Tattoo star: symbols of mystery, power and patronage on the photo

Tattoo is a modern way to decorate the body and show your personality. Recently, people are increasingly tattooing in different styles and colors. Some prefer neutral and monochrome drawings, and some want to perform a very large-scale and bright sketch. Choosing a pattern for a tattoo, some stop at animalistic images, while others put botanical motifs, but most people prefer different symbols. Very popular and practical solution for tattoos are stylish stars, which look quite attractive, unusual and dignified.

The meaning of the tattoo star

All stars can safely be divided into several categories, depending on the number of their endings and directionality. The most popular and common are the following options:

  • Five-pointed star. It is also called a pentagram. Such a tattoo symbolizes inner harmony, goodness and the propensity for magical abilities of a person. This is a certain embodiment of the five elements and feelings of the owner. Most often, such a star is used as a protective amulet, which attracts spiritual and material prosperity.
  • It is also called the six-pointed star. Its other name is the Star of David. This image consists of two triangles, which are superimposed on each other. Such a sketch is a symbol of power and patronage over people.
  • The seven-pointed star is a mysterious symbol that contributes to the improvement of a person, attracts good luck and happiness. Such a sketch is the best option for dreamers who believe in miracles and magic.
  • Eight-pointed star. The drawing consists of two squares. Such a symbol attracts wealth and gives a person incredible energy.
  • Starfish. This variant is most often seen in sailors and people associated with maritime professions. This symbol serves as a talisman against the negative elements of nature. Some people apply the starfish as a guide to the true path.

What do the stars of the thief in law mean?

The thief stars on the shoulders have many meanings in the zone. The main one is an indication of the status of a thief in law. Also, the symbol may communicate that the person is a great card player or disagrees with the system. Or perhaps is, one of the representatives of the denied.

Depending on the identity of the thief, the place where the tattoo is located is important. One of the most dangerous is considered to be the star tattoo, printed under the collarbones: this is a popular denialist paraphernalia. It was mostly inflicted on those who had served time repeatedly and had been able to earn credibility. Denial is a situation in which inmates do not recognize the prison rules and refuse to abide by them. They treat the administration negatively and try to harm its work.

Lap stars were often stabbed to those who were willing to go all the way to the chosen path, not bending to the system. It was assumed that the bearer of such a tattoo would not break under the arresting regime and, literally, would not kneel.

Stars on the chest meant that the prisoner was a thief in law. Stars on the chest are also tattooed on those who promote thieves' notions in prison.

This tattoo communicates a certain lifestyle of a person who has endured many trials and is always ready to die. If you have no connection with the criminal world, it is better to refrain from this kind of tattoo. In addition, it is customary for inmates to test their fellow inmates for durability: wearing an image must be proven by their actions.

A skull and crossed bones on a prisoner's shoulders indicate that he is serving a life sentence. And a girl clinging to her dress with a fishing rod on her left forearm is a tattoo usually given to rapists.

A dagger through the neck indicates that the offender killed someone in prison and is ready to take orders again. Drops of blood can indicate the number of murders committed.

A snake wrapped around the neck is a sign that the tattoo owner is a drug addict.

This inmate is no authority in the world of thieves, but tried to pretend to be one with tattoos that were supposed to elevate his position in the prison hierarchy. The lighthouse on his right arm denotes a desire for freedom. The handcuffs on each wrist indicate that he was sentenced to more than five years in prison.

The lines placed inside the ends of the star on this prisoner's shoulders mean that the tattoo bearer had military service, but abandoned it and went to crime

The double-headed eagle is a symbol of Russian statehood that goes back to the 15th century and was used by Peter the Great. The photo was taken during the Soviet period, at that time the tattoo in the form of this emblem was a sign of hatred for the Soviet Union. The Statue of Liberty indicates a yearning for freedom, and the dark character with the gun suggests that this prisoner is ready for violence and murder

This tattoo is a variation on the myth of Prometheus, who deceived Zeus and chained to a rock for eternal punishment. A ship with white sails means that the prisoner is not doing his usual work, he is a thief-turner and prone to escape.

One of many prisoners who contracted syphilis, AIDS, or tetanus as a result of tattooing in unsanitary conditions.

Is there even one rational argument against the idea that anyone who calls themselves a career criminal or repeat offender should not be shot in the head immediately after trial? One fucking one?

For what reason should society support those who openly oppose society?

Is there a single rational argument against the fact that anyone who calls themselves a career criminal or repeat offender should not be shot in the head immediately after trial? Just one fucking one?

I believe that society should base its defense against criminals on two pillars:

1) non-repetition of the crime;

2) Reparations for the full extent of the damage done.

Which is ironic, the current system provides neither the former nor the latter.

The inadmissibility of repetition

full reparation for the damage caused

That's only if after any crime one immediately shoots.

Most crimes people commit without assuming all the negative consequences of their actions. This in no way excuses them, but also the highest measure of social protection in this case is absolutely inappropriate.

A set of measures, I believe. First - mandatory work therapy. Hard physical work based on the principle - he who does not work, does not eat. Second - separation of prisons and camps according to both the charges and the severity of crimes, taking into account recidivism. It is necessary to prevent the formation of prison communities, hierarchies and other institutions. Thirdly, constant monitoring of criminals released from prison with non-retrievable and non-removable beacons. Publicly accessible database of criminals and crimes. Preventing the existence of professional criminals.

Try to imagine the amount of funding needed to organize these measures. I suppose that would be a sufficient argument as to why this would never be the case.

As for me, a certain category of criminals and recidivists of other articles should be thrown out into the open sea, or put on a separate island. As a result, society would be spared, and tons of money wouldn't have to be poured in.

Try to imagine the amount of funding needed to organize these measures

Try to imagine the amount of funding for today's Federal Penitentiary Service, and I quote by the way:

We spend more on the prison system than the entire Ministry of Health and only one and a half times less than the Rosavtodor, which builds roads all over the country. From 2003 to 2015, the budget for the Federal Penitentiary Service grew almost 7 times, outpacing the national budget. The budget of the prison department in 2015. was 303 billion rubles, 646,000 people were incarcerated. The annual budget per inmate was 469 thousand rubles.

There is a suspicion that for an organization with a recidivism rate of 50%, this is extremely inefficient.

And with all this money poured into the FSIN, there is not even a hint of a correctional system in our country.

Yeah, and the man who stole a bag of feed and the governor of Sakhalin, who stole billions, will work in the same mine.

Now, pay attention to the question: who will be the first to pay off the damage and go free? )))))

Ideally, the guy who stole the sack of mixed fodder would be out fairly quickly, and the thief of billions would be out until the end of time.

Ideally, yes. What would it really be like?

It won't.

There's a chance that the perpetrator is in the judge's shoes, roughly like the noise around Khakhaleva right now

A miscarriage of justice? An extremely unlikely chance, I suppose, but possible. That's the reason I'm talking about repeat offenders, if you're paying attention.

After the dose he won't work, he'll tell you to shoot him.

About the same reasons pensioners and the disabled are kept alive. If you look at the issue rationally, retirees and the disabled are dragging society down.

Well, he was a fine man, and now he's an incompetent biomurderer. Respect for former merits is irrational. That's what rationality is.

All right, my monitor's getting greasy.

You should reread this thread before you write about fat.

The pension fund is essentially a bank. A person works, pays interest, and when they retire they get their own money. It's not about justice. It's a simple calculation. Why should people pay taxes if they get nothing out of it?

Those who haven't worked a day will also receive a pension.

That's basically the same as with the poor, a separate conversation.

Okay, for those present, I see that all this is too complicated. There is only one answer: humanism. Thousands of years of human achievement, that's all. Rational arguments have nothing to do with it. It's just what modern society is based on.

Supporting the life of an incapacitated vegetable-like human being is not humanism, it's perverse sadism.

What can you do. No one said it would be good for everyone. Just better for everyone at once. One of the basic principles of humanism is its universal applicability, without exception. That's why vegetables are supported and criminals keep their right to life. On the other hand, Jews and Negroes don't burn in ovens or work for free. Although many would not mind this state of affairs at all.

I'm sorry, are you even in your right mind?

States redistribute income, ensuring social justice in the public interest. Pensioners have all their lives paid a portion of their income to the state (their responsibilities) and for this they were entitled to receive from the state some additional security in an amount that was affordable to the state. We see complete parity on the one hand between the duties of the individual to society and the duties of society to the individual.

The humanitarian development of our society is such that it allows us to allocate part of its total income for charity to those in need, including the disabled, orphans and others who cannot (for some objective reasons) provide for themselves. At the same time such people remain full-fledged members of society, respect its laws and do not oppose themselves to others.

Comparison with criminals is absolutely incorrect. In addition, note that I am referring only to a certain category of criminals, think about why exactly them, and not all criminals in general.

But why does society allocate a portion of its funds to support the needy? You are obviously not ready for sweeping generalizations, here's an easier example: society will support a person with a disability who has been sick since birth. He has never been useful and will never, absolutely certainly not be useful. Why keep him? Can you guess?

Can you even read? Or are there words whose meaning you don't understand? It's okay, I'll repeat it (if you're military, I can slowly and twice):

The humanitarian development of our society is such that it allows it to allocate a portion of its total income to charity for the needy

If you don't understand a word, ask specifically. There are kind people here who can enlighten you.

Enlightenment from the smart guys who can only shout "Rrrrya! Firing squad! Uranium mines!" - I don't really need it, believe me.

And why did you highlight that stupidity? I can do that, too. Look:

The humanitarian development of our society is such that it allows a portion of its total income to be allocated for the maintenance of repeat offenders

What does that explain? Absolutely nothing. Try again.

And how you breathe, sick man.

Get out of here, people like you don't get served here.

Yeah, you don't want to do the least bit of thinking. You see everything as trolling. That's a shame.

The eyes on the belly indicate the owner's homosexuality.

That's all there is to know about the logic of such scum.

The last photo very clearly shows the bottom line of all thieving romance - rotting alive with syphilis.

No encyclopedia would be complete without the tattoo "King of the Chugans."

What does this undoubtedly outstanding tattoo look like?)) I'll send it to my boss.

There are various options. Some are not worth posting on Pikabu. Better use a Google or Yandex search. Choose the most attractive and please the boss).

Tattoos in the criminal environment made sense in the 30s and 40s. Back then, a tattoo that did not match the status could be seriously punished. Later, when the criminal world was flooded (especially in the '80s) by a new generation of criminals, no special attention was paid to tattoos (there was no special body overseeing the observation of tattoo regulations) and they would do whatever they wanted (except for the "cockerel" tattoos, which were given by force). If a criminal authority arrived in the zone, then in order to confirm his status, he was accompanied by "letters of advice" from other authorities that this person had a high status in the criminal environment.

Magozhan, I'll tell you a secret, even when the tattoos had some meaning, they were interpreted differently everywhere. Firstly, each convict himself gave meaning to his tattoo. Secondly, the meaning of the tattoo could be carried from zone to zone with distortion. Of course, there are some permanent symbols that do not change: domes, the stars of thieves, rings, well, the rest is a matter of subjective creativity by and large. Take, for example, the tattoo of a naked woman, reading a book of a policeman I had the impression that to tattoo a penis and a naked woman in 1950 was in order of decency, and now I think that such creativity is unlikely to appreciate, especially in a general regime.

By lowering ourselves to the level of criminals we become criminals ourselves.

We must not fight crime, but the cause of it - the low standard of living and mental illness.

Well, I do not believe in the triumph of justice. There will always be crime, it is the number that matters. In the 90's the quality of life fell and crime spiked, in the noughties started to live more or less and the number of crimes fell.

At this point, in my opinion, we need to do:

1. Create the conditions of inadmissibility of crime. To solve the problem not by fines, but by infringement of rights, for example to free education, free medical care. In this case there will be almost no new criminals.

2) Compulsory adaptation of those released - attendance of support groups and job placement.

3. Reduction of articles requiring imprisonment, more labor camps.

And hunger games, as you suggest, will roll us down more than one notch in evolution.

Right now petty thieves are in jail along with murderers. How will life change after a thief has served time if he learns his entire term from a murderer? Prisons will not close, they always will, there will always be serial offenders, there will always be domestic violence, manslaughter, and other serious crimes.

1 point from the previous comment is an American practice, there if you are caught by the police you can only buy a trailer and work on the farm, because you are deprived of all privileges.

3 is the proportionality of punishment. I don't want to see a deputy taking bribes in jail for 2-5 years, I want to see deprivation of all assets from him and his immediate family above the amount earned in a year. That would be the punishment, with such conditions you'll think 10 times whether to take a bribe.

The murderers are a separate story, they should go to jail. I will also tell you the story of an acquaintance of mine:

When I was a kid (in the '80s), my friend and his crew made some firing pistols - a metal tube, butt and fuse. One of the company decided to show off, such as his gun will not shoot at himself and pointed the gun at his head. The result was death from loss of blood. The rest of the boys, like "real friends," pointed the finger at my friend, like he had a problem with the dead man, so he shot him, and they got away clean.

He came out of the zone as a closed man, not seeing the boundaries of the law. He didn't become a thief or a murderer, but it's impossible to communicate with him, he knows all the criminals, any conversation degenerates into a showdown.

If you look carefully at the human hand, you can learn about his hidden character traits. You can also learn about his fate and upcoming life events. Except that not every passerby is able to read those around him based only on the lines on their palms. To quickly and efficiently understand all the signs on the palm, the chiromancy comes to help. The stars on the palm have a weighty meaning. The experts in the field of chiromancy assure that with the help of this symbol one may learn a lot about the person standing next to you.

  • What is the best way to read a person's personality?
  • The meaning of the star on the hand
  • If the star is located on the lines
  • The meaning of the star on the hills of the palm
  • Star placement on finger phalanges

Interpretation of the stars on the palm

Star tattoo for girls

In general, the star tattoo is universal for both girls and guys. But more often this sketch is preferred by the fair sex, because for them it has a special meaning. The stars on the girl's body indicate her moral balance, mental beauty and peacefulness. Girls very often perform a drawing of many shooting stars. Such a tattoo tells about the number of secret desires of a dreamy and modest lady. If performed one six-pointed star, it symbolizes the union of the six facts - peace, love, truth, beauty, harmony and trust. For the weaker sex the star means luck and success, as well as help in achieving their goals and objectives.

Tattoo of a pentagram in women

On the female body, the tattoo of the pentagram is more often found in a positive way. It is placed with two rays of the base to the bottom. This is worth considering if you are drawing on your hand. In the lowered state, the drawing can get the opposite meaning, attracting negative low energy in your life. In the historically correct position, it acts as a talisman against evil forces.

An inverted pentagram indicates a link between the wearer and the occult. It acts as an identification mark of belonging to a cult of Satan. In this vein, its task is to attract low-frequency earthly energy for practicing witchcraft. Most often you can see such a sign on the skin of anarchists, black rock performers.

Tattoos of stars for men

Men apply such images very rarely. The star, made on the shoulder, symbolizes wisdom, truth, unity and love. Guys often combine the star with other elements, which together carry a very strong meaning. The location of the star on the male body also plays a big role. If it is turned upwards, it symbolizes materialism, downwards - spiritual development. More often than not, men perform small stars, which mean power and influence.

In the "zone."

The lap star is often done in the zone. Star on the knees in prisoners denotes obedience and remorse, a request to fate for mercy, as the star carries good luck. Prisoners often have a star on both knees. Also, if the star is found on the knees of prisoners, it denotes special self-respect and honor in this environment of residence.

Often an eight-pointed star with a swastika is inscribed on the lap, which denotes unity with the prisoners' world. Stamped star not only on the knees, but also on the shoulders.

Remember the most important rule - the tattoo remains for life and carries with it its special energy that will accompany you throughout your life.

Tattoo a star on your arm

Many people prefer the application of the tattoo in the form of a star exactly on the hand. Such an image serves as a decoration, an unusual accessory, and even an addition to an individual image. Often on the hand are applied to the stars of a small scale. Girls prefer the image of a star. Some people believe that the star on the hand indicates non-traditional orientation. But, despite this, each sketch carries the meaning that the owner invests.

Tattoo of the moon and stars

The stars and the rising month are a symbol of progress. In Assyria and Ancient Egypt, the image was considered a sign of the goddess Isis, in Carthage - Tanit, in Ancient Greece - Diana - the personification of the female beginning.

The star and crescent are the symbol of Constantinople (modern Istanbul): the light of the moon helped the defenders of the city to defeat the army of Alexander the Great's father. According to legend, the crescent moon was dreamed to the ruler of the tiny principality of Osman in a prophetic dream, after which he conquered many lands and created the Ottoman Empire. It is considered an emblem of divine patronage and a symbol of Islam.

Color design of the tattoo star

When choosing a tattoo, it is very important to think not only about the picture itself and its place of application, but also about the color. Images on the body in the form of a star are most often performed in the classic black color. Often there are also yellow designs. The star can be made in absolutely any shade, depending on the wishes of the person. Stars with transparent gray hair look very unusual and original. Or black, with a fairly wide border and a red middle in a watercolor technique.

Star tattoo sketches

If when choosing a tattoo you were interested specifically in the image of a star, there is a great abundance of sketches. The tattoo may differ not only in additional elements, features of the appearance, but also in the number of rays. The most popular star tattoo designs are considered:

  • Falling star, leaving behind a trace is a symbol of the fulfillment of cherished desires, good luck and significant changes in life.
  • The sea compass, made in the form of a fourfold star. Such a drawing is made as a talisman, which is often used by men.
  • A star with a crescent moon is a belief in the realization of desires. Most often such a drawing is chosen by Muslims.
  • Star of life. This star is applied to the body of those people who were able to overcome a serious illness.

Each tattoo is endowed with a special meaning and plays an important role. Therefore, before you perform a body drawing, it is worth to think carefully about his decision. Perhaps the chosen sketch will carry for a person his personal meaning, dissimilar to the opinion of the others.


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The star is a symbol of many ancient cultures and faiths. Throughout history, man has looked at the sky as something unattainable and incomprehensible, so he endowed the celestial luminaries with magical and religious meanings. Star imagery was used by people, originally priests and shamans, to adorn their bodies as a sign of their sublimity and superiority over all others.


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