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Symbol of the year 2022

Drawings depicting a tiger always attract attention. The animal has always impressed people. The bright fiery coloration will enliven any picture.

A few interesting facts about tigers:

  1. The tiger is the largest member of the feline family in the world
  2. Tigers can weigh up to 340 kilograms.
  3. Tigers usually hunt at night.
  4. Tigers have a very loud roar. It can be heard up to 8 km away.
  5. Unlike many cats, tigers love water and are good swimmers.

The Year of the Tiger comes every 12 years, but the animal of the water element comes to us only once in 60 years. This element gives its representatives kindness and wisdom. Tigers with a water element are more gentle and witty. Those born in 2022 will be very calm, reserved. Such people are difficult to take out of temper. Maintain mental clarity even in the most extreme situations.

The water element makes the aggressive Tiger's character softer. People born in 2022 are very open and appreciative of people, easily identifying lies. The combination of formidability and softness will allow this sign to control well and monitor your emotions.

Below you will find several instructions for drawing the symbol of 2022 - Tiger.

in the drawing

It is very important to understand at once what exactly distinguishes the drawing of a tiger from the drawing of a cat (because you want to draw a tiger, you can as a result of all the work to get a portrait of a cat in a red and black stripes).

To prevent this from happening, it is important to do ONLY ONE RULE - a tiger's nose.

It is the special drawing of the nose partThe drawing of the tiger's nose part gives the cat a real tiger's full-face at once.

Example on the photo below - if we remove the vertical nose strip, all the tigerishness of the drawing will disappear and we will get a cat in stripes.

A broad, powerful nose bridge - that's the tiger's mark. It will give your drawing a portrait resemblance to a tiger breed.

Even a small (but necessarily wide nose bridge) immediately creates a tiger look.

how to draw a tiger for kids

For comparison, here's a drawing of a cat. Even though he too is red and black striped, but his button nose leaves no chance of being a tiger.

And here's a drawing of a simple tiger below - we can see how the addition of a triangular nose bridge immediately creates a tiger face.

how to draw a tiger step by step

Drawing a tiger in pencil

Even a child can draw a simple picture of a wild predator. The easiest way to draw a tiger is with a pencil. The drawing technique is similar to that of a cat.

The first version of drawing the Tiger with a pencil:

Second option for drawing the Tiger:

  1. Take a sheet of paper and draw an oval and an even circle with a pencil. This will be the torso and head.
  2. Draw the ears and the outline of the muzzle.
  3. The third step is to draw the front and hind legs.
  4. Doris feet and depict the tail.
  5. Draw eyes, nose, mustache, mouth, stripes.
  6. Tiger cub can be colored with colored pencils.

Step by step instructions for drawing the tiger cub:

Here are more examples of drawing the 2022 symbol in pencil:

Video instruction - "How to Draw a Tiger with a Pencil".:

How to draw a cartoon tiger


Here's a breakdown of how to draw A cartoon lying tiger.. Just as in previous drawing processes, let's start with the geometric outlines of the main components of the tiger's body. Head, chest, pelvis outline with circles, and lines mark the line of eyes and mouth, tail and position of the paws.

How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger

Drawing the muzzle and paws

The bottom line on the sea will be the lines of the mouth, down from which comes the furry chin. Look at the figure below and try to repeat the same. The big nose is between the two lines.

How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger

Small details on the muzzle and paws.

Mark the small details on the lion's head - the ears near the head circle, chupka и sideburnswhich are of a nature similar to a herringbone pattern.

We outline the shape of claws and paws in the future tiger. Claw pads are raised upThat gives them realism and believability.

How to Draw a Cartoon Tiger

The shape of the body of the tiger

At this stage it's very important to mark the shape of the back and the line of the hind legs. This will determine how beautiful the tiger will be. Try to repeat the lines shown below.

How to draw a cartoon tiger

Details on the body, tail, paws

Let's draw his hind paws, which are pushed up under him because the tiger is in a supine position. Having also outlined the tail volume, this will be the final stage of drawing the body, we can proceed to the most responsible the tiger's stripes..

How to draw a cartoon tiger

Stripes .

The main rule when drawing stripes on the cartoon tiger is to place them not along the tiger, but perpendicular to. This rule is distributed throughout, both on the tail and on the paws. On the muzzle of the predator the stripes are usually outlined around the structural parts of the muzzle, also very reminiscent of the perpendicular lines.

How to draw a cartoon tiger

Done .

If you paint the tiger a good reddish color, you can get a great illustration.

I'm sure this manual is quite detailed, and if you try to go through all the steps carefully, the result will be just as good, and the feeling that you drew it will give you confidence and satisfaction from the creative process..

How to draw a cartoon tiger

Pictures of a tiger for sketching

And in this section you will find beautiful pictures with tigers for sketching:

Drawing in gouache: a children's master class on drawing with paints

Do not be afraid to work with gouache, drawing a tiger with paints will help to hide the flaws. Prepare the tools for work:

  • felt-tip pen;
  • gouache;
  • palette;
  • brush;
  • water;
  • paper.

Draw the details with a felt-tip pen, as in the previous master classes. If you are afraid of making a mistake, use a pencil. Start with working out the muzzle and move smoothly to the tail. Finish the outline with a mustache and stripes along the body.

Mix colors to paint over. This will give the image a realistic look. For a rich orange color, combine red and yellow. For the tail use a darker color - add a touch of brown. Don't know how to draw the limbs? Just add strokes of green in the form of grass.

Drawing a Tiger on a Window

On New Year's Eve it is customary to decorate windows. It will be very symbolic to cut out and glue a stencil with the image of a tiger. Here are some templates:


Kawaii Style and Beyond.

Tigers with big kawaii eyes are a possibility, too. Let's see how artists sculpt sweet tigers.

Even the cartoon character of the game Among Us is an emongas tiger.

Cute drawing of a tiger

Just cute cartoon tigers - just right for a greeting card for the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar.


For women

For men