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In fact, any detail of a person's appearance, when examined closely, can give us important information. Another thing is that, going on a date, we are often stuck on those attitudes that sit in our heads ("it's time for me to get married already", "I look unattractive"), or we attach too much importance to the words of the interlocutor. This is why we often find it difficult to turn our attention to and "read" what is right in front of our eyes.

The first thing to do on a date is to focus on the "here and now" moment and take a closer look at the person sitting across the table. And as soon as thoughts like "am I good enough" leave you, take a good look at your interlocutor's hands.

Let me say at once: we are not going to do chiromancy, we will leave it to fortune-tellers and parapsychologists. Also let's not try to analyze the interlocutor's palm size in connection with the size of his manhood. You surely know that this is just a myth, don't you?

But here's what you should definitely pay attention to.

The nature of the handshake

Of course, women are often deprived of the opportunity to study the handshake of his companion: it is still a traditionally male way of greeting. But if you first extend your hand in greeting, he is unlikely to ignore it. Why do we need such cunning? Because a man's handshake can reveal important information about his character. If your hand is squeezed quite actively and firmly, most likely, this person is energetic, confident, and enterprising. If you feel in the palm of your hand sluggish, like a dead fish, probably in life this person is inactive, passive and not particularly interested in obtaining new impressions. If the new acquaintance squeezed your hand too tightly (so that you felt pain), it is necessary to be especially vigilant - perhaps there is an abuser who craves power and control.

Touching the skin on your hands

It can tell a lot about a man's profession, lifestyle, and habits. As a rule, soft and gentle palms indicate that a man likes to take care of himself, he is not attracted to the traditional male hobbies such as car repairs or carpentry. Well, you can make deeper conclusions by comparing these features with the other features of your companion. You may have a narcissist sitting in front of you, a mother-spoiled infant, or just a creative person. Rough skin on his hands, calluses on his palms may indicate that your man is a lover of handicrafts or actively engaged in the gym. In any case, such a man is clearly inclined to the masculine style of behavior. However, this can be expressed in many different ways - for example, as in responsibility and reliability, and in rudeness and a desire to dominate.

Men's hand care

In the care of men's hands is important regularity. To begin with, you can go to a salon, where there is . The master will give the nails the right shape, bring the cuticle and the skin around the nails in order. It will also be useful to learn tips on hand care from the first hand. To keep your hands neat and tidy you need to get a good nourishing cream and get in the habit of using it systematically. In general, men's hand care involves removing burrs and preventing skin flaking on the hands.

Men's manicure

Rough hands with sloppily trimmed nails do not fit the image of a macho brute. In addition to the daily ritual with the cream it's worth taking care to have gloves for the cold season. Under the influence of the cold and wind the skin of the hands becomes chapped and ages faster. And in the summer it is necessary to use a sunscreen to avoid the negative effects of ultraviolet light.

Type of nails

Another indicator of a man's personality. If the nails of your spouse are neatly trimmed and clean, you can breathe: the man obviously looks after himself, and this, you should agree, is not a bad start. Watch out if the man's nails look unkempt: they are dirty or long (if unlucky - both). In this case, we can conclude that the man is either unkempt or generally inclined to ignore certain social norms. Or he is severely depressed and develops complete indifference to his appearance. The latter, of course, is unlikely, because a depressed man will not go on a date. The man's nails, on the contrary, look very well-groomed and even covered with colorless nail polish? I recommend to look more closely at him. As a rule, nail salons are visited by metrosexuals, people of creative professions, as well as those who occupy solid positions and must maintain their high social status.

Hand temperature

An important marker of a person's emotional state. If you feel cold when shaking hands, most likely your companion is nervous. Perhaps he wants to impress you, or perhaps he is simply concerned about something. However, some people's hands are always cold because of their circulation. If your partner's hands are warm, most likely he is confident enough and comfortable around you.

Men's hands: what secrets do they harbor?

Showing a little female observation and attention, you can learn a lot about the nature of men before the first date. What can a man's hands tell about?

It turns out that not only the shape of lips or eyebrows can tell a lot about the temperament and habits of a particular man, hands also contain a lot of information about his owner. Fingers, skin color, the shape of the nails can also tell a lot.

A handshake.

A handshake reveals all the hidden traits of the person. For example, a too strong handshake tells that a person seeks to make an impression of a confident and strong person, in fact it is not.

A sluggish handshake reveals a person's weakness and indecisiveness, he is not confident and strongly spoiled.

Men who are prone to cheating will never give their hand first, they generally tend to hide their palms from prying eyes.

An arrogant man will also give away his handshake, they never give their hand palm up, only palm down.

Patterns on the palms of the hands.

If a man has not many lines on the palms of his hands, then most likely he is a quiet man, in communication with whom there are unlikely to be many complications and problems.

The more lines on the palms, the more stress-prone, nervous, irascible and overly emotional a person is.

People who suffer from certain pathologies of the nervous system and the psyche have practically symmetric lines on the palms, so if possible, do not forget to look at his palms before thinking about a serious relationship.


The flatter a man's fingers are, the calmer and more compliant his character is. If the fingers are slightly curved or have a slight inclination towards each other, it means that the man is often stressed and in general a very restless and choleric nature.

A common feature in men is the tilt of the middle finger toward the ring finger - this indicates that the man is very stressed and worried, usually these worries relate to finances and business relationships.

If case, pay attention to the little finger, if it is straight - you see an open cheerful man, but if it is crooked - then this person is extremely distrustful and with him you should be careful in communication.

The more different the size of the index and ring finger, the more aggressive the man, according to psychologists, it is connected with the amount of the male hormone - testosterone, the less of it, the more aggressive the man is in relation to women.


A man with long nails is calm and reserved, does not lose his head even in stressful situations, always stays with his opinion, although he never gets into an argument and does not try to insist on his own.

The man with short, thick nails shows a love of order, discipline, and a desire to manage others Men with short, thick nails have a very grumpy and unkind temper, but the long, wide, slightly rounded nails show that you are a practical and sensible person.

Also the wide square nails describe the man positively: these are very sincere and simple people, optimists and funniest people in life.

The color of the hands.

A man with good health and a good compliant character has slightly brown hands with a slight pinkish hue.

Red hands indicate irritability and impulsiveness of their owner, as well as poor health.

Dark red, almost purple hands give out an extremely lazy man who is used to living at the expense of others.

Transparent white hands are often men with a bad unpleasant character, they are embittered and aggressive, it is better to stay away from them.

Pink skin with translucent veins is a sign of kindness and intelligence, such men are extremely caring and loving husbands.

Hand movements

Another parameter that is worth paying attention to is the way a man's hands move. If, for example, a man actively gesticulates during a conversation, it suggests that he is an emotional, impulsive nature. Awkward, awkward hand movements or gestures that do not correspond to the subject of the conversation can indicate a person's closed nature, a certain lack of complexity in his thinking or expressed social anxiety. If you notice that your companion is constantly intertwining his fingers, nervously clutching them or stereotypically tapping his knuckles on the table, you can conclude that at the moment he is in a state of pronounced inner tension. If such movements are peculiar to the person in any situation, it may indicate a neurological problem or that the person in front of you is quite aggressive and impulsive.

In any case, do not evaluate the person by only one parameter and make hasty conclusions. And the most important thing is your inner feelings: if you feel emotionally comfortable with the person, then everything is fine. If, formally, all is well, but something subtle you strain, do not ignore these feelings and try to understand their cause.

Hand accessories

Only after the hands are brought in order, you can think about the choice of accessories. This is something that complements a man's image, makes it complete. Some people naively believe that only women need accessories, but this is nothing more than a silly stereotype. After all, many women admit how attractive men are with the right details of the image. In addition, accessories immediately stand out from the crowd and give an ideal opportunity to emphasize their individuality. And for some people the jewelry becomes a talisman and a significant thing that a man does not part with.

Accessories for Men's Hands

Each man chooses his accessories on the basis of his social status, disposition and taste. Well, or on what the girl will give him.


The most common jewelry on the hands of men are bracelets. This is the most ancient accessories, which performed different functions during the history. The wide choice of bracelets is due to the variety of materials for their manufacture. For stylish and creative young men fit wide leather bracelets, which add to the image of masculinity and brutality. Also, gold and silver are always relevant for men. Bracelets can be worn on both the left and the right hand. But combine a wristwatch and bracelet on the same hand can not. Neither can a gold bracelet be combined with a silver one.

Men's bracelet

Jewelry must match the proportions of the wrist. That is, a thin bracelet is stupid to pull on the wide hand, and vice versa - a massive piece of jewelry on the thin hand.


The undisputed favorite among the male accessories are wristwatches. They have long ceased to perform only a practical function, namely, to show the time, but became an integral part of the image. Just like bracelets, the choice of watches is quite diverse. Stylish classics are always in fashion. A man automatically gets a confident and serious look.

Man with a watch on his wrist

Fitness bracelets are suitable for sports and active men. They help to keep track of how many steps have been taken, sleep quality, and heart rate. Also increasingly popular are smart watches that synchronize with a smartphone. Thanks to this, their screen displays information about messages, missed calls, social network updates, weather and notes.

They are a convenient and useful addition to the cell phone and will appeal to fans of modern technology.


Rings successfully emphasize the male charm. They have quite a rich history. Today there are hundreds of variations of rings and rings for men. But the main trends in choosing a ring for men are laconicism and minimalism. Modern men prefer silver, gold, platinum and titanium jewelry. When choosing a ring with precious stones should be careful not to turn into a gypsy baron.

Men's rings

In addition to wedding rings, men wear so-called seal rings. In jewelry salons, they are usually available in a wide range. It is customary to wear them on the ring finger of the right hand or on the little finger. Ringlets with stones are usually worn on the index finger and rarely on the thumb.

There are brutal art rings which are suitable for creative persons. They are made in the form of individual figures or words, so they are quite massive.


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