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It is difficult to establish with certainty the time when man began to decorate his body with various drawings. And for ancient people, each line carried a very special, sacred meaning.

Today, along with the semantic meaning, tattoos are also aesthetically oriented, acting as a skilful decoration of the body of any person, regardless of his sex, age, religion.

The distinctive feature of tattoos is the meaning, the deep meaning that allows to fully reveal the inner world of the owner. Most often the theme for a tattoo is chosen from mythology. If we talk about the tattoo "werewolf", he came from ancient legends, as a symbol of mythological creature, covered with lore, half-man, half-wolf.

Choice of tattoo style

Before choosing beautiful pictures that fully correspond to the inner world of a particular person, it is worth carefully studying the photos and sketches, where various options that symbolize certain traits are presented:

  • Independence and complete loneliness, betrayal, faced by the person - howling at the moon a werewolf;
  • an extreme degree of anger, rage and aggression displayed by the werewolf's grin;
  • thirst for unbelievable adventures, irascibility and impulsiveness is expressed by the werewolf, rushing forward;
  • The werewolf, frozen in an incredible leap, expresses his urge to overcome life's most difficult situations and break internal and external barriers.

The mythological origin of the werewolf

People were endowed with the ability to become beasts in Russian fairy tales. Stoats and lions were popular. Thus some were attributed positive qualities: cunning, agility. According to Russian mythology, werewolves can also become things. For example, they could turn into stones or sticks. It was believed to be a sign of an unsettled soul. The Slavs believed in their enchantment, believed in the removability of these evil spells. To cast such curses, in their opinion, could witches.
During the Middle Ages, the Germans believed that werewolves hunted them at night. During this time, they had fantastic abilities, among them speed and agility. They also have increased strength and developed vision.

According to German mythology, werewolves come in two varieties. The first in the converted state retain their minds and can independently transform from one form to another. The latter, after changing into a new state, lose control over themselves.

These mythical creatures have other names, including Ulfhendar, Juha, Volkolak, Bislavert, and Werewolf. Werewolves received their abilities as a result of witchcraft. The werewolf tattoo is in demand among men.

The image of the beast represents power, fury and lack of restraint. It appeals to strong personalities. The tattoo indicates the presence of multiple personalities in a person and his desire to subdue his dark side. Often they have leadership qualities and a pronounced will.

If a werewolf is depicted howling at the moon, then this indicates the loneliness of the bearer of the drawing. Often, such individuals are the victims of betrayal. The beast is a vivid symbol of rage, anger and fearlessness.

The transmission of these qualities is enhanced when drawing a tattoo with a grinning mouth. The image of a running half-wolf marks the fact that the person desires adventure. Often these people have an impulsive disposition. They like risk and unconventional situations. Painting with a werewolf in a jump indicates overcoming obstacles in the way.

Portraits of a half-beast will suit independent people. They are usually in good shape and their life is exciting.

The bearer of the tattoo quickly adapts to changes in the environment. The image is chosen by brave and tenacious individuals. As a rule, they are leaders.

Meaning of tattoos for men and girls

The drawing of a mythical werewolf looks spectacular on a woman's body. In this case, the beast is often depicted in the form of a beautiful girl. The image is used by charismatic personalities. These ladies love risk and they are not afraid of difficulties.

At the same time, many girls put on their body drawings of werewolves because of their love for famous movies. Then the drawings have the appearance of certain characters and are stuffed in the salon by the master using as sketches photos.

Tattoo werewolf like power men. This image speaks of the power of its bearer. Mouth bared indicates confidence in the fight and the ability to enter it.

The tattoo sharply indicates animal power. People with these images easily adjust to new situations. Rarely does the drawing signify a desire for life changes.

Themes used in tattooing

Drawings of werewolves are better to apply to the body in a large format. Successful places to place such tattoos are shoulder blades, back or thighs. Sometimes they are stabbed under the heart, on the side. Shoulders and wrists are used for smaller ideas.

The amount of tattoo performed will also depend on the price of the master's work. A good specialist will be able to reflect in the drawing all the small details and strokes. Popular variants of execution are:

  • portraits of a wolf with a grinning mouth or without a grin;
  • running beast;
  • howling werewolf;
  • Mutant in the performance with other elements of the body painting;
  • The werewolf acting only as a part of the masterpiece.

Separately, it is worth noting the Asian werewolves, which are called kitsune. These mythical creatures are able to become foxes. According to Japanese legends, a fox can turn into a person after 100 years of life. Kitsune can enter other people's dreams, control fire, create illusions and take possession of other people. The difference between a Kitsune is his transformation from animal to human, not vice versa.

Meaning of the tattoo werewolf: art or connection with the dark forces?

In contrast to such an animal as a wolf, which is a symbol of wisdom, courage and intelligence, the meaning of the tattoo with the image of a werewolf is characterized by more brightness and wildness. On the image with a werewolf, as a rule, falls the choice of the male sex. First of all, this is due to the purely masculine qualities such as strength, fury and power. It is impossible not to say about the fact that the werewolf is a symbol of the "dark" side of man, which he wants to subjugate himself. The tattoo will be relevant to those people who own enough strong-willed personalities, leaders, possessing determination, as well as an independent and strong character.

Look at the photo with a tattoo of a werewolf

Where to "stuff" a tattoo depicting a werewolf?

To date, there are a large number of tattoo parlors in which you can "score" on your body such a tattoo. At the same time people are not always satisfied with the work done. In that case if you do not want to be disappointed in the work, it is right to apply to those tattoo-masters who are professionals. They should work in the same thematic direction, as well as have a portfolio. As much as possible responsibly approaching the issue of finding a master to create tattoos, you will be satisfied with the work and even decades later, do not regret your decision.

Shape-shifter meaning

In ancient times, people believed in werewolves, attributed them supernatural abilities and were afraid of them, believing that these creatures are dangerous. In tales and myths, humans often turn into animals and vice versa.

In the oldest literary work, "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" there is a werewolf, Vseslav of Polotsk, who captures Novgorod. The enemy is represented by an unclean creature.

The Indians of North America believed in their totems. It was believed that transformation into a totem animal showed the highest degree of fusion with ancestral spirits.

In Russian fairy tales, bogatyrs turned into a lion, a pike, or an ermine. People thus wanted to ascribe to heroes the best features of animals: dexterity, cunning, strength, courage.

In Russia a werewolf could become not only an animal, but also a thing: a stick, a haystack, a stone. The people believed that it was someone's soul that could not rest. The Slavs believed that a werewolf was an enchanted person from whom one could remove enchantments. Witches could also turn into beasts.

In medieval Germany, it was believed that these monsters came out to hunt at night.

Werewolves had fantastic powers: agility, speed, vision and supernatural strength. They are divided into two types. Some are able to control themselves and transform into animals at will, while retaining the ability to reason with humans. Others transform against their will and lose their human essence, obeying their animal instinct.

These creatures are present in the culture of many nations. They are the werewolf, the wolfhound, the Juha, the bisclavert, and the Ulfheadnar. In the Middle Ages, people associated werewolves with witchcraft.

The werewolf tattoo is popular with men. Compared to the drawing of a wolf, this image carries more fury, power, lack of restraint, which is attractive to strong natures.

The tattoo means that the man has two sides of the person. And the dark side he wants to subdue. This image can be seen in strong-willed people with strong leader qualities.

Drawing a half wolf, howling at the moon, indicates the loneliness of the owner and about his independence. Perhaps such a person was a victim of betrayal.

A werewolf with a grinning mouth symbolizes anger and fury, fearlessness and rage.

Drawing a running half-man means a thirst for adventure, indicating an impulsive and hot-tempered nature. He loves extreme situations and risk.

A man with a picture of a jumping werewolf is accustomed to overcoming life's obstacles and coping with them with ease.

Tattoo of a werewolf to the face of a bold, independent, stubborn and determined man. He is a leader. A weak and infantile individual, such a tattoo is not suitable.

A person with the image of a werewolf is in excellent physical shape, his life is as fascinating as an interesting movie. Such a person can flexibly adjust to any life circumstances.


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