choose a tattoo with a feather as a symbol of creative flight.

In many cultures, the feather is associated with dreams. It is light and weightless, so it flies freely where the wind blows. It was believed that if you dreamt of a white feather

it heralded a new spiritual period in your life.
A red feather
symbolized passion and love.
A yellow or orange feather
A yellow or orange feather indicates great mental ability.

Tattoo of a feather - Tattoo of a feather - Tattoo of a feather - Tattoo of a peacock feather

Flocks of birds, bird feathers in tattoos

The flock of birds depicted on the body has several meanings:
1Attainment, the ability to live and work together, to realize one's dreams in cooperation with others.

2The desire for freedom. Birds flying in flocks into the clouds speak of a desire to break away from materialism, to comprehend spiritual values.

3Lightness of character, optimism, not tied to the place of residence, material objects and people around.

4Symbol of lightness and inspiration.

Interpretation of the tattoo of a flock of birds will also depend on the specific type of birds depicted on the body. The best places for the application of such a drawing for girls:

  • The area behind the ear;
  • wrists;
  • neck;
  • arms;
  • collarbones.

Not daring to make a visible tattoo, some women choose to have a tattoo of bird feathers. The choice of such a pattern is also associated with certain character traits: honesty, courage, freedom

Bird feathers perfectly highlight the graceful curves of the body, drawing attention to the grace and beauty of the bearer of the tattoo

Distinguished among bird feathers:

Peacock Speaks of the desire for superiority, self-expression, the desire to stand out from the crowd.

Raven Loneliness, freedom and detachment.

Eagle Such a tattoo is preferable to men, as it symbolizes the willpower, resilience and indestructibility of character.

Phoenix Renewal, rebirth to new life.

A single feather speaks of the loss of a loved one, a sad parting, undivided love. A broken, damaged quill indicates tragic life events, severe heartache, heartbreak.

Popular Tattoo Styles Feather:

  • Watercolor
  • Realism
  • Abstraction

Places of application and style trends

With thin lines, pictures are applied in fragments to minimal areas, and some masterpieces take up, for example, the entire side or spine. Tattoos usually occupy areas:

  • Forearms;
  • wrists;
  • neck;
  • back;
  • calves;
  • between the shoulder blades.

Unobtrusively looks the image on the fingers of the hand. Equipped with additional details complicates the picture. Minimalism with dark shades is popular, but also bright watercolor looks stylish and attractive. Girls love the Boho style, where objects symbolize not war, but the divine rays of the sun, a way out of the ordinary frames. The design looks Greek canvases or Renaissance creations.

The color is chosen taking into account the presence of nailings, because harmony must be maintained between them. As you can see, the internal content of the subject is very diverse, although directly it is a demonstration of clear principles of life, where the tip states a sharp mind. In addition, the arrow tattoo acts as a talisman against evil forces and incantations.

Popular Tattoo Combinations with Feather

  • Tattoo with a Feather and Arrow - Symbolizes determination.

Tattoo of the Feather - Tattoo of the Feather - Tattoo of the Feather - Tattoo of the Feather meaning

  • Tattoo with a feather and bird - Symbolizes flight and loftiness, freedom.
  • Tattoo with Feather and Inscription - Interpretation depends on the content of the inscription.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Meaning

  • Tattoo with Feather and Indian - Headpieces and other Indian talismans have the properties of talismans and amulets. They protect their wearer and make them stronger.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Indian

  • Tattoo with Feather and Inkwell - The writing pen represents creativity, flight of thought. Such a tattoo is suitable for writers, journalists, poets and other creative professions.

Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather - Tattoo Feather Ink

Photos of finished works

Below are the best ideas for tattoos. In the submitted photos you can read more about them and choose a suitable sketch.

Tattoo Feather for Girls

Girls choose feather tattoo because of its interpretation, small size and aesthetic appearance. A small, romantic feather on the leg or wrist may be the first tattoo a girl decides to get.

This small but meaningful The symbol performs both the function of an ornament and the function of a talisman.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Places to apply a tattoo in the form of a feather - any part of the body. The tattoo is applied on the leg, arm, forearm, back, wrists, hips, neck and collarbones. The most common option is the shoulders.

The peculiarity of this body drawing is that it is ideal for overlapping scars, no matter how you place it, turn it around and change in size.

Feather Tattoo for Men

Men tend to be closer to the classic interpretation of the feather tattoo, which was adhered to by the American Indians. The feather for men is a symbol of patronage of higher forces, reaching the goal, direction and right vector of life. Men often get a tattoo with a feather in tandem with an arrow tattoo, as they are very close in content and have the same roots complementing each other in meaning.

Meanings in the Christian faith

In Christianity, feathers represent virtue. Previously, Christians used certain symbols to show their religious affiliation. One such symbol was a ring with three feathers, each symbolizing one of three virtues: love, hope, and faith.

Tattoo of a feather on a girl

These special rings were not just religious jewelry. They were also used as seals. Molten wax was poured on a document or letter and then an imprint of the ring was made. If someone received a letter with this seal, they knew it had been sent by a virtuous person.

tattoo of a feather

Tattoo Feather Sketches

You can get a feather tattoo of any bird you like. There are tales and beliefs about many birds in different traditions. If you have a taste for the graceful heron or swan, you can search the network drawings of their feathers and stylize them as a tattoo. By combining the classic meaning of the feather with the specific meaning of the bird you can get a unique, interesting and non-trivial sketch.

How to choose a sketch and a master?

The process of choosing a sketch is not that difficult if you have already decided what kind of feather you want to apply and imagine its design. On the Internet you can find quite a few sketches in the form of photos of finished works. If you do not have anything to their liking, the master in the tattoo shop will always be able to offer you their own sketch, which you will be able to amend. On the other hand such a tattoo will be different personality.

To the choice of the master must be taken responsibly. Tattoo in the form of a feather contains complex technical elements that must be performed with special care and skill. Therefore, be sure to view photos of the master's work and talk about the experience of applying this pattern.

Spirituality and Subtle Matter

When interpreting the drawing, it is considered important where the arrow is directed: the meaning of the tattoo varies from this. If its tip faces north, it is oriented towards wisdom. If turned to the south, it speaks of innocence. The eastern direction symbolizes farsightedness, while the western direction symbolizes intuition. If several arrows crossed on the tattoo, like a flower, this sign can determine a person's philosophical attitude to life and the frailty of existence. Also, two crossed arms can represent friendship, the intersection of life's roads.

Tattoo arrow on hand meaning


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