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The lion is quite a commanding and formidable animal. Many people use the image in the form of a lion to decorate cars, paintings, as well as their own bodies. Tattoos with the image of a lion carry quite an interesting meaning. Regal majesty, nobility - that is what is hidden in this picture. A lion is the patron saint of the animal world and has a special connection to the sun god. The tattoo with the image of a lion is ideal for rather overbearing and strong personalities who take leadership positions in life.

The meaning of the lion tattoo

The lion is revered in all cultural trends. A tattoo with a formidable animal carries special character traits: wisdom, greatness, wealth, nobility power and loyalty. Regardless of the faith of the tattoo wearer, the meaning of the ornament remains virtually the same. Buddhists believe that the lion-shaped ornament brings only good luck and emphasizes courageous character. Most importantly, a man is the master of his word and himself, thereby independent. The Christian faith depicted Jesus Christ in the guise of a lion. The lion was used many times in the Bible, drawn in conjunction with the Apostle Mark. Islam believes in the power of the lion and considers this animal a protector from evil forces. Jews often depict the mighty animal in a complement of wings. Such an ornament connects the two earthly elements (earth and air).

History of the Lion tattoo

The lion is found more than once in the writing of legends and myths. For the most part, the predatory animal is perceived as the lord or King of the entire animal world. That is why the tattoo with this image has special meanings: justice, royalty, courage. In ancient Egypt, the goddess was pictured as a predatory lioness entitled to punish traitors and enemies. The ancient Romans believed that the lion represented the victory of good over evil. In ancient times the lion was depicted together with the ancient heroes (Fortune, Hercules, Apollo). The only ones who had a lion as a destroyer were the African tribes.

Types of lion tattoos

Many people use a drawing in the form of a lion to decorate their own body. But not everyone knows that this animal can denote not only strength and courage, but also power with arrogance. This is why, before using this ornament, it is worth as possible thoroughly acquainted with its meaning, as well as take into account your religious views.

Sitting Lion" tattoo

This image emphasizes the fact that the wearer has a unique inner strength and special self-confidence.

The "Lion's Mouth" tattoo

Growling lion indicates that the owner of the drawing is a rather calm and balanced nature, able to control his feelings. But when the moment of confrontation with enemies comes, this person can fight back and stand up for himself and his loved ones.

Attacking Lion" tattoo

The owner of this tattoo is a steadfast and strong person who can fight back against any offender. Also, this drawing should be perceived as a warning sign. That is, this person should not try to offend.

Lion in Combat" tattoo

People with such a drawing on the body are trying to convey to the world around them that they are ready to go to the end only to achieve their goal. Regardless of the obstacles and the situation, the owner in any case will stand up for their rights and personal interests.

Lion tattoo in combination with Animal World

This drawing indicates that the owner of the tattoo is trying to live in peace and harmony with the society surrounding him.

Options for sketches

Tattoos with lionesses are very popular. They are usually drawn calm, majestic in any combination. Sketches of tattoo lionesses in a state of rage, aggression practically do not meet.

As an exception, the grin of the beast can choose super calm, balanced women. The tattoo in this case indicates the ability of the hostess to endure to the last. If the need arises, she will enter the fight, will fight to the victorious end.

With a lion cub

The tattoo of the lioness and the lion cub reflects the maternal beginning of the woman. The mistress of the tattoo positions herself with a ferocious predator, ready to defend her cub to her last breath. Warns those around him not to let harm come to the family.

Lion and lioness.

Tattoo of a lion and a lioness symbolizes loyalty and devotion of the spouses. A woman with such a tattoo lets you know about the unquestioning submission to her husband-lion. Even when she does not agree with his decision.

Paired lioness tattoos are nabbed by people who love each other. This is a recognition on the part of the man of his wife's strength and courage, and on the part of the woman - commitment to the family, submission to her husband.

Men's tattoos with a lion

In ancient times, tattoos with a lion were applied only to men. All because this picture perfectly emphasizes the character and disposition of the owner. For example, a lion in a soaring jump or a lion with a grin will remind of the firmness and strength of a man. Most of the stronger half of mankind put a lion with a crown on his body. Such an ornament is regarded as an attack of selfishness and selfishness. But as well we need to consider all kinds of art that associates the drawing with the fact that the overbearing animal is the lord of animals and no more. The younger generation of males with the image of a lion are trying to highlight their strength and power, as well as the desire for power.

The meaning of the lion tattoo

In religion.

Stab themselves a lion, those who correspond to this zodiacal sign. Then they can emphasize their courage and ferocity, even if they belong to the female sex. After all, lionesses are no less charismatic than the male predators.

  • In Buddhism, this animal of the feline family is considered a kind of personification of an enlightened and strong man.
  • During early Christianity, the lion was even a sign of the greatness of God's son, Jesus Christ.
  • Followers of Islam consider this beast a fighter against evil forces.
  • In Jews, the predator is not only a symbol of power, but also of the cruelty of man and nature.
  • The ancient Roman tradition identified the lion with Apollo and Hercules.
  • Ancient Greek - with Artemis and Thebes.
  • The Egyptians had the male predator as a guardian and the female as the goddess Sekhmet.

It was in Egyptian mythology that the image of the lioness goddess was formed. She was considered the daughter of Ra himself and the personification of the destructive energy of the sun. She was the patroness of physicians, but at the same time she was able to inflict disease. Her whole image reflects the contradictory nature of the lion. Because he can be brave and fair. Or cruel and aggressive beyond measure.

In the cultures of all African countries this predator is a symbol of sovereign power. He is the protector of most kings and is considered an integral part of the life of many tribes. It is also perceived both as a bloodthirsty beast and as a fair protector.

In China, this member of the feline family represents masculine strength and royalty. In alchemical traditions, the lion was even mentioned as a symbol of masculinity.

In symbols

The lion is a symbol of power, strength and justice. But each artist depicts the lion in their own way, bringing in additional symbolic details. And they significantly affect the interpretation of the tattoo.

  • When the lion is calm, lying or sleeping, then the owner of the tattoo is fully confident and is not going to prove it to others;
  • If the lion is depicted in a fight or in a battle stand, then the owner of the tattoo is always ready to fight for his interests and his loved ones. Next to such a man is not afraid of anything;
  • A lion with gritted teeth carries in itself a challenge to others, the desire to show his power and strength;
  • A lion with wings symbolizes the union of two elements (air and earth), which gives even more power and strength;
  • The image of lions turned away from each other represents the boundary between the past and the present;
  • A red lion, a symbol of aggression and unrestrained masculinity;
  • A small lion cub carries information about the tattoo owner's ability to self-development and self-improvement;
  • Depicting a lion with a crown, you can emphasize its greatness and power;

Lion tattoos for girls

Quite recently it became fashionable among the beautiful half of mankind to stuff a tattoo in the form of a lion. Basically, this animal is drawn calm and resting. This ornament is a sign of care for their loved ones. Quite determined girls use a tattoo with a lion, made on the index finger. Thus emphasizing their originality and vanity. But most of the beauties use this picture to decorate their breasts, loins, legs and arms. For example, the tattoo of a lion on the hip is a spectacular ornament, emphasizing the characteristic features of the owner. Such a drawing is sometimes performed with additional elements (flowers, crowns, precious jewelry).

The lion and the lioness: similarities and differences

A characteristic feature of lions is their mane. It is the most striking distinguishing feature of the male from the female, but it is also the hallmark of all lions.

No other feline species has such a distinct difference between male and female. The manes of lions are about 40 centimeters long and are located on the head, chest and neck.

Another trademark of lions is the tassel on the tail. The hair on it is up to 5 centimeters long and there is a bone inside.

Males and females have the same yellow-gray color and short hair on the belly and back. The color of the mane and pelt is the same in raptors.

The females, not having such a luxurious mane, are easier to endure the hot weather of Africa, and their short fur all over their bodies allows them to pass through any thicket.

Maybe that's the reason for the lioness' role in the pride as the main provider of food, and for the lion as the guardian of the pack's territory.

These cats are quite impressive in size. The males are about 2.5 meters long and weigh about 180 kilograms.

The females compared to them are much smaller: 1.8 meters long and 125 kilograms in weight.

Lions grow to a height of 120 centimeters and lionesses to 90 centimeters. The tail of the animals is between 70 and 100 centimeters long.

Their largest representative, recorded by humans, weighed 370 kilograms and was 3.6 meters long.

Color tattoo of a lion

Very often in modern people you can see a color tattoo with a lion, made in watercolor version. This style is preferred by purely individual and bright personality. But especially extravagant looks colored tattoo with the king of the animal king, made in a cartoon format. Geometric tattoos are usually printed in black ink, but the colored lion of the many lines looks much more spectacular.

Large photo review of tattoos with a lion

Tattoos with the image of the master of the animal world are a great help for self-expression. That is, this ornament will help anyone to emphasize their inner worldview and unapproachability. Many people listen to the interpretations of famous astrologers, who believe that people born under the sign of a lion, have a fairly courageous character and high mental capacity. Therefore, the image of a lion on their body will be an excellent iconic symbol.

Places to apply the tattoo

The place of the drawing also has a meaning. A bossy, dominant woman will choose her breasts for a tattoo. A girl who wants to show her companion her subordinate position, will make a tattoo closer to the heart or on the shoulder blade. Who wants to demonstrate his quickness, responsiveness, will stop at the feet. For both sexes, the queen of beasts on the back acts as a talisman.

Girls carefully choose the place for the tattoo. Although the predator looks great on any part of the body. According to the experience of tattoo artists for girls tattoo lioness preferably on the hand.

Paired lion and lioness tattoos look good on the arms or shoulder blades. It is possible to paired image of a predator to stuff on the half. This will mean that the spouses are halves of the same whole.


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