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Tattoo of a tiger

Tattoo Tiger

Tattoo of a tiger Refers to one of the popular images in body art. Animal tattoos have been in great demand for many decades and are among the most sought after. There is nothing strange in this, because people from ancient times treated them with special respect. They often acted as a totem, and in addition, they were imitated in the hope of getting their power.

Tattoo of a tiger in the woods

Tattoo of a tiger in the woods

Tattoo tiger grin - photo

Tattoo of a tiger on the wrist

Tattoo of a tiger on the wrist

Tattoo of a tiger with blue eyes on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo of a tiger with blue eyes on a girl's shoulder

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on your shoulder

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on his shoulder

Tattoo of a tiger on his back

Tiger tattoo on the back

The drawing in the form of a tiger just belongs to this category. It is so popular that even many showbiz stars have chosen this tattoo. The most striking examples are Adam Levine (lead singer of the band Maroon 5) and everyone's favorite Angelina Jolie.

Styles for the tiger tattoo

Choosing the direction, you will not be left indifferent to the tiger tattoo in realism. Although this option is the most expensive, but the result will justify expectations if you turn to a good master.

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on his arm

Tattoo of a grinning tiger on the hand

Tattoo of a tiger on hand

Tattoo of a tiger on the arm

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on his chest

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on his chest

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on his wrist

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on the hand

If you don't like realistic images, check out how a watercolor tiger tattoo looks. The use of watercolor technique is not only a new trend in body painting, but also an excellent way to create a unique masterpiece on the body.

Tattoo of a tiger on his shoulder

Tattoo of a tiger on the shoulder

Tattoo of a tiger

Tattoo with a tiger

Tattoo of a tiger on the leg

Tattoo of a tiger on a leg

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on his arm

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on the arm

Tattoo of a tiger on the arm

Tattoo of a tiger on the arm

Choosing the best part of the body to apply, it is necessary that it be commensurate with the sketch. Most often you can find an image of a tiger on the scapula, shoulder, forearm. Volumetric illustrations are desirable to perform on the chest, side or back. As an option, you can sleeve.

Tiger tattoo on legs

Tattoo of a tiger on the leg

Tattoo of a tiger grinning on hands

Tattoo grinning tiger on the hand

In the case of a small tiger tattoo, it can be placed anywhere - there are no rules or restrictions. A small tiger looks good on the neck, wrist, ankle or collarbones.

Division of the tiger tattoo into styles and colors

A tattoo depicting this majestic and beautiful creature can be done in a variety of styles. The main thing is that you first approve the tattoo sketch.

Let's list the most popular styles, which are preferred by both the strong and the weaker sex.

Tiger in Abstraction Style

The Tiger tattoo with elements of Abstraction is a bold, creative approach to the way reality is reflected. In the works of the style, all recognizable image is subjected to total modification, with the use of experimentation with bright colors and shapes of the background. The eyes and stripes remain identifiers of the predator image.

Tiger in Watercolor style

A tiger in the Watercolor style. Its features are colorful and blurry. Such tattoos are usually preferred by cute girls and ladies. The pictures come out smooth, touching, feminine. The main thing is the selection of a harmonious color scheme.

Tiger in the Blackwork style

Blackwork acts as a helper for anyone who dreams of replacing an old tattoo with a new one, if modern means cannot cope with such a task. Everything is simple - the old tattoo overlaps with a black background, on which a gradual increase in intensity white paint forms the image of the hunter from the jungle.

Geometric Tiger

The animal's muzzle is sealed in a geometric shape, popular among connoisseurs of body art, or the head of the predator (or half of it) is depicted with a 3D grid. In addition, Geometry is able to beautifully design the background surrounding the tiger, strict figures, giving a special uniqueness to the tattoos.

Tiger in the Graphic style

The calm image and the tiger's grin look equally stunning in tattoos done in the Graphic style. The black and gray palette of the image on the skin, emphasized in places by white dye, is able to convey the artistic charm of the art of pencil drawing, also known as academic drawing.

Tiger in Linework Style

The basic tone of the Tiger in Linework tattoo is set by eye-catching contour lines, which are the basis of the style. The entire composition of the figure is built on lines of different thickness from each other. The main lines, as a rule, wider than the secondary, performing the role of strokes or clarifying contours. Shadows are missing in most works, or they are applied by rapid movements and special translucent paint, designed for shadows.

Tiger in Minimalism style

Minimalism tries to fit the tiger tattoo into a single, continuous line. It's short and clear.

Tiger in the Neotraditional style

Neotradition is a spectacular genre based on the method of children's coloring books. The image of the tiger is transferred to the skin in clear outline lines in black. The tattoo is then painted with colors that are harmonious but not always the actual colors of the predator. The image is often embellished with jewels and foliage plants.

Tiger in the style of Newscoil.

A cute cartoon style. Warm, lively. Such a tattoo will look very kind and will help you not only to decorate the gray everyday life, but also to overcome any trouble.

Tiger in an old-school style.

In most of the works that we met, the cat of prey is drawn either in black and white, or in yellow. The main characteristic of many Oldschool style Tiger tattoos is the aggressiveness of the image, or rather his grin, which is the hallmark of small tattoos.

Tiger in the Oriental style

Tattoos with a tiger in the Oriental Asian style have a certain specificity and effect. Impress almost everyone with their brightness, details and a certain idea.

Tiger in the Oriental style

Ornamental with Dotwork technique is a style that requires a lot of effort and good skills on the part of the artist. It is the duty of the master to recreate the tattoo sketch on your body with pinpoint accuracy.

Tiger in the Polynesian style

Polynesian style. It is for those who are impressed with originality and classics at the same time. Tattoo in Polynesian style is made only in black, and it consists of a traditional pattern and ornament.

Tiger in the style of Realism

Tattoo Tiger in the style of Realism attracts the special attention of others. The whole point is that the tiger on it is depicted in all its glory - in a natural setting. Lies or walks on the grass, is against a background of mountainous terrain or in other places, even more emphasizing his stature and beauty. Such a tattoo will never go unnoticed.

Such a tattoo will encourage many people to communicate and admire you. Many will be interested to know how you decided on such a bold act - to do on your body is this difficult and meaningful tattoo.

Tiger in Sketch Style

Sketch style concentrates attention in the Tiger tattoo on the drawing of eyes, fangs and stripes. The rest of the outline of the shape of the predator's head is depicted almost sketchily, with a degree of carelessness, as an artist aging to capture only the main essence of the plot that has come over him in his imagination.

Tiger in Tribal Style

One of the most popular tattoo styles since the mid-90s of the last century and the tiger was not the least of it. The patterned type of display with pointed black stripes at the ends fit best in a design where the striped cat's stripes fit perfectly with the standard curves of the style. The Treble style is still relevant today.

Tiger in Thrash Polka Style

Thrash polka allows you to take a new look at the tiger in Realism and Graphic styles. In most cases, its aggressive look with menacingly naked fangs and fierce stare is decorated with the attributes of the style - torn stripes of blood-red color, chess pattern of dots of different diameters and the background, taken from the ideas of style Geometry.

The result is a stunning cocktail in the spirit of modern youth subcultures.


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