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Tattoos have become very popular these days. You get one and that's it, there's no stopping it. And butterflies, and anchors, and inscriptions in any language, and photos of your most beloved people - you can do anything you want. One of the most popular drawings is the wolf tattoo with a grin. But before you make yourself such a tattoo, you need to know the meaning of the tattoo.

wolf grin

The meaning of the Wolf's grin

The wolf's grin according to the zonal concepts means - DISAGREEMENT WITH THE REGIME, WITH THE ADMINISTRATION, WITH THE AUTHORITIES

. A person possessing such a nakolka embittered power, he despises it!

The wolf's grin itself has the meaning of "denial

": power, law, regime, government, the environment with its rules of conduct.

Mangled wolf fangs indicate that, a person wearing such a tattoo on a certain part of his body, does not agree with the opinion of others, and to change his mind is not worth it. Having his own opinion, he will defend it to the bitter end, as evidenced by the wild grin, which according to mystical beliefs protects from evil spirits. "Do not touch - and you will not be touched!!!", says such a tattoo.

The abbreviation wolf.

- The thief Breathless, the cops lid.

wolf grin tattoo

Wolf with bared fangs

- symbolizes toughness, fury, and fearlessness in all situations.

Wolf with grinning fangs

Often, people stuff a wolf's grin to express this aggressiveness, cruelty, secrecy, that is, to emphasize their negative qualities, to demonstrate the presence of the beast within themselves. Thus, if you are a person strong, cunning and unpredictable, love to show aggression, this tattoo is created for you.

The wolf tattoo means courage, endurance, adaptability, loyalty, loyalty, courage and victory, these qualities he received because of his ability to unite in a cohesive pack. Wolf - a strong, intelligent, swift animal, he has always been treated with respect.


Another option to show what exactly you expect to see on your body from the master is to show a photo of the tattoo itself. Thanks to this method, the tattooist will see the main picture and can also prepare a sketch with individual features. And if you need to make exactly the same drawing as on the photo, it will help to save time and money and allow the master to start his work at once.

grinning wolf

Everyone chooses for himself the image of the tattoo, which he likes. If a man has qualities such as leadership, toughness, strength, fearlessness and loyalty, it means that the wolf grin tattoo is just for him.

wolf grin tattoo

The most frequent variants of tattoos, which are transferred by tattoo artists to the body of customers are presented below.

Basic meanings

  • Intelligence
  • Cunning
  • Friendship
  • Devotion
  • Generosity
  • Compassion
  • Freedom and individuality
  • Love of family
  • Valor, courage, and endurance
  • Ability to adapt to new circumstances
  • You get along well with others
  • You are a true friend

The wolf can be depicted with a grin - then the tattoo contains an element of aggression, also the wolf can be depicted with a paw out or in the moment of jumping and have the same meaning.

Sketch of a wolf howling at the moon - a symbol of loneliness, sometimes betrayal, persistence in completing tasks, often - a symbol of the loss of relatives or loved ones (see Tattoos in honor of the dead).

Tattoo sketches

A sketch is a drawing through which you can clearly see the future tattoo. The picture allows you to preview the work of the master, assess the professionalism and quality of his work, and also helps to come to the choice of the final variant (with the addition or exclusion of some detail).

wolf grin tattoo meaning

If you have not worked with a tattooist before it is better to begin a session with the study of the drawing on paper, and only afterwards on the body in order to avoid an unexpected unpleasant surprise in the form of a partak (poorly performed tattoo).

wolf grin pictures

Sketch of a wolf with a grin can be made in several variants on the choice of the client. Below are some finished variants of the work, which can be used as a basis for the development of an individual sketch.

wolf tattoo with a grin

Technique and style of the wolf tattoo

These tattoos, mainly do in the style of realism, and often in one color, skillfully playing with shadows. But also sometimes encountered and colored wolf tattoos. Also wolf images are sometimes stylized in tribal or Celtic patterns.

Wolf tattoos reflect the power and strength of these beautiful animals, especially among Native Americans. Wolves have a dual nature: fearless but kind, loyal but independent. These animals are very often found in mythology and various parables, such as the she-wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus.

For many reasons they have become so popular: they are elegant creatures, ferocious hunters, representing freedom, mystique, individuality, courage and loyalty.

To North American Indians, wolves were teachers and trackers. Wolves were considered loyal, faithful, intelligent fearless, and loving to their families.

According to Native American legend, a wolf could turn into a man to save people in trouble.

Wolves also symbolized darkness, fear of the night, and even demonic possession. In Celtic mythology, the wolf was the source of lunar power, a symbol of the moon. The wolf devoured the sun to allow the moon to rise.

To understand the symbolism of wolf imagery, you have to understand their heart - after all, they have experienced a lot of false misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Features and benefits

Wolf grin (photo tattoo with such a sketch can be found in the catalog of any tattoo-salon) applied to the body can look mystical.

Such a picture characterizes its carrier as a fearless and resolute warrior, who is characterized by the richness of the inner world and a strong inner core. The open grin speaks of fortitude and physical strength. A person who is able to put such a drawing on his body is distinguished by the ability to be the first to strike, to make lightning-fast responsible decisions and to be in constant readiness for an attack.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, value on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

The animal, as well as the person who has drawn the image of a wolf, is the possessor of qualities:

  • sharp intelligence and boundless loyalty;
  • inexplicable selflessness and strict discipline;
  • Determination, straightforwardness and strength.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

The wolf tattoo is characteristic of very self-confident people of strong spiritIndependent natures ready to come to the rescue at any time. The open grin of the predatory animal can be the embodiment of fearlessness, clarity of moral principles and the desire for simplicity.

The image of the wolf does not fit frivolous and windy natures, not distinguished by constancy.

Based on the description of the meaning of the wolf tattoo, the bearer of such an image must have characteristic features:

  • courage;
  • endurance;
  • magnanimity;
  • courage;
  • integrity;
  • wisdom;
  • pride;
  • fortitude;
  • courage;
  • discretion;
  • boldness;
  • devotion;
  • leadership qualities.

In ancient times, different religious and cultic groups treated wolves differently:

Members of the Celtic raceConsidered wolves to be werewolves. Before each battle, they drank a small amount of the animal's blood in the hope that it would help them reincarnate into the beast and become fearless.
Mongols and TurksBelieved wolves to be sacred animals. According to their legend, the mother of the famous Genghis Khan was a gray-blue wolf. Also, wolves were credited with raising and caring for the children of Mars, the gods of war named Remus and Romulus.
RomansBelieved wolves to be a symbol of victory in battle, giving man fearlessness and endurance. Seeing a wolf before a battle was considered a good omen, promising victory.

Despite the fearlessness of the beast, it was attributed the ability to care for and protect the weak. There is a legend about the predatory beast's ability to help the destitute and the suffering.

A picture of a she-wolf with an open grin sometimes shows the animal's penetrating gaze. It is believed that the eyes of the beast are a mirror of the soul and protect from trouble.

The she-wolf depicted on the tattoo, in a certain context, may be the embodiment of boundless devotion. This follows from the unique property of the predator, which after the loss of his partner until the end of life remains a loner. Nabivaya tattoo wolf on his body should be carefully studied its meaning and understand what this picture obliges its bearer.

Wolf grin tattoo. Photo, meaning on the shoulder, forearm, back, arm

Female representatives of the fairer sex quite often impose a tattoo depicting a wolf after experiencing disappointment in his personal life. For them, the drawing is a symbol of loneliness and distrust of people. Middle-aged women quite often stuffed wolf, accompanied by wolf cubs, which are usually stuffed by the number of their own born children.

Tips of masters

In order for the tattoo to please both the eyes and the body, it is necessary to think about the place where the symbol will be placed. Over time, it will be hard to choose another location, so you need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

It is better to make a tattoo in a specialized salon and preferably only a professional. This ensures not only the observance of hygiene standards, but also guarantees a quality result.

It is necessary to choose pigments from the USA, it is a durable paint that under the skin does not change its appearance and over time does not fade into a spot. These simple tips will help to avoid mistakes and get yourself a quality tattoo.

Where can I get a wolf tattoo?

When you finally decide to get a grinning wolf tattoo, consider your character and attitude towards life, as the image of this beast can affect your lifestyle later on. Take all these factors into consideration and feel free to go to a tattoo parlor. Because nowadays there are a lot of salons people are faced with another task, the choice of a good tattoo artist. It is necessary to pay special attention to it, because it is possible to risk and remain unsatisfied with the tattoo. It depends on properly chosen sketches, the quality of equipment, as well as experience with images of this type. The salon should have positive reviews, to prove itself in the city, as one of the best, where the specialists work. Qualified tattoo master can help you with the choice of image, which will emphasize the individuality of the person.

Common types of grin tattoos

  1. Realism style is recognized as the most complex option in terms of technique. A specialist who performs tattoos in this style is a highly qualified master. The picture, made by him, is characterized by the ability to live and breathe. Examples are images of animals.
  2. Neo-tradishinl is a novelty in the assortment of styles. Popular works are images of rather aggressive animals.
  3. The Greywash genre in the tattoo market appeared quite recently. It represents a drawing in pencil using sets of shadows, half-shadows, strokes, shades of gray. It is based on black pigments with the addition of colored spots. Only a true professional can do this.
  4. Graphics (etching style). Common images in this form are animals.

You can also call such styles and sketches as 3D, New Style, Surrealism to fulfill your desires. Choose a unique option will help you the widest assortment of photos on special sites.

Before you decide to perform a tattoo of an animal grin, weigh the pros and cons, pay attention to the study of the meaning of a particular silhouette, try to understand its impact on your life in the future.

The tattoo of such a plan should be carried out by a professional master, because the more realistic figure, the greater the impression he is able to make.

Who is suitable for

This is interesting: Tattoos for men: sketches on the arm, wrist, shoulder, leg, forearm, neck, chest + 200 PHOTO

Wolves are applied to the body of girls and men of all ages. The appearance of the owner is not as important as the characteristics of the character. Tattoo can make a person about whom others speak as a shrewd, intellectually developed, thoughtful, decisive nature. A person should feel the "wolf" qualities that can be highlighted by a tattoo: freedom, independence, courage, assertiveness.

A wolf howling at the moon.

There is nothing "wolfish" about an infantile, cowardly, dependent, initiative-free person. Doing a wolf tattoo of such a person is not worth it.

Where can I place the sketch of a gun?

If you firmly believe in your decision to score on your body any drawing, it is important to treat wisely the choice of place for the tattoo

On the arm

The hand is one of the most popular places for tattoos because the drawings are almost always in full view of others. In addition, to impose a tattoo on this area of the skin is not as painful as, for example, on the ribs or shins.

The wrist area is ideal for a small sketch that allows you to emphasize your personality.

On the finger

Fingers is a good choice for those who want to get an original tattoo, but don't want to clutter up a large area of the body with it.

On the leg

In recent times, it has become fashionable to make a tattoo on the leg, emphasizing the slimness of the figure in a girl, or emphasizing the relief of the muscles in men

On the hip

The big volumetric surface of a thigh allows to draw images of any form and size. In addition, the tattoo in the form of a gun can be interestingly "beaten up", adding a few beautiful elements at your request.

On a stomach

The final result will look especially spectacular if the revolver tattoo on the stomach is performed in a realistic style. On the same area of the body there are also options with a symmetrical arrangement of two guns.

On the back

Here opens up the widest scope for imagination! The main advantage is the ability to place the largest and most detailed sketches.

On the waist

Although the tattoo on this area of the body is considered exclusively female type of body decoration, men also often make tattoos on this place.

It is worth remembering that the overall shape of the drawing should also correspond to the anatomy. The tattoo should at most harmonize with the lines of your body.

History of appearance

The tattoo "wolf" on the chest appeared as a result of the worship of this animal. Ancient people believed that he was sacred and could help them in life to find their way and pass it with dignity. Slavic peoples ascribed many abilities and qualities to it. It was here that the first drawings on the body with the image of the beast originated.

The wolf tattoo erased the thin line between the forces of good and evil, between reality and the imaginary world. It was believed that the wolf can be a guide to the netherworlds, but to help him in life, it is necessary to placate him.

A wolf tattoo on the chest indicated courage and inner strength of the man, pointing to his strengths. Some cultures attribute to the wolf symbol the ability to give life to great heroes and charismatic people.

In Scottish culture, the symbol of this animal means unstoppable strength and aggressiveness, a connection with evil and the world of the dead. The Indians, on the contrary, considered wolves their teachers and constantly used their images in drawings and amulets.

dream catcher

Placement Ideas

In addition to the choice of symbol, the place of placement also plays a role. If the tattoo will be on the shoulder, in terms of magic it will greatly enhance its capabilities, on the back - can affect the type of employment and life itself. On the hands tattoos often help to embody one conceived idea.

To enhance the effect, the masters, in addition to the main symbol, stuffed also additional elements, the essence of which is to amplify the meaning. Thus appeared the whole subjects of tattoos.

howling wolf

On the legs tattoos are made rarely, this place is often chosen by girls for simple ornaments. Although some voluminous subjects can look beautiful even when stretched over the entire body.

Placement on the chest is a direct indication of the tattoo bearer's desire to get over the features of a strong beast in order to improve his or her life. Also choose the place for the application in the abdomen area. In this place, the same tattoo affects the improvement of temper and filling it with the right qualities.

The wolf tattoo on the left breast speaks of the purposefulness and willfulness of the owner, indicates his tough character and extraordinary loyalty. This area is chosen by people who want to bring themselves as close as possible in moral terms to the chosen symbol. Not only the appearance and aesthetics depends on the location, but also the ability to use the symbol to influence the future and fill it with desired qualities.

Showing Tiger Teeth.

Tough, not relying on the opinion of others, people choose a tattoo with this kind of image. The majestic, proud, extraordinarily beautiful, yet extremely dangerous animal is associated with humans with typical characteristics.

Only an experienced professional can draw the perfect sketch.

A tiger with a grinning mouth is a sign of danger, a man with a tiger grin tattoo demonstrates his openness. Despicable actions are not about him. In its popularity, the tattoo, which carries deep meaning and many meanings, is no less than the sketch with the grin of a wolf.

The main interpretation are qualities such as aggression, anger, resentment. However, they are interpreted in two ways: protection from trouble and a thirst for power. The tiger's grin is quite a significant symbol in male tattoos, and is characterized by great rigidity.

Almost always this silhouette is applied on the chest, shoulder or back. A person with such a drawing can be characterized as a courageous, capable of standing up for himself, possessing aggressive strength. That is who absolutely should not be crossed or crossed.

Such a body image is quite a strong amulet, talisman, amulet. Such a tattoo looks great in a realistic style in any variant (black and white or color).


For women

For men